Pop Songs - K

Give It Up                         K.C.                              
Ain't Nothing Wrong                K.C. & The Sunshine Band          
Boogie Shoes                       K.C. & The Sunshine Band          
Do You Feel All Right?             K.C. & The Sunshine Band          
Get Down Tonight                   K.C. & The Sunshine Band          
Give It Up                         K.C. & The Sunshine Band          
How About A Little Love?           K.C. & The Sunshine Band          
I Get Lifted                       K.C. & The Sunshine Band          
I Will Love You Tomorrow           K.C. & The Sunshine Band          
I'm So Crazy 'Bout You             K.C. & The Sunshine Band          
I'm Your Boogie Man                K.C. & The Sunshine Band          
Keep It Comin' Love                K.C. & The Sunshine Band          
Let It Go                          K.C. & The Sunshine Band          
Shake Your Booty                   K.C. & The Sunshine Band          
Sho-Nuff                           K.C. & The Sunshine Band          
So Glad                            K.C. & The Sunshine Band          
Sound Your Funky Horn              K.C. & The Sunshine Band          
That's The Way I Like It           K.C. & The Sunshine Band          
What Makes You Happy               K.C. & The Sunshine Band          
Who Do Ya Love?                    K.C. & The Sunshine Band          
Wrap Your Arms Around Me           K.C. & The Sunshine Band  
Crazy Crazy Nights                 KISS                              
Creatures Of The Night             KISS                              
Heaven's On Fire                   KISS                              
I Love It Loud                     KISS                              
Lick It Up                         KISS                              
Reason To Live                     KISS                              
Afrikaan Beat                      Kaempfert, Bert                   
All I Have To Offer You            Kamahl                            
And I Love You So                  Kamahl                            
Before You                         Kamahl                            
Desiderata                         Kamahl                            
First Love, Best Love              Kamahl                            
Hey There Lord                     Kamahl                            
Love Is A Beautiful Song           Kamahl                            
One Hundred Children               Kamahl                            
Smile                              Kamahl                            
Somebody Loves You                 Kamahl                            
This Love We Share                 Kamahl                            
What Would I Do Without My Music   Kamahl                            
You Light Up My Life               Kamahl                            
Manhunt                            Kamon, Karen                      
Don't Look Any Further             Kane Gang                         
Gun Law                            Kane Gang                         
Motortown                          Kane Gang                         
Respect Yourself                   Kane Gang                               
Don't Wanna Lose You               Kane, Madleen                     
Playing For Time                   Kane, Madleen                     
You Can                            Kane, Madleen                     
Dust In The Wind		   Kansas
Fight Fire With Fire               Kansas                            
People Of The Southwind            Kansas                            
Saviour, Are You With Me?          Karn, Mick                        
Sun Street                         Katrina & The Waves               
Walking On Sunshine                Katrina & The Waves               
Be Mine                            Kean, Sherry                      
Diamonds And Pearls                Kean, Sherry                      
Get Away From That Girl            Kean, Sherry                      
I Want You Back                    Kean, Sherry                      
Litany Of Love                     Kean, Sherry                      
Mixed Emotions                     Kean, Sherry                      
No Kisses When We Part             Kean, Sherry                      
People Talk                        Kean, Sherry                      
Stop This Sorrow                   Kean, Sherry                      
Universe Of Two                    Kean, Sherry                      
Would You Miss Me?                 Kean, Sherry                      
98.6                               Keith                             
Boogie Down                        Kendricks, Eddie                  
Keep On Truckin' (Part 1)          Kendricks, Eddie                  
Silhouette                         Kenny G.                          
Songbird                           Kenny G.                          
We've Saved The Best For Last      Kenny G.                          
Dancing Girls                      Kershaw, Nick                     
I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me  Kershaw, Nick                     
Wouldn't It Be Good                Kershaw, Nick                  
I Feel For You                     Khan, Chaka                   
Buttermilk Channel                 Kid Creole & The Coconuts           
Call It A Day                      Kid Creole & The Coconuts           
There's Something Wrong In ParadiseKid Creole & The Coconuts   
Jeopardy                           Kihn, Greg                  
The Breakup Song                   Kihn, Greg  
Lovers On The Run                  Kilowatt                        
A Friend In The City               Kim, Andy                         
Baby, I Love You                   Kim, Andy                         
Be My Baby                         Kim, Andy                         
Essence Of Joan                    Kim, Andy                         
Fire, Baby I'm On Fire             Kim, Andy                         
How'd We Ever Get This Way?        Kim, Andy                         
I Wish I Were                      Kim, Andy                         
I've Been Moved                    Kim, Andy                         
It's Your Life                     Kim, Andy                         
Rainbow Ride                       Kim, Andy                         
Rock Me Gently                     Kim, Andy                         
Shoot 'Em Up Baby                  Kim, Andy                         
So Good Together                   Kim, Andy                         
Tricia Tell Your Daddy             Kim, Andy                        
21st Century Schizoid Man          King Crimson                      
Court Of The Crimson King          King Crimson                      
Epitaph                            King Crimson                      
I Talk To The Wind                 King Crimson                      
Moonchild                          King Crimson                      
Dancing In The Moonlight           King Harvest                      
Caldonia                           King, B.B.                        
