Pop Songs - M

Pop Music                          M                                 
Song In My Head                    M+M                               
Pump Up The Volume                 M.A.R.R.S.                      
Holiday Rap                        MC Miker                          
K-Jee                              MFSB                              
TSOP                               MFSB                             
Torn Between Two Lovers            MacGregor, Mary                   
Working Man                        MacNeil, Rita                     
Our House                          Madness                           
Tomorrow's Just Another Day        Madness                           
Angel                              Madonna                           
Borderline                         Madonna                           
Burning Up                         Madonna                           
Dear Jessie                        Madonna                           
Deeper and Deeper                  Madonna                           
Dress You Up                       Madonna                           
Everybody                          Madonna                           
Express Yourself                   Madonna                           
Holiday                            Madonna                           
I Know it                          Madonna                           
Jimmy Jimmy                        Madonna                           
Keep It Together                   Madonna                           
La Isla Bonita                     Madonna                           
Like A Prayer                      Madonna                           
Like A Virgin                      Madonna                           
Live To Tell                       Madonna                           
Lucky Star                         Madonna                           
Material Girl                      Madonna                          
Oh Father                          Madonna                           
Open Your Heart                    Madonna                           
Over And Over                      Madonna                           
Papa Don't Preach                  Madonna                           
Physical Attraction                Madonna                           
Promise To Try                     Madonna   
Rescue Me			   Madonna                       
Santa Baby                         Madonna                           
Shoo-Bee-Doo                       Madonna                           
Think Of Me                        Madonna                           
Till Death Do Us Part              Madonna                           
True Blue                          Madonna                           
Vogue                              Madonna                           
Everybody Plays The Fool           Main Ingredient                   
Heartache Avenue                   Maisonettes                       
I'm Running After You              Major Hoople's Boarding House     
Pata Pata                          Makeba, Miriam                    
Heaven Tonight                     Malmsteen, Yngwie                 
Suavecito                          Malo                              
California Dreamin'                Mamas & Papas                     
Creeque Alley                      Mamas & Papas                     
Dancing In The Street              Mamas & Papas                     
Dedicated To The One I Love        Mamas & Papas                     
Dream A Little Dream Of Me         Mamas & Papas                     
For The Love Of Ivy                Mamas & Papas                     
Go Where You Wanna Go              Mamas & Papas                     
Got A Feelin'                      Mamas & Papas                     
I Call Your Name                   Mamas & Papas                     
I Saw Her Again Last Night         Mamas & Papas                     
Look Through Any Window            Mamas & Papas                     
Monday, Monday                     Mamas & Papas                     
My Girl                            Mamas & Papas                     
People Like Us                     Mamas & Papas                     
Straight Shooter                   Mamas & Papas                     
Trip, Stumble And Fall             Mamas & Papas                     
Twelve Thirty                      Mamas & Papas                     
Twist & Shout                      Mamas & Papas                     
Words Of Love                      Mamas & Papas                     
You Baby                           Mamas & Papas                     
Don't Cry Out Loud                 Manchester, Melissa               
Midnight Blue                      Manchester, Melissa               
Pretty Girls                       Manchester, Melissa             
Baby Elephant Walk                 Mancini, Henry                    
Experiment In Terror               Mancini, Henry                    
Love Theme From "Romeo & Juliet"   Mancini, Henry                    
Moon River                         Mancini, Henry                    
Peter Gunn                         Mancini, Henry                    
That's Dancing!                    Mancini, Henry                    
Angels Love Bad Men                Mandrell, Barbara                 
Child Support                      Mandrell, Barbara                 
Christmas At Our House             Mandrell, Barbara                 
Happy Birthday Dear Heartache      Mandrell, Barbara                 
I Was Country When Country Wasn't  Mandrell, Barbara                 
It Should Have Been Love By Now    Mandrell, Barbara/Lee Greenwood          
Runaway Heart                      Mandrell, Louise                  
Save Me                            Mandrell, Louise                  
Too Hot To Sleep                   Mandrell, Louise                  
Chanson D'Amour                    Manhattan Transfer                
Love For Sale                      Manhattan Transfer                
On A Little Street In Singapore    Manhattan Transfer                
Operator                           Manhattan Transfer                
Route 66                           Manhattan Transfer                
Spice Of Life                      Manhattan Transfer                
Shining Star                       Manhattans                        
A Little Travelling Music, Please  Manilow, Barry                    
A Nice Boy Like Me                 Manilow, Barry                    
A Very St  Medley              Manilow, Barry                    
Ain't Nothing LIke The Real Thing  Manilow, Barry                    
All The Time                       Manilow, Barry                    
Anyone Can Do The Heartbreak       Manilow, Barry                    
As Sure As I'm Standing Here       Manilow, Barry                    
At The Dance                       Manilow, Barry                    
