Pop Songs - E

Already Gone               Eagles                        
Best Of My Love                    Eagles                            
Desperado                          Eagles                            
Hotel California                   Eagles                            
Lyin' Eyes                         Eagle                            
New Kid In Town                    Eagles                            
Peaceful Easy Feeling              Eagles                            
Sad Cafe                           Eagles                            
Take It Easy                       Eagles                            
Take It To The Limit               Eagles                            
Tequila Sunrise                    Eagles                            
Victim Of Love                     Eagles                            
Witchy Woman                       Eagles                            
Down The Road                      Earle, Steve                      
Fearless Heart                     Earle, Steve                      
Good Ol' Boy                       Earle, Steve                      
Goodbye's All We've Got Left       Earle, Steve                      
Guitar Town                        Earle, Steve                      
Hillbilly Highway                  Earle, Steve                      
Little Rock 'N' Roller             Earle, Steve                      
My Old Friend The Blues            Earle, Steve 
Nowhere Road                       Earle, Steve                                                    
Someday                            Earle, Steve                      
State Trooper                      Earle, Steve                      
Sweet Little '66                   Earle, Steve                      
Think It Over                      Earle, Steve                                  
Remember Then                      Earls                                 
After The Love Is Gone             Earth, Wind & Fire                
Let's Groove                       Earth, Wind & Fire                
September                          Earth, Wind & Fire                
Spread Your Love                   Earth, Wind & Fire                
Star                               Earth, Wind & Fire                
Turn On The Beat Box               Earth, Wind & Fire                
Ways Of The World                  Earth, Wind & Fire                  
A Letter From Joey                 Easton, Sheena                    
A Little Tenderness                Easton, Sheena                    
All By Myself                      Easton, Sheena                    
Almost Over You                    Easton, Sheena                    
Are You Man Enough?                Easton, Sheena                    
Back In The City                   Easton, Sheena                    
Best Kept Man                      Easton, Sheena                    
Can't Wait Till Tomorrow           Easton, Sheena                    
Devil In A Fast Car                Easton, Sheena                    
Do It For Love                     Easton, Sheena                    
Don't Break My Heart               Easton, Sheena                    
Don't Leave Me This Way            Easton, Sheena                    
Don't Send Flowers                 Easton, Sheena                    
Don't Turn Your Back               Easton, Sheena                    
Double Standard                    Easton, Sheena                    
For Your Eyes Only                 Easton, Sheena                    
Hard To Say It's Over              Easton, Sheena                    
Hungry Eyes                        Easton, Sheena                    
I Like The Fright                  Easton, Sheena                    
I'm Not Worth The Hurt             Easton, Sheena                    
Ice Out In The Rain                Easton, Sheena                    
Jimmy Mack                         Easton, Sheena                    
Johnny                             Easton, Sheena                    
Just Another Broken Heart          Easton, Sheena                    
Just One Smile                     Easton, Sheena                    
Kisses                             Easton, Sheena                    
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie              Easton, Sheena                    
Long Distance Love Affair          Easton, Sheena                    
Love And Affection                 Easton, Sheena                    
Machinery                          Easton, Sheena                    
Magic Of Love                      Easton, Sheena                    
Modern Girl                        Easton, Sheena                    
Money Back Guarantee               Easton, Sheena                    
Morning Train                      Easton, Sheena                    
One Man Woman                      Easton, Sheena                    
Prisoner                           Easton, Sheena                    
Savoir Faire                       Easton, Sheena                    
So Much In Love                    Easton, Sheena                    
Strut                              Easton, Sheena                    
Sugar Walls                        Easton, Sheena                    
Swear                              Easton, Sheena                    
Sweet Talk                         Easton, Sheena                    
Take My Time                       Easton, Sheena                    
Telefone                           Easton, Sheena                    
Telephone Lines                    Easton, Sheena                    
There When I Needed You            Easton, Sheena                    
Trouble In The Shadows             Easton, Sheena                    
Voice On The Radio                 Easton, Sheena                    
When He Shines                     Easton, Sheena                    
When The Lightning Strikes         Easton, Sheena                    
With Her Radio                     Easton, Sheena                    
You Could Have Been With Me        Easton, Sheena                    
You Do It                          Easton, Sheena                    
You Make Me Nervous                Easton, Sheena                    
Young Lions                        Easton, Sheena                    
Friday On My Mind                  Easybeats                         
Cutter                             Echo & The Bunnymen               
Jungle Boy                         Eddie, John                       
(Dance With The) Guitar Man        Eddy, Duane                       
Because They're Young              Eddy, Duane                       
Crazy Arms                         Eddy, Duane                       
Detour                             Eddy, Duane                       
Forty Miles Of Bad Road            Eddy, Duane                       
Rebel Rouser                       Eddy, Duane                       
Rockestra Theme                    Eddy, Duane                       
Trambone                           Eddy, Duane                       
Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes  Edison Lighthouse                 
