Pop Songs - T

Heart And Soul                     T'Pau                             
Get It On (Bang-A-Gong)            T. Rex                            
Break The Ice                      TNT                               
After Eight                        Taco                              
Beware OF The Winners              Taco                              
Carmella                           Taco                              
Cheek To Cheek                     Taco                              
Encore (Sweet Gypsy Rose)          Taco                              
Flash                              Taco                              
I Should Care                      Taco                              
If You Knew Susie                  Taco                              
La Vie En Rose                     Taco                              
Let's Face The Music               Taco                              
Livin' In My Dreamworld            Taco                              
Married                            Taco                              
Opera-Rap                          Taco                              
Original Charleston                Taco                              
Puttin' On The Ritz                Taco                              
Sayonara                           Taco                              
Singin' In The Rain                Taco                              
They Can't Take That Away From Me  Taco                              
Tribute To Reno                    Taco                              
Wicnhester Cathedral               Taco                              
Yes Sir, That's My Baby            Taco                              
You Are My Lucky Star              Taco                          
It's My Life                       Talk Talk                       
Burning Down The House             Talking Heads                     
City Of Dreams                     Talking Heads                     
Dream Operator                     Talking Heads                     
Hey Now                            Talking Heads                     
Love For Sale                      Talking Heads                     
Papa Legba                         Talking Heads                     
People Like Us                     Talking Heads                     
Puzzlin' Evidence                  Talking Heads                     
Radio Head                         Talking Heads                     
Road To Nowhere                    Talking Heads                     
Take Me To The River               Talking Heads                     
Wild Wild Life                     Talking Heads                     
What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I AmTams                              
Boogie Oogie Oogie                 Taste Of Honey                    
Sukiyaki                           Taste Of Honey                    
Don't Take Away The Music          Tavares                           
Heaven Must Be Missing Angel       Tavares                           
It Only Takes A Minute             Tavares                           
Penny For Your Thoughts            Tavares                           
Dollar Wine                        Taxi                             
Another Grey Morning               Taylor, James                     
Baby Boom Baby                     Taylor, James                     
Bartender's Blues                  Taylor, James                     
Carolina In My Mind                Taylor, James                     
Everyday                           Taylor, James                     
Fire And Rain                      Taylor, James                     
First Of May                       Taylor, James                     
Handy Man                          Taylor, James                     
Home By Another Way                Taylor, James                     
Honey Don't Leave L.A.             Taylor, James                     
I Was Only Telling A Lie           Taylor, James                     
If I Keep My Heart Out Of Sight    Taylor, James                     
Letter In The Mail                 Taylor, James                     
Limousine Driver                   Taylor, James                     
Looking For Love On Broadway       Taylor, James                     
Man Who Shot Liberty Vallance      Taylor, James                     
Mona                               Taylor, James                     
Never Die Young                    Taylor, James                     
Only A Dream In Rio                Taylor, James                     
Only One                           Taylor, James                     
Runaway Boy                        Taylor, James                     
Secret O' Life                     Taylor, James                     
Song For You Far Away              Taylor, James                     
Sun On The Moon                    Taylor, James                     
Sweet Potato Pie                   Taylor, James                     
T-Bone                             Taylor, James                     
Terra Nova                         Taylor, James                     
There We Are                       Taylor, James                     
Traffic Jam                        Taylor, James                     
Up On The Roof                     Taylor, James                     
Valentine's Day                    Taylor, James                     
You've Got A Friend                Taylor, James                     
Your Smiling Face                  Taylor, James                     
Disco Lady                         Taylor, Johnnie                   
Games People Play                  Taylor, Johnnie                   
Who's Making Love?                 Taylor, Johnnie                 
Gotta See Jane                     Taylor, R. Dean                   
