Pop Songs - R

Harborcoat                         REM                               
Second Guessing                    REM                               
South Central Rain                 REM                               
Can't Fight This Feeling           REO Speedwagon                    
Here With Me                       REO Speedwagon                    
I Do' Wanna Know                   REO Speedwagon                    
In My Dreams                       REO Speedwagon                    
In Your Letter                     REO Speedwagon                    
One Lonely Night                   REO Speedwagon                    
One Too Many Girlfriends           REO Speedwagon                    
That Ain't Love                    REO Speedwagon                    
Variety Tonight                    REO Speedwagon                    
Drivin' My Life Away               Rabbitt, Eddie                    
Early In The Morning               Rabbitt, Eddie                    
Gone Too Far                       Rabbitt, Eddie                    
I Love A Rainy Night               Rabbitt, Eddie                    
My Only Wish                       Rabbitt, Eddie                    
Nothing Like Falling In Love       Rabbitt, Eddie                    
Repetitive Regret                  Rabbitt, Eddie                    
Rivers                             Rabbitt, Eddie                    
She's Coming Back To Say Goodbye   Rabbitt, Eddie                    
Someone Could Lose A Heart Tonight Rabbitt, Eddie                    
Step By Step                       Rabbitt, Eddie                    
Suspicions                         Rabbitt, Eddie                    
You And I                          Rabbitt, Eddie                    
You Can't Run From Love            Rabbitt, Eddie                    
You Put The Beat In My Heart       Rabbitt, Eddie                    
You And I                          Rabbitt, Eddie/Crystal Gayle          
Julie My Woman                     Rachel                            
A Little Lovin' Keeps The Doctor   Raes                              
Don't Turn Around                  Raes                              
Give A Little More                 Raes                              
Kiss And Tell                      Raes                              
Love It Up                         Raes                              
Two Hearts                         Raes                              
A Change Of Heart                  Rafferty, Gerry                   
A Dangerous Age                    Rafferty, Gerry                   
Already Gone                       Rafferty, Gerry                   
As Wise As A Serpent               Rafferty, Gerry                   
Baker Street                       Rafferty, Gerry                   
Cat And Mouse                      Rafferty, Gerry                   
City To City                       Rafferty, Gerry                   
Days Gone Down                     Rafferty, Gerry                   
Family Tree                        Rafferty, Gerry                   
Get It Right Next Time             Rafferty, Gerry                   
Good Intentions                    Rafferty, Gerry                   
Hearts Run Dry                     Rafferty, Gerry                   
Home And Dry                       Rafferty, Gerry                   
It's Gonna Be A Long Night         Rafferty, Gerry                   
Moonlight And Gold                 Rafferty, Gerry                   
Night Owl                          Rafferty, Gerry                   
North And South                    Rafferty, Gerry                   
Nothing Ever Happens Down Here     Rafferty, Gerry                   
On A Night Like This               Rafferty, Gerry                   
On The Way                         Rafferty, Gerry                   
Right Down The Line                Rafferty, Gerry                   
Shipyard Town                      Rafferty, Gerry                   
Sleepwalking                       Rafferty, Gerry                   
Standing At The Gates              Rafferty, Gerry                   
Take The Money And Run             Rafferty, Gerry                   
The Ark                            Rafferty, Gerry                   
The Right Moment                   Rafferty, Gerry                   
Tired Of Talking                   Rafferty, Gerry                   
Tourist                            Rafferty, Gerry                   
Unselfish Love                     Rafferty, Gerry                   
Waiting For The Day                Rafferty, Gerry                   
Way That You Do It                 Rafferty, Gerry                   
Why Won't You Talk To Me?          Rafferty, Gerry                   
Winter's Come                      Rafferty, Gerry                   
Street Of Dreams                   Rainbow                           
Thing Called Love                  Raitt, Bonnie                     
Gershwin's An American In Paris    Rampal, Jean-pierre               
Denise                             Randy & The Rainbows              
Christy Campbell Medley            Rankin Family                     
Johnny Tulloch                     Rankin Family                     
Lisa Brown                         Rankin Family                     
Mull River Shuffle                 Rankin Family                     
Oich U Agus H-Iuraibh Eile         Rankin Family                     
Rise Again                         Rankin Family                     
Big John Is My Name                Rare Earth                        
Born To Wander                     Rare Earth                        
Get Ready                          Rare Earth                        
Hey Big Brother                    Rare Earth                        
Hum Along And Dance                Rare Earth                        
I Just Want To Celebrate           Rare Earth                        
I Know I'm Losing You              Rare Earth                        
Good Lovin'                        Rascals                           
Groovin'                           Rascals                           
I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart     Rascals                           
It's A Beautiful Morning           Rascals                           
People Got To Be Free              Rascals                           
Go All The Way                     Raspberries                       
I Wanna Be With You                Raspberries                       
Overnight Sensation                Raspberries                       
Bang On                            Rational Youth                
Saturday In Silesia                Rational Youth                    
You Should Have Been Gone By Now   Raven, Eddy                       
Ain't That Loving You              Rawls, Lou                        
From Now On                        Rawls, Lou                        
Groovy People                      Rawls, Lou                        
Heartaches                         Rawls, Lou                        
Lady Love                          Rawls, Lou                        
Let's Fall In Love All Over Again  Rawls, Lou                        
Love Is A Hurtin' Thing            Rawls, Lou                        
Need You Forever                   Rawls, Lou                        
Old Times                          Rawls, Lou                        
One Day Soon You'll Need Me        Rawls, Lou                        
One Life To Live                   Rawls, Lou                        
Pure Imagination                   Rawls, Lou                        
Sit Down And Talk To Me            Rawls, Lou                        
This Song Will Last Forever        Rawls, Lou                        
Time                               Rawls, Lou                        
When You Get Home                  Rawls, Lou                        
You Are                            Rawls, Lou                        
You'll Never Find Another Love     Rawls, Lou                        
You're My Blessing                 Rawls, Lou                        
You're The One                     Rawls, Lou                        
Special Lady                       Ray, Goodman & Brown              
Little White Cloud That Cried      Ray, Johnnie                      
Cry                                Ray, Johnny  
Fool If You Think It's Over        Rea, Chris                        
I Can Hear Your Heartbeat          Rea, Chris                        
Stainsby Girls                     Rea, Chris                        
Touche D'Amour                     Rea, Chris                        
Catch Me I'm Falling               Real Life                         
Send Me An Angel                   Real Life                         
Relentless                         Red 7                             
Among The Ruins                    Red Rider                         
Beacon Hill                        Red Rider                         
Big League                         Red Rider                         
Boy Inside The Spot                Red Rider                         
Breaking Curfew                    Red Rider                         
Calling America                    Red Rider                         
Can't Turn Back                    Red Rider                         
