Pop Songs - B

Planet Claire                      B-52s                             

Dream On                           BLVD                              

Far From Over                      BLVD                              

Never Give Up                      BLVD                              

Under The Moonlight                BLVD     

Blue Collar                        Bachman Turner Overdrive 

For The Weekend                    Bachman Turner Overdrive                                 

Hey You                            Bachman Turner Overdrive                               

Let It Ride                        Bachman Turner Overdrive                               

Lookin' Out For Number One         Bachman Turner Overdrive                                

Takin' Care Of Business            Bachman Turner Overdrive                                

You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet         Bachman Turner Overdrive                                '

Turn And Walk Away                 Babys                             

Love Me With All Of Your Heart     Bachelors                             

Baby Blue                          Badfinger                         

Come And Get It                    Badfinger                         

Day After Day                      Badfinger                         

No Matter What                     Badfinger                         

Blessed Are                        Baez, Joan                        

Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word    Baez, Joan                        

Night They Drove Old Dixie Down    Baez, Joan                        

There But For Fortune              Baez, Joan                        

She's In Parties                   Bahaus                            

Ziggy Stardust                     Bahaus                                  

Walking On The Chinese Wall        Bailey, Phil                                  

Easy Lover                         Bailey, Phil/Phil Collin                  

Caught Up In The Rapture           Baker, Anita                      

Too Hot To Sleep Tonight           Baker, Carroll/E.Eastman          

Breakin' Away                      Balance                           

Any Day Now                        Baldry, Long John                 

Flying                             Baldry, Long John                 

You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin     Baldry, Long John                 

All We Really Need                 Balin, Marty                      

Atlanta Lady                       Balin, Marty                      

Born To Be A Winner                Balin, Marty                      

Do It For Love                     Balin, Marty                      

Heart Of Stone                     Balin, Marty                      

Hearts                             Balin, Marty                      

Just Like That                     Balin, Marty                      

Palm Of Your Hand                  Balin, Marty                      

What Do People Like?               Balin, Marty                      

What Love Is                       Balin, Marty                      

When Love Comes                    Balin, Marty                      

Will You Forever                   Balin, Marty                      

Dream On                           Ballard, Russ                     

Fire Still Burns                   Ballard, Russ                     

Hey Bernadette                     Ballard, Russ                     

Omen                               Ballard, Russ                     

Once A Rebel                       Ballard, Russ                     

Searching Time                     Ballard, Russ                     

Two Silhouettes                    Ballard, Russ                     

Voices                             Ballard, Russ                     

Your Time Is Gonna Come            Ballard, Russ                              

Living In The Background           Baltimora                                           

Tarzan Boy                         Baltimora                         

Cairo                              Bananarama                        

Cruel Summer                       Bananarama                        

Dream Baby                         Bananarama                        

Help                               Bananarama                        

Hot Line To Heaven                 Bananarama                        

I Can't Help It                    Bananarama                        

I Heard A Rumour                   Bananarama                        

King Of The Jungle                 Bananarama                        

Love In The First Degree           Bananarama                        

Love, Truth And Honesty            Bananarama                        

More Than Physical                 Bananarama                        

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye     Bananarama                        

Nathan Jones                       Bananarama                        

Promised Land                      Bananarama                        

Ready Or Not                       Bananarama                             

Robert DeNiro's Waiting            Bananarama                        

Rough Justice                      Bananarama                        

Shy Boy                            Bananarama                        

State I'm In                       Bananarama                        

Through A Child's Eyes             Bananarama                        

True Confessions                   Bananarama                        

Venus                              Bananarama                        

Venus (Fire & Brimstone Mix)       Bananarama                        

Wild Life                          Bananarama                        

Ophelia                            Band                              

Stage Fright                       Band                              

The Weight                         Band                              

Up On Cripple Creek                Band                                      

Be With You                        Bangles                           

Bell Jar                           Bangles                           

Complicated Girl                   Bangles                           

Crash And Burn                     Bangles                           

Eternal Flame                      Bangles                           

Glitter Years                      Bangles                           

Hazy Shade Of Winter               Bangles                           

Hero Takes A Fall                  Bangles                           

I'll Set You Free                  Bangles                            

If She Knew What She Wants         Bangles                           

In Your Room                       Bangles                           

Make A Play For Her Now            Bangles                           

Manic Monday                       Bangles                           

Some Dreams Come True              Bangles                           

Something To Believe In            Bangles                           

Waiting For You                    Bangles                           

Walk Like An Egyptian              Bangles                           

Watching The Sky                   Bangles                           

A British Bank          MaryPoppinsBanks                             

Let's Go Fly A Kite     MaryPoppinsBanks                             

Fidelity Fiduciary Bank MaryPoppinsBanks & Company                   

Echo Park                          Barbour, Keith                    

My God And I                       Barbour, Keith                    

Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes        Barry, Claudja                    