Indiana Wants Me                   Taylor, R. Dean                  
Taos, New Mexico                   Taylor, R. Dean                  
Abandonfire                        Taylor, Roger                     
Beautiful Dreams                   Taylor, Roger                     
I Cry For You                      Taylor, Roger                     
It's An Illusion                   Taylor, Roger                     
Killing Time                       Taylor, Roger                     
Man On Fire                        Taylor, Roger                     
Masters Of War                     Taylor, Roger                     
Racing In The Street               Taylor, Roger                     
Strange Frontier                   Taylor, Roger                     
Young Love                         Taylor, Roger               
Advice For The Young At Heart      Tears For Fears                   
Broken                             Tears For Fears                   
Change                             Tears For Fears                   
Everybody Wants To Rule The World  Tears For Fears                   
Head Over Heels                    Tears For Fears                 
Hurting                            Tears For Fears                   
I Believe                          Tears For Fears                   
Listen                             Tears For Fears                   
Mad World                          Tears For Fears                   
Mothers Talk                       Tears For Fears                   
Pale Shelter                       Tears For Fears                   
Shout                              Tears For Fears                   
Sowing The Seeds Of Love           Tears For Fears                   
Swords And Knives                  Tears For Fears                   
The Beat Of The Drum               Tears For Fears                   
The Marauders                      Tears For Fears                   
The Way You Are                    Tears For Fears                   
The Working Hour                   Tears For Fears                   
Woman In Chains                    Tears For Fears                   
Year Of The Knife                  Tears For Fears                   
To Know Him Is To Love Him         Teddy Bears                      
Ma Belle Amie                      Tee Set                           
God, Love, And Rock & Roll         Teegarden & Van Winkle            
Eddie My Love                      Teen Queens                       
Don't Cage Me In                   Teenage Head                      
Luv For Sale                       Teenage Head                      
Tornado                            Teenage Head                      
Lost In Love                       Temperance                        
Never Let You Go                   Temperance                        
Deep Purple                        Tempo, Nino & April Stevens          
After Loving You                   Temptations                       
Ball Of Confusion                  Temptations                       
Cloud Nine                         Temptations                       
I Ain't Got Nothing                Temptations                       
I Can't Get Next To You            Temptations                       
I Truly, Truly Believe             Temptations                       
I Wish It Would Rain               Temptations                       
Just My Imagination                Temptations                       
Masterpiece                        Temptations                       
My Girl                            Temptations                       
My Love Is True                    Temptations                       
Ol' Man River                      Temptations                       
Papa Was A Rolling Stone           Temptations                       
Please Return Your Love To Me      Temptations                       
Runaway Child, Running Wild        Temptations                       
Superstar                          Temptations                       
You're My Everything               Temptations                       
Don't Turn Me Away                 Ten C.C.                          
I'm Not In Love (45)               Ten C.C.                          
Things We Do For Love              Ten C.C.                          
Highway Of Love                    Ten Years After                   
I'd Love To Change The World       Ten Years After                   
Act Of Mercy                       Terry, Helen                      
Ain't Gonna Bump No More           Tex, Joe                          
I Gotcha                           Tex, Joe                         
Perfect                            The The                           
Soul Mining                        The The              
But Love Me                        Thomas, B.J.                      
Don't Worry, Baby                  Thomas, B.J.                      
Everybody's Out Of Town            Thomas, B.J.                      
Eyes Of A New York Woman           Thomas, B.J.                      
Help Me Make It To My Rockin' ChairThomas, B.J.                      
Hey Won't You Play Another SomebodyThomas, B.J.                      
Hooked On A Feeling                Thomas, B.J.                      
I Just Can't Help Believin'        Thomas, B.J.                      
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry        Thomas, B.J.                      
Mighty Clouds Of Joy               Thomas, B.J.                      
No Love At All                     Thomas, B.J.                      
Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head  Thomas, B.J.                      
Rock And Roll Lullaby              Thomas, B.J.                      
Whatever Happened To Old Fashioned Thomas, B.J.                      