Crack The Sky                      Red Rider                         
Different Drummer                  Red Rider                         
Good Man                           Red Rider                         
Good Times                         Red Rider                         
Hold Tight                         Red Rider                         
Human Race                         Red Rider                         
Light In The Tunnel                Red Rider                         
Lunatic Fringe                     Red Rider                         
Mot So Far Away                    Red Rider                         
Napoleon Sheds His Skin            Red Rider                         
Ocean Blues                        Red Rider                         
One Way Out                        Red Rider                         
Power                              Red Rider                         
Saved By The Dawn                  Red Rider                         
Shake Monster                      Red Rider                         
Sights On You                      Red Rider                         
Snake Monster                      Red Rider                         
Someone's Watching                 Red Rider                         
Sons Beat Down                     Red Rider                         
Thru The Curtain                   Red Rider                         
Untouchable One                    Red Rider                         
Vacation                           Red Rider                         
Victory Day                        Red Rider                         
Walking The Fine Line              Red Rider                         
Whipping Boy                       Red Rider                         
Winner Take All                    Red Rider                         
Work Out                           Red Rider                         
Young Thing, Wild Dreams           Red Rider                      
Good As Gold                       Red Rockers                     
Come And Get Your Love             Redbone                           
Witch Queen Of New Orleans         Redbone                           
Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay     Redding, Otis                     
These Arms Of Mine                 Redding, Otis                     
Try A Little Tenderness            Redding, Otis                     
Delta Dawn                         Reddy, Helen                      
Games                              Redeye                            
Keep On Keeping On                 Redskins                          
Amos Moses                         Reed, Jerry                       
Good Ole Boys                      Reed, Jerry                       
When You're Hot, You're Hot        Reed, Jerry                       
Don't Talk To Me About Work        Reed, Lou                         
No Money Down                      Reed, Lou                         
Take A Walk On The Wild Side       Reed, Lou                         
Soul Man                           Reed, Lou / Sam Moore               
Don't You Know?                    Reese, Della                      
A Beautiful Life                   Reeves, Jim                       
A Fallen Star                      Reeves, Jim                       
A Fool Such As I                   Reeves, Jim                       
A Word From Jim Reeves             Reeves, Jim                       
According To My Heart              Reeves, Jim                       
Across The Bridge                  Reeves, Jim                       
Adios Amigo                        Reeves, Jim                       
After Awhile                       Reeves, Jim                       
After Loving You                   Reeves, Jim                       
Almost                             Reeves, Jim                       
Am I Losing You?                   Reeves, Jim                       
Am I That Easy To Forget           Reeves, Jim                       
Angels Don't Lie                   Reeves, Jim                       
Anna Marie                         Reeves, Jim                       
Auf Wiedersen                      Reeves, Jim                       
Billy Bayou                        Reeves, Jim                       
Bimbo                              Reeves, Jim                       
Blue Boy                           Reeves, Jim                       
Blue Side Of Lonesome              Reeves, Jim                       
Blue Without My Baby               Reeves, Jim                       
Carolina Moon                      Reeves, Jim                       
Charmaine                          Reeves, Jim                       
Come Home                          Reeves, Jim                       
Commercial For Mary Carter Paints  Reeves, Jim                       
Could I Be Falling In Love         Reeves, Jim                       
Crying Is My Favourite Mood        Reeves, Jim                       
Danny Boy                          Reeves, Jim                       
Dark Moon                          Reeves, Jim                       
Dark Water                         Reeves, Jim                       
Dear Hearts And Gentle People      Reeves, Jim                       
Dear Lord, Forgive                 Reeves, Jim                       
Distant Drums                      Reeves, Jim                       
Don't Ask Me Why                   Reeves, Jim                       
Don't Tell Me                      Reeves, Jim                       
Fool's Paradise                    Reeves, Jim                       
Four Walls                         Reeves, Jim                       
From A Jack To A King              Reeves, Jim                       
God Be With You                    Reeves, Jim                       
Goodnight Irene                    Reeves, Jim                       
Guilty                             Reeves, Jim                       
Gypsy Feet                         Reeves, Jim                       
Have I Stayed Away Too Long        Reeves, Jim                       
Have Thine Own Way                 Reeves, Jim                       
Hawaiian Wedding Song              Reeves, Jim                       
He'll Have To Go                   Reeves, Jim                       
Heartbreak Silhouette              Reeves, Jim                       
Hillbilly Waltz                    Reeves, Jim                       
Home                               Reeves, Jim                       
Honey, Won't You Please Come Home  Reeves, Jim                       
How Can I Write On Paper?          Reeves, Jim                       
How Long Has It Been?              Reeves, Jim                       
How's The World Treating You?      Reeves, Jim                       
I Could Cry                        Reeves, Jim                       
I Fall To Pieces                   Reeves, Jim                       
I Guess I'm Crazy                  Reeves, Jim                       
I Love To Say I Love You           Reeves, Jim                       
I Love You Because                 Reeves, Jim                       
I Love You More                    Reeves, Jim                       
I Missed Me                        Reeves, Jim                       
I Never Pass There Anymore         Reeves, Jim                       
I Won't Forget You                 Reeves, Jim                       
I Wonder                           Reeves, Jim                       
I'd Fight The World                Reeves, Jim                       
I'd Like To Be                     Reeves, Jim                       
I'd Rather Have Jesus              Reeves, Jim                       
I'll Always Love You               Reeves, Jim                       
I'll Fly Away                      Reeves, Jim                       
I'll Tell The World                Reeves, Jim                       
I'm A Fool To Care                 Reeves, Jim                       
I'm Beginning To Forget You        Reeves, Jim                       
I'm Getting Better                 Reeves, Jim                       
I'm Glad You're Better             Reeves, Jim                       
I'm Gonna Change Everything        Reeves, Jim                       
I've Lived A Lot In My Time        Reeves, Jim                       
If Heartache Is The Fashion        Reeves, Jim                       
If You Were Mine                   Reeves, Jim                       
In A Mansion Stands My Love        Reeves, Jim                       
In The Garden                      Reeves, Jim                       
In The Misty Moonlight             Reeves, Jim                       
Is It Really Over                  Reeves, Jim                       
Is This Me?                        Reeves, Jim                       
It Hurts So Much (To See You Go)   Reeves, Jim                       
It Is No Secret                    Reeves, Jim                       
It's Nothing To Me                 Reeves, Jim                       
It's Only A Paper Moon             Reeves, Jim                       
Just Call Me Lonesome              Reeves, Jim                       
Just Out Of Reach                  Reeves, Jim                       
Just Walking In The Rain           Reeves, Jim                       
Letter Edged In Black              Reeves, Jim                       
Little Old You                     Reeves, Jim                       