Cold Fire                          Barry, Claudja                    

Forget About You                   Barry, Claudja                    

Gimme Some Lovin'                  Barry, Claudja                    

Heavy Makes You Happy              Barry, Claudja                    

I Wanna Be Loved By You            Barry, Claudja                    

Nobody But You                     Barry, Claudja                    

Woman To Woman, Man To Man         Barry, Claudja                    

I'm A Fool To Care                 Barry, Joe                        

1-2-3                              Barry, Len                        

Dr. Gilbert                        Barry,Margaret/Michael            

Her Mantle So Green                Barry,Margaret/Michael            

Astrud                             Basia                             

Freeze Thaw                        Basia                             

From Now On                        Basia                             

How Dare You                       Basia                             

Miles Away                         Basia                             

New Day For You                    Basia                             

Prime Time TV                      Basia                             

Promises                           Basia                             

Run For Cover                      Basia                             

Time And Tide                      Basia                             

There'll Come A Time               Basic Black & Pearl               

What I Did For Love                Basic Black & Pearl               

Be Stiff                           Basil, Toni                       

Best Performance                   Basil, Toni                       

Do You Wanna Dance                 Basil, Toni                       

Easy For You To Say                Basil, Toni                       

Go For The Burn                    Basil, Toni                       

I Don't Hear You                   Basil, Toni                       

Little Red Book                    Basil, Toni                       

Mickey                             Basil, Toni                       

Nobody                             Basil, Toni                       

Over My Head                       Basil, Toni                       

Rock On                            Basil, Toni                       

Shoppin' From A To Z               Basil, Toni                          

Space Girls                        Basil, Toni                       

Space Walkin' The Dog              Basil, Toni                       

Street Beat                        Basil, Toni                       

Suspense                           Basil, Toni                       

Thief On The Loose                 Basil, Toni                       

Time After Time                    Basil, Toni                       

You Gotta Problem                  Basil, Toni                       

Rescue Me                          Bass, Fontella                    

Diamonds Are Forever               Bassey, Shirley                   

Goldfinger                         Bassey, Shirley                   

Moonraker                          Bassey, Shirley                   

Send In The Clowns                 Bassey, Shirley                   

Don't Stop The Music               Bay City Rollers                  

I Only Wanna Be With You           Bay City Rollers                  

Money Honey                        Bay City Rollers                  

Saturday Night                     Bay City Rollers                  

The Way I Feel Tonight             Bay City Rollers                  

California Girls                   Beach Boys                        

Catch A Wave                       Beach Boys                        

Dance,Dance,Dance                  Beach Boys                        

Do It Again                        Beach Boys                        

Don't Worry Baby                   Beach Boys                        

Fun Fun Fun                        Beach Boys                        

Getcha Back                        Beach Boys                        

Girls On The Beach                 Beach Boys                        

God Only Knows                     Beach Boys                        

Good Vibrations                    Beach Boys                        

Help Me, Rhonda                    Beach Boys                        

I Can Hear Music                   Beach Boys                        

I Get Around                       Beach Boys                        

In My Room                         Beach Boys                        

Kokomo                             Beach Boys                        

Little Honda                       Beach Boys                        

Male Ego                           Beach Boys                        

Rock 'N' Roll To The Rescue        Beach Boys                        

Shut Down                          Beach Boys                        

Sloop John B.                      Beach Boys                        

Surfer Girl                        Beach Boys                        

Surfin' Safari                     Beach Boys                        

Surfin' USA                        Beach Boys                        

Warmth Of The Sun                  Beach Boys                        

Wouldn't It Be Nice?               Beach Boys                        

You, Me And Mexico                 Bear, Edward                      

Trust                              Bears                             

Fight For Your Right               Beastie Boys                                         

A Day In The Life                  Beatles                           

A Hard Day's Night                 Beatles                           

Across The Universe                Beatles                           

Act Naturally                      Beatles                           

All My Loving                      Beatles                           

All You Need Is Love               Beatles                           

And I Love Her                     Beatles                           

And Your Bird Can Sing             Beatles                           

Another Girl                       Beatles                           

Baby You're A Rich Man             Beatles                           

Baby's In Black                    Beatles                                         

Back In The U.S.S.R.               Beatles                           

Ballad Of John And Yoko            Beatles                           

Beatles Movie Medley               Beatles                           

Because                            Beatles                           

Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite  Beatles                           

Birthday                           Beatles                           

Blue Jay Way                       Beatles                           

Boys                               Beatles                           

Can't Buy Me Love                  Beatles                           

Carry That Weight                  Beatles                           

Come Together                      Beatles                           

Cry Baby Cry                       Beatles                           

Day In The Life                    Beatles                           

Day Tripper                        Beatles                           

Dear Prudence                      Beatles                           

Dig A Pony                         Beatles                           

Don't Let Me Down                  Beatles                           

Dr. Roberts                        Beatles                           

Drive My Car                       Beatles                           

Eight Days A Week                  Beatles                           

Eleanor Rigby                      Beatles                           

Every Little Thing                 Beatles                           

Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby   Beatles                           

Fixing A Hole                      Beatles                           

Flying                             Beatles                           

Fool On The Hill                   Beatles                           

For No One                         Beatles                           

For You Blue                       Beatles                           

From Me To You                     Beatles                           

Get Back                           Beatles                           

Getting Better                     Beatles                           

Girl                               Beatles                           

Golden Slumbers                    Beatles                           

Good Day Sunshine                  Beatles                           

Good Morning Good Morning          Beatles                           

Good Night                         Beatles                           

Got To Get You Into My Life        Beatles                           

Hello Goodbye                      Beatles                           

Help                               Beatles                           

Her Majesty                        Beatles                           

Here Comes The Sun                 Beatles                           

Here, There And Everywhere         Beatles                           

Hey Jude                           Beatles                           

Hold Me Tight                      Beatles                           

Honey Don't                        Beatles                           

I Am The Walrus                    Beatles                           

I Feel Fine                        Beatles                           

I Me Mine                          Beatles                           

I Need You                         Beatles                           

I Saw Her Standing There           Beatles                           

I Wanna Hold Your Hand             Beatles                           

I Want To Hold Your Hand           Beatles                           

I Want To Tell You                 Beatles                           

I Want You (She's So Heavy)        Beatles                           

I Will                             Beatles                           

I'll Be Back Again                 Beatles                           

I'll Follow The Sun                Beatles                           

I'm A Loser                        Beatles                           

I'm Down                           Beatles                           

I'm Looking Through You            Beatles                           

I'm Only Sleeping                  Beatles                           

I've Got A Feeling                 Beatles                           

I've Just Seen A Face              Beatles                           

If I Fell                          Beatles                           

If I Needed Someone                Beatles                           

In My Life                         Beatles                           

Inner Light                        Beatles                           

It's Only Love                     Beatles                           

Kom Gib Mi Diene                   Beatles                           

Lady Madonna                       Beatles                           

Let It Be                          Beatles                           

Little Piggies                     Beatles                           

Love Me Do                         Beatles                           

Love You To                        Beatles                           

Lovely Rita                        Beatles                           

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds      Beatles                           

Magical Mystery Tour               Beatles                           

Martha My Dear                     Beatles                           

Matchbox                           Beatles                           

Maxwell's Silver Hammer            Beatles                           

Mean Mr. Mustard                   Beatles                           

Michelle                           Beatles                           

Mr. Moonlight                      Beatles                           

Night Before                       Beatles                           

No Reply                           Beatles                           

Norwegian Wood                     Beatles                           

Nowehere Man                       Beatles                           

Nowhere Man                        Beatles                           

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da                 Beatles                           

Octopus's Garden                   Beatles                           

Oh! Darling                        Beatles                           

Old Brown Shoe                     Beatles                           

P.S. I Love You                    Beatles                           

Paperback Writer                   Beatles                           

Penny Lane                         Beatles                           

Piggies                            Beatles                           

Please Please Me                   Beatles                           

Polythene Pam                      Beatles                           

Revolution                         Beatles                           

Rock 'N' Roll Music                Beatles                           

Rocky Racoon                       Beatles                           

Run For Your Life                  Beatles                           

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club   Beatles                           

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BaBeatles                           

She Came In Through The Bathroom   Beatles                           

She Loves You                      Beatles                           

She Said She Said                  Beatles                           

She's A Woman                      Beatles                           

She's Got The Devil In Her Heart   Beatles                           

She's Leaving Home                 Beatles                           

Slow Down                          Beatles                           

Something                          Beatles                           

Strawberry Fields Forever          Beatles                           

Sun King                           Beatles                           

Sweet Georgia Brown                Beatles                           

Take Out Some Insurance            Beatles                           

Taxman                             Beatles                           

The End                            Beatles                           

The Long And Winding Road          Beatles                           

The Word                           Beatles                           

Think For Yourself                 Beatles                           

Ticket To Ride                     Beatles                           

Till There Was You                 Beatles                           

Tomorrow Never Knows               Beatles                           

Two Of Us                          Beatles                           

Wait                               Beatles                           

We Can Work It Out                 Beatles                           

What Goes On                       Beatles                           

When I'm 64                        Beatles                           

When I'm Sixty Four                Beatles                           

While My Guitar Gently Weeps       Beatles                           

With A Little Help From My Friends Beatles                           

Within You Without You             Beatles                           

Yellow Submarine                   Beatles                           

Yesterday                          Beatles                           

You Know My Name                   Beatles                           

You Like Me Too Much               Beatles                           

You Won't See Me                   Beatles                           

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away  Beatles                           

Your Mother Should Know            Beatles                                

Just A Little                      Beau Brummels                     

Laugh Laugh                        Beau Brummels                               

Ambitious                          Beck, Jeff                        

Ecstasy                            Beck, Jeff                        

Escape                             Beck, Jeff                        

Get Workin'                        Beck, Jeff                        

Gets Us All In The End             Beck, Jeff                        

Night After Night                  Beck, Jeff                        

People Get Ready                   Beck, Jeff                        

Stop, Look And Listen              Beck, Jeff                        

You Know, We Know                  Beck, Jeff                        

Above And Beyond                   Bee Gees                          

Anything For You                   Bee Gees                          

Baby, As You Turn Away             Bee Gees                          

Blue Island                        Bee Gees                          

Bodyguard                          Bee Gees                          

Daytime Girl                       Bee Gees                          

Don't Forget To Remember           Bee Gees                          

Don't Throw It All Away            Bee Gees                          

Don't Wanna Live Inside Myself     Bee Gees                          

Edge Of The Universe               Bee Gees                          

Every Christian Lionhearted Man WilBee Gees                          

Fallen Angel                       Bee Gees                          

Fanny, Be Tender With My Love      Bee Gees                          

First Of May                       Bee Gees                          

Flesh And Blood                    Bee Gees                          

For Whom The Bell Tolls            Bee Gees                          

Holiday                            Bee Gees                          

House Of Shame                     Bee Gees                          

How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?   Bee Gees                          

How Deep Is Your Love?             Bee Gees                          

I Can See Nobody                   Bee Gees                          

I Can't See Nobody                 Bee Gees                          

I Started A Joke                   Bee Gees                          

I've Gotta Get A Message To You    Bee Gees                          

If I Can't Have You                Bee Gees                          

It's My Neighborhood               Bee Gees                          

Jive Talkin'                       Bee Gees                          

Lonely Days                        Bee Gees                          

Love So Right                      Bee Gees                          

Love You Inside Out                Bee Gees                          

Massachusetts                      Bee Gees                          

Melody Fair                        Bee Gees                          

More Than A Woman                  Bee Gees                          

My World                           Bee Gees                          

New York Mining Disaster 1941      Bee Gees                          

Night Fever                        Bee Gees                          

Nights On Broadway                 Bee Gees                          

Omega Man                          Bee Gees                          

One                                Bee Gees                          

Ordinary Lives                     Bee Gees                          

Paying The Price Of Love           Bee Gees                          

Run To Me                          Bee Gees                          

Someone Belonging To Someone       Bee Gees                          

Spicks And Specks                  Bee Gees                          

Spirits Having Flown               Bee Gees                          

Stayin' Alive                      Bee Gees                          

Tears                              Bee Gees                          

To Love Somebody                   Bee Gees                          

Tokyo Nights                       Bee Gees                          

Too Much Heaven                    Bee Gees                          

Walking In Country Lanes           Bee Gees                          

Will You Ever Let Me               Bee Gees                          

Wind Of Change                     Bee Gees                          

Wish You Were Here                 Bee Gees                          

Woman In You                       Bee Gees                          

Words                              Bee Gees                          

World                              Bee Gees                          

You Should Be Dancing              Bee Gees                          

You Win Again                      Bee Gees                          

Funky Nassau (Part I)              Beginning Of The End              

Abraham, Martin and John           Belafonte, Harry                  

Banana Boat Song                   Belafonte, Harry                  

Brown Skin Girl                    Belafonte, Harry                  

Circle Around The Sun              Belafonte, Harry                  

Coconut Woman                      Belafonte, Harry                  

Come Back Liza                     Belafonte, Harry                  

Danny Boy                          Belafonte, Harry                  

Day O                              Belafonte, Harry                  

Dolly Dawn                         Belafonte, Harry                  

Hosanna                            Belafonte, Harry                  

I Do Adore Her                     Belafonte, Harry                  

Island In The Sun                  Belafonte, Harry                  

Jack-Ass Song                      Belafonte, Harry                  

Jamaica Farewell                   Belafonte, Harry                  

John Henry                         Belafonte, Harry                  

Judy Drowned                       Belafonte, Harry                  

Jump Down Spin Around              Belafonte, Harry                  

Man Piaba                          Belafonte, Harry                  

Man Smart                          Belafonte, Harry                  

Man Smart (Woman Smarter)          Belafonte, Harry                  

Mary's Boy Child                   Belafonte, Harry                  

Matilda, Matilda                   Belafonte, Harry                  

Scarlet Ribbons                    Belafonte, Harry                  

Scratch, Scratch                   Belafonte, Harry                  

Shenandoah                         Belafonte, Harry                  

Soldier, Soldier                   Belafonte, Harry                  

Something In The Way               Belafonte, Harry                  

Star O                             Belafonte, Harry                  

The Fox                            Belafonte, Harry                  

The Jack-Ass Song                  Belafonte, Harry                  