B-A-B-Y                            Thomas, Carla                     
High Energy                        Thomas, Evelyn                   
Coming Home                        Thomas, Ian                      
Hold On                            Thomas, Ian                       
I'll Do You Right                  Thomas, Ian                       
I'm Coming Home                    Thomas, Ian                       
Painted Ladies                     Thomas, Ian                       
Pilot                              Thomas, Ian                        
Right Before Your Eyes             Thomas, Ian         
Walkin' The Dog                    Thomas, Rufus                     
Why Can't We Live Together?        Thomas, Timmy                     
Doctor Doctor                      Thompson Twins                    
Don't Mess With Doctor Dream       Thompson Twins                    
Get That Love                      Thompson Twins                    
Hold Me Now                        Thompson Twins                    
In The Name Of Love                Thompson Twins                    
Into The Gap                       Thompson Twins                    
King For A Day                     Thompson Twins                    
Lay Your Hands On Me               Thompson Twins                    
Lies                               Thompson Twins                    
Love On Your Side                  Thompson Twins                    
Nothing In Common                  Thompson Twins                    
Nurse Shark                        Thompson Twins                    
You Take Me Up                     Thompson Twins                    
If You Remember Me                 Thompson, Chris                   
One Clear Moment                   Thompson, Linda                   
You Don't Say                      Thompson, Richard                 
James, Hold The Ladder Steady      Thompson, Sue                     
Norman                             Thompson, Sue                     
All The Right Moves                Thompson,Chris/Jennifer Warnes          
Take A Little Rhythm               Thomson, Ali                      
I Drink Alone                      Thorogood, George                 
What I Did For Love                Three Degrees                     
When Will I See You Again?         Three Degrees                     
Celebrate                          Three Dog Night                   
Don't Make Promises                Three Dog Night                   
Easy To Be Hard                    Three Dog Night                   
Eli's Coming                       Three Dog Night                   
Family Man                         Three Dog Night                   
Family Of Man                      Three Dog Night                   
Joy To The World                   Three Dog Night                   
Liar                               Three Dog Night                   
Mama Told Me                       Three Dog Night                   
Never Been To Spain                Three Dog Night                   
Nobody                             Three Dog Night                   
Old Fashioned Love Song            Three Dog Night                   
One                                Three Dog Night                   
One Man Band                       Three Dog Night                   
Out In The Country                 Three Dog Night                   
Play Something Sweet               Three Dog Night                   
Shambala                           Three Dog Night                   
Show Must Go On                    Three Dog Night                   
Sure As I'm Sitting Here           Three Dog Night                   
Try A Little Tenderness            Three Dog Night                   
Woman                              Three Dog Night                   
Your Song                          Three Dog Night                   
Something In The Air               Thunderclap Newman             
All This Time                      Tiffany                           
Could've Been                      Tiffany                          
I Think We're Alone Now            Tiffany                           
Fantasy Island                     Tight Fit                         
Looking Over My Shoulder           Til Tuesday                       
Love In A Vacuum                   Til Tuesday                       
Voices Carry                       Til Tuesday                       
What About Love                    Til Tuesday                       
Sawmill                            Tillis, Mel                       
Heartaches By The Number           Tillotson, Johnny                 
It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'        Tillotson, Johnny                 
Tiptoe Through The Tulips          Tim, Tiny                         
Life Is Hard                       Timbuk 3                          
The Future's So Bright             Timbuk 3                          
Rumours                            Timex Social Club                 
Toast And Marmalade For Tea        Tin Tin                           
Tiptoe Through The Tulips          Tiny Tim                          
Can't You Hear Me Sing?            Tobias, Ken                       
Fly Me High                        Tobias, Ken                       
I've Got A Home                    Tobias, Ken                       
Lover, Come Quickly                Tobias, Ken                       
My Songs Are Sleeping              Tobias, Ken                       
Two Lovers                         Tobias, Ken                       
Wish I Was A River                 Tobias, Ken                       
The Lion Sleeps Tonight            Tokens                            
Genius Of Love                     Tom Tom Club                      
Telstar                            Tornadoes                         
All I Need                         Toronto                           
Andrea                             Toronto                           
Enough Is Enough                   Toronto                           
