Pop Songs - L

New Attitude                       Labelle, Patti               
On My Own                          Labelle, Patti/Michael McDonald   
Boogie Nights                      Lafleur                           
High Noon                          Laine, Frankie                    
I Believe                          Laine, Frankie                    
That Lucky Old Sun                 Laine, Frankie                    
Let Me Love You Once               Lake, Greg                        
Angel With A Lariat                Lang, K.D.                        
Big Big Love                       Lang, K.D.                        
Black Coffee                       Lang, K.D.                        
Busy Being Blue                    Lang, K.D.                        
Diet Of Strange Places             Lang, K.D.                        
Don't Let The Stars Get In Your EyeLang, K.D.                        
Full Moon Of Love                  Lang, K.D.                        
Got The Bull By The Horns          Lang, K.D.                        
High Time For A Detour             Lang, K.D.                        
Honky Tonk Angels' Medley          Lang, K.D.                        
I Wish I Didn't Love You So        Lang, K.D.                        
Lock, Stock and Teardrops          Lang, K.D.                        
Luck In My Eyes                    Lang, K.D.                        
Miss Chatelaine                    Lang, K.D.                        
Pay Dirt                           Lang, K.D.                        
Rose Garden                        Lang, K.D.                        
Shadowland                         Lang, K.D.                        
Still Thrives This Love            Lang, K.D.                        
Sugar Moon                         Lang, K.D.                        
Tears Don't Care Who Cries Them    Lang, K.D.                        
Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray     Lang, K.D.                        
Three Days                         Lang, K.D.                        
Trail Of Broken Hearts             Lang, K.D.                        
Tune Into My Wave                  Lang, K.D.                        
Turn Me Round                      Lang, K.D.                        
Waltz Me                           Lang, K.D.                        
Watch Your Step Polka              Lang, K.D.                        
Western Stars                      Lang, K.D.                        
Lotta Love                         Larson, Nicolette                 
Seduction                          Last, James                       
911                                Lauper, Cyndi                     
A Night To Remember                Lauper, Cyndi                     
All Through The Night              Lauper, Cyndi                     
Boy Blue                           Lauper, Cyndi                     
Calm Inside The Storm              Lauper, Cyndi                     
Change Of Heart                    Lauper, Cyndi                     
Dancing With A stranger            Lauper, Cyndi                     
Girls Just Want To Have Fun        Lauper, Cyndi                     
Goonies 'R' Good Enough            Lauper, Cyndi                     
He's So Unusual                    Lauper, Cyndi                     
Heading West                       Lauper, Cyndi                     
I Don't Want To Be Your Friend     Lauper, Cyndi                     
I Drove All Night                  Lauper, Cyndi                     
I'll Kiss You                      Lauper, Cyndi                     
Iko Iko                            Lauper, Cyndi                     
Insecurious                        Lauper, Cyndi                     
Kindred Spirit                     Lauper, Cyndi                     
Like A Cat                         Lauper, Cyndi                     
Maybe He'll Know                   Lauper, Cyndi                     
Money Changes Everything           Lauper, Cyndi                     
My First Night Without You         Lauper, Cyndi                     
One Track Mind                     Lauper, Cyndi                     
Primitive                          Lauper, Cyndi                     
She Bop                            Lauper, Cyndi                     
The Faraway Nearby                 Lauper, Cyndi                     
Time After Time                    Lauper, Cyndi                     
True Colors                        Lauper, Cyndi                     
Unconditional Love                 Lauper, Cyndi                     
What's Going On                    Lauper, Cyndi                     
When You Were Mine                 Lauper, Cyndi                     
Witness                            Lauper, Cyndi                     
Yeah Yeah                          Lauper, Cyndi                     
Pretty Blue Eyes                   Lawrence, Steve                   
Where Can I Go?                    Lawrence, Steve                   
Night The Lights Went Out In Ga.   Lawrence, Vicki                   
Tonight Is The Night-Dance Version Le Click                          
Carrie's Gone                      Le Roux                           
Nobody Said It Was Easy            Le Roux                           
Falling                            LeBlanc & Carr                    
D'yer Maker                        Led Zeppelin                      
Immigrant Song                     Led Zeppelin                      
Over The Hills And Far Away        Led Zeppelin                      
Special Effects                    Led Zeppelin                      
Whole Lotta Love                   Led Zeppelin 
I'm Sorry                          Lee, Brenda                       
Sweet Nothins                      Lee, Brenda                       
Pretty Little Angel Eyes           Lee, Curtis                       
Bartender                          Lee, Johnny                       
Looking For Love                   Lee, Johnny                       
Save The Last Chance               Lee, Johnny                       
Sounds Like Love                   Lee, Johnny                       