Look Behind You                    Reeves, Jim                       
Make The World Go Away             Reeves, Jim                       
Making Believe                     Reeves, Jim                       
Margie                             Reeves, Jim                       
Marie                              Reeves, Jim                       
May The Good Lord Bless And Keep   Reeves, Jim                       
Memories Are Made Of This          Reeves, Jim                       
Mexicali Rose                      Reeves, Jim                       
Mexican Joe                        Reeves, Jim                       
Mighty Everglades                  Reeves, Jim                       
Missing Angel                      Reeves, Jim                       
Missing You                        Reeves, Jim                       
Mona Lisa                          Reeves, Jim                       
Moon River                         Reeves, Jim                       
Moonlight And Roses                Reeves, Jim                       
My Cathedral                       Reeves, Jim                       
My Happiness                       Reeves, Jim                       
Never Grow Old                     Reeves, Jim                       
Never Take No For An Answer        Reeves, Jim                       
Nightwatch                         Reeves, Jim                       
No One                             Reeves, Jim                       
Nobody's Fool                      Reeves, Jim                       
Now And Then There's A Fool        Reeves, Jim                       
Oh Gentle Shepherd                 Reeves, Jim                       
Oh How I Miss You Tonight          Reeves, Jim                       
Oh What It Seemed To Be            Reeves, Jim                       
Old Tige                           Reeves, Jim                       
Once Upon A Time                   Reeves, Jim                       
One Dozen Roses                    Reeves, Jim                       
Padre Of Old San Antone            Reeves, Jim                       
Partners                           Reeves, Jim                       
Pickin' A Chicken                  Reeves, Jim                       
Please Leave My Darling Alone      Reeves, Jim                       
Poor Little Doll                   Reeves, Jim                       
Precious Lord                      Reeves, Jim                       
Precious Memories                  Reeves, Jim                       
Pride Goes Before A Fall           Reeves, Jim                       
Ramona                             Reeves, Jim                       
Rodger Young                       Reeves, Jim                       
Room Full Of Roses                 Reeves, Jim                       
Rosa Rio                           Reeves, Jim                       
Rosario                            Reeves, Jim                       
Roses Are Red                      Reeves, Jim                       
Roving Gambler                     Reeves, Jim                       
Satan Can't Hold Me                Reeves, Jim                       
Scarlet Ribbons                    Reeves, Jim                       
Snowflake                          Reeves, Jim                       
Someday You'll Want Me             Reeves, Jim                       
Spanish Violins                    Reeves, Jim                       
Stand At Your Window               Reeves, Jim                       
Stand In                           Reeves, Jim                       
Streets Of Laredo                  Reeves, Jim                       
Sweet Sue, Just You                Reeves, Jim                       
Take Me In Your Arms               Reeves, Jim                       
Talking Walls                      Reeves, Jim                       
Teach Me How To Pray               Reeves, Jim                       
Teardrops On The Rocks             Reeves, Jim                       
That Silver-Haired Daddy Of Mine   Reeves, Jim                       
That's My Desire                   Reeves, Jim                       
That's When I See The Blues        Reeves, Jim                       
The Blizzard                       Reeves, Jim                       
The Flowers, The Sunset & The TreesReeves, Jim                       
The One That Got Away              Reeves, Jim                       
The Shifting Whispering Sands      Reeves, Jim                       
The Storm                          Reeves, Jim  
The World You Left Behind          Reeves, Jim                                 
The Writing's On The Wall          Reeves, Jim                       
There's A New Moon Over My ShoulderReeves, Jim                       
There's That Smile Again           Reeves, Jim                       
This Is It                         Reeves, Jim                       
This World Is Not My Home          Reeves, Jim                       
Throw Another Log On The Fire      Reeves, Jim                                  
Tie That Binds                     Reeves, Jim                       
Till The End Of The World          Reeves, Jim                       
Trying To Forget                   Reeves, Jim                       
Wagon Load Of Love                 Reeves, Jim                       
Waltzing On Top Of The World       Reeves, Jim                       
We Thank Thee                      Reeves, Jim                       
Welcome To My World                Reeves, Jim                       
What's In It For Me?               Reeves, Jim                       
When I Lost You                    Reeves, Jim                       
When Two Worlds Collide            Reeves, Jim                       
When You Are Gone                  Reeves, Jim                       
Where Do I Go From Here?           Reeves, Jim                       
Whispering Hope                    Reeves, Jim                       
Why Do I Love You                  Reeves, Jim                       
Wishful Thinking                   Reeves, Jim                       
Wreck Of The Number Nine           Reeves, Jim                       
Writing's On The Wall              Reeves, Jim                       
Yonder Comes A Sucker              Reeves, Jim                       
You Are My Love                    Reeves, Jim                       
You Belong To Me                   Reeves, Jim                       
You'll Never Be Mine Again         Reeves, Jim                       
You'll Never Know                  Reeves, Jim                       
You're Slipping Away From Me       Reeves, Jim                       
You're The Sweetest Thing          Reeves, Jim                       
Yours                              Reeves, Jim                       
Heatwave                           Reeves, Martha                    
Dancin In The Street               Reeves, Martha & The Vandellas          
Higher And Higher                  Reeves, Martha & The Vandellas          
Nowhere To Run                     Reeves, Martha & The Vandellas          
How Much Longer?                   Reflex                            
Listen To Your Heart               Refugee                           
7 Teen                             Regents                           
Baby Love                          Regina                            
I'll Be Good                       Rene & Angela                     
La Mucho                           Rene & Rene                       
Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Roll)Reunion                           
Great Airplane Strike              Revere, Paul & The Raiders            
Hungry                             Revere, Paul & The Raiders            
Indian Reservation                 Revere, Paul & The Raiders            
Kicks                              Revere, Paul & The Raiders            
Let Me                             Revere, Paul & The Raiders            
A Very Special Love Song           Rich, Charlie                     
'Cos I Love That Rock 'N' Roll     Richard, Cliff                    
A Heart Will Break Tonight         Richard, Cliff                    
A Little In Love                   Richard, Cliff                    
A Swingin' Affair                  Richard, Cliff                    
All At Once                        Richard, Cliff                    
All My Love                        Richard, Cliff                    
Almost Like Being In Love          Richard, Cliff                    
Alright, It's Alright              Richard, Cliff                    
Always                             Richard, Cliff                    
Always Guaranteed                  Richard, Cliff                    
And Me                             Richard, Cliff                    
Anything I Can Do                  Richard, Cliff                    
Apron Strings                      Richard, Cliff                    
Baby You're Dynamite               Richard, Cliff                    
Baby, I Could Be So Good At Loving Richard, Cliff                    
Bachelor Boy                       Richard, Cliff                    
Be In My Heart                     Richard, Cliff                    
Beat Out That Rhythm On A Drum     Richard, Cliff                    
Behind The Eyes Of Mary            Richard, Cliff                    
