Pop Songs - D

As Yet Untitled                    D'Arby, Terrence Trent                  

Dance Little Sister                D'Arby, Terrence Trent                  

I'll Never Turn My Back On You     D'Arby, Terrence Trent                  

If You All Get To Heaven           D'Arby, Terrence Trent                  

If You Let Me Stay                 D'Arby, Terrence Trent                  

Let's Go Forward                   D'Arby, Terrence Trent                  

Rain                               D'Arby, Terrence Trent                  

Seven More Days                    D'Arby, Terrence Trent                  

Sign Your Name                     D'Arby, Terrence Trent                  

Who's Lovin' You                   D'Arby, Terrence Trent                  

Wishing Well                       D'Arby, Terrence Trent                                  

Emotion                            DFX2                              

Maureen                            DFX2                                    

A Nightmare On My Street           DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince          

Another Special Announcement       DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince          

As We Go                           DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince          

Brand New Funk                     DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince          

Charlie Mack-The First Out The LimoDJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince          

DJ On Wheels                       DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince          

Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble    DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince          

He's The DJ, I'm The Rapper        DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince          

Here We Go Again                   DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince          

Hip Hop Dancer's Theme             DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince          

Human Video Game                   DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince          

Jazzy's In The House               DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince          

Let's Get Busy Baby                DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince

Magnificient Jazzy Jeff            DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince               

My Buddy                           DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince          

Parents Just Don't Understand      DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince          

Pump Up The Bass                   DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince          

Rhythm Trax - House Party Style    DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince          

Time To Chill                      DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince                     

Get Into The Music                 DJ's Rule                         

Keep Our Love Alive                Dahlquist, Patricia               

Immaculate Eyes                    Dal Bello, Lisa                   

She Wants To Know                  Dal Bello, Lisa                   

King Of The Surf Guitar            Dale, Dick/Del-Tones              

Let's Go Tripping                  Dale, Dick/Del-Tones              

Dream Baby                         Dalton, Lacy J.                   

Working Class Man                  Dalton, Lacy J.                   

On The Street Where You Live       Damone, Vic                       

A Little More Country Music        Damron, Dick                      

I'm Not Ready For The Blues        Damron, Dick                           

If I Never Knew Your Name          Dana, Vic                         

Devil Went Down To Georgia         Daniels, Charlie                  

Still In Saigon                    Daniels, Charlie                  

At The Hop                         Danny & The Juniors               

Rock 'N' Roll Is Here To Stay      Danny & The Juniors               

Say It Again                       Danse Society                     

18 Yellow Roses                    Darin, Bobby                      

Dream Lover                        Darin, Bobby                      

Mack The Knife                     Darin, Bobby                      

Goodbye Cruel World                Darren, James                     

Her Royal Majesty                  Darren, James                     

Because                            Dave Clark Five                   

Bits And Pieces                    Dave Clark Five                   

Can't You See That She's Mine      Dave Clark Five                   

Catch Us If You Can                Dave Clark Five                   

Come Home                          Dave Clark Five                   

Do You Love Me                     Dave Clark Five                   

Glad All Over                      Dave Clark Five                   

I've Got To Have A Reason          Dave Clark Five                   

Reelin' And Rockin'                Dave Clark Five                   

Try Too Hard                       Dave Clark Five                   

You Got What It Takes              Dave Clark Five                   

You Must Have Been A Beautiful BabyDave Clark Five                   

Welcome To The Boomtown            David & David                     

Words                              David, F.R,                       

Slowly                             Davis, Danny                      

Baby, Don't Get Hooked On Me       Davis, Mac                        

Whoever Finds This, I Love You     Davis, Mac                        

Don't Tell Me The Time             Davis, Martha                     

'65 Love Affair                    Davis, Paul                       

A Little Bit Of Soap               Davis, Paul                       

Cool Night                         Davis, Paul                       

Love Or Let Me Be Lonely           Davis, Paul                       

Nathan Jones                       Davis, Paul                       

One More Time For The Lonely       Davis, Paul                       

Oriental Eyes                      Davis, Paul                       

Somebody's Gettin' To You          Davis, Paul                       

We're Still Together               Davis, Paul                       

What You Got To Say About Love     Davis, Paul                       

You Came To Me                     Davis, Paul                       

I've Gotta Be Me                   Davis, Sammy, Jr.                 