Even The Score                     Toronto                           
Girls Night Out                    Toronto                           
Head On                            Toronto                           
Lookin' For Touble                 Toronto                           
Me Generation                      Toronto                           
Ready To Make Up                   Toronto                           
Silver Screen                      Toronto                           
Start Tellin' The Truth            Toronto                           
Your Daddy Don't Know              Toronto                           
Bongo Man                          Tosh, Peter                       
Feel No Way                        Tosh, Peter                       
Glasshouse                         Tosh, Peter                       
Johnny B. Goode                    Tosh, Peter                       
Maga Dog                           Tosh, Peter                       
Mama Africa                        Tosh, Peter                       
Not Gonna Give It Up               Tosh, Peter                       
Peace Treaty                       Tosh, Peter                       
Stop That Train                    Tosh, Peter                       
Wanted Man                         Tosh, Peter                       
Where You Gonna Run                Tosh, Peter                       
99                                 Toto                              
A Thousand Years                   Toto                              
Africa                             Toto                              
Anna                               Toto                              
Can't Stand It Any Longer          Toto                              
Could This Be Love                 Toto                              
Don't Stop Me Now                  Toto                              
Fahrenheit                         Toto                              
Holyanna                           Toto                              
Home Of The Brave                  Toto                              
I'll Be Over You                   Toto                              
Lea                                Toto                              
Make Believe                       Toto                              
Mushanga                           Toto                              
Only The Children                  Toto                              
Pamela                             Toto                              
Rosanna                            Toto                              
Somewhere Tonight                  Toto                              
Stay Away                          Toto                              
Stop Loving You                    Toto                              
Straight For The Heart             Toto                              
Stranger In Town                   Toto                              
These Chains                       Toto                              
Till The End                       Toto                              
We Can Make It Tonight             Toto                              
Without Your Love                  Toto                              
You Got Me                         Toto                              
Take A Look, But Don't Touch       Touche                            
It Always Happens This Way         Toulouse                          
What'd My Mama Say?                Toulouse                          
Sweet Joline                       Toups, Wayne & Zydecajun          
So Very Hard To Go                 Tower Of Power                   
A Fool Says...                     Townshend, Pete                   
A Friend Is A Friend               Townshend, Pete                   
All Shall Be Well                  Townshend, Pete                   
Ascension Two                      Townshend, Pete                   
Content                            Townshend, Pete                   
Dig                                Townshend, Pete                   
Evolution                          Townshend, Pete                   
Fast Food                          Townshend, Pete                   
Fire                               Townshend, Pete                   
Forever's No Time At All           Townshend, Pete                   
Heartache                          Townshend, Pete                   
His Hands                          Townshend, Pete                   
I Eat Heavy Metal                  Townshend, Pete                   
I Won't Run Anymore                Townshend, Pete                   
Let My Love Open The Door          Townshend, Pete                   
Man Machine                        Townshend, Pete                   
New Life                           Townshend, Pete                   
Nothing Is Everything              Townshend, Pete                   
Over The Top                       Townshend, Pete                   
Parvadigar                         Townshend, Pete                   
Pure And Easy                      Townshend, Pete                   
Sea Refuses No River               Townshend, Pete                   
Sheraton Gibson                    Townshend, Pete                   
Time Is Passing                    Townshend, Pete                   
I'm The Answer                     Townshend, Simon                 
Lover's Concerto                   Toys                              
Dear Mr. Fantasy                   Traffic                           
Hidden Treasure                    Traffic                           
Low Spark Of The High-Heeled Boys  Traffic                           
Disco Inferno                      Trammps                           
Living On Video                    Trans X                           
Message On The Radio               Trans X                           
Congratulations                    Traveling Wilburys                
Dirty World                        Traveling Wilburys                
End Of The Line                    Traveling Wilburys                