Better Than I Know Myself          Richard, Cliff                    
Big News                           Richard, Cliff                    
Big Ship                           Richard, Cliff                    
Blue Moon                          Richard, Cliff                    
Blue Suede Shoes                   Richard, Cliff                    
Blue Turns To Grey                 Richard, Cliff                    
Blueberry Hill                     Richard, Cliff                    
Broken Doll                        Richard, Cliff                    
Can't Take The Hurt Anymore	   Richard, Cliff                    
Can't You Tell 	                   Richard, Cliff                    
Carrie                             Richard, Cliff                   
Celeste                            Richard, Cliff                    
Cities May Fall                    Richard, Cliff                    
Close To Kathy                     Richard, Cliff                    
Cloudy                             Richard, Cliff                    
Congratulations                    Richard, Cliff                    
Constantly                         Richard, Cliff                    
Count Me Out                       Richard, Cliff                    
'D' In Love                        Richard, Cliff                    
Daddy's Home                       Richard, Cliff                    
Dancing Shoes                      Richard, Cliff                    
Day I Met Marie                    Richard, Cliff                    
Daybreak                           Richard, Cliff                    
Devil Woman                        Richard, Cliff                   
Discovering                        Richard, Cliff                    
Do You Wanna Dance                 Richard, Cliff                    
Doing Fine                         Richard, Cliff                    
Don't Forget To Catch Me           Richard, Cliff                    
Don't Talk To Him                  Richard, Cliff                    
Donna                              Richard, Cliff                    
Dreaming                           Richard, Cliff                    
Dreams Mean Nothing Now            Richard, Cliff                    
Dynamite                           Richard, Cliff                    
Ease Along                         Richard, Cliff                    
Every Face Tells A Story           Richard, Cliff                    
Everyman                           Richard, Cliff                    
Fall In Love With You              Richard, Cliff                    
Fallin Luv                         Richard, Cliff                    
Falling In Love With Love          Richard, Cliff                    
Falling In Love With You           Richard, Cliff                    
First Date                         Richard, Cliff                    
First Lesson In Love               Richard, Cliff                    
Fly B.O.A.C.                       Richard, Cliff                    
Flying Machine                     Richard, Cliff                    
Forever                            Richard, Cliff                    
Forty Days                         Richard, Cliff                    
Free My Soul                       Richard, Cliff                    
Galadriel                          Richard, Cliff                    
Gee Whiz It's You                  Richard, Cliff                    
Girl Like You                      Richard, Cliff                    
Give A Little Bit More             Richard, Cliff                    
Goin' Home                         Richard, Cliff                    
Good On The Sally Army             Richard, Cliff                    
Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha        Richard, Cliff                    
Got A Funny Feeling                Richard, Cliff                    
Green Light                        Richard, Cliff                    
He's Everything To Me              Richard, Cliff                    
Here                               Richard, Cliff                    
Hey Whatcha' Say                   Richard, Cliff     
High Class Baby                    Richard, Cliff                                   
High 'N' Dry                       Richard, Cliff                    
His Land                           Richard, Cliff                    
Hold On                            Richard, Cliff                    
Hot Shot                           Richard, Cliff                    
How Long Is Forever                Richard, Cliff                    
I Can't Ask For Anymore Than You   Richard, Cliff                    
I Could Easily Fall In Love With   Richard, Cliff                    
I Don't Hear You                   Richard, Cliff                    
I Live For You                     Richard, Cliff                    
I Love                             Richard, Cliff                    
I Love You                         Richard, Cliff                    
I Wake Up Cryin'                   Richard, Cliff                    
I Want You To Know                 Richard, Cliff                    
I Wish We'd All Been Ready         Richard, Cliff                    
I Wish You'd Change Your Mind      Richard, Cliff                    
I'll Come Running                  Richard, Cliff                    
I'll Love You Forever Today        Richard, Cliff                    
I'm Lookin' Out The Window         Richard, Cliff                    
I'm Nearly Famous                  Richard, Cliff                    
I'm No Hero                        Richard, Cliff                    
I'm Not Getting Married            Richard, Cliff                    
I'm On My Way                      Richard, Cliff                    
I'm The Lonely One                 Richard, Cliff                    
I'm Walkin' The Blues              Richard, Cliff                    
I've Got News For You              Richard, Cliff                    
Idle Gossip                        Richard, Cliff                    
If You Walked Away                 Richard, Cliff                    
In The Country                     Richard, Cliff                    
In The Night                       Richard, Cliff                    
In The Past                        Richard, Cliff                    
It Has To Be You, It Has To Be Me  Richard, Cliff                    
It'll Be Me                        Richard, Cliff                    
It's All In The Game               Richard, Cliff                    
It's All Over                      Richard, Cliff                    
It's You                           Richard, Cliff                    
Jerusalem                          Richard, Cliff                    
Joseph                             Richard, Cliff                    
Junior Cowboy                      Richard, Cliff                    
Keep Me Where Love Is              Richard, Cliff                    
Language Of Love                   Richard, Cliff                    
Let Us Take You For A Ride         Richard, Cliff                    
Let's Make A Memory                Richard, Cliff                    
Livin' Doll                        Richard, Cliff                    
Locked Inside Your Prison          Richard, Cliff                    
London's Not Too Far               Richard, Cliff                    
Lonely Girl                        Richard, Cliff                    
Long Is The Night                  Richard, Cliff                    
Lost In A Lonely World             Richard, Cliff                    
Love And A Helping Hand            Richard, Cliff                    
Love Stealer                       Richard, Cliff                    
Lover                              Richard, Cliff                    
Lovers                             Richard, Cliff                    
Lucky Lips                         Richard, Cliff                    
Maybe Someday                      Richard, Cliff                    
Mean Streak                        Richard, Cliff                    
Mean Woman Blues                   Richard, Cliff                    
Memories Linger On                 Richard, Cliff                    
Miss You Nights                    Richard, Cliff                    
Monday Thru' Friday                Richard, Cliff                    
Move It                            Richard, Cliff 
Mumblin' Mosie                     Richard, Cliff                    
My Feet Hit The Ground             Richard, Cliff                                       
My Kinda Life                      Richard, Cliff                     
My Luck Won't Change               Richard, Cliff                    
My Pretty One                      Richard, Cliff                    
Never Mind                         Richard, Cliff                    
Never Say Die                      Richard, Cliff                    
Nine Times Out Of Ten              Richard, Cliff                    
Not The Way That It Should Be      Richard, Cliff                    
Now You See Me, Now You Don't      Richard, Cliff                    
O Little Town Of Bethlehem         Richard, Cliff                    
Ocean Deep                         Richard, Cliff                    
Oh No, Don't Let Go                Richard, Cliff                    
On My Word                         Richard, Cliff                    