Bandstand Boogie                   Manilow, Barry                    
Beautiful Music                    Manilow, Barry                    
Big Fun                            Manilow, Barry                    
Black And Blue                     Manilow, Barry                    
Break Down The Door                Manilow, Barry                    
Brooklyn Blues                     Manilow, Barry                    
Can't Smile Without You            Manilow, Barry                    
Cloudburst                         Manilow, Barry                    
Copacabana                         Manilow, Barry                    
Could It Be Magic                  Manilow, Barry                    
Daybreak                           Manilow, Barry                    
Don't Fall In Love With Me         Manilow, Barry                    
Even Now                           Manilow, Barry                    
Flashy Lady                        Manilow, Barry                    
Fools Get Lucky                    Manilow, Barry                    
Friends                            Manilow, Barry                    
Getting Over Losing You            Manilow, Barry                    
He Doesn't Care (But I Do)         Manilow, Barry                    
Heart Of Steel                     Manilow, Barry                    
Heaven                             Manilow, Barry                    
Here Comes The Night               Manilow, Barry                    
Hey Mambo                          Manilow, Barry                    
I Am Your Child                    Manilow, Barry                    
I Haven't Changed The Room         Manilow, Barry                    
I Made It Through The Rain         Manilow, Barry                    
I Wanna Do It With You             Manilow, Barry                    
I Write The Songs                  Manilow, Barry                    
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Manilow, Barry                    
I'm Your Man                       Manilow, Barry                    
If I Should Love Again             Manilow, Barry                    
If You Were Here With Me Tonight   Manilow, Barry                    
In Another World                   Manilow, Barry                    
In Search Of Love                  Manilow, Barry                    
It's A Long Way Up                 Manilow, Barry                    
It's A Miracle                     Manilow, Barry                    
It's All Behind Us Now             Manilow, Barry                    
It's Just Another New Year's Eve   Manilow, Barry                    
Jump Shout Boogie                  Manilow, Barry                    
Keep Each Other Warm               Manilow, Barry                    
Lay Me Down                        Manilow, Barry                    
Let's Get On With It               Manilow, Barry                    
Let's Hang On                      Manilow, Barry                    
Let's Take All Night To Say GoodbyeManilow, Barry                    
Looks Like We Made It              Manilow, Barry                    
Mandy                              Manilow, Barry                    
Memory                             Manilow, Barry                    
My Moonlight Memories Of You       Manilow, Barry                    
New York City Rhythm               Manilow, Barry                    
No Other Love                      Manilow, Barry                    
Oh Julie                           Manilow, Barry                    
Oh My Lady                         Manilow, Barry                    
Old Songs                          Manilow, Barry                    
Once And For All                   Manilow, Barry                    
Once When You Were Mine            Manilow, Barry                    
One More Time                      Manilow, Barry                    
One Of These Days                  Manilow, Barry                    
One Voice                          Manilow, Barry                    
Please Don't Be Scared             Manilow, Barry                    
Put A Quarter In The Jukebox       Manilow, Barry                    
Read 'Em And Weep                  Manilow, Barry                    
Ready To Take A Chance Again       Manilow, Barry                    
Riders To The Stars                Manilow, Barry                    
Seven More Years                   Manilow, Barry                    
She's A Star                       Manilow, Barry                    
Ships                              Manilow, Barry                    
Sing It                            Manilow, Barry                    
Some Girls                         Manilow, Barry                    
Some Good Things Never Last        Manilow, Barry                    
Some Kind Of Friend                Manilow, Barry                    
Some Sweet Day                     Manilow, Barry                    
Somewhere Down The Road            Manilow, Barry                    
Somewhere In The Night             Manilow, Barry                    
Stardust                           Manilow, Barry                    
Stay                               Manilow, Barry                    
Stompin' At The Savoy              Manilow, Barry                    
Studio Musician                    Manilow, Barry                    
Summertime                         Manilow, Barry                    
Sweet Heaven                       Manilow, Barry                    
Sweet Life                         Manilow, Barry                    
Sweetwater Jones                   Manilow, Barry                    
Swing Street                       Manilow, Barry                    
The Old Songs                      Manilow, Barry                    
The One That Got Away              Manilow, Barry                    
This One's For You                 Manilow, Barry                   
Tryin' To Get The Feeling Again    Manilow, Barry                    
Weekend In New England             Manilow, Barry                    
When The Good Times Come Again     Manilow, Barry                    
Why Don't We Live Together         Manilow, Barry                    
You Begin Again                    Manilow, Barry                    
You're Leaving Too Soon            Manilow, Barry                    
You're Lookin' Hot Tonight         Manilow, Barry                    
Who Put The Bomp?                  Mann, Barry                       
Demolition Man                     Mann, Manfred                     
Do Wah Diddy                       Mann, Manfred                     
Mighty Quinn                       Mann, Manfred                     
Rebel                              Mann, Manfred                     
Runner                             Mann, Manfred                     
So Hard Living Without You         Mann, Manfred                     
Blue Moon                          Marcels                           