Try To Remember                    Belafonte, Harry                  

Turn Around                        Belafonte, Harry                  

Wedding Song                       Belafonte, Harry                  

Will His Love Be Like His Rum?     Belafonte, Harry                  

Tighten Up                         Bell, Archie/The Drells           

Crazy From The Heart               Bellamy Brothers                  

I Love Her Mind                    Bellamy Brothers                  

I'll Give You All My Love Tonight  Bellamy Brothers                  

It's Rainin' Girls                 Bellamy Brothers                  

Let Your Love Flow                 Bellamy Brothers                  

Melt Down                          Bellamy Brothers                  

Ramblin' Man                       Bellamy Brothers                  

Santa Fe                           Bellamy Brothers                  

We Don't Wanna Go For It           Bellamy Brothers                  

When I'm Away From You             Bellamy Brothers                  

White Trash                        Bellamy Brothers                  

Ying Yang                          Bellamy Brothers                  

Your Name                          Bellamy Brothers                  

Iko Iko                            Belle Stars                       

Fly, Little White Dove, Fly        Bells                             

Lady Dawn                          Bells                             

Stay Awhile                        Bells                             

Let It Be With You                 Belouis Some                      

Some People                        Belouis Some                      

7 Rooms Of Gloom                   Benatar, Pat                      

A Crazy World Like This            Benatar, Pat                      

Big Life                           Benatar, Pat                      

Diamond Field                      Benatar, Pat                      

Don't Walk Away                    Benatar, Pat                      

Fire And Ice                       Benatar, Pat                      

Hit Me With Your Best Shot         Benatar, Pat                      

Invincible                         Benatar, Pat                      

Le Bel Age                         Benatar, Pat                      

Little Too Late                    Benatar, Pat                      

Looking For A Stranger             Benatar, Pat                      

Love In The Ice Age                Benatar, Pat                      

Ooh Ooh Song                       Benatar, Pat                      

Outlaw Blues                       Benatar, Pat                      

Painted Desert                     Benatar, Pat                      

Promises In The Dark               Benatar, Pat                      

Rated X                            Benatar, Pat                      

Red Vision                         Benatar, Pat                      

Run Between The Raindrops          Benatar, Pat                      

Shadows Of The Night               Benatar, Pat                      

Suburban King                      Benatar, Pat                      

Takin' It Back                     Benatar, Pat                      

Temporary Heroes                   Benatar, Pat                      

The Art Of Letting Go              Benatar, Pat                      

Treat Me Right                     Benatar, Pat                      

Walking In The Underground         Benatar, Pat                      

We Belong                          Benatar, Pat                      

We Live For Love                   Benatar, Pat                      

123                                Bennett, Doug                     

Got To Be Monday                   Bennett, Doug                     

One, Two, Three                    Bennett, Doug                     

Because Of You                     Bennett, Tony                     

Rags To Riches                     Bennett, Tony                     

Breezin'                           Benson, George                    

On Broadway                        Benson, George                    

This Masquerade                    Benson, George                    

Endlessly                          Benton, Brook                     

Hotel Happiness                    Benton, Brook                     

It's Just A Matter Of Time         Benton, Brook                     

Rainy Night In Georgia             Benton, Brook                     

Baby, You've Got What It Takes     Benton, Brook/Dinah Washington           

Rockin' Good Way                   Benton, Brook/Dinah Washington                        

Take My Breath Away                Berlin                            

Bye Bye Johnny                     Berry, Chuck                      

It Wasn't Me                       Berry, Chuck                      

Memphis                            Berry, Chuck                      

Nadine                             Berry, Chuck                      

No Particular Place To Go          Berry, Chuck                      

Oh Carol                           Berry, Chuck                      

Promised Land                      Berry, Chuck                      

Reelin' & Rockin'                  Berry, Chuck                      

Rock 'N' Roll Music                Berry, Chuck                      

Roll Over Beethoven                Berry, Chuck                      

School Day                         Berry, Chuck                      

Sweet Little Sixteen               Berry, Chuck                      

Thirty Days                        Berry, Chuck                      

Time Was                           Berry, Chuck                      

You Never Can Tell                 Berry, Chuck                      

Come On                            Berry, Chuck & Martha             

Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)     Berry, Marvin                     

Night Train                        Berry, Marvin                     

Chim Chim Che-Ree       MaryPoppinsBert                              

The Life I Lead         MaryPoppinsBert                              

A Man Has Dreams        MaryPoppinsBert & Banks                      

I Love To Laugh         MaryPoppinsBert & Company                    

Step In Time            MaryPoppinsBert & Company                    

Jolly Holiday           MaryPoppinsBert & Mary Poppins               

Who's Side Are You On?             Bianco, Matt   

Yeh Yeh Yeh Yeh			   Bianco, Matt                   

Chantilly Lace                     Big Bopper                        

1000 Stars                         Big Country                       

Fields Of Fire                     Big Country                       

In A Big Country                   Big Country                       

When A Drum Beats                  Big Country                       

Where The Rose Is Sown             Big Country                       

Wonderland                         Big Country                       

Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme)   Bilk, Mr. Acker                   

Stranger On The Shore              Bilk, Mr. Acker                   

Alley Cat                          Bill Black's Combo                

B.B. Shuffle                       Bill Black's Combo                

Bluff City Cookin'                 Bill Black's Combo                

Cotton Carnival                    Bill Black's Combo                

Make It With You                   Bill Black's Combo                

Memphis Shuffle                    Bill Black's Combo                

Night Train                        Bill Black's Combo                

Raunchy                            Bill Black's Combo                

Sassy Pants                        Bill Black's Combo                

Slow Boat                          Bill Black's Combo                

Sugar Cured                        Bill Black's Combo                

Twist Her                          Bill Black's Combo                

Talk Around Town                   Bim                               

Fooled Around And Fell In Love     Bishop, Elvin                     

Careless                           Bishop, Stephen                   

Every Minute                       Bishop, Stephen 

It Might Be You                    Bishop, Stephen                                   

Little Italy                       Bishop, Stephen                   

Madge                              Bishop, Stephen                   

Never Letting Go                   Bishop, Stephen                   

On And On                          Bishop, Stephen                   

One More Night                     Bishop, Stephen                   

Rock And Roll Slave                Bishop, Stephen                   

Same Old Tears                     Bishop, Stephen                   

Save It For A Rainy Day            Bishop, Stephen                   

Sinking In An Ocean Of Tears       Bishop, Stephen                   

The Same Old Tears                 Bishop, Stephen                    

You're My World                    Black, Cilla                      

He'll Have To Stay                 Black, Jean                       

Walkin' In Rhythm                  Blackbyrds                               

Cryin' Over You                    Blade, Michelle                   

Bobby's Girl                       Blaine, Marcy                           

Humphrey, The Camel                Blanchard, Jack/Misty Morgan          

Tennessee Birdwalk                 Blanchard, Jack/Misty Morgan          

Blind Vision                       Blancmange                        

Day Before You Came                Blancmange                        

Don't Tell Me                      Blancmange                        

Feel Me (Live)                     Blancmange                        

Living On The Ceiling              Blancmange                        

Lose Your Love                     Blancmange                        

That's Love That It Is             Blancmange                        

Let The Little Girl Dance          Bland, Bobby                      

Say You Will                       Blanket Of Secrecy                

Bangalore                          Blazers                                 

Atomic                             Blondie                           

Call Me                            Blondie                           

Dreaming                           Blondie                           

Hanging On The Telephone           Blondie                           

Heart Of Glass                     Blondie                           

In The Flesh                       Blondie                           

Island Of Lost Souls               Blondie                           

One Way Or Another                 Blondie                           

Presence Dear                      Blondie                           

Rapture                            Blondie                           

Rip Her To Shreds                  Blondie                           

Sunday Girl                        Blondie                           

Tide Is High                       Blondie                           

And When I Die                     Blood, Sweat & Tears              

God Bless The Child                Blood, Sweat & Tears              

Hi-De-Ho                           Blood, Sweat & Tears              

Spinning Wheel                     Blood, Sweat & Tears              

Yesterday's Music                  Blood, Sweat & Tears              

You've Made Me So Very Happy       Blood, Sweat & Tears              

Montego Bay                        Bloom, Bobby                      

Digging Your Scene                 Blow Monkeys                      

Summertime Blues                   Blue Cheer                        

Stay                               Blue Nile                         

Take Me Away                       Blue Oyster Cult                  

Don't Walk Past                    Blue Peter                        

5 Will Get You Six                 Blue Rodeo                        

Try                                Blue Rodeo                        

Underground                        Blue Rodeo                        

Hooked On A Feeling                Blue Swede                        

Cry Boy Cry                        Blue Zoo                          

I'm Falling                        Bluebells                         

Ride Captain Ride                  Blues Image                       

(We Ain't Got) Nothin' Yet         Blues Magoos                      

Mr. Lee                            Bobbettes                         

I Fought The Law                   Bobby Fuller Four                 

Dock Of The Bay                    Bolton, Michael                   

Love Is A Wonderful Thing          Bolton, Michael                   

Said I Loved You But I Lied        Bolton, Michael                   

Back Door Santa                    Bon Jovi                          

Bad Medicine                       Bon Jovi                          

Born To Be My Baby                 Bon Jovi                          

Breakout                           Bon Jovi                          

I'll Be There For You              Bon Jovi                          

In And Out Of Love                 Bon Jovi                          

Livin' On A Prayer                 Bon Jovi                          

Living In Sin                      Bon Jovi                          

Never Say Goodbye                  Bon Jovi                          

Only Lonely                        Bon Jovi                          

Runaway                            Bon Jovi                          

She Don't Know Me                  Bon Jovi                          

Shot Through The Heart             Bon Jovi                          

Silent Night                       Bon Jovi                          

Tokyo Road                         Bon Jovi                          

Wanted Dead Or Alive               Bon Jovi                          

Wild Is The Wind                   Bon Jovi                          

You Give Love A Bad Name           Bon Jovi                          

Blaze Of Glory                     Bon Jovi, Jon                                

Dancin' On A Saturday Night        Bond                              

When You're Up, You're Up          Bond                              

10,000 Light Years                 Boney M.                          

Bahama Mama                        Boney M.                          

Brown Girl In The Ring             Boney M.                          

Bye Bye Bluebird                   Boney M.                          

Exodus (Noah's Ark)                Boney M.                          

Future World                       Boney M.                          

Gotta Go Home                      Boney M.                          

He Was A Steppenwolf               Boney M.                          

I Feel Good                        Boney M.                          

King Of The Road                   Boney M.                          

Let It All Be Music                Boney M.                          

Nightflight To Venus               Boney M.                          

No More Chain Gang                 Boney M.                          

Painter Man                        Boney M.                          

Rasputin                           Boney M.                          

Rivers Of Babylon                  Boney M.                          

Wild Planet                        Boney M.                          

New World                          Bonoff, Karla                     

Personally                         Bonoff, Karla                     

Please Be The One                  Bonoff, Karla                                  

Green Onions 	                   Booker T. & The MGs               

Hang 'Em High                      Booker T. & The MGs                     

Time Is Tight                      Booker T. & The MGs                       

I Got A Woman                      Boom, Taka                        

Night Dancin'                      Boom, Taka                        

I Don't Like Mondays               Boomtown Rats                     

Rain                               Boomtown Rats                     

Beautiful Sunday                   Boone, Daniel                     

You Light Up My Life               Boone, Debby                      

Ain't That A Shame                 Boone, Pat                        

Anastasia                          Boone, Pat                        

April Love                         Boone, Pat                        

At My Front Door                   Boone, Pat                        

Bernadine                          Boone, Pat                        

Chains Of Love                     Boone, Pat                        

Don't Forbid Me                    Boone, Pat                        

Fools Hall Of Fame                 Boone, Pat                        

For A Penny                        Boone, Pat                        

Friendly Persuasion                Boone, Pat                        

I Almost Lost My Mind              Boone, Pat                        

I'll Be Home                       Boone, Pat                        

I'll Remember Tonight              Boone, Pat                        

July, You're A Woman               Boone, Pat                        

Long Tall Sally                    Boone, Pat                        

Love Letters In The Sand           Boone, Pat                        

Moody River                        Boone, Pat                        

Quando Quando                      Boone, Pat                        

Speedy Gonzales                    Boone, Pat                        

The Exodus Song (This Land Is Mine)Boone, Pat                        

There's A Gold Mine In The Sky     Boone, Pat                        

Tutti Frutti                       Boone, Pat                        

Twixt Twelve And Twenty            Boone, Pat                        

Walking The Floor Over You         Boone, Pat                        

Why Baby Why                       Boone, Pat                        

With The Wind And The Rain         Boone, Pat                        

Wonderful Time Up There            Boone, Pat                        

Side By Side                       Boone, Pat & Shirley              

Vaya Condios                       Boone, Pat & Shirley              

Dancin' Queen                      Boss                              

Don't Look Back                    Boston                            

Hitch A Ride                       Boston                            

Let Me Take You Home Tonight       Boston                            

Long Time                          Boston                            

More Than A Feeling                Boston                            

Peace Of Mind                      Boston                            

Rock & Roll Band                   Boston                            

Smokin'                            Boston                            

Something About You                Boston                            

Does Your Heart Still Belong To Me Bottrell, Marie                   

Everybody Wants To Be Single       Bottrell, Marie                   

Lovers Moon                        Bottrell, Marie                   

Fury                               Bouyea, Michael                  

Do You Wanna Hold Me?              Bow Wow Wow                       

I Want Candy                       Bow Wow Wow                       

Mile High Club                     Bow Wow Wow                       

Absolute Beginners                 Bowie, David                      

Andy Warhol                        Bowie, David                      

Blue Jean                          Bowie, David                      

Cat People                         Bowie, David                      

China Girl                         Bowie, David                      

Criminal World                     Bowie, David                      

Don't Look Down                    Bowie, David                      

God Only Knows                     Bowie, David                      

Golden Years                       Bowie, David                      

I Keep Forgetting                  Bowie, David                      

Let's Dance                        Bowie, David                      

Loving The Alien                   Bowie, David                      

Modern Love                        Bowie, David                      

Neighborhood Threat                Bowie, David                      

Never Let Me Down                  Bowie, David                      

Ricochet                           Bowie, David                      

Shake It                           Bowie, David                      

Space Oddity                       Bowie, David                      

Time Will Crawl                    Bowie, David                      

Tonight                            Bowie, David                      

Tumble And Twirl                   Bowie, David                      

Underground                        Bowie, David                      

White Light / White Heat           Bowie, David                      

Without You                        Bowie, David                      

You've Got A Habit Of Leaving      Bowie, David                      

Under Pressure                     Bowie, David & Queen              

I Pity The Fool                    Bowie, David/Manish Boys          

This Is Not America                Bowie, David/Pat Metheny          

Closer Together                    Box                               

Crying Out Loud For Love           Box                               

Ordinary People                    Box                               

Get It While You Can               Box Of Frogs                      

Soul Deep                          Box Tops                          

The Letter                         Box Tops                          

King Of The Road                   Boxcar Willie                     

Wabash Cannonball                  Boxcar Willie                     

Bring Down The Moon                Boy Meets Girl                    

Waiting For A Star To Fall         Boy Meets Girl                    

If Only Love                       Boyd, Liona                       

Labyrinth                          Boyd, Liona                       

Persona                            Boyd, Liona                       

I Wanna Be A Cowboy                Boys Don't Cry                    

Can't Take My Eyes Off You         Boys Town Gang                    

Mama Didn't Lie                    Bradley, Jan                      

All Night With Me                  Branigan, Laura                   

Foolish Lullaby                    Branigan, Laura                   

Forever Young                      Branigan, Laura                   

Gloria                             Branigan, Laura                   

Hold Me                            Branigan, Laura                   

Hot Night                          Branigan, Laura                   

How Am I Supposed To Live Without  Branigan, Laura                   

I Found Someone                    Branigan, Laura                   

Imagination                        Branigan, Laura                   

Maybe Tonight                      Branigan, Laura                   

Moonlight On The Water             Branigan, Laura                   

Sanctuary                          Branigan, Laura                   

Satisaction                        Branigan, Laura                   

Spanish Eddie                      Branigan, Laura                   

Tenderness                         Branigan, Laura                   

Ti Amo                             Branigan, Laura                   

When I'm With You                  Branigan, Laura                   

When The Heat Hits The Streets     Branigan, Laura                   

Aubrey                             Bread                             

Baby I'm A-Want You                Bread                             

Diary                              Bread                             

Down On My Knees                   Bread                             

Dream Lady                         Bread                             

Everything I Own                   Bread                             

Fancy Dancer                       Bread                             

Guitar Man                         Bread                             

If                                 Bread                             

It Don't Matter To Me              Bread                             

Just Like Yesterday                Bread                             

Let Your Love Go                   Bread                             

Make It With You                   Bread                             

Sweet Surrender                    Bread                             

Truckin'                           Bread                             

Cause We Had It All                Breit Brothers                    

Going Down                         Breit Brothers                    

Hold Me Right                      Breit Brothers                    

One Man's Climate                  Breit Brothers                    

Slow Train                         Breit Brothers                    

Slow Train (Edit)                  Breit Brothers                    

Don't Say You Don't Remember       Bremers, Beverly                  

One Toke Over The Line		   Brewer & Shipley

Shake Off The Demon                Brewer & Shipley                  

Song From Platte River             Brewer & Shipley                  

Tarkio Road                        Brewer & Shipley                  

Circle                             Brickell, Edie                    

What I Am                          Brickell, Edie                       

I Love The Nightlife (Disco 'Round)Bridges, Alicia                   

Passion Of Love                    Brigade, Boys                     

Phantom Of The Opera               Brightman, Sarah/Steve H          

Hard Rain                          Bronski Beat                      

Hit That Perfect Beat              Bronski Beat                      

Love And Money                     Bronski Beat                      

Smalltown Boy                      Bronski Beat                      

Why                                Bronski Beat                      

Home Loving                        Brooker, Gary                     

Welcome Me Love                    Brooklyn Bridge                   

Worst That Could Happen            Brooklyn Bridge                   

Mission Bell                       Brooks, Donnie                    

Gasoline Alley                     Brooks, Elkie                     

Too Busy Thinking About My Baby    Brooks, Elkie                     

Reach Out Your Hand                Brotherhood Of Man                

United We Stand                    Brotherhood Of Man                

Green Fields                       Brothers Four                     

Right On Time                      Brothers Johnson                  

Runnin' For Your Lovin'            Brothers Johnson                  

Strawberry Letter                  Brothers Johnson                  

Take Me In Your Arms               Brown, Charity                    

Information Blues                  Brown, Clarence Gatemou           

Can't Git Enuf                     Brown, James                      

Godfather Runnin' The joint        Brown, James                      

I Got The Feelin'                  Brown, James                      

I Got You (I Feel Good)            Brown, James                      

I'm Real                           Brown, James                      

Interview                          Brown, James                      

It's A Man's Man's World           Brown, James                      

It's Your Money $                  Brown, James                      

Keep Keepin'                       Brown, James                      

Living In America                  Brown, James                      

Papa Don't Take No Mess            Brown, James                      

Papa's Got A Brand New Bag         Brown, James                      

Payback Mix                        Brown, James                      

Say It Loud 			   Brown, James                      

She Looks All Types 'A' Good       Brown, James                      

Static                             Brown, James                      

Superbad                           Brown, James                      

There Was A Time                   Brown, James                      

Time To Get Busy                   Brown, James                      

Tribute                            Brown, James                      

You And Me                         Brown, James                      

Crank It Up (Funk Town) Pt.1       Brown, Peter                      

Dance With Me                      Brown, Peter                      

Do You Wanna Get Funky?            Brown, Peter                      

Up In A Puff Of Smoke              Brown, Polly                      

Stop                               Brown, Sam                        

Cut It Away                        Browne, Jackson                   

Doctor My Eyes                     Browne, Jackson                   

Downtown                           Browne, Jackson                   

For A Rocker                       Browne, Jackson                   

Knock On Any Door                  Browne, Jackson                   

Lawyers In Love                    Browne, Jackson                   

On The Day                         Browne, Jackson                   

Running On Empty                   Browne, Jackson                   

Say It Isn't True                  Browne, Jackson                   

Tender Is The Night                Browne, Jackson                   

Everything's A Waltz               Bruce, Ed                         

Ooh Mama Mama                      Brutus                            

Hot Smoke And Sassafries           Bubble Puppy                      

Medicine Man                       Buchanan Brothers                 

Time Bomb Town                     Buckingham, Lindsey               

Kind Of A Drag                     Buckinghams                       

Land Of Make Believe               Bucks Fizz                        

Buck's Hot Rod                     Buckwheat Zydeco                  

Down Dallas Alley                  Buckwheat Zydeco                  

My Feet Can't Fail Me Now          Buckwheat Zydeco                  

Tee Nah Nah                        Buckwheat Zydeco                  

This Must Be Love                  Buckwheat Zydeco                  

Turning Point                      Buckwheat Zydeco                  

Warm And Tender Love               Buckwheat Zydeco                  

What You Gonna Do?                 Buckwheat Zydeco                  

Ya Ya                              Buckwheat Zydeco                  

For What It's Worth                Buffalo Springfield               

A Pirate Looks At Forty            Buffett, Jimmy                    

Boat Drinks                        Buffett, Jimmy                    

Changes In Lattitudes              Buffett, Jimmy                    

Cheeseburger In Paradise           Buffett, Jimmy                    

Come Monday                        Buffett, Jimmy                    

Fins                               Buffett, Jimmy                    

Grapefruit - Juicy Fruit           Buffett, Jimmy                    

He Went To Paris                   Buffett, Jimmy                    

Margaritaville                     Buffett, Jimmy                    

One Particular Harbour             Buffett, Jimmy                    

Pencil Thin Mustache               Buffett, Jimmy                    

Son Of A Son Of A Sailor           Buffett, Jimmy                    

Volcano                            Buffett, Jimmy                    

Why Don't We Get Drunk             Buffett, Jimmy                    

Video Killed The Radio Star        Buggles                           

No                                 Bulldog                           

White Lies                         Bullet                            

Walk,don't Run                     Burn, Malcolm                     

Hey, Little One                    Burnette, Dorsey                  

Dreamin'                           Burnette, Johnny                  

Kiss Me Baby                       Burnette, Johnny                  

Cloudbusting                       Bush, Kate                        

Running Up That Hill               Bush, Kate                        

Only The Strong Survive            Butler, Jerry                     

Here We Are Again                  Butler, Marty                     

Eight Miles High                   Byrds                             

Mr. Tambourine Man                 Byrds                             

Turn Turn Turn                     Byrds