On The Beach                       Richard, Cliff                    
Once In A Lifetime                 Richard, Cliff                    
Once In A While                    Richard, Cliff                    
Once Upon A Time                   Richard, Cliff                    
One Night                          Richard, Cliff                    
Only Way Out                       Richard, Cliff                    
Ooh La La                          Richard, Cliff                    
Out In The Country                 Richard, Cliff                    
Please Don't Fall In Love          Richard, Cliff                    
Please Don't Tease                 Richard, Cliff                    
Please Remember Me                 Richard, Cliff                    
Power To All Our Friends           Richard, Cliff                    
Questions                          Richard, Cliff                    
Rattler                            Richard, Cliff                    
Really Waltzing                    Richard, Cliff                    
Red Rubber Ball                    Richard, Cliff                    
Remember Me                        Richard, Cliff                    
Rock 'N' Roll Juvenile             Richard, Cliff                    
Sci-Fi                             Richard, Cliff                    
Sentimental Journey                Richard, Cliff                    
Seven Days To A Holiday            Richard, Cliff                    
She Means Nothing To Me            Richard, Cliff                    
She's A Gipsy                      Richard, Cliff                    
Silver's Home Tonight              Richard, Cliff                    
Sing A Song Of Freedom             Richard, Cliff                    
So I've Been Told                  Richard, Cliff                    
Softly As I Leave You              Richard, Cliff                    
Some People                        Richard, Cliff                    
Son Of Thunder                     Richard, Cliff                    
Spanish Harlem                     Richard, Cliff                    
Start All Over Again               Richard, Cliff                    
stranger In Town                   Richard, Cliff                    
Summer Holiday                     Richard, Cliff                    
Summer Holiday (from Sound Track)  Richard, Cliff                    
Summer Rain                        Richard, Cliff                    
Take Action                        Richard, Cliff                    
Take Another Look                  Richard, Cliff                    
Take Good Care Of Her              Richard, Cliff                    
Temptation                         Richard, Cliff                    
The Day I Met Marie                Richard, Cliff                    
The Golden Days Are Over           Richard, Cliff                    
The Minute You're Gone             Richard, Cliff                    
The New 23rd                       Richard, Cliff                    
The Next Time                      Richard, Cliff                    
Theme For A Dream                  Richard, Cliff                    
Thief In The Night                 Richard, Cliff                    
This Time Now                      Richard, Cliff                    
Throw Down A Line                  Richard, Cliff                    
Time Drags By                      Richard, Cliff                    
Tough Enough                       Richard, Cliff                    
Travelin' Light                    Richard, Cliff                    
Treasure Of Love                   Richard, Cliff                    
True Love Ways                     Richard, Cliff                    
True Love Will Come To You         Richard, Cliff                    
Turn Around                        Richard, Cliff                    
Twelfth Of Never                   Richard, Cliff                    
Twenty Flight Rock                 Richard, Cliff                    
Twist And Shout                    Richard, Cliff                    
Two A Penny                        Richard, Cliff                    
Two Hearts                         Richard, Cliff                    
Unchained Melody                   Richard, Cliff                    
Under Lock And Key                 Richard, Cliff                    
Under The Influence                Richard, Cliff                    
Under Your Spell                   Richard, Cliff                    
Up In Canada                       Richard, Cliff                    
Up In The World                    Richard, Cliff                    
Visions                            Richard, Cliff                    
Visions Of You                     Richard, Cliff                    
Voice In The Wilderness            Richard, Cliff                    
Wait For Me                        Richard, Cliff                    
Wake Up Wake Up                    Richard, Cliff                    
Walking In The Light               Richard, Cliff                    
Water Is Wide                      Richard, Cliff                    
We Don't Talk Anymore              Richard, Cliff                    
We Kiss In A Shadow                Richard, Cliff                    
We Say Yeah                        Richard, Cliff                    
What A Friend We Have In Jesus     Richard, Cliff                    
What'd I Say                       Richard, Cliff                    
When I Find You                    Richard, Cliff                    
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross   Richard, Cliff                    
When My Dream Boat Comes Home      Richard, Cliff                    
When My Dreamboat Comes Home       Richard, Cliff                    
When The Girl In Your Arms         Richard, Cliff                    
Where Do We Go From Here?          Richard, Cliff                    
While She's Young                  Richard, Cliff                    
Who Are We To Say                  Richard, Cliff                    
Who Are We To Say?                 Richard, Cliff                    
Why Me                             Richard, Cliff                    
Why Should The Devil Have All      Richard, Cliff                    
Willie And The Hand Jive           Richard, Cliff                    
Wind Me Up                         Richard, Cliff                    
Wired For Sound                    Richard, Cliff                    
Wonderful To Be Young              Richard, Cliff                    
Yes He Lives                       Richard, Cliff                    
You Don't Know                     Richard, Cliff                    
You Got Me Wondering               Richard, Cliff                   
You Keep Me Hanging On             Richard, Cliff                    
You Know That I Love You           Richard, Cliff                    
You'll Want Me                     Richard, Cliff                    
You've Got To Give Me All Your LoviRichard, Cliff                    
Young Love                         Richard, Cliff                    
Young Ones                         Richard, Cliff                    
Your Love Means More To Me         Richard, Cliff                    
A Swingin' Affair                  Richard, Cliff/Grazina Frame          
Two To The Power Of Love           Richard, Cliff/Janet Jackson          
Suddenly                           Richard, Cliff/Olivia Newton-John          
All I Ask Of You                   Richard, Cliff/Sarah Brightman         
Treat Me Right                     Richardson, Kim                   
Brazil                             Richie Family                     
Put Your Feet To The Beat          Richie Family                     
All Night Long                     Richie, Lionel                    
Ballerina Girl                     Richie, Lionel                    
Can't Slow Down                    Richie, Lionel                    
Dancing On The Ceiling             Richie, Lionel                    
Deep River Woman                   Richie, Lionel                    
Don't Stop                         Richie, Lionel                    
Hello                              Richie, Lionel                    
Love Will Conquer All              Richie, Lionel                    
Love Will Find A Way               Richie, Lionel                    
Only One                           Richie, Lionel                    
Penny Lover                        Richie, Lionel                    
Running With The Night             Richie, Lionel                    
Say You, Say Me                    Richie, Lionel                    
Se La                              Richie, Lionel                    
Stuck On You                       Richie, Lionel                    
The Only One                       Richie, Lionel                    
Tonight Will Be Aright             Richie, Lionel                    
What You Talkin' About             Rico                              
Camouflage                         Ridgway, Stan                     
Drive She Said                     Ridgway, Stan                     
Unchained Melody                   Righteous Brothers                
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'    Righteous Brothers                
Good Morning, Country Rain         Riley, Jeannie C.                 
Harper Valley P.T.A.               Riley, Jeannie C.                 