End Of The World                   Davis, Skeeter

It Was Only A Heart                Davis, Skeeter                    

Turn Back The Hands Of Time        Davis, Tyrone                     

Rockin' Robin                      Day, Bobby                        

Everybody Loves A Lover            Day, Doris                        

Secret Love                        Day, Doris                        

Whatever Will Be, Will Be          Day, Doris                        

Don't Rush Me                      Dayne, Taylor                     

Tell It To My Heart                Dayne, Taylor                     

Let It All Blow                    Dazz Band                         

East Of Eden                       De Angelo, Nino                   

A Night On The River               De Burgh, Chris                   

Carry Me                           De Burgh, Chris                   

Don't Look Back                    De Burgh, Chris                   

Ecstasy Of Flight                  De Burgh, Chris                   

High On Emotion                    De Burgh, Chris                   

I'm Not Scared Anymore             De Burgh, Chris                   

Just A Word Away                   De Burgh, Chris                   

Lady In Red                        De Burgh, Chris                   

Leather On My Shoes                De Burgh, Chris                   

Living On The Island               De Burgh, Chris                   

Missing You                        De Burgh, Chris                   

Sailing Away                       De Burgh, Chris                   

Suddenly Love                      De Burgh, Chris                   

Taking It To The Top               De Burgh, Chris                   

Tender Hands                       De Burgh, Chris                   

The Last Time I Cried              De Burgh, Chris                   

The Risen Lord                     De Burgh, Chris                   

Abra-Ca-Dabra                      DeFranco Family                   

Heartbeat - It's A Lovebeat        DeFranco Family                   

Crying In The Rain                 DeHaven, Penny                    

Put A Little Love In Your Heart    DeShannon, Jackie                 

What The World Needs Now Is Love   DeShannon, Jackie                 

Brand New Lover                    Dead Or Alive                     

Lover Come To Me                   Dead Or Alive                     

You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)  Dead Or Alive                     

I've Been Hurt                     Deal, Bill & The Rhondells           

May I                              Deal, Bill & The Rhondells           

Big Bad John                       Dean, Jimmy                       

P.T. 109                           Dean, Jimmy                       

All This Love                      Debarge                           

Rhythm Of The Night                Debarge                           

Peppermint Twist                   Dee, Joe & Starliters             

How Ya Like Me Now                 Dee, Kool Moe                     

Wild Wild West                     Dee, Kool Moe                     

Bad Attitude                       Deep Purple                       

Call Of The Wild                   Deep Purple                       

Hush                               Deep Purple                       

Knocking At Your Back Door         Deep Purple                         

Perfect Strangers                  Deep Purple                       

Smoke On The Water                 Deep Purple                       

The Shield                         Deep Purple                       

Animal                             Def Leppard                       

Another Hit And Run                Def Leppard                       

Armageddon It                      Def Leppard                       

Bringin' On The Heartbreak         Def Leppard                       

Don't Shoot Shotgun                Def Leppard                       

Excitable                          Def Leppard                       

Foolin'                            Def Leppard                       

Gods Of War                        Def Leppard                       

High 'N' Dry                       Def Leppard                       

Hysteria                           Def Leppard                       

Lady Strange                       Def Leppard                       

Let It Go                          Def Leppard                       

Love And Affection                 Def Leppard                       

Love Bites                         Def Leppard                       

Mirror Mirror                      Def Leppard                       

No No No                           Def Leppard                       

On Through The Night               Def Leppard                       

Photograph                         Def Leppard                       

Pour Some Sugar On Me              Def Leppard                       

Pour Some Sugar One Me             Def Leppard                       

Rock Of Ages                       Def Leppard                       

Rocket                             Def Leppard                       

Run Riot                           Def Leppard                       

Women                              Def Leppard                       

You Got Me Runnin'                 Def Leppard                       

Allamanna                          Dekker, Desmond                   

Big-Headed                         Dekker, Desmond                   

Cindy                              Dekker, Desmond                   

Come Back To Me                    Dekker, Desmond                   

Hurts So Bad                       Dekker, Desmond                   

I Do Believe                       Dekker, Desmond                   

I'll Get By                        Dekker, Desmond                   

Isabella                           Dekker, Desmond                   

Israelites (Version-2)             Dekker, Desmond                   

Moving On                          Dekker, Desmond                   

Pickney Gal                        Dekker, Desmond                   

We Can And Shall                   Dekker, Desmond                   

Israelites                         Dekker, Desmond & The Aces            

Never Ending Song Of Love          Delaney, Bonnie & Friends                 

Only You Know And I Know           Delaney, Bonnie & Friends                 

La La Means I Love You             Delfonics                         

Annie's Song                       Denver, John                      

Back Home Again                    Denver, John                      

Calypso                            Denver, John                      

Cool An' Green An' Shady           Denver, John                      

Don't Close Your Eyes Tonight      Denver, John                      

Eagle And The Hawk                 Denver, John                      

Eclipse                            Denver, John                      

Fly Away                           Denver, John                      

Follow Me                          Denver, John                      

For Bobbie                         Denver, John                      

Friends                            Denver, John                      

Goodbye Again                      Denver, John                      

Grandma's Feather Bed              Denver, John                      

Hold On Tightly                    Denver, John                      

It's Up To You                     Denver, John                      

Leaving On A Jet Plane             Denver, John                      

Matthew                            Denver, John                      

Mr. Bojangles                      Denver, John                      

On The Road                        Denver, John                      

Poems, Prayers And Promises        Denver, John                      

Rhymes And Reasons                 Denver, John                      

Rocky Mountain High                Denver, John                      

Some Days Are Diamonds             Denver, John                      

Starwood In Aspen                  Denver, John                      

Sunshine On My Shoulders           Denver, John                      

Sweet Surrender                    Denver, John                      

Take Me Home, Country Roads        Denver, John                      

Thank God I'm A Country Boy        Denver, John                      

The Music Is You                   Denver, John                      

This Old Guitar                    Denver, John                      

Welcome To My Morning              Denver, John                      

Wild Montana Skies                 Denver, John/Emmylou Harris           

Also Sprach Zarathustra            Deodato                           

A Question Of Lust                 Depeche Mode                      

And Then                           Depeche Mode                      

Behind The Wheel                   Depeche Mode                      

Dreaming Of Me                     Depeche Mode                      

Enjoy The Silence                  Depeche Mode                      

Everything Counts                  Depeche Mode                      

Landscape Is Changing              Depeche Mode                      

Love, In Itself                    Depeche Mode                      

More Than A Party                  Depeche Mode                      

Pipeline                           Depeche Mode                      

Shame                              Depeche Mode                      

The Landscape Is Changing          Depeche Mode                      

Told You So...                     Depeche Mode                      

Two-Minute Warning                 Depeche Mode                      

Layla                              Derek & The Dominos               

Demolition                         Derringer, Rick, Ax, & Smash          

Baby Let Me Take You               Detroit Emeralds                  

Hanging On A Heart Attack          Device                            

Tough And Tender                   Device                            

Who Says                           Device                            

Who's On The Line?                 Device                            

Big Mess                           Devo                              

Deep Sleep                         Devo                              

Explosions                         Devo                              

I Desire                           Devo                              

Morning Dew                        Devo                              

Out Of Sync                        Devo                              

Patterns                           Devo                              

Peek-A-Boo                         Devo                              

Pink Jazz Trancers                 Devo                              

Speed Racer                        Devo                              

Stuck In A Loop                    Devo                              

That's Good                        Devo                              

Time Out For Fun                   Devo                              

What I Must Do                     Devo                              

Workin' In A Coal Mine             Devo                              

Rip Van Winkle                     Devotions                         

Come On Eileen                     Dexys Midnight Runners            

Jackie Wilson Said                 Dexys Midnight Runners            

Desert Moon                        Deyoung, Dennis                   

Shinin'                            Diamond, Gregg                    

War Paint                          Diamond, Gregg                    

Acapulco                           Diamond, Neil                     

Amazed And Confused                Diamond, Neil                     

America                            Diamond, Neil                     

Be                                 Diamond, Neil                     

Beautiful Noise                    Diamond, Neil                     

Brooklyn Roads                     Diamond, Neil                     

Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Diamond, Neil                     

Cherry Cherry                      Diamond, Neil                     

Child Song                         Diamond, Neil                     

Cracklin' Rose                     Diamond, Neil                     

Dance Of The Bumblebee             Diamond, Neil                     

Desiree                            Diamond, Neil                     

Do It                              Diamond, Neil                     

Done Too Soon                      Diamond, Neil                     

Fear Of The Marketplace            Diamond, Neil                     

Forever In Blue Jeans              Diamond, Neil                     

Heartlight                         Diamond, Neil                     

Hello Again                        Diamond, Neil                     

Hey Louise                         Diamond, Neil                     

Holly Holy                         Diamond, Neil                     

I Am I Said                        Diamond, Neil                     

If You Know What I Mean            Diamond, Neil                     

Jerusalem                          Diamond, Neil                     

Kentucky Woman                     Diamond, Neil                     

Let The Little Boy Play            Diamond, Neil                     

Longfellow Serenade                Diamond, Neil                     

Love On The Rocks                  Diamond, Neil                     

On The Robert E. Lee               Diamond, Neil                     

Only You                           Diamond, Neil                     

Play Me                            Diamond, Neil                     

Save A Dance                       Diamond, Neil                     

Save Me                            Diamond, Neil                     

September Morn                     Diamond, Neil                     

Shilo                              Diamond, Neil                     

Solitary Man                       Diamond, Neil                     

Song Sung Blue                     Diamond, Neil                     

Songs Of Life                      Diamond, Neil                     

Soolaimon                          Diamond, Neil                     

Stargazer                          Diamond, Neil                     

Stones                             Diamond, Neil                     

Summerlove                         Diamond, Neil                     

Sweet Caroline                     Diamond, Neil                     

Thank The Lord For The Night Time  Diamond, Neil                     

The Drifter                        Diamond, Neil                     

Until It's Time For You To Go      Diamond, Neil                     

Walk On Water                      Diamond, Neil                     

Yesterday's Somgs                  Diamond, Neil                     

You Baby                           Diamond, Neil                     

You Got To Me                      Diamond, Neil                     

You Don't Bring Me Flowers         Diamond, Neil/Barbra Streisand           

Little Darlin'                     Diamonds                          

Silhouettes                        Diamonds                          

Stroll                             Diamonds                          

Mountain's High                    Dick & Dee Dee                    

Thou Shalt Not Steal               Dick & Dee Dee                    

Bo Diddley                         Diddley, Bo                       

Rip It Up                          Diddley, Bo                       

Who Do You Love?                   Diddley, Bo                       

Down In The Silvermine             Diesel                            

Going Back To China                Diesel                            

Sausalito Summer Nights (Extended) Diesel                            

Teen Angel                         Dinning, Mark                     

Abraham, Martin & John             Dion                              

Ruby Baby                          Dion                              

Runaround Sue                      Dion                              

Teenager In Love                   Dion                              

The Wanderer                       Dion                               

A Teenager In Love                 Dion & The Belmonts               

Brothers In Arms                   Dire Straits                      

Expresso Love                      Dire Straits                      

Industrial Disease                 Dire Straits                      

Money For Nothing                  Dire Straits                      

One World                          Dire Straits                      

Portobello Belle                   Dire Straits                      

Ride Across The River              Dire Straits                      

So Far Away                        Dire Straits                      

Solid Rock                         Dire Straits                      

Southbound Again                   Dire Straits                      

Telegraph Road                     Dire Straits                      

The Man's Too Strong               Dire Straits                      

Twisting By The Pool               Dire Straits                      

Walk Of Life                       Dire Straits                      

Why Worry                          Dire Straits                      

Your Latest Trick                  Dire Straits                      

Elsie                              Divinyls                          

Southtown, U.S.A.                  Dixie Belles                      

Chapel Of Love                     Dixie Cups  

Casa Tsoch                         Dmitri Dourakene & Orchestra                                    

Lucky Devil                        Dobkins, Carl, Jr.                 

My Heart Is An Open Book           Dobkins, Carl, Jr.                 

Spirit In The Sky                  Doctor & The Medics               

A Little Bit More                  Doctor Hook                       

Better Love Next Time              Doctor Hook                       

Cover Of The Rolling Stone         Doctor Hook                       

Girls Can Get It                   Doctor Hook                       

Only Sixteen                       Doctor Hook                       

Sexy Eyes                          Doctor Hook                       

Sharing The Night Together         Doctor Hook                       

Sylvia's Mother                    Doctor Hook                       

Walk Right In                      Doctor Hook                       

When You're In Love With A BeautifuDoctor Hook                       

Years From Now                     Doctor Hook                       

Mother-In-Law                      Doe, Ernie K.                           

Honky Tonk (Part 1)                Doggett, Bill                     

Dissidents                         Dolby, Thomas                     

Hyperactive                        Dolby, Thomas                     

I Scare Myself                     Dolby, Thomas                     

Mulu The Rain Forest               Dolby, Thomas                     

Screen Kiss                        Dolby, Thomas                     

The Flat Earth                     Dolby, Thomas                     

White City                         Dolby, Thomas                     

Gee                                Dolly Dots                        

A Love Until The End Of Time       Domingo, Placido                  

Autumn Leaves                      Domingo, Placido                  

Besame Mucho                       Domingo, Placido                  

Blue Moon / Moon River             Domingo, Placido                  

Follow Me                          Domingo, Placido                  

I Always Believed In Love          Domingo, Placido                  

I Couldn't Live Without You        Domingo, Placido                  

I Don't Talk To Strangers          Domingo, Placido                  

If You Ever Love Again             Domingo, Placido                  

Just A Dream Away                  Domingo, Placido                  

Love Came For Me                   Domingo, Placido 

Love Until The End Of Time         Domingo, Placido                 

Maria                              Domingo, Placido                  

My Life For A Song                 Domingo, Placido                  

Remembering                        Domingo, Placido                  

Save Your Nights For Me            Domingo, Placido                  

Songs Of Summer                    Domingo, Placido                  

The Boats Have Sailed              Domingo, Placido                  

The Great Dreamer                  Domingo, Placido                  

There Will Be Love                 Domingo, Placido                  

Why Do All The Good Times Go Away  Domingo, Placido                  

Chosen Ones                        Domino, Anna                      

Summer                             Domino, Anna                      

Take That                          Domino, Anna                      

Tempting                           Domino, Anna                      

Blueberry Hill                     Domino, Fats                      

I'm Walkin'                        Domino, Fats                      

My Blue Heaven                     Domino, Fats                      

Walking To New Orleans             Domino, Fats                      

What's Your Name?                  Don & Juan                        

Billy Don't Be A Hero              Donaldson, Bo & The Heywoods           

Oh Boy                             Donaldson, Bo & The Heywoods           

Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's    Donegan, Lonnie                   

Girl Of My Best Friend             Donner, Ral                       

I'm Leaving It All Up To You       Donny & Marie                     

Atlantis                           Donovan                           

Barabajagal                        Donovan                           

Catch The Wind                     Donovan                           

Colours                            Donovan                           

Cosmic Wheels                      Donovan                           

Epistle To Dippy                   Donovan                           

Happiness Runs                     Donovan                           

Hurdy Gurdy Man                    Donovan                           

Jennifer Juniper                   Donovan                           

Lalena                             Donovan                           

Mellow Yellow                      Donovan                           

My Love And I                      Donovan                           

My Supergirl                       Donovan                           

Pamela Jo                          Donovan                           

Riki Tiki Tavi                     Donovan                           

Sunshine Superman                  Donovan                           

The Love Song                      Donovan                           

There Is A Mountain                Donovan                           

To Susan On The West Coast Waiting Donovan                           

Trudi                              Donovan                           

Wear Your Love Like Heaven         Donovan                           

Where Is She                       Donovan                           

Black Water                        Doobie Brothers                   

Border                             Doobie Brothers                   

Busted Down Around O'Connelly CorneDoobie Brothers                   

Captain And Me                     Doobie Brothers                   

China Grove                        Doobie Brothers                   

Clear As The Driven Snow           Doobie Brothers                   

Dark Eyed Cajun Woman              Doobie Brothers                   

Doctor                             Doobie Brothers                   

Evil Woman                         Doobie Brothers                   

I Can Read Your Mind               Doobie Brothers                   

It Keeps You Runnin'               Doobie Brothers                   

Jesus Is Just Alright              Doobie Brothers                   

Listen To The Music                Doobie Brothers                   

Long Train Runnin'                 Doobie Brothers                   

Minute By Minute                   Doobie Brothers                   

Natural Thing                      Doobie Brothers                   

Need A Little Taste Of Love        Doobie Brothers                   

Nobody                             Doobie Brothers                   

One Chain                          Doobie Brothers                   

Rockin' Down The Highway           Doobie Brothers                   

South City Midnight Lady           Doobie Brothers                   

South Of The Border                Doobie Brothers                   

Take Me In Your Arms               Doobie Brothers                   

Take Me To The Highway             Doobie Brothers                   

Takin' It To The Streets           Doobie Brothers                   

The Border                         Doobie Brothers                   

The Captain And Me                 Doobie Brothers                   

The Doctor                         Doobie Brothers                   

Time Is Here And Gone              Doobie Brothers                   

Too High A Price                   Doobie Brothers                   

Ukiah                              Doobie Brothers                   

What A Fool Believes               Doobie Brothers                   

Without You                        Doobie Brothers                   

Wrong Number                       Doobie Brothers                   

Been Down So Long                  Doors                             

Cars Hiss By My Window             Doors                             

Crawling King Snake                Doors                             

Gloria                             Doors                             

Hyacinth House                     Doors                             

L'America                          Doors                             

L.A. Woman                         Doors                             

Light My Fire                      Doors                             

Love Her Madly                     Doors                             

Love Me Two Times                  Doors                             

People Are Strange                 Doors                             

Riders On The Storm                Doors                             

The Changeling                     Doors                             

The WASP (Texas Radio...)          Doors                             

Touch Me                           Doors                             

Twentieth Century Fox              Doors                             

Fear Of Flying                     Dore, Charlie                     

Listen                             Dore, Charlie                     

Pilot Of The Airwaves              Dore, Charlie                             

Mountain Of Love                   Dorman, Harold                    

Workin' In A Coal Mine             Dorsey, Lee                       

Ya Ya                              Dorsey, Lee                       

There Are Such Things              Dorsey, Tommy & Orchestra           

Captain Of Her Heart               Double                            

Rangoon Moon                       Double                            

Woman Of The World                 Double                                 

All I Wanna Do                     Doucette                          

Back Off                           Doucette                          

Before I Die                       Doucette                          

Down The Road                      Doucette                          

It's Gonna Hurt So Bad             Doucette                          

Keep On Running                    Doucette                          

Love Is Gonna Find You             Doucette                          

Mama Let Him Play                  Doucette                          

People Say                         Doucette                          

Run Buddy Run                      Doucette                          

What's Your Excuse?                Doucette                          

When She Loves Me                  Doucette                          

Alibi                              Doug & The Slugs                  

Anyday Now                         Doug & The Slugs                  

Climbing Up The Walls              Doug & The Slugs                  

Cover Of Love                      Doug & The Slugs                  

Dangerous                          Doug & The Slugs                  

Embarassed                         Doug & The Slugs                  

Forget About Me                    Doug & The Slugs                  

Frankie                            Doug & The Slugs                  

I'm Gonna Find Out                 Doug & The Slugs                  

If You Don't Come                  Doug & The Slugs                  

Infrared                           Doug & The Slugs                  

It Must Be Love                    Doug & The Slugs                  

It's A Powerful Thing              Doug & The Slugs                  

Love Shines                        Doug & The Slugs                  

Makin' It Work                     Doug & The Slugs                  

Must Be The Rain                   Doug & The Slugs                  

No No No                           Doug & The Slugs                  

Not On The Corner                  Doug & The Slugs                  

Operator                           Doug & The Slugs                  

Partly From Pressure               Doug & The Slugs                  

Real Enough                        Doug & The Slugs                  

River                              Doug & The Slugs                  

She's Looking At Me                Doug & The Slugs                  

St. Laurent Summer                 Doug & The Slugs                  

Take It Or Leave It                Doug & The Slugs                  

Take My Breath Away                Doug & The Slugs                  

The Color Of Life                  Doug & The Slugs                  

The Same Old Story                 Doug & The Slugs                  

Tomcat Prowl                       Doug & The Slugs                  

Too Bad                            Doug & The Slugs                  

Walk Away                          Doug & The Slugs                  

When The Doorbell Rings            Doug & The Slugs                  

Who Knows How                      Doug & The Slugs                  

Wrong Kind Of Right                Doug & The Slugs                  

Kung Fu Fighting                   Douglas, Carl                     

Doctor's Orders                    Douglas, Carol                        

Bristol Stomp                      Dovells                           

Right Place, Wrong Time            Dr. John                          

One More Mountain                  Dr. Music                         

Rollin' Releases (Edit)            Dr. Music                         

Sun Goes By                        Dr. Music                         

Rain                               Dragon                                  

Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get         Dramatics                         

Life In A Northern Town            Dream Academy                     

Love Parade                        Dream Academy                     

Rough Night In Jericho             Dream's So Real                   

When We Get Married                Dreamlovers                       

Rough Night In Jericho             Dreams So Real                    

Save The Last Dance For Me         Drifters                          

Sweets For My Sweet                Drifters                          

Under The Boardwalk                Drifters                          

Found You Out                      Drivers                           

Blue Girl                          Ducharme, Annette                 

No Such Thing                      Ducharme, Annette                 

Played With Fire                   Ducharme, Annette                 

Six Days On The Road               Dudley, Dave                      

Something Special                  Duffy, Stephen                    

Please Don't Just Stand There      Duke, Patty                       

Sadness In My Eyes                 Duncan Sisters                    

Fools                              Duncan, Johnny                    

Jeans On                           Dundas, David                     

Daddy's Hands                      Dunn, Holly                       

Girls In Cars                      Dupree, Robbie 

Hot Rod Hearts                     Dupree, Robbie                   

Steal Away                         Dupree, Robbie                    

My Own True Love                   Duprees                           

You Belong To Me                   Duprees                           

A Matter Of Feeling                Duran Duran                       

A View To A Kill                   Duran Duran                       

All She Wants Is                   Duran Duran                       

American Science                   Duran Duran                       

Big Thing                          Duran Duran                       

Can You Hear Me Now                Duran Duran                       

Careless Memories                  Duran Duran                       

Chauffeur                          Duran Duran                       

Cracks In The Pavement             Duran Duran                       

Do You Believe In Shame?           Duran Duran                       

Drug (It's Just A State Of Mind)   Duran Duran                       

Edge Of America                    Duran Duran                       

Hold Back The Rain                 Duran Duran                       

Hold Me                            Duran Duran                       

Hungry Like The Wolf               Duran Duran                       

I Don't Want Your Love             Duran Duran                       

I Take The Dice                    Duran Duran                       

Is There Something I Should Know?  Duran Duran                       

It's Just A State Of Mind          Duran Duran                       

Lake Shore Driving                 Duran Duran                       

Land                               Duran Duran                       

Last Chance On The Stairway        Duran Duran                       

Liberty                            Duran Duran                       

Lonely In Your Nightmare           Duran Duran                       

Meet El Presidente                 Duran Duran                       

My Own Way                         Duran Duran                       

New Moon On Monday                 Duran Duran                       

New Religion                       Duran Duran                       

Notorious                          Duran Duran                       

Of Crime And Passion               Duran Duran                       

Palomino                           Duran Duran                       

Planet Earth                       Duran Duran                       

Proposition                        Duran Duran                       

Rio                                Duran Duran                       

Save A Prayer                      Duran Duran                       

Seventh Stranger                   Duran Duran                       

Shadows On Your Side               Duran Duran                       

Skin Trade                         Duran Duran                       

So Misled                          Duran Duran                       

The Reflex                         Duran Duran                        

Tiger Tiger                        Duran Duran                       

Too Late Marlene                   Duran Duran                       

Union Of The Snake                 Duran Duran                       

Vertigo                            Duran Duran                       

Violence Of Summer                 Duran Duran                       

Wild Boys                          Duran Duran                       

Winter Marches On                  Duran Duran                       

Walk On By                         Dyke, Leroy Van                   

A Fool Such As I                   Dylan, Bob                        

All I Really Want To Do            Dylan, Bob                        

Big Yellow Taxi                    Dylan, Bob                        

Brownsville Girl                   Dylan, Bob                        

Can't Help Falling In Love         Dylan, Bob                        

Do Unto Others                     Dylan, Bob                        

Don't Think Twice, It's All Right  Dylan, Bob                        

Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking    Dylan, Bob                        

Got My Mind Up                     Dylan, Bob                        

Got To Get My Mind Made Up         Dylan, Bob                        

Gotta Serve Somebody               Dylan, Bob                        

I And I                            Dylan, Bob                        

I Believe In You                   Dylan, Bob                        

I Threw It All Away                Dylan, Bob                        

I Want You                         Dylan, Bob                        

Just Like A Woman                  Dylan, Bob                        

Knockin' On Heaven's Door          Dylan, Bob                        

Lay Lady Lay                       Dylan, Bob                        

Lily Of The West                   Dylan, Bob                        

Man Gave Names To All The Animals  Dylan, Bob                        

Mary Ann                           Dylan, Bob                        

Maybe Someday                      Dylan, Bob                        

Mr. Bojangles                      Dylan, Bob                        

Mr. Tambourine Man                 Dylan, Bob                        

Positively 4th Street              Dylan, Bob                        

Precious Angel                     Dylan, Bob                        

Precious Memories                  Dylan, Bob                        

Sarah Jane                         Dylan, Bob                        

Slow Train                         Dylan, Bob                        

Spanish Is The Loving Tongue       Dylan, Bob                        

Sweetheart Like You                Dylan, Bob                        

Tangled Up In Blue                 Dylan, Bob                        

The Ballad Of Ira Hayes            Dylan, Bob                        

They Killed Him                    Dylan, Bob                        

Times They Are A-Changin'          Dylan, Bob                        

Times They Are A-Changing          Dylan, Bob                        

Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With  Dylan, Bob                        

Under Your Spell                   Dylan, Bob                        

Union Sundown                      Dylan, Bob                        

Watching The River Flow            Dylan, Bob                        

When He Returns                    Dylan, Bob                        

When The Night Comes Falling       Dylan, Bob                        

When You Gonna Wake Up             Dylan, Bob                        

You Wanna Ramble                   Dylan, Bob                        

Why Can't I Touch You?             Dyson, Ronnie