I Hear You Knockin'                Edmunds, Dave                     
Information                        Edmunds, Dave                     
River To Another Day               Edmunds, Dave                     
Carolina Caroline                  Edwards, Jonathan                 
Sunshine                           Edwards, Jonathan                 
It's All In The Game               Edwards, Tommy                         
Morningside Of The Mountain        Edwards, Tommy                    
Oh Happy Day                       Edwin Hawkins Singers             
Magnet And Steel                   Egan, Walter                      
Kiss You When It's Dangerous       Eight Seconds                     
Where's Bula                       Eight Seconds                       
I Wanna Hear It From My Heart      El Debarge                        
Private Line                       El Debarge                        
Someone                            El Debarge                        
Who's Johnny                       El Debarge                        
I Can't Help Myself                Elbert, Donnie                    
Where Did Our Love Go?             Elbert, Donnie                    
Keem-O-Sabe                        Electric Indian                                                                                                                                  
21st Century Man                   Electric Light Orchestra
All Over The World                 Electric Light Orchestra                      
Another Heart Breaks               Electric Light Orchestra          
Bluebird                           Electric Light Orchestra
Calling America                    Electric Light Orchestra                          
Can't Get It Out Of My Head        Electric Light Orchestra          
Confusion                          Electric Light Orchestra          
Do Ya                              Electric Light Orchestra          
Don't Bring Me Down                Electric Light Orchestra          
Evil Woman                         Electric Light Orchestra          
Four Little Diamonds               Electric Light Orchestra          
From The End Of The World          Electric Light Orchestra          
Here Is The News                   Electric Light Orchestra          
Hold On Tight                      Electric Light Orchestra   
Jungle Talk                        Electric Light Orchestra                               
Last Train To London               Electric Light Orchestra                                      
Livin' Thing                       Electric Light Orchestra          
Ma Ma Ma Belle                     Electric Light Orchestra          
Rain Is Falling                    Electric Light Orchestra          
Rock And Roll Is King              Electric Light Orchestra          
Roll Over Beethoven                Electric Light Orchestra          
Shine A Little Love                Electric Light Orchestra          
Showdown                           Electric Light Orchestra          
Strange Magic                      Electric Light Orchestra          
Stranger                           Electric Light Orchestra          
Sweet Talkin' Woman                Electric Light Orchestra          
Telephone Line                     Electric Light Orchestra          
The Lights Go Down                 Electric Light Orchestra          
The Way Life's Meant To Be         Electric Light Orchestra          
Ticket To The Moon                 Electric Light Orchestra          
Turn To Stone                      Electric Light Orchestra          
Twilight                           Electric Light Orchestra          
Yours Truly, 2095                  Electric Light Orchestra          
Young And Innocent                 Elefante                          
Little Star                        Elegants                          
Gratitude                          Elfman, Danny                     
Love Pains                         Elliman, Yvonne                   
Satin Doll                         Ellington, Duke                   
Name Game                          Ellis, Shirley                    
From The Beginning                 Emerson, Lake & Palmer            
Lucky Man                          Emerson, Lake & Palmer            
Nutcracker                         Emerson, Lake & Palmer            
Still You Turn Me On               Emerson, Lake & Palmer            
Lay Down Your Guns                 Emerson, Lake & Powell            
Touch And Go                       Emerson, Lake & Powell            
Sound Of My Heartbeat              Emjay                             
Control Of Me                      Emmerson, Les                     
Watching The World Go By           Emmerson, Les                     
Saved By Love                      Emmett, Rick                      
Another Golden Night For Wendy     England Dan & John Ford           
Broken Hearted Me                  England Dan & John Ford           
Caught Up In The Middle            England Dan & John Ford           
Children Of The Half Light         England Dan & John Ford           
Falling Stars                      England Dan & John Ford           
Gone Too Far                       England Dan & John Ford           
Hollywood Heckle And Jive          England Dan & John Ford           
I'd Really Love To See You Tonight England Dan & John Ford           
In It For Love                     England Dan & John Ford           
It's Sad To Belong            	   England Dan & John Ford           
Love Is The Answer                 England Dan & John Ford           
Nights Are Forever Without You     England Dan & John Ford           
Only A Matter Of Time              England Dan & John Ford           
Rolling Fever                      England Dan & John Ford           
Running After You                  England Dan & John Ford           
Soldier In The Rain                England Dan & John Ford           
We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye    England Dan & John Ford           
What Can I Do With This Broken HearEngland Dan & John Ford           
What's Forever For                 England Dan & John Ford           
Who's Lonely Now                   England Dan & John Ford           
Why Is It Me                       England Dan & John Ford           
Softly Whispering I Love You       English Congregation              
Eric B. Is President               Eric B. & Rakim                   
Rubber Duckie                      Ernie                             
Lady, Lady, Lady                   Esposito, Joe                     
Get On Up                          Esquires                          
Easier Said Than Done              Essex                             
Walkin' Miracle                    Essex                             
Rock On                            Essex, David                      
Live For Loving You                Estefan, Gloria                   
Raisin' The Dickens                Estefan, Gloria                   