Third Generation                   Rings                             
Song Of Joy                        Rios, Miguel                      
Hey Little Cobra                   Rip Chords                        
Lovin' You                         Riperton, Minnie                  
Lovin' You (Version 2)             Riperton, Minnie                  
California Roll                    Ritenour, Lee                     
Cross My Heart                     Ritenour, Lee                     
On The Line                        Ritenour, Lee                     
Baby I Need Your Lovin'            Rivers, Johnny                    
Memphis                            Rivers, Johnny                    
Muddy River                        Rivers, Johnny                    
Rockin' Pneumonia                  Rivers, Johnny                    
Slow Dancin'                       Rivers, Johnny                    
Summer Rain                        Rivers, Johnny                    
Summer Rain (LP Version)           Rivers, Johnny                    
Swayin' To The Music               Rivers, Johnny         
A White Sports Coat                Robbins, Marty                    
Almost Persuaded                   Robbins, Marty                    
Among My Souvenirs                 Robbins, Marty                    
Begging To You                     Robbins, Marty                    
Big Iron                           Robbins, Marty                    
Cool Water                         Robbins, Marty                    
Devil Woman                        Robbins, Marty                    
Don't Worry 'Bout Me               Robbins, Marty                    
El Paso                            Robbins, Marty                    
El Paso City                       Robbins, Marty                    
Have I Told You Lately             Robbins, Marty                    
Honkytonk Man                      Robbins, Marty                    
I Walk Alone                       Robbins, Marty                    
My Elusive Dreams                  Robbins, Marty                   
Ribbon Of Darkness                 Robbins, Marty                    
Ruby Ann                           Robbins, Marty                    
Singing The Blues                  Robbins, Marty                    
The Story Of My Life               Robbins, Marty                    
Tonight Carmen                     Robbins, Marty                    
You Gave Me A Mountain             Robbins, Marty                    
Emergency                          Robbins, Rockie                   
Change Of Heart, Change Of Mind    Robert Cray Band                
Something's Wrong With Me          Roberts, Austin                   
All Men Are Brothers               Robeson, Paul                     
Ballad For Americans               Robeson, Paul                     
Deep River                         Robeson, Paul                     
Eriskay Love Lilt                  Robeson, Paul                     
Freedom                            Robeson, Paul                     
Go Down, Moses                     Robeson, Paul                     
Honey Baby                         Robeson, Paul                     
Hush, My Pretty Baby               Robeson, Paul                     
Let My People Go                   Robeson, Paul                     
Mexican Lullaby                    Robeson, Paul                     
Minstrel Boy                       Robeson, Paul                     
Minstrel's Song                    Robeson, Paul                     
Mood Indigo                        Robeson, Paul                     
My Curly Headed Baby               Robeson, Paul                     
My Old Kentucky Home               Robeson, Paul                     
Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal       Robeson, Paul                     
O Grieve You Now My Mother         Robeson, Paul                     
Old Man River                      Robeson, Paul                     
On My Journey                      Robeson, Paul                     
Patterns Of Folk Song              Robeson, Paul                     
Saint Louis Blues                  Robeson, Paul                     
Scandalize My Name                 Robeson, Paul                     
The Four Rivers                    Robeson, Paul                     
The Minstrel Boy                   Robeson, Paul                     
This Is The Hammer                 Robeson, Paul                     
Trees                              Robeson, Paul                     
Melody Man                         Robinson, Smokey                  
Old Fashioned Love                 Robinson, Smokey                  
Shop Around                        Robinson, Smokey                  
Tell Me Tomorrow                   Robinson, Smokey                  
Touch The Sky                      Robinson, Smokey                  
Yes, It's You Baby                 Robinson, Smokey                  
Turn The Beat Around               Robinson, Vickie Sue             
Dirty Water                        Rock & Hyde                       
I Will                             Rock & Hyde                    
Hey You                            Rock Steady Crew                  
Burnin'                            Rockats                           
Make That Move                     Rockats                           
Peeping Tom                        Rockwell                          
God Bless The Child                Rodgers, Jimmie                   
Honeycomb                          Rodgers, Jimmie                   
If I Had A Hammer                  Rodgers, Jimmie                   
It's Over                          Rodgers, Jimmie                   
Jamaica Farewell                   Rodgers, Jimmie                   
Jimmie Brown, The Newsboy          Rodgers, Jimmie                   
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine           Rodgers, Jimmie                   
Marianne                           Rodgers, Jimmie                   
Puff The Magic Dragon              Rodgers, Jimmie                   
The Banana Boat Song               Rodgers, Jimmie                   
Walk Right In                      Rodgers, Jimmie                   
Woman From Liberia                 Rodgers, Jimmie                   
Land Of The Good Groove            Rodgers, Nile                     
Most Down                          Rodgers, Nile                    
Don't Stop Trying                  Rodway                            
I Am Electric                      Rodway                            
Cinnamon                           Roe, Tommy                        
Dizzy                              Roe, Tommy                        
Everybody                          Roe, Tommy                        
Heather Honey                      Roe, Tommy                        
Jack And Jill                      Roe, Tommy                        
Jam Up Jelly Tight                 Roe, Tommy                        
Pearl                              Roe, Tommy                        
Raining In My Heart                Roe, Tommy                        
Stagger Lee                        Roe, Tommy                        
Sweet Pea                          Roe, Tommy                        
We Can Make Music                  Roe, Tommy                        
The Wedding                        Rogers, Julie                     
'Til I Can Make It On My Own       Rogers, Kenny                     
A Little More Love                 Rogers, Kenny                     
A stranger In My Place             Rogers, Kenny                     
All I Never Need Is You            Rogers, Kenny                     
Anyone Who Isn't Me Tonight        Rogers, Kenny                     
Baby I'm A-Want You                Rogers, Kenny                     
Blaze Of Glory                     Rogers, Kenny                     
Born To Love Me                    Rogers, Kenny                     
Buried Treasure                    Rogers, Kenny                     
Christmas Song                     Rogers, Kenny                     
Coward Of The County               Rogers, Kenny                     
Crazy                              Rogers, Kenny                     
Daytime Friends                    Rogers, Kenny                     
Didn't We?                         Rogers, Kenny                     
Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer  Rogers, Kenny                     
Dream Dancin'                      Rogers, Kenny                     
Evening Star                       Rogers, Kenny                     
Every Time Two Fools Collide       Rogers, Kenny                     
Eyes That See In The Dark          Rogers, Kenny                     
Gambler                            Rogers, Kenny                     
Goin' Back To Alabama              Rogers, Kenny                     
Heart To Heart                     Rogers, Kenny                     
Hey Won't You Play Another SomebodyRogers, Kenny                     
Hold Me                            Rogers, Kenny                     
I Don't Need You                   Rogers, Kenny                     
I Don't Want To Know Why           Rogers, Kenny                     
I Will Always Love You             Rogers, Kenny                     
If I Could Hold On To Love         Rogers, Kenny                     
If I Ever Fall In Love Again       Rogers, Kenny                     
If I Knew Then What I Know Now     Rogers, Kenny                     
In Happened In The Best Of Dreams  Rogers, Kenny                     
Islands In The Stream              Rogers, Kenny                     
It Turns Me Inside Out             Rogers, Kenny                     
Lady                               Rogers, Kenny                     
Living With You                    Rogers, Kenny                     
Long Arm Of The Law                Rogers, Kenny                     
Love Is What We Make It            Rogers, Kenny                     
Love Lifted Me                     Rogers, Kenny                     
Love Or Something Like It          Rogers, Kenny                     
Love The Way You Do                Rogers, Kenny                     
