Pop Songs - V

Easy Money                         Valdy                             
It's That Melody                   Valdy                             
Landscapes                         Valdy                             
Leaving Ain't The Only Way To Go   Valdy                             
Mm Mm Excuse Me                    Valdy                             
Peter & Lou                        Valdy                             
Renaissance                        Valdy                             
Simple Life                        Valdy                             
Sonny's Dream                      Valdy  
The One You Love                   Valdy                                                        
Yes I Can                          Valdy                             
Old Cape Cod                       Vale, Jerry                       
Donna                              Valens, Ritchie                   
Can't Take My Eyes Off You         Valli, Frankie                    
Grease                             Valli, Frankie                    
My Eyes Adored You                 Valli, Frankie                    
Swearin' To God                    Valli, Frankie                    
1984                               Van Halen                         
Dancin' In The Streets             Van Halen                         
Dreams                             Van Halen                         
Hot For Teacher                    Van Halen                         
I'll Wait                          Van Halen                         
Jump                               Van Halen                         
For The Sweetness Of Your Love     Vandross, Luther                  
How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye  Vandross, Luther                  
I Wanted Your Love                 Vandross, Luther                  
I'll Let You Slide                 Vandross, Luther                  
Make Me A Believer                 Vandross, Luther                  
Superstar                          Vandross, Luther                  
I'm A Bad Bad Boy                  Vaness, Theo                     
Ave                                Vangelis                          
Will Of The Wind                   Vangelis                          
Early In The Morning               Vanity Fare                       
Hitchin' A Ride                    Vanity Fare                       
Black Cars                         Vannelli, Gino                    
Brother To Brother                 Vannelli, Gino                    
Here She Comes                     Vannelli, Gino                    
How Much                           Vannelli, Gino                    
Hurts To Be In Love                Vannelli, Gino                    
I Just Wanna Stop                  Vannelli, Gino                    
Imagination                        Vannelli, Gino                    
In The Name Of Money               Vannelli, Gino                    
It's Over                          Vannelli, Gino                    
Just A Motion Away                 Vannelli, Gino                    
Living Inside Myself               Vannelli, Gino                    
People Gotta Move                  Vannelli, Gino                    
Persona Non Grata                  Vannelli, Gino                    
River Must Flow                    Vannelli, Gino                    
Something Tells Me                 Vannelli, Gino                    
The Other Man                      Vannelli, Gino                    
Total stranger                     Vannelli, Gino                    
Wheels Of Life                     Vannelli, Gino                    
Wild Horses                        Vannelli, Gino                    
Young Lover                        Vannelli, Gino                    
Just When I Needed You Most        Vanwarmer, Randy                  
Come Spring                        Vaughan, Sarah                    
Dirty Pool                         Vaughan, Stevie Ray               
I'm Cryin'                         Vaughan, Stevie Ray               
Lenny                              Vaughan, Stevie Ray               
Love Struck Baby                   Vaughan, Stevie Ray               
Mary Had A Little Lamb             Vaughan, Stevie Ray               
Pride And Joy                      Vaughan, Stevie Ray               
Rude Mood                          Vaughan, Stevie Ray               
Superstition                       Vaughan, Stevie Ray               
Tell Me                            Vaughan, Stevie Ray               
Testify                            Vaughan, Stevie Ray               
Texas Flood                        Vaughan, Stevie Ray               
A Swingin' Safari                  Vaughn, Billy           
Blue Hawaii                        Vaughn, Billy           
Blue Side Of Lonesome              Vaughn, Billy                              
C'est Si Bon                       Vaughn, Billy           
Chapel By The Sea                  Vaughn, Billy 
Chipmunk Song                      Vaughn, Billy  
Come September                     Vaughn, Billy                                                 
Hawaiian Wedding Song              Vaughn, Billy           
Help Me Make It Through            Vaughn, Billy    
I Heard A Heart Break Last Night   Vaughn, Billy                            
La Paloma                          Vaughn, Billy           
Let Me Call You Sweetheart         Vaughn, Billy           
Look For A Star                    Vaughn, Billy           
Melody Of Love                     Vaughn, Billy           
Moon Over Naples                   Vaughn, Billy  
Never On Sunday                    Vaughn, Billy    
Oh                                 Vaughn, Billy                                               
Orange Blossom Special             Vaughn, Billy  
Patricia                           Vaughn, Billy                             
Pearly Shells                      Vaughn, Billy   
Peter Gunn                         Vaughn, Billy          
Raunchy                            Vaughn, Billy           
Red Sails In The Sunset            Vaughn, Billy           
Sail Along Silv'ry Moon            Vaughn, Billy  
Shifting Whispering Sands, Part I  Vaughn, Billy           
Shifting Whispering Sands, Part II Vaughn, Billy           
Song Of India                      Vaughn, Billy                             
Swingin' Surfari                   Vaughn, Billy           
Tennessee Waltz                    Vaughn, Billy           
Theme From 'Summer Of 42'          Vaughn, Billy           
Theme From 'A Summer Place'        Vaughn, Billy   
Topsy II                           Vaughn, Billy            
Wheels                             Vaughn, Billy                             
Come Back When You Grow Up         Vee, Bobby                        
Rubber Ball                        Vee, Bobby                        
Take Good Care Of My Baby          Vee, Bobby                        
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes      Vee, Bobby                      
Solitude Standing                  Vega, Suzanne                  
All Tomorrow's Parties             Velvet Underground                
I Can't Stand It                   Velvet Underground               
Apache                             Ventures                
Calcutta                           Ventures                
Green Onions                       Ventures                
Last Night                         Ventures                
Let There Be Drums                 Ventures                
Lonely Bull                        Ventures                
Mexico                             Ventures                
Never On Sunday                    Ventures                
Percolator                         Ventures                
Red River Rock                     Ventures                
Telstar                            Ventures                
Tequila                            Ventures  
Walk, Don't Run                    Ventures                                        
At This Moment                     Vera, Billy                      
I'm No Rebel                       View From The Hill                
No Conversation                    View From The Hill                
Go West                            Village People                    
In The Navy                        Village People                    
Macho Man / I Am What I Am         Village People                    
Ready For The 80's                 Village People                    
YMCA                               Village People                   
Be-Bop-A-Lula                      Vincent, Gene                     
Boyz Are Gonna Rock                Vinnie Vincent Invasion           
Blue On Blue                       Vinton, Bobby                     
Blue Velvet                        Vinton, Bobby                     
Days Of Sand And Shovels           Vinton, Bobby                     
I Love How You Love Me             Vinton, Bobby                     
Mr. Lonely                         Vinton, Bobby                     
My Elusive Dreams                  Vinton, Bobby                     
My Melody Of Love                  Vinton, Bobby                     
Roses Are Red                      Vinton, Bobby                     
To Know You Is To Love You         Vinton, Bobby                     
Five O'clock World                 Vogues                            
Moments To Remember                Vogues                            
No Not Much                        Vogues                            
Special Angel                      Vogues                            
Turn Around, Look At Me            Vogues                            
Shout Out Loud                     Voisine, Roch                     
I Love You                         Volumes                           
Get Used To It                     Voudouris, Roger     

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