Rhythm Is Gonna Get You            Estefan, Gloria & M.S.M           
Me Or The Rumours                  Estus, Deon                       
Bring Me Some Water                Etheridge, Melissa                
Let Me Go                          Etheridge, Melissa                
Another Day In The Big World       Eurogliders                                     
Heaven                             Eurogliders                       
Heaven Must Be There               Eurogliders                       
Carrie                             Europe                            
Final Countdown                    Europe                            
Rock The Night                     Europe                            
Adrian                             Eurythmics                        
Angel                              Eurythmics                        
Aqua                               Eurythmics                        
Baby's Gonna Cry                   Eurythmics                        
Back In Japan                      Eurythmics                        
Beethoven (I Love To Listen To)    Eurythmics                        
Better To Have Lost In Love        Eurythmics                        
Brand New Day                      Eurythmics                        
Conditioned Soul                   Eurythmics                        
Cool Blue                          Eurythmics                        
Do You Want To Break Up?           Eurythmics                        
Don't Ask Me Why                   Eurythmics                        
Heaven                             Eurythmics                        
Here Comes That Sinking Feeling    Eurythmics                        
Here Comes The Rain Again          Eurythmics                        
How Long?                          Eurythmics                        
I Love You Like A Ball And Chain   Eurythmics                        
I Need A Man                       Eurythmics                        
I Need You                         Eurythmics                        
I've Got An Angel                  Eurythmics                        
It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)  Eurythmics                        
Love Is A Stranger                 Eurythmics                        
Missionary Man                     Eurythmics                        
No Fear, No Hate, No Pain          Eurythmics                        
Paint A Rumour                     Eurythmics                        
Put The Blame On Me                Eurythmics                        
Regrets                            Eurythmics                        
Revival                            Eurythmics                        
Right By Your Side                 Eurythmics                        
Savage                             Eurythmics                        
Shame                              Eurythmics                        
Sisters Are Doin' It For ThemselvesEurythmics                        
Sweet Dreams                       Eurythmics                        
Sylvia                             Eurythmics                        
The First Cut                      Eurythmics                        
The King & Queen Of America        Eurythmics                        
There Must Be An Angel             Eurythmics                        
Thorn In My Side                   Eurythmics                        
We Two Are One                     Eurythmics                        
When The Day Goes Down             Eurythmics                        
Who's That Girl?                   Eurythmics                        
Wide-Eyed Girl                     Eurythmics                        
Winter Wonderland                  Eurythmics                        
Would I Lie To You?                Eurythmics                        
You Have Placed A Chill In My HeartEurythmics                        
You Hurt Me                        Eurythmics                        
Sisters Are Doin' It For ThemselvesEurythmics/Aretha Franklin              
Happy-Go-Lucky-Me                  Evans, Paul                       
Danger Zone                        Everest                           
You Make Me Shiver                 Everest                           
Let It Be Me                       Everett, Betty/Jerry Butler          
All I Have To Do Is Dream          Everly Brothers                   
Asleep                             Everly Brothers                   
Born Yesterday                     Everly Brothers                   
Can't Get Over It                  Everly Brothers                   
Crying In The Rain                 Everly Brothers                   
Danger Danger                      Everly Brothers                   
Devoted To You                     Everly Brothers                   
Ebony Eyes                         Everly Brothers                   
Following The Sun                  Everly Brothers                   
I'm Takin' My Time                 Everly Brothers                   
Lay Lady Lay                       Everly Brothers                   
More Than I Can Handle             Everly Brothers                   
On The Wings Of A Nightingale      Everly Brothers                   
Temptation                         Everly Brothers                   
That's Old Fashioned               Everly Brothers                   
That's The Way Love Should Be      Everly Brothers                   
The First In Line                  Everly Brothers                   
The Story Of Me                    Everly Brothers                   
Wake Up Little Susie               Everly Brothers                   
When Will I Be Loved?              Everly Brothers                   
Why Worry                          Everly Brothers                   
You Make It Seem So Easy           Everly Brothers                   
Come On Down To My Boat            Every Mother's Son                
Here I Go Again                    Evoy, Larry                       
Tell Him                           Exciters                          
Crazy For Your Love                Exile                             
Give Me One More Chance            Exile                             
It'll Be Me                        Exile                             
Kiss You All Over                  Exile                             
Part Of Me That Needs You          Exile                             
She's Too Good To Be True          Exile                             
Woke Up In Love                    Exile                             
Come Go With Me                    Expose                                            
Let Me Be The One                  Expose                                             
Point Of No Return                 Expose                                   
Seasons Change                     Expose                                     
Fever Fire                         Extras                            
Watcher                            Extras                            
Out On A Limb                      Eye Eye                           
X-Ray Eyes                         Eye Eye