Love The World Away                Rogers, Kenny                     
Love Will Turn You Around          Rogers, Kenny                     
Lucille                            Rogers, Kenny                     
Makes Me Wonder If I Ever Said     Rogers, Kenny                     
Maybe                              Rogers, Kenny                     
Maybe In The End                   Rogers, Kenny                     
Midsummer Nights                   Rogers, Kenny                     
Morning Desire                     Rogers, Kenny                     
One Night                          Rogers, Kenny                     
Planet Texas                       Rogers, Kenny                     
Reuben James                       Rogers, Kenny                     
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town Rogers, Kenny                     
Scarlet Fever                      Rogers, Kenny                     
Share Your Love With Me            Rogers, Kenny                     
She Believes In Me                 Rogers, Kenny                     
So In Love With You                Rogers, Kenny                     
Somebody Took My Love              Rogers, Kenny                     
Something Inside So Strong         Rogers, Kenny                     
Something's Burning                Rogers, Kenny                     
Starting Today, Starting Over      Rogers, Kenny                     
Still Hold On                      Rogers, Kenny                     
Sweet Music Man                    Rogers, Kenny                     
That's The Way It Could Have Been  Rogers, Kenny                     
The Gambler                        Rogers, Kenny                     
The Good Life                      Rogers, Kenny                     
The Night Goes On                  Rogers, Kenny                     
The stranger                       Rogers, Kenny                     
The Vows Go Unbroken               Rogers, Kenny                     
There Lies The Difference          Rogers, Kenny                     
This Woman                         Rogers, Kenny                     
Through The Years                  Rogers, Kenny                     
Tie Me To Your Heart Again         Rogers, Kenny                     
Together Again                     Rogers, Kenny                     
Tomb Of The Unknown Love           Rogers, Kenny                     
Twentieth Century Fool             Rogers, Kenny                     
Two Hearts One Love                Rogers, Kenny                     
We've Got Tonight                  Rogers, Kenny                     
What About Me                      Rogers, Kenny                     
What About Me?                     Rogers, Kenny                     
When You Put Your Heart In It      Rogers, Kenny                     
Without You In My Life             Rogers, Kenny                     
You And I                          Rogers, Kenny                     
You Decorated My Life              Rogers, Kenny                     
You Were A Good Friend             Rogers, Kenny         
Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer  Rogers, Kenny & Kim Carnes                      
Islands In The Stream              Rogers, Kenny & Dolly Parton            
'Til I Can Make It On My Own       Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West           
All I Ever Need Is You             Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West           
Anyone Who Isn't Me Tonight        Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West           
Baby I'm-A Want You                Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West           
Every Time Two Fools Collide       Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West           
Hey Won't You Play Another SomebodyRogers, Kenny & Dottie West           
That's The Way It Could Have Been  Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West           
Together Again                     Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West           
We've Got Tonight                  Rogers, Kenny & Sheena Easton 
But You Know I Love You            Rogers, Kenny & The First Edition        
Heed The Call                      Rogers, Kenny & The First Edition        
I Believe In Music                 Rogers, Kenny & The First Edition        
Just Dropped In                    Rogers, Kenny & The First Edition        
Love Woman                         Rogers, Kenny & The First Edition        
Momma's Waiting                    Rogers, Kenny & The First Edition        
Reuben James                       Rogers, Kenny & The First Edition        
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town Rogers, Kenny & The First Edition        
Something's Burning                Rogers, Kenny & The First Edition        
Tell It All Brother                Rogers, Kenny & The First Edition      
All Down The Line                  Rolling Stones                    
As Tears Go By                     Rolling Stones                    
Backstreet Girl                    Rolling Stones                    
Bitch                              Rolling Stones                    
Brown Sugar                        Rolling Stones                    
Get Off Of My Cloud                Rolling Stones                    
Gimme Shelter                      Rolling Stones                    
Going To A Go Go                   Rolling Stones                    
Heartbreaker                       Rolling Stones                    
Honky Tonk Women                   Rolling Stones                    
It's Only Rock'n'roll              Rolling Stones                    
Lady Jane                          Rolling Stones                    
Miss You                           Rolling Stones                    
Mother's Little Helper             Rolling Stones                    
One Hit To The Body                Rolling Stones                   
Paint It Black                     Rolling Stones                    
Play With Fire                     Rolling Stones                    
Rocks Off                          Rolling Stones                    
Ruby Tuesday                       Rolling Stones                    
Satisfaction                       Rolling Stones                    
Shake Your Hips                    Rolling Stones                    
South Michigan Avenue              Rolling Stones                    
Start Me Up                        Rolling Stones                    
Streetfighting Man                 Rolling Stones                    
Sweet Black Angel                  Rolling Stones                    
Sympathy For The Devil             Rolling Stones                    
Time Is On My Side                 Rolling Stones                    
Tumbling Dice                      Rolling Stones                    
Waiting On A Friend                Rolling Stones                    
Winning Ugly                       Rolling Stones                    
Winning Ugly (Single Version)      Rolling Stones                    
You Can't Always Get What You Want Rolling Stones                    
Give Me Your Love                  Roman Grey                        
Shangri-La                         Roman Grey                        
Stand By                           Roman Holliday                    
One In A Million                   Romantics                         
Rhythm Romance                     Romantics                         
Talking In Your Sleep              Romantics                         
Test Of Time                       Romantics                         
Walking In The Rain                Ronettes                          
Mashed Potato                      Ronnettes                         
GTO                                Ronny & The Daytonas              
Blue Bayou                         Ronstadt, Linda                   
Different Drum                     Ronstadt, Linda                   
Easy For You To Say                Ronstadt, Linda                   
Hobo                               Ronstadt, Linda                   
I Can't Let Go                     Ronstadt, Linda                   
I Knew You When                    Ronstadt, Linda                   
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight          Ronstadt, Linda                   
It's So Easy                       Ronstadt, Linda                   
Long Long Time                     Ronstadt, Linda                   
Mr. Radio                          Ronstadt, Linda                   
Rescue Me                          Ronstadt, Linda                   
Rock Me On The Water               Ronstadt, Linda                   
Stoney End                         Ronstadt, Linda                   
What's New?                        Ronstadt, Linda                   
Will You Love Me Tomorrow?         Ronstadt, Linda                   
You're No Good                     Ronstadt, Linda                   
Walk Right In                      Rooftop Singers                   
Car Wash                           Rose Royce                        
I Wanna Get Next To You            Rose Royce                        
Ain't No Mountain High Enough      Ross, Diana                       
All Of You                         Ross, Diana                       
Chain Reaction                     Ross, Diana                       
Crime Of Passion                   Ross, Diana                       
Do You Know Where You're Going To  Ross, Diana                       
Don't Give Up On Each Other        Ross, Diana                       
Eaten Alive                        Ross, Diana                       
Endless Love                       Ross, Diana                       
Experience                         Ross, Diana                       
Forever Young                      Ross, Diana                       
Good Morning Heartache             Ross, Diana                       
I Hear A Symphony                  Ross, Diana                       
I Love                             Ross, Diana                       
I Thought It Took A Little Time    Ross, Diana                       
I'm Coming Out                     Ross, Diana                       
I'm Watching You                   Ross, Diana                       