Handle With Care                   Traveling Wilburys                
Heading For The Light              Traveling Wilburys                
Last Night                         Traveling Wilburys                
Margarita                          Traveling Wilburys                
Not Alone Anymore                  Traveling Wilburys                
Poor House                         Traveling Wilburys                
Rattled                            Traveling Wilburys                
Tweeter And The Monkey Man         Traveling Wilburys                
I La La La Love You                Travers, Pat                      
Is This Love                       Travers, Pat                      
Killer                             Travers, Pat                      
Stand Up                           Travers, Pat                      
1982                               Travis, Randy                     
Beyond The Reef                    Travis, Randy                     
Blue Mesa                          Travis, Randy                     
Diggin' Up Bones                   Travis, Randy                     
Down At The Old Corral             Travis, Randy                     
Forever And Ever, Amen             Travis, Randy                     
Forever And Forever                Travis, Randy                     
Hula Hands                         Travis, Randy                     
I Told You So                      Travis, Randy                     
Memories Of Old Santa Fe           Travis, Randy                     
Messin' With My Mind               Travis, Randy                     
My Heart Cracked                   Travis, Randy                     
No Place Like Home                 Travis, Randy                     
On The Other Hand                  Travis, Randy                     
Send My Body                       Travis, Randy                     
The Storms Of Life                 Travis, Randy                     
There'll Always Be A Honky Tonk    Travis, Randy                     
Too Gone Too Long                  Travis, Randy                     
Here Comes My Baby                 Tremeloes                         
Silence Is Golden                  Tremeloes                         
Da Da Da                           Trio                              
Hearts Are Trump                   Trio                              
Don't Love Anybody Eles But Me     Triumph                           
Follow Your Heart                  Triumph                           
Hooked On You                      Triumph                           
If Only                            Triumph                           
In The Middle Of The Night         Triumph                           
Just One Night                     Triumph                           
Lay It On The Line                 Triumph                           
Playd With The Fire                Triumph                           
Somebody's Out There               Triumph                           
Spellbound                         Triumph                           
Take A Stand                       Triumph                           
Tears In The Rain                  Triumph                           
What Rules My Heart                Triumph                           
We All Need Love                   Troiano                           
Any Minute Now                     Trooper                           
Baby Woncha Please Come Home       Trooper                           
Boys In The Bright White Sports CarTrooper                           
Could've Been Me                   Trooper                           
Dig A Little Deeper                Trooper                           
Everything You Want                Trooper                           
General Hand Grenade               Trooper                           
Gypsy Wheeler                      Trooper                           
I Miss You Already                 Trooper                           
It Comes And It Goes               Trooper                           
It's Been A Long Time              Trooper                           
Lookin' For Trouble                Trooper                           
Loretta                            Trooper                           
Moment That It Takes               Trooper                           
Money Talks                        Trooper                           
Oh Pretty Lady                     Trooper                           
Only A Fool                        Trooper                           
Raise A Little Hell                Trooper                           
Ready                              Trooper                           
Ready For The Nite                 Trooper                           
Round Round We Go                  Trooper                           
Santa Maria                        Trooper                           
The Moment That It Takes           Trooper                           
This Must Be The Place             Trooper                           
Three Dressed Up As A Nine         Trooper                           
Two For The Show                   Trooper                           
We're Here For A Good Time         Trooper                           
Whatcha Gonna Do About Me?         Trooper                           
Just One Look                      Troy, Doris                      
Stay With Me                       Tu                                
Drums                              Tubes                             
Fantastic Delusion                 Tubes                             
Glass House                        Tubes                             
Monkey Time                        Tubes                             
No Not Again                       Tubes                             
Out Of The Business                Tubes                             
Outside Lookin' Inside             Tubes                             
Piece By Piece                     Tubes                             
Say Hey                            Tubes                             
She's A Beauty                     Tubes                             
The Monkey Time                    Tubes                             
Theme Park                         Tubes                             
Tip Of My Tongue                   Tubes                             
Wild Women Of Wongo                Tubes                             
After The Storm                    Tucker, Louise                    
Bluesy                             Tucker, Louise                    
Dancing By Moonlight               Tucker, Louise                    
Diamond                            Tucker, Louise                    
George                             Tucker, Louise                    
Gettin' Older                      Tucker, Louise                    
Graveyard Angel                    Tucker, Louise                    
Hearts On Fire                     Tucker, Louise                    
Hiding From The Eyes Of Love       Tucker, Louise                    
Hush                               Tucker, Louise                    
Jerusalem                          Tucker, Louise                    
Midnight Blue                      Tucker, Louise                    
No Tears To Cry                    Tucker, Louise                    
Only For You                       Tucker, Louise                    
Running Man                        Tucker, Louise                    
Shadows                            Tucker, Louise                    
Voices In The Wind                 Tucker, Louise                    
Waiting For Hugo                   Tucker, Louise                    
Baby I'm Yours                     Tucker, Tanya                     
Baby, I'm Yours                    Tucker, Tanya                     
Dancing By Moonlight               Tucker, Tanya                     
I Won't Take Less Than Your Love   Tucker, Tanya                     
Love Me Like You Used To           Tucker, Tanya                     
Shame On The Moon                  Tucker, Tanya                     
High-Heeled Sneakers               Tucker, Tommy                     
Happy Happy Birthday               Tune Weavers                      
A Fool In Love                     Turner, Ike & Tina                
Baby, Get It On                    Turner, Ike & Tina                
Get Back                           Turner, Ike & Tina                
Honky Tonk Women                   Turner, Ike & Tina                
I Want To Take You Higher          Turner, Ike & Tina                
Let's Spend The Night Together     Turner, Ike & Tina                
Nutbush City Limits                Turner, Ike & Tina                
Ooh Poo Pah Doo                    Turner, Ike & Tina                
Proud Mary                         Turner, Ike & Tina                
River Deep Mountain High           Turner, Ike & Tina                
Sky And The Ground                 Turner, Pierce                    
Wicklow Hills                      Turner, Pierce                    
Afterglow                          Turner, Tina                      
Back Where You Started             Turner, Tina                      
Better Be Good To Me               Turner, Tina                      
Break Every Rule                   Turner, Tina                      
Girls                              Turner, Tina                      
I Can't Stand The Rain             Turner, Tina                      
I'll Be Thunder                    Turner, Tina                      
Let's Stay Together                Turner, Tina                      
One Of The Living                  Turner, Tina                      
Overnight Sensation                Turner, Tina                      
Paradise Is Here                   Turner, Tina                      
Private Dancer                     Turner, Tina                      
Show Some Respect                  Turner, Tina                      
Till The Right Man Comes Along     Turner, Tina                      
Two People                         Turner, Tina                      
Typical Male                       Turner, Tina                      
We Don't Need Another Hero         Turner, Tina                      
What You Get Is What You See       Turner, Tina                      
What's Love Got To Do With It?     Turner, Tina                      
Elenore                            Turtles                           
Happy Together                     Turtles                           
She'd Rather Be With Me            Turtles                           
She's My Girl                      Turtles                           
You Showed Me                      Turtles                           
867-5309 / Jenny                   Tutone, Tommy                     
If You're Not In It For Love       Twain, Shania               
Circle Of Life                     Twillie, Carmen                  
Between Blue Eyes And Jeans        Twitty, Conway                    
Clown                              Twitty, Conway                    
Heartache Tonight                  Twitty, Conway                    
It's Only Make Believe             Twitty, Conway                    
Julia                              Twitty, Conway                    
Lonely Blue Boy                    Twitty, Conway                    
Over Thirty (Not Over The Hill)    Twitty, Conway                    
Rose                               Twitty, Conway                    
Tight Fitting Jeans                Twitty, Conway                   
Holding Out For A Hero             Tyler, Bonnie                     
No Way To Treat A Lady             Tyler, Bonnie                   
Total Eclipse Of The Heart         Tyler, Bonnie                     
So Much In Love                    Tymes                             
Old Alberta Moon                   Tyson, Ian                        
Old Corrals And Sagebrush          Tyson, Ian                        
Up In Smoke                        Tyson, Sylvia     

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