I Will Follow Him                  March, Peggy                      
Love Rush                          Margret, Ann                      
I Have Confidence                  Maria                             
My Favorite Things                 Maria                             
Prelude And The Sound Of Music     Maria                             
Something Good                     Maria & The Captain               
Do-Re-Mi                           Maria & The Children              
Lonely Goatherd                    Maria & The Children              
Lead Me On                         Marie, Teena                     
Juggernaut                         Marino, Frank                     
Midnight Highway                   Marino, Frank                     
St  Dream                          Marino, Frank                     
400 Years                          Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Baby We've Got A Date              Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Babylon System                     Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Bad Card                           Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Bellyful But Hungry                Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Bend Down Low                      Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Buffalo Soldier                    Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Comin' In From The Cold            Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Concrete Jungle                    Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Could You Be Loved?                Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Cry To Me Now                      Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Exodus                             Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Forever Loving Jah                 Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Frenchtown Rock                    Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Get Up Stand Up                    Marley, Bob & Wailers             
I Shot The Sheriff                 Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Is This Love                       Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Jamming                            Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Kinky Reggae                       Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Lively Up Yourself                 Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Midnight Ravers                    Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Natty Dread                        Marley, Bob & Wailers             
No More Trouble                    Marley, Bob & Wailers             
No Woman No Cry                    Marley, Bob & Wailers             
One Love / People Get Ready        Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Play Us Some Music                 Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Positive Vibration                 Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Punky Reggae Party                 Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Rastaman Vibration                 Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Real Situation                     Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Redemption Song                    Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Ride Natty Ride                    Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Satisfy My Soul                    Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Slave Driver                       Marley, Bob & Wailers             
So Jah Seh                         Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Stir It Up                         Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Stop That Rain                     Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Three Little Birds                 Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Waiting In Vain                    Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Wake Up And Live                   Marley, Bob & Wailers             
War / No More Trouble              Marley, Bob & Wailers             
Tumblin' Down                      Marley, Ziggy                    
Rainbow                            Marmalade                         
Reflections Of My Life             Marmalade                         
Stardust                           Marsalis, Wynton                  
Heard It In A Love Song            Marshall Tucker Band              
Black Stations / White Stations    Martha & The Muffins              
Echo Beach                         Martha & The Muffins              
Paint By Number Heart              Martha & The Muffins              
Song In My Head                    Martha & The Muffins            
For The Love Of Him                Martin, Bobbi                     
Born To Lose                       Martin, Dean                      
Chapel In The Moonlight            Martin, Dean                      
Crying Time                        Martin, Dean                      
Everybody Loves Somebody           Martin, Dean                      
Glory Of Love                      Martin, Dean                      
Green, Green Grass Of Home         Martin, Dean                      
Houston                            Martin, Dean                      
I Can't Help It If I'm Still       Martin, Dean                      
I Will                             Martin, Dean                      
I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now     Martin, Dean                      
I'll Hold You In My Heart          Martin, Dean                      
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry        Martin, Dean                      
I'm The One Who Loves You          Martin, Dean                      
In The Chapel In The Moonlight     Martin, Dean                      
In The Misty Moonlight             Martin, Dean                      
King Of The Road                   Martin, Dean                      
Lay Some Happiness On Me           Martin, Dean                      
Let The Good Times In              Martin, Dean                      
Little Ole Wine Drinker Me         Martin, Dean                      
My Heart Cries For You             Martin, Dean                      
Not Enough Indians                 Martin, Dean                      
Old Yellow Line                    Martin, Dean                      
Release Me                         Martin, Dean                      
Room Full Of Roses                 Martin, Dean                      
Send Me The Pillow You Dream On    Martin, Dean                      
Somewhere There's A Someone        Martin, Dean                      
Take These Chains From My Heart    Martin, Dean                      