Darlin' You Know I Love You        King, B.B.                        
Guess Who                          King, B.B.                        
Hold On                            King, B.B.                        
I Got Some Outside Help            King, B.B.                        
I Just Can't Leave Your Love Alone King, B.B.                        
In The Midnight Hour               King, B.B.                        
Into The Night                     King, B.B.                        
My Lucille                         King, B.B.                        
Never Make A Move Too Soon         King, B.B.                        
Rock Me Baby                       King, B.B.                        
The Thrill Is Gone                 King, B.B.                        
Three O'Clock In The Morning       King, B.B.                        
When I'm Wrong                     King, B.B.                        
Save The Last Dance For Me         King, Ben E.                      
Spanish Harlem                     King, Ben E.                      
Stand By Me                        King, Ben E.                    
Blue Sky Blue Skies                King, Bill                       
Back To California                 King, Carole                      
Been To Canaan                     King, Carole                      
Believe In Humanity                King, Carole                      
Brother, Brother                   King, Carole                      
City Streets                       King, Carole                      
Corazon                            King, Carole                      
I Feel The Earth Move              King, Carole                      
It's Too Late                      King, Carole                      
Jazzman                            King, Carole                      
Nightingale                        King, Carole                      
Smackwater Jack                    King, Carole                      
So Far Away                        King, Carole                      
Sweet Seasons                      King, Carole                      
Where You Lead                     King, Carole                      
Will You Love Me Tomorrow          King, Carole  
Shame                              King, Evelyn 'Champagne'         
Everyone's Gone To The Moon        King, Jonathan                    
She Wears My Ring                  King, Solomon                     
My Mistake                         Kingbees                         
Louie Louie                        Kingsmen                          
Apeman                             Kinks                             
Come Dancing                       Kinks                             
Don't Forget To Dance              Kinks                             
God's Children                     Kinks                             
I Wish I Could Fly Like Superman   Kinks                             
Lola                               Kinks                             
State Of Confusion                 Kinks                             
Summer's Gone                      Kinks                             
Sunny Afternoon                    Kinks                             
Tired Of Waiting                   Kinks                             
You Really Got Me                  Kinks                           
Groove Me                          Kinney, Fern                      
Beth                               Kiss                              
Get All You Can Take               Kiss                              
Heaven's On Fire                   Kiss                              
I Love It Loud                     Kiss                              
I Was Made For Loving You          Kiss                              
I've Had Enough                    Kiss                              
Lick It Up                         Kiss                              
Lonely Is The Hunter               Kiss                              
Murder in High-Heels               Kiss                              
Thrills In The Night               Kiss                              
Under The Gun                      Kiss                              
While The City Sleeps              Kiss                              
Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep          Kissoon, Mac & Katie              
Knee Deep In Love	           Klaatu 
Routine Day                        Klaatu                            
Man Size Love                      Klymaxx                           
Havin' A Rave Up                   Knack                             
Lies                               Knickerbockers                  
I've Been Lonely For So Long       Knight, Frederick                 
Best Thing That Ever Happened To MeKnight, Gladys & The Pips          
Friendship Train                   Knight, Gladys & The Pips          
I've Got To Use My Imagination     Knight, Gladys & The Pips          
If I Were Your Woman               Knight, Gladys & The Pips          
Midnight Train To Georgia          Knight, Gladys & The Pips          
Neither One Of Us                  Knight, Gladys & The Pips          
Mr. Big Stuff                      Knight, Jean                    
Why Not Me?                        Knoblock, Fred                   
Rainy Day Lady                     Koloc, Bonnie                     
Sailing Ship                       Koloc, Bonnie                     
Ships                              Koloc, Bonnie                     
Big Fun                            Kool & The Gang                   
Celebration                        Kool & The Gang                   
Cherish                            Kool & The Gang                   
Emergency		           Kool & The Gang                   
Fresh                              Kool & The Gang                   
Holiday                            Kool & The Gang                   
Joanna                             Kool & The Gang                   
Jones Vs. Jones                    Kool & The Gang                   
Ladies' Night                      Kool & The Gang                   
Let's Go Dancin' (Ooh La La La)    Kool & The Gang                   
Misled                             Kool & The Gang                   
Steppin' Out                       Kool & The Gang                   
Straight Ahead                     Kool & The Gang                   
Strong                             Kool & The Gang                   
Take My Heart                      Kool & The Gang                   
Tonight                            Kool & The Gang                   
Victory                            Kool & The Gang                   
Let Me Be                          Korona                           
Autobahn                           Kraftwerk                         
Bad To Me                          Kramer, Billy J.                  
Little Children                    Kramer, Billy J.                  
Trains And Boats And Planes        Kramer, Billy J.                  
Photograph                         Kristine                          
Ballroom Blitz                     Krokus                            
Midnight Maniac                    Krokus                            
Midnite Maniac                     Krokus                            
Cheater                            Kuban, Bob & The In Men          

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