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight          Lee, Leapy                        
Little Arrows                      Lee, Leapy                        
My Girl Maria                      Lee, Leapy                        
Roly                               Lee, Leapy                        
Senorita Jones                     Lee, Leapy                        
So Afraid                          Lee, Leapy                        
Time Will Tell                     Lee, Leapy                        
Walk Away Renee                    Left Banke                        
Green Tambourine                   Lemon Pipers                      
#9 Dream                           Lennon, John                      
(Just Like) Starting Over          Lennon, John                      
Beautiful Boy                      Lennon, John                      
Beef Jerky                         Lennon, John                      
Bless You                          Lennon, John                      
Borrowed Time                      Lennon, John                      
Cleanup Time                       Lennon, John                      
Dream #9                           Lennon, John                      
Going Down On Love                 Lennon, John                      
I'm Stepping Out                   Lennon, John                      
Instant Karma                      Lennon, John                      
Luck Of The Irish                  Lennon, John                      
Mind Games                         Lennon, John                      
Nobody Loves You                   Lennon, John                      
Nobody Told Me                     Lennon, John                      
Oh Yoko                            Lennon, John                      
Old Dirt Road                      Lennon, John                      
Power To The People                Lennon, John                      
Scared                             Lennon, John                      
Stand By Me                        Lennon, John                      
Steel And Glass                    Lennon, John                      
Surprise, Surprise                 Lennon, John                      
Watching The Wheels                Lennon, John                      
What You Got                       Lennon, John                      
Whatever Gets You Through The NightLennon, John                      
Woman                              Lennon, John                      
Woman Is The Nigger Of The World   Lennon, John                      
Ya Ya                              Lennon, John                      
Let Me Be                          Lennon, Julian                    
Lonely                             Lennon, Julian                    
Too Late For Goodbyes              Lennon, Julian                    
Valotte                            Lennon, Julian                    
A Whiter Shade Of Pale             Lennox, Annie                     
No More "I Love You's"             Lennox, Annie                     
Something So Right                 Lennox, Annie                     
Take Me To The River               Lennox, Annie                     
Put A Little Love In Your Heart    Lennox, Annie & Al Green          
Love Letters                       Lester, Ketty                     
A Summer Place                     Lettermen                         
Summer Rain                        Lettermen                         
The Way You Look Tonight           Lettermen                         
Heaven In My Hands                 Level 42                          
Hot Water                          Level 42                          
It's Over                          Level 42                          
Leaving Me Now                     Level 42                          
Lessons In Love                    Level 42                          
Running In The Family              Level 42                          
Something About You                Level 42                          
Tracie                             Level 42                          
Turn It On                         Level 42                          
Hello stranger                     Lewis, Barbara                    
Make Me Your Baby                  Lewis, Barbara                    
Tossin' And Turnin'                Lewis, Bobby                      
I Love You Always Forever          Lewis, Donna                      
Everybody Loves A Clown            Lewis, Gary & The Playboys            
Loser                              Lewis, Gary & The Playboys            
My Heart's Symphony                Lewis, Gary & The Playboys  
Paint Me A Picture                 Lewis, Gary & The Playboys              
Rhythm Of The Rain                 Lewis, Gary & The Playboys            
Save Your Heart For Me             Lewis, Gary & The Playboys            
Sealed With A Kiss                 Lewis, Gary & The Playboys            
This Diamond Ring                  Lewis, Gary & The Playboys            
Where Will The Words Come From?    Lewis, Gary & The Playboys                 
Back In Time                       Lewis, Huey & The News            
Bad Is Bad                         Lewis, Huey & The News            
Better Be True                     Lewis, Huey & The News            
Bobo Tempo                         Lewis, Huey & The News            
Do You Believe In Love?            Lewis, Huey & The News            
Doing It All For My Baby           Lewis, Huey & The News            
Finally Found A Home               Lewis, Huey & The News            
Forest For The Trees               Lewis, Huey & The News            
Give Me The Keys                   Lewis, Huey & The News            
Heart And Soul                     Lewis, Huey & The News            
Heart Of Rock 'N' Roll             Lewis, Huey & The News            
Hip To Be Square                   Lewis, Huey & The News            
Honky Tonk Blues                   Lewis, Huey & The News            
Hope You Love Me Like You Say Do   Lewis, Huey & The News            
I Know What I Like                 Lewis, Huey & The News            
I Never Walk Alone                 Lewis, Huey & The News            
I Want A New Drug                  Lewis, Huey & The News            
If This Is It                      Lewis, Huey & The News            
Jacob's Ladder                     Lewis, Huey & The News            
Naturally                          Lewis, Huey & The News            
Old Antone's                       Lewis, Huey & The News            
Perfect World                      Lewis, Huey & The News            
Power Of Love                      Lewis, Huey & The News            
Simple As That                     Lewis, Huey & The News            
Slammin'                           Lewis, Huey & The News            
Small World                        Lewis, Huey & The News            
Stuck With You                     Lewis, Huey & The News            
Walking On A Thin Line             Lewis, Huey & The News            
Walking With The Kid               Lewis, Huey & The News            
Whole Lotta Lovin'                 Lewis, Huey & The News            
Workin' For A Livin'               Lewis, Huey & The News            
World To Me                        Lewis, Huey & The News            
You Crack Me Up                    Lewis, Huey & The News            
Great Balls Of Fire                Lewis, Jerry Lee                  
Spo-Dee O'Dee                      Lewis, Jerry Lee                  
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On       Lewis, Jerry Lee                  
14 Karat Gold                      Lightfoot, Gordon                 
A Lesson In Love                   Lightfoot, Gordon                 
A Passing Ship                     Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Affair On 8th Avenue               Lightfoot, Gordon                 
All I'm After                      Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Anything For Love                  Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Baby Step Back                     Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Beautiful                          Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Bitter Green                       Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Blackberry Wine                    Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Broken Dreams                      Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Canadian Railroad Trilogy          Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Carefree Highway                   Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Circle Of Steel                    Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Cold On The Shoulder               Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Cotton Jenny                       Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Daylight Katie                     Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Don Quixote                        Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Dream Street Rose                  Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Drink Yer Glasses Empty            Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Early Morning Rain                 Lightfoot, Gordon                 
East Of Midnight                   Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Ecstasy Made Easy                  Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Fading Away                        Lightfoot, Gordon                 
For Lovin' Me/Did She Mention My NaLightfoot, Gordon                 
Gotta Get Away                     Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Heaven Help The Devil              Lightfoot, Gordon                 
High And Dry                       Lightfoot, Gordon                 
I'd Rather Press On                Lightfoot, Gordon                 
I'll Do Anything                   Lightfoot, Gordon                 
I'll Tag Along                     Lightfoot, Gordon                 
I'm Not Sayin'/Ribbon Of Darkness  Lightfoot, Gordon                 
If You Could Read My Mind          Lightfoot, Gordon                 
In My Fashion                      Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Is There Anyone Home               Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Let It Ride                        Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Make Way For The Lady              Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Minstrel Of The Dawn               Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Morning Glory                      Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Old Dan's Records                  Lightfoot, Gordon                 
On Susan's Floor                   Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Rainy Day People                   Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Restless                           Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Salute                             Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Seven Island Suite                 Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Shadows                            Lightfoot, Gordon                 
She's Not The Same                 Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Softly                             Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Somewhere U.S.A.                   Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Song For A Winter's Night          Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Stay Loose                         Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Steel Rail Blues                   Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Summer Side Of Life                Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Sundown                            Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Thank You For The Promises         Lightfoot, Gordon                 
The List                           Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Too Late For Prayin'               Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Triangle                           Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Waiting For You                    Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Watchman's Gone                    Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Welcome To Try                     Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Wherefore And Why                  Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Without You                        Lightfoot, Gordon
Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald 	   Lightfoot, Gordon                                  
You Just Gotta Be                  Lightfoot, Gordon                 
Hats Off To The stranger           Lighthouse                        
Little Kind Words                  Lighthouse                        
One Fine Morning                   Lighthouse                        
Pretty Lady                        Lighthouse                        
Sunny Days                         Lighthouse                        
You Girl                           Lighthouse                        
Packed Up                          Lil Brian & The Zydeco Travelers          
You Got Me Crying                  Lil Brian & The Zydeco Travelers   
Never Ending Story                 Limahl                            
Arizona                            Lindsay, Mark                     
Miss America                       Lindsay, Mark                     
Silver Bird                        Lindsay, Mark                     
Rumble                             Link Wray                         
My Baby's Baby                     Liquid Gold                      
Head To Toe                        Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam              
Lost In Emotion                    Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam             
Goin' Out Of My Head               Little Anthony/Imperials          
Hurt So Bad                        Little Anthony/Imperials          
Tears On My Pillow                 Little Anthony/Imperials          
Locomotion                         Little Eva                        
Rad Gumbo                          Little Feat                      
Bird Of Paradise                   Little Jimmy Dickens              
Tutti Frutti                       Little Richard                    
Blind Eyes                         Little River Band                 
Cool Change                        Little River Band                 
Count Me In                        Little River Band                 
Don't Blame Me                     Little River Band                 
Down On The Border                 Little River Band                 
Easy Money                         Little River Band                 
Falling                            Little River Band                 
Happy Anniversary                  Little River Band                 
Help Is On Its Way                 Little River Band                 
It's A Long Way There              Little River Band                 
Lady                               Little River Band                 
Light Of Day                       Little River Band                 
Lonesome Loser                     Little River Band                 
Man On Your Mind                   Little River Band                 
Mr. Socialite                      Little River Band                 
No More Tears                      Little River Band                 
One Shot In The Dark               Little River Band                 
Parallel Lines                     Little River Band                 
Piece Of The Dream                 Little River Band                 
Playing To Win                     Little River Band                 
Reappear                           Little River Band                 
Relentless                         Little River Band                 
Reminiscing                        Little River Band                 
Shut Down Turn Off                 Little River Band                 
Sleepless Nights                   Little River Band                 
Take It Easy On Me                 Little River Band                 
The Danger Sign                    Little River Band                 
The Net                            Little River Band                 
The Night Owls                     Little River Band                 
The Other Guy                      Little River Band                 
Through Her Eyes                   Little River Band                 
We Two                             Little River Band                 
When Cathedrals Were White         Little River Band                 
You're Driving Me Out Of My Mind   Little River Band                 
Disappeared Ones                   Little Steven                     
Freedom                            Little Steven                     
Sleep                              Little Willie John    
1900 Yesterday                     Liz Damon's Orient Express       
Slip Slip Away                     Lloyd, Ian                        
I'd Love You To Want Me            Lobo                              
Me And You And A Dog Named Boo     Lobo                              
Into The Night                     Lofgren, Nils                     
Wonderland                         Lofgren, Nils                     
Angry Eyes                         Loggins & Messina                 
Christopher Robin                  Loggins & Messina                 
Thinking Of You                    Loggins & Messina                 
You Got Me Thinking Of You         Loggins & Messina                 
Your Mama Don't Dance              Loggins & Messina                 
Please Come To Boston              Loggins, Dave                     
Back To Avalon                     Loggins, Kenny                    
Blue On Blue                       Loggins, Kenny                    
Danger Zone                        Loggins, Kenny                    
Heart To Heart                     Loggins, Kenny                    
Heartlight                         Loggins, Kenny                    
Hope For The Runaway               Loggins, Kenny                    
I'm Alright                        Loggins, Kenny                    