That's Amore                       Martin, Dean                      
The Door Is Still Open To My Heart Martin, Dean                      
The Glory Of Love                  Martin, Dean                      
The One I Love                     Martin, Dean                      
Welcome To My World                Martin, Dean                      
You'll Always Be The One I Love    Martin, Dean                      
You've Still Got A Place           Martin, Dean                      
One Way Out                        Martin, Eric                      
A Hard Day's Night                 Martin, George & Orchestra  
Witness                            Martin, Moon                      
X-Ray Vision                       Martin, Moon                      
Sunshine Reggae La Vie En Rose     Martinez, Nancy & Allen           
I Love You More And More Every Day Martino, Al                       
Love Is Blue                       Martino, Al                       
Mary In The Morning                Martino, Al                       
Red Roses For A Blue Lady          Martino, Al                       
Sausalito                          Martino, Al                       
Spanish Eyes                       Martino, Al                       
Beechwood 4-5789                   Marvelettes                      
Danger Heartbreak Deadahead        Marvelettes                       
Please Mr. Postman                 Marvelettes                       
Wand'ring Star                     Marvin, Lee                       
Don't Mean Nothing                 Marx, Richard                     
Endless Summer Nights              Marx, Richard                     
Hold On To The Nights              Marx, Richard                     
Right Here Waiting                 Marx, Richard                     
Should've Known Better             Marx, Richard                     
In My House                        Mary Jane Girls                   
Emavungweni                        Masekela, Hugh                    
Grazing In The Grass               Masekela, Hugh                    
Now Or Never                       Masekela, Hugh                    
As The Years Go By                 Mashmakan                         
Only You Know And I Know           Mason, Dave                       
Don't Hide Your Love               Mass, Tanya                       
Rockabilly Rebel                   Matchbox                          
Calypso Noel                       Mathis, Johnny                    
Chances Are                        Mathis, Johnny                    
O Holy Night                       Mathis, Johnny                    
Wonderful! Wonderful!              Mathis, Johnny                    
Heat Wave                          Matthews, Ian                     
Shake It                           Matthews, Ian                     
Point Of View                      Matumbi                           
Love Is Blue                       Mauriat, Paul                     
Wild World                         Maxi Priest                       
Feelin'                            Maye, Marilyn                     
Freddie's Dead                     Mayfield, Curtis                  
Do You Wanna Make Love             McCann, Peter                     
3 Legs                             McCartney, Paul                   
After The Ball / Million Miles     McCartney, Paul                   
Again And Again And Again          McCartney, Paul                   
Angry                              McCartney, Paul                   
Arrow Through Me                   McCartney, Paul                  
Average person                     McCartney, Paul                   
Baby's Request                     McCartney, Paul                   
Back Seat Of My Car                McCartney, Paul                   
Backwards Traveller                McCartney, Paul                   
Ballroom Dancing                   McCartney, Paul                   
Band On The Run                    McCartney, Paul                   
Be What You See                    McCartney, Paul                   
Beware My Love                     McCartney, Paul                   
Big Barn Bed                       McCartney, Paul                  
Biker Like An Icon                 McCartney, Paul                   
Bip Bop                            McCartney, Paul                   
Blackbird                          McCartney, Paul                   
Bluebird                           McCartney, Paul                   
Bogey Music                        McCartney, Paul                   
Broadcast                          McCartney, Paul                   
C'mon People                       McCartney, Paul                   
Cafe On The Left Bank              McCartney, Paul                   
Call Me Back Again                 McCartney, Paul                   
Children Children                  McCartney, Paul                   
Coming Up                          McCartney, Paul                   
Corridor Music                     McCartney, Paul                   
Crossroads Theme                   McCartney, Paul                   
Cuff Link                          McCartney, Paul                   
Darkroom                           McCartney, Paul                   
Daytime Nighttime                  McCartney, Paul                   
Dear Friend                        McCartney, Paul                   
Deliver Your Children              McCartney, Paul                   
Distractions                       McCartney, Paul                   
Don't Be Careless Love             McCartney, Paul                   
Don't Let It Bring You Down        McCartney, Paul                   
Dress Me Up As A Robber            McCartney, Paul                   
Drink To Me (Picasso's Last Words) McCartney, Paul                   
Eat At Home                        McCartney, Paul                   
Eleanor Rigby                      McCartney, Paul                   
Every Night                        McCartney, Paul                   
Famous Groupies                    McCartney, Paul                   
Figure Of Eight                    McCartney, Paul                   
Footprints                         McCartney, Paul                   
For No One                         McCartney, Paul                   
Front Parlour                      McCartney, Paul                   
Frozen Jap                         McCartney, Paul                   
Get It                             McCartney, Paul                   
Get On The Right Thing             McCartney, Paul                   
Getting Closer                     McCartney, Paul                  
Girlfriend                         McCartney, Paul                   
Give Ireland Back To The Irish     McCartney, Paul                   
Good Day Sunshine                  McCartney, Paul                   
Good Times Coming / Feel The Sun   McCartney, Paul                   