It's My House                      Ross, Diana                       
It's My Turn                       Ross, Diana                       
It's Never Too Late                Ross, Diana                       
It's Your Move                     Ross, Diana                       
Last Time I Saw Him                Ross, Diana                       
Let's Go Up                        Ross, Diana                       
Love Hangover                      Ross, Diana                       
Love Is Here And Now You're Gone   Ross, Diana                       
Love On The Line                   Ross, Diana                       
Mirror, Mirror                     Ross, Diana                       
Missing You                        Ross, Diana                       
More And More                      Ross, Diana                       
Muscles                            Ross, Diana                       
My Old Piano                       Ross, Diana                       
Nobody Makes Me Crazy Like You Do  Ross, Diana                       
Oh Teacher                         Ross, Diana                       
One Love In My Lifetime            Ross, Diana                       
Pieces Of Ice                      Ross, Diana                       
Reach Out And Touch                Ross, Diana                       
Reflections                        Ross, Diana                       
Remember Me                        Ross, Diana                       
Rescue Me                          Ross, Diana                       
So Close                           Ross, Diana                       
Someday We'll Be Together          Ross, Diana                       
Sweet Nothings                     Ross, Diana                       
Sweet Surrender                    Ross, Diana                       
Swept Away                         Ross, Diana                       
Telephone                          Ross, Diana                       
Tenderness                         Ross, Diana                       
The Boss                           Ross, Diana                       
Think I'm In Love                  Ross, Diana                       
Touch By Touch                     Ross, Diana                       
Touch Me In The Morning            Ross, Diana                       
Two Can Make It                    Ross, Diana                       
Up Front                           Ross, Diana                       
Upside Down                        Ross, Diana                       
We Are The Children Of The World   Ross, Diana                       
Why Do Fools Fall In Love          Ross, Diana                       
Work That Body                     Ross, Diana                       
Endless Love                       Ross, Diana & Lionel Richie          
Goin' Crazy                        Roth, David Lee                   
Just A Gigolo / I Ain't Got Nobody Roth, David Lee                   
Just Like Paradise                 Roth, David Lee                   
That's Life                        Roth, David Lee                   
Yankee Rose                        Roth, David Lee                   
Crimes Of Passion                  Rough Trade                       
Dangerous                          Rough Trade                       
Deca-Dance                         Rough Trade                       
Evolution                          Rough Trade                       
For Those Who Think Young          Rough Trade                       
High School Confidential           Rough Trade                
Rescue Me                          Rough Trade           \           
Wasn't That A Party                Rovers                            
Cheryl Moana Marie                 Rowles, John                      
Chances                            Roxette                           
Cry                                Roxette                           
Dance Away                         Roxette                           
Dangerous                          Roxette                           
Dressed For Success                Roxette                           
Half A Woman, Half A Shadow        Roxette                           
I Could Never Give You Up          Roxette                           
Joyride                            Roxette                           
Listen To Your Heart               Roxette                           
Paint                              Roxette                           
Shadow Of A Doubt                  Roxette                           
Sleeping Single                    Roxette                           
Soul Deep                          Roxette                           
The Look                           Roxette                           
View From A Hill                   Roxette                           
Avalon                             Roxy Music                        
Dance Away                         Roxy Music                        
Love Is The Drug                   Roxy Music                        
More Than This                     Roxy Music                        
Snoopy Vs Red Baron                Royal Guardsmen                  
Short Shorts                       Royal Teens                       
Cherry Hill Park                   Royal, Billy Joe                  
Down In The Boondocks              Royal, Billy Joe                  
I Knew You When                    Royal, Billy Joe                  
Anywhere With You                  Rubber Rodeo                      
Hardest Thing                      Rubber Rodeo                      
Sugar Baby Love                    Rubettes                          
Hold On To My Love                 Ruffin, Jimmy                     
What Becomes Of The Broken-hearted?Ruffin, Jimmy                     
Christmas In Hollis                Run DMC                           
Jam Master Jammin'                 Run DMC                           
Mary Mary                          Run DMC                           
Walk This Way                      Run DMC                           
You Be Illin'                      Run DMC                           
Bang On My Drum All Day            Rundgren, Todd                    
Hello It's Me                      Rundgren, Todd                    
I Saw The Light                    Rundgren, Todd                    
After Image                        Rush                              
Bastille Day                       Rush                              
Between The Wheels                 Rush                              
Big Money                          Rush                              
Distant Early Warning              Rush                              
Emotion Detectors                  Rush                              
Force Ten                          Rush                              
Grand Designs                      Rush                              
High Water                         Rush                              
Kid Gloves                         Rush                              
Limelight                          Rush                              
Lock And Key                       Rush                              
Manhattan Project                  Rush                              
Marathon                           Rush                              
Middletown Dreams                  Rush                              
Mission                            Rush                              
Mystic Rhythms                     Rush                              
New World Man                      Rush                              
Open Secrets                       Rush                              
Prime Mover                        Rush                              
Red Lenses                         Rush                              
Red Sector A                       Rush                              
Second Nature                      Rush                              
Tai Shan                           Rush                              
Territories                        Rush                              
The Body Electric                  Rush                              
The Enemy Within                   Rush                              
Time Stand Still                   Rush                              
Turn The Page                      Rush                              
Destiny                            Rush, Jennifer                    
Flames Of Paradise                 Rush, Jennifer                    
Power Of Love                      Rush, Jennifer                    
Ring Of Ice                        Rush, Jennifer                    
Flames Of Paradise                 Rush, Jennifer & Elton John          
Angel Of The Morning               Rush, Merrilee                    
Forget-Me-Nots                     Rushen, Patrice                  
Piano In The Dark                  Russell, Brenda                  
Back To The Island                 Russell, Leon                     
Cajun Love Song                    Russell, Leon                     
Hard Rain's Gonna Fall             Russell, Leon                     
Hummingbird                        Russell, Leon                     
Lady Blue                          Russell, Leon                     
Queen Of The Roller Derby          Russell, Leon                     
Roll Away The Stone                Russell, Leon                     
Shoot Out On The Plantation        Russell, Leon                     
Stranger In A Strange Land         Russell, Leon                     
Tight Rope                         Russell, Leon                     
Two Days, Three Nights             Ryan, Tim                         
Cha Cha Cha                        Rydell, Bobby                     
Forget Him                         Rydell, Bobby                     
Volare                             Rydell, Bobby                    
I Still Believe In Tomorrow        Ryder, John & Annie     
Devil With A Blue Dress/Good Golly Ryder, Mitch & Detroit Wheels     
Jenny Take A Ride                  Ryder, Mitch & Detroit Wheels              
Sock It To Me                      Ryder, Mitch & Detroit Wheels        

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