I'm Free (Heaven Helps The Man)    Loggins, Kenny                    
I'm Gonna Miss You                 Loggins, Kenny                    
Isabella's Eyes                    Loggins, Kenny                    
Keep The Fire                      Loggins, Kenny                    
Meet Me Half Way                   Loggins, Kenny                    
Nobody's Fool                      Loggins, Kenny                    
One Woman                          Loggins, Kenny                    
Playing With The Boys              Loggins, Kenny                    
She's Dangerous                    Loggins, Kenny                    
Tell Her                           Loggins, Kenny                    
This Is It                         Loggins, Kenny                    
True Confessions                   Loggins, Kenny       
Hurry On Down (To My House)        Longet, Claudine                  
Amour                              Longfellow, Baron                 
Don't Love Him                     Longfellow, Baron                 
Go It Slow                         Longfellow, Baron                 
Hold Me                            Longfellow, Baron                 
I'm Gonna Need A Miracle Tonight   Longfellow, Baron                 
I've Got To See That Girl          Longfellow, Baron                 
In The Night Machine               Longfellow, Baron                 
Living Outside Of You              Longfellow, Baron                 
Without You                        Longfellow, Baron                 
Years From Now                     Longfellow, Baron                 
You Are                            Longfellow, Baron                 
Brandy                             Looking Glass                     
Jimmy Loves Marianne               Looking Glass                   
America                            Lopez, Trini                      
Are You Sincere                    Lopez, Trini                      
Hall Of Fame                       Lopez, Trini                     
I'm Coming Home, Cindy             Lopez, Trini                      
If I Had A Hammer                  Lopez, Trini                      
Kansas City                        Lopez, Trini                      
La Bamba                           Lopez, Trini                      
Lemon Tree                         Lopez, Trini                      
Michael                            Lopez, Trini                      
Sad Tomorrows                      Lopez, Trini                      
Sinner Man                         Lopez, Trini                      
What Have I Got Of My Own          Lopez, Trini                     
Friends & Lovers                   Loring, Gloria                  
Come On, Let's Go                  Los Lobos                         
Don't Worry Baby                   Los Lobos                         
Goodnight, My Love                 Los Lobos                         
Ooh, My Head                       Los Lobos                         
We Belong Together                 Los Lobos                         
Will The Wolf Survive?             Los Lobos                         
No No No No                        Lost And Found                   
Ball Of Confusion                  Love & Rockets                    
If There's A Heaven Above          Love & Rockets                    
Get Funky                          Love Express                      
Party Train                        Love Tractor                      
Love's Theme                       Love Unlimited Orchestra          
No More I Love You's               Lover Speaks                    
Heaven In Your Eyes                Loverboy                        
Jump                               Loverboy                          
Kid Is Hot Tonite                  Loverboy                          
Lady Of The 80's                   Loverboy                         
Lovin' Every Minute Of It          Loverboy                       
Queen Of The Broken Hearts         Loverboy                        
Turn Me Loose                      Loverboy                          
When It's Over                     Loverboy                          
Working For The Weekend            Loverboy                          
Daydream                           Lovin' Spoonful                   
Nashville Cats                     Lovin' Spoonful                   
Rain On The Roof                   Lovin' Spoonful                   
Summer In The City                 Lovin' Spoonful                   
You Didn't Have To Be So Nice      Lovin' Spoonful                   
Cruel To Be Kind		   Lowe, Nick               
I Can See Her Face                 Lowe, Nick                       
Everytime I See Your Picture       Luba                             
How Many Rivers To Cross           Luba                              
Innocent                           Luba                             
Let It Go                          Luba                             
Storm Before The Calm              Luba                              
Strength In Numbers                Luba                              
Susie Darling                      Luke, Robin                       
I Could Never Miss You             Lulu                              
Man With The Golden Gun            Lulu                              
Oh Me Oh My                        Lulu                              
Stealing My Love From Me           Lulu                              
To Sir, With Love                  Lulu                              
Trojan Horse                       Luv                               
Rough Side Of Town                 Luvsin, Johnny                    
Why Do Fools Fall In Love          Lymon, Frankie/Teenagers          
Got To Be Real                     Lynn, Cheryl                      
My Boyfriend's Got A Beatle HaircutLynn, Donna                       
Coal Miner's Daughter              Lynn, Loretta                     
Man Of The House                   Lynn, Loretta                     
Let It Run                         Lynne, Jeff                       
Video                              Lynne, Jeff                       

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