Goodnight Tonight                  McCartney, Paul                   
Heart Of The Country               McCartney, Paul                   
Helen Wheels                       McCartney, Paul                   
Here Today                         McCartney, Paul                   
Here, There And Everywhere         McCartney, Paul                   
Hey Hey                            McCartney, Paul                   
Hi Hi Hi                           McCartney, Paul                   
Hot As Sun                         McCartney, Paul                   
How Many People                    McCartney, Paul                   
However Absurd                     McCartney, Paul                   
I Am Your Singer                   McCartney, Paul                   
I'm Carrying                       McCartney, Paul                   
I've Had Enough                    McCartney, Paul                   
I've Just Seen A Face              McCartney, Paul                   
It's Just Another Day              McCartney, Paul                   
Jet                                McCartney, Paul                   
Juniors Farm                       McCartney, Paul                   
Just Another Day                   McCartney, Paul                   
Keep Under Cover                   McCartney, Paul                   
Lady Madonna                       McCartney, Paul                   
Let 'Em In                         McCartney, Paul                   
Let Me Roll It                     McCartney, Paul                   
Letting Go                         McCartney, Paul                   
Listen To What The Man Said        McCartney, Paul                   
Little Lamb Dragon Fly             McCartney, Paul                   
Little Woman Love                  McCartney, Paul                   
Live And Let Die                   McCartney, Paul                   
London Town                        McCartney, Paul                   
Lonely Old People                  McCartney, Paul                   
Long Haired Lady                   McCartney, Paul                   
Loup (First Indian On The Moon)    McCartney, Paul                   
Love In Song                       McCartney, Paul                   
Love Is Strange                    McCartney, Paul                   
Lovely Linda                       McCartney, Paul                   
Magneto And Titanium Man           McCartney, Paul                   
Mamunia                            McCartney, Paul                   
Man We Was Lonely                  McCartney, Paul                   
Mary Had A Little Lamb             McCartney, Paul                   
Maybe I'm Amazed                   McCartney, Paul                   
Medicine Jar                       McCartney, Paul                   
Medley:Hold Me/Lazy/Hands/Power CutMcCartney, Paul                   
Momma Miss America                 McCartney, Paul                   
Monkberry Moon Delight             McCartney, Paul                   
Morse Moose And The Grey Goose     McCartney, Paul                   
Motor Of Love                      McCartney, Paul                   
Move Over Busker                   McCartney, Paul                   
Mrs. Vanderbilt                    McCartney, Paul                   
Mull Of Kintyre                    McCartney, Paul                   
Must Do Something About It         McCartney, Paul                   
My Brave Face                      McCartney, Paul                   
My Carnival                        McCartney, Paul                   
My Love                            McCartney, Paul                   
Name And Address                   McCartney, Paul                   
Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five   McCartney, Paul                   
No More Lonely Nights              McCartney, Paul                   
No Values                          McCartney, Paul                   
No Words                           McCartney, Paul                   
Nobody Knows                       McCartney, Paul                   
Not Such A Bad Boy                 McCartney, Paul                   
Ode To A Koala Bear                McCartney, Paul                   
Off The Ground                     McCartney, Paul                   
Old Siam, Sir                      McCartney, Paul                   
On The Way                         McCartney, Paul                   
One Of These Days                  McCartney, Paul                   
Only Love Remains                  McCartney, Paul                   
Only One More Kiss                 McCartney, Paul                   
Ooh You                            McCartney, Paul                   
Picasso's Last Words (Drink To Me) McCartney, Paul                   
Pipes Of Peace                     McCartney, Paul                   
Pound Is Sinking                   McCartney, Paul                   
Press                              McCartney, Paul                   
Pretty Little Head                 McCartney, Paul                   
Put It There                       McCartney, Paul                   
Ram On                             McCartney, Paul                   
Reception                          McCartney, Paul                   
Rock Show                          McCartney, Paul                   
Rockestra Theme                    McCartney, Paul                   
Rough Ride                         McCartney, Paul                   
Sally G.                           McCartney, Paul                   
San Ferry Anne                     McCartney, Paul                   
Say Say Say                        McCartney, Paul                   
She's My Baby                      McCartney, Paul                   
Silly Love Songs                   McCartney, Paul                   
Singalong Junk                     McCartney, Paul                   
Single Pigeon                      McCartney, Paul                   
Smile Away                         McCartney, Paul                   
So Bad                             McCartney, Paul                   
So Glad To See You Here            McCartney, Paul                   
Soily Soily Soily                  McCartney, Paul                   
Some People Never Know             McCartney, Paul                   
Somebody Who Cares                 McCartney, Paul                   
Spin It On                         McCartney, Paul                   
Spirits Of Ancient Egypt           McCartney, Paul                   
Strangle Hold                      McCartney, Paul                   
Stranglehold                       McCartney, Paul                   
Summer's Day Song                  McCartney, Paul                   
Sweetest Little Show               McCartney, Paul                   
Take It Away                       McCartney, Paul                   
Talk More Talk                     McCartney, Paul                   
Temporary Secretary                McCartney, Paul                   
That Day Is Done                   McCartney, Paul                   
That Would Be Something            McCartney, Paul                   
The Broadcast                      McCartney, Paul                   
The Long And Winding Road          McCartney, Paul                   
The Lovers That Never Were         McCartney, Paul                   
The Man                            McCartney, Paul                   
The Note You Never Wrote           McCartney, Paul                   
The Other Me                       McCartney, Paul                  
This One                           McCartney, Paul                   
Through Our Love                   McCartney, Paul                   
Time To Hide                       McCartney, Paul                   
To You                             McCartney, Paul                   
Tomorrow                           McCartney, Paul                   
Too Many People                    McCartney, Paul                   
Treat Her Gently                   McCartney, Paul                   
Tug Of Peace                       McCartney, Paul                   
Tug Of War                         McCartney, Paul                   
Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey      McCartney, Paul                   
Venus And Mars (Reprise)           McCartney, Paul                   
Venus And Mars / Rock Show         McCartney, Paul                   
Wanderlust                         McCartney, Paul                   
Warm And Beautiful                 McCartney, Paul                   
Waterfalls                         McCartney, Paul                   
We Got Married                     McCartney, Paul                   
We're Open Tonight                 McCartney, Paul                   
When The Night                     McCartney, Paul                   
Wild Life                          McCartney, Paul                   
Winedark Open See                  McCartney, Paul                   
Wino Junko                         McCartney, Paul                   
Winter Rose / Love Awake           McCartney, Paul                   
With A Little Luck                 McCartney, Paul                   
Yesterday                          McCartney, Paul                   
You Gave Me The Answer             McCartney, Paul                   
You Want Her Too                   McCartney, Paul                   
Zoo Gang                           McCartney, Paul                   
Ebony And Ivory                    McCartney, Paul/Stevie Wonder          
What's That You're Doing           McCartney, Paul/Stevie Wonder          
So This Is Love                    McClain, Charly                   
Heart Stop Beating In Time         McCoo, Marilyn                    
It's A Cryin' Shame                McCormick, Gayle                  
The Hustle                         McCoy, Van                        
Fever                              McCoys                            
Hang On Sloopy                     McCoys                            
Rockin' Chair                      McCrae, Gwen                      
Anger And Tears                    McDaniel, Mel                     
Love Is Everywhere                 McDaniel, Mel                     
A Hundred Pounds Of Clay           McDaniels, Gene                   
Chip Chip                          McDaniels, Gene                   
Spanish Lace                       McDaniels, Gene                   
Blink Of An Eye                    McDonald, Michael                 
East Of Eden                       McDonald, Michael                 
Hey Girl                           McDonald, Michael                 
I Gotta Try                        McDonald, Michael                 
I Keep Forgetting                  McDonald, Michael                 
I Stand For You                    McDonald, Michael                 
I Want You                         McDonald, Michael                 
More To Us Than That               McDonald, Michael                 
No Looking Back                    McDonald, Michael                 
No Such Luck                       McDonald, Michael                 
Our Love                           McDonald, Michael                 
Sweet Freedom                      McDonald, Michael                 
What Makes A Man Hold On           McDonald, Michael                
Whoever's In New England           McEntire, Reba                   
Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now           McFadden & Whitehead             
Don't Worry, Be Happy              McFerrin, Bobby                  
A Place In Your Heart              McGarrigle, Kate & Anna           
Hold On                            McGarrigle, Kate & Anna           
Love Is                            McGarrigle, Kate & Anna           
Move Over Moon                     McGarrigle, Kate & Anna           
Sun Son                            McGarrigle, Kate & Anna           
Morning After                      McGovern, Maureen                 
Three Little Birds                 McGregor, Freddie                 
Sincerely                          McGuire Sisters                   
Eve Of Destruction                 McGuire, Barry                    
San Francisco                      McKenzie, Scott                   
Buffalo Gals                       McLaren, Malcolm                  
Double Dutch                       McLaren, Malcolm                 
Down By The Henry Moore            McLauchlan, Murray                
Farmer's Song                      McLauchlan, Murray              
If The Wind Could Blow My Troubles McLauchlan, Murray         
Whispering Rain                    McLauchlan, Murray                
Castles In The Air                 McLean, Don                       
Crying                             McLean, Don                       
Georgia Eyes                       McLean, Nana                      
Lady Bump                          McLean, Penny                      
Lay A Little Lovin' On Me          McNamara, Robin                  
A Lover's Question                 McPhatter, Clyde                  
Lover Please                       McPhatter, Clyde                  
Lord's Prayer                      Mead, Sister Janet                                                
Bat Out Of Hell                    Meatloaf                          
Hot Summer Night                   Meatloaf                          
Modern Girl                        Meatloaf                          
Paradise Under The Dashboard Light Meatloaf  
Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad         Meatloaf                                   
Big Band Medley                    Meco                              
Pop Goes The Movies...Medley       Meco                              
Spooky                             Meco                              
