Pop Songs - U

We Are The World                   U.S.A. For Africa                 
"40"                               U2                                
4th Of July                        U2                                
A Day Without Me                   U2                                
A Sort Of Homecoming               U2                                
All Along The Watchtower           U2                                
All I Want Is You                  U2                                
An Cat Dubh                        U2                                
Angel Of Harlem                    U2                                
Another Time, Another Place        U2                                
Baby Please Come Home              U2                                
Bad                                U2                                
Bad (Live)                         U2                                
Bass Trap                          U2                                
Bullet The Blue Sky                U2                                
Desire                             U2                                
Drowning Man                       U2                                
Elvis Presley And America          U2                                
Exit                               U2                                
Freedom For My People              U2                                
God Part II                        U2                                
Hawkmoon 269                       U2                                
Heartland                          U2                                
Helter Skelter                     U2                                
I Still Haven't Found What I'm LookU2                                
I Will Follow                      U2                                
In God's Country                   U2                                
Indian Summer Sky                  U2                                
Into The Heart                     U2                                
Like A Song...                     U2                                
Love Comes Tumbling                U2                                
Love Rescue Me                     U2                                
MLK                                U2                                
Mothers Of The Disappeared         U2                                
New Year's Day                     U2                               
One Tree Hill                      U2                                
Out Of Control                     U2                                
Pride (In The Name Of Love)        U2                                
Promenade                          U2                                
Red Hill Mining Town               U2                                
Red Light                          U2                                
Running To Stand Still             U2                                
Seconds                            U2                                
Shadows And Tall Trees             U2                                
Silver And Gold                    U2                                
Stories For Boys                   U2                                
Sunday Bloody Sunday               U2                                
Surrender                          U2                                
The Electric Co.                   U2                                
The Ocean                          U2                                
The Refugee                        U2                                
The Three Sunrises                 U2                                
The Unforgettable Fire             U2                                
Trip Through Your Wires            U2                                
Twilight                           U2                                
Two Hearts Beat As One             U2                                
Unforgettable Fire                 U2                                
Van Diemen's Land                  U2                                
Where The Streets Have No Name     U2                                
Wire                               U2                                
With Or Without You                U2                                
When Love Comes To Town            U2 & B.B. King                    
Breakfast In Bed                   UB40                              
Can't Help Falling In Love         UB40                              
Cherry Oh Baby                     UB40                              
Here I Am                          UB40                              
I've Got Mine                      UB40                              
I've Got You babe                  UB40                              
Keep On Moving                     UB40                              
Love Is All Is Alright             UB40                              
One In Ten                         UB40                              
Rat In Me Kitchen                  UB40                              
Red Red Wine                       UB40                              
She Caught The Train               UB40                              
Sing Our Own Song                  UB40                              
So Here I Am                       UB40                              
Breakaway                          Ullman, Tracey                  
Life Is A Rock (But The Radio)     Ullman, Tracey                  
They Don't Know                    Ullman, Tracey                   
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes      Ultravox               
Mah-Na-Mah-Na                      Umiliani, Piero                   
Smiling Faces Sometimes            Undisputed Truth                  
Chasing Shadows                    Uriah Heep                        
Easy Livin'                        Uriah Heep                       
High Priestess Of My Heart         Uriah Heep                        
Hot Night In A Cold Town           Uriah Heep                        
Hot Persuasion                     Uriah Heep                        
On The Rebound                     Uriah Heep                        
Other Side Of Midnight             Uriah Heep                        
Prisoner                           Uriah Heep                        
Running All Night                  Uriah Heep                        
Sell Your Soul                     Uriah Heep                        
Sweet Talk                         Uriah Heep                        
That's The Way That It Is          Uriah Heep                        
Think It Over                      Uriah Heep                        
Too Scared To Run                  Uriah Heep                       

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