Star Wars                          Meco                              
Love Always Finds A Reason         Medeiros, Glenn                   
Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For Medeiros, Glenn                   
I'm No Angel                       Medley, Bill                      
Till Your Memory's Gone            Medley, Bill                      
Time Of My Life                    Medley, Bill & Jennifer Warnes          
Never Been In Love                 Meisner, Randy                    
Starting All Over Again            Mel & Tim                         
Brand New Key                      Melanie                           
Go Out Steppin'                    Melanie                           
Good Book                          Melanie                           
Lay Down (Candles In The Rain)     Melanie                          
Peace Will Come                    Melanie                           
The Good Book                      Melanie                           
Authority Song                     Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Between A Laugh And A Tear         Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Big Daddy Of Them All              Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Check It Out                       Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Cherry Bomb                        Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Country Gentleman                  Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Crumblin' Down                     Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Down And Out In Paradise           Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Empty Hands                        Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Hand To Hold On To                 Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Hard Times For An Honest Man       Mellencamp, John Cougar                           
Hotdogs And Hamburgers             Mellencamp, John Cougar 
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus    Mellencamp, John Cougar                              
J.M.'s Question                    Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Jack & Diane                       Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Jackie Brown                       Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Justice And Independence           Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Lonely Ol' Night                   Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Mansions In Heaven                 Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Martha Say                         Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Minutes To Memories                Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Paper In Fire                      Mellencamp, John Cougar                                
Pink Houses                        Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Pop Singer                         Mellencamp, John Cougar           
R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A.             Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Rain On The Scarecrow              Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Rave On                            Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Rooty Toot Toot                    Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Rumbleseat                         Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Shama Lama Ding Dong               Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Small Town                         Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Sometimes A Great Notion           Mellencamp, John Cougar           
The Face Of The Nation             Mellencamp, John Cougar           
The Real Life                      Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Theo And Weird Henry               Mellencamp, John Cougar           
To Live                            Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Under The Boardwalk                Mellencamp, John Cougar           
Void In My Heart                   Mellencamp, John Cougar           
We Are The People                  Mellencamp, John Cougar           
You've Got To Stand For Somethin'  Mellencamp, John Cougar           
If You Don't Know Me By Now        Melvin, Harold & The Bluenotes          
The Love I Lost                    Melvin, Harold & The Bluenotes          
Be Good Johnny                     Men At Work                       
Blue For You                       Men At Work                       
Catch A Star                       Men At Work                       
Children On Parade                 Men At Work                       
Down By The Sea                    Men At Work                       
Down Under                         Men At Work                       
Dr. Heckyll & Mr. Jive             Men At Work                       
Everything I Need                  Men At Work                       
Giving Up                          Men At Work                       
Hard Luck Story                    Men At Work                       
High Wire                          Men At Work                       
I Can See It In Your Eyes          Men At Work                       
I Like To                          Men At Work                       
It's A Mistake                     Men At Work                       
Man With Two Hearts                Men At Work                       
Maria                              Men At Work                       
No Restrictions                    Men At Work                       
No Sign Of Yesterday               Men At Work                       
Overkill                           Men At Work                       
Sail To You                        Men At Work                       
Settle Down My Boy                 Men At Work                       
Snakes And Ladders                 Men At Work                       
Stay At Home                       Men At Work                       
Still Life                         Men At Work                       
Touching The Untouchables          Men At Work                       
Underground                        Men At Work                       
Upstairs In My House               Men At Work                       
Who Can It Be Now?                 Men At Work                       
21st Century Safety Dance          Men Without Hats                  
All We Do                          Men Without Hats                  
Ban The Game                       Men Without Hats                  
Bright Side Of The Sun             Men Without Hats                  
Cocoricci                          Men Without Hats                  
Eloise & I                         Men Without Hats                  
Everybody's Selling Something      Men Without Hats                  
Here Come The 90's                 Men Without Hats                  
Hey Men                            Men Without Hats                  
I Got The Message                  Men Without Hats                  
I Like                             Men Without Hats                  
I'm In Love                        Men Without Hats                  
Ideas For Walls                    Men Without Hats                  
In The 21st Century                Men Without Hats                  
In The Name Of Angels              Men Without Hats                  
Jenny Wore Black                   Men Without Hats                  
Living In China                    Men Without Hats                  
Lose My Way                        Men Without Hats                  
Moonbeam                           Men Without Hats                  
O Sole Mio                         Men Without Hats                  
On Tuesday                         Men Without Hats                  
Pop Goes The World                 Men Without Hats                  
S.O.S.                             Men Without Hats                  
Safety Dance                       Men Without Hats                  
The End Of The World               Men Without Hats                  
The Great Ones Remember            Men Without Hats                  
The Real World                     Men Without Hats                  
The Safety Dance                   Men Without Hats                  
Things In My Life                  Men Without Hats                  
Underneath The Rainbow             Men Without Hats                  
Walk On Water                      Men Without Hats                  
You & Me                           Men Without Hats                  
Carnaval                           Mendes, Sergio                    
My Summer Love                     Mendes, Sergio                    
Never Gonna Let You Go             Mendes, Sergio                    
Rainbow's End                      Mendes, Sergio                    
Too Many Times                     Mental As Anything                
Love Kills                         Mercury, Freddie                  
Forever                            Mercy                             
Love Can Make You Happy            Mercy                             
Few Of The Things He Loves         Mermaids                          
1-2-3                              Miami Sound Machine               
Anything For You                   Miami Sound Machine               
Bad Boy                            Miami Sound Machine               
Conga                              Miami Sound Machine               
Hot Summer Nights                  Miami Sound Machine               
I Can't Stay Away From You         Miami Sound Machine               
Rhythm Is Gonna Get You            Miami Sound Machine               
Uh Oh (Fallin' In Love)            Miami Sound Machine               
He Can't Love You                  Michael Stanley Band              
My Town                            Michael Stanley Band              
Let's All Chant                    Michael Zager Band                
Faith                              Michael, George                   
Father Figure                      Michael, George                   
Kissing A Fool                     Michael, George                   
One More Try                       Michael, George                   
Praying For Time                   Michael, George                   
They Won't Go When I Go            Michael, George                   
You Know What I Mean               Michaels, Lee                     
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy            Midler, Bette                     
Favorite Waste Of Time             Midler, Bette                     
Rose                               Midler, Bette                     
Arctic World                       Midnight Oil                      
Beds Are Burning                   Midnight Oil                      
Bullroarer                         Midnight Oil                      
Dead Heart                         Midnight Oil                      
Dreamworld                         Midnight Oil                      
Put Down That Weapon               Midnight Oil                      
Sell My Soul                       Midnight Oil                      
Sometimes                          Midnight Oil                      
Warakurna                          Midnight Oil                      
Whoah                              Midnight Oil                      
If Only For The Moment, Girl       Midnight Star                     
Operator                           Midnight Star                     
All I Need Is A Miracle            Mike & The Mechanics              
Silent Running                     Mike & The Mechanics              
Taken In                           Mike & The Mechanics              
Burning Bridges                    Mike Curb Congregation            
Can You Give It All To Me?         Miles And Lenny                   
Magic Night                        Miller, Bruce                     
Summer Of Our Love                 Miller, Bruce                     
Queen Of The House                 Miller, Jody                      
Be My Baby                         Miller, Joni                     
Yellow Rose Of Texas               Miller, Mitch                     
March From The River Kwai          Miller, Mitch & Orchestra             
Ask My Heart                       Miller, Ned                       
Back To strangers                  Miller, Ned                       
Do What You Do Do Well             Miller, Ned                       
Down The Street                    Miller, Ned                       
Dusty Guitar                       Miller, Ned                       
Faces And Places And Things        Miller, Ned                       
For Awhile                         Miller, Ned                       
From A Jack To A King              Miller, Ned                       
Linda Lee                          Miller, Ned                       
Love Glow                          Miller, Ned                       
She Goes To Mama And He Goes To    Miller, Ned                       
The Fall Of The King               Miller, Ned                       
The Ring On The Bar                Miller, Ned                       
Two Voices, Two Shadows, Two Faces Miller, Ned                       
Whistle Walkin'                    Miller, Ned                       
Big Harlan Taylor                  Miller, Roger                     
Boeing Boeing 707                  Miller, Roger                     
Engine Engine #9                   Miller, Roger                     
England Swings                     Miller, Roger                     
I'll Pick Up My Heart And Go Home  Miller, Roger                     
It Happened That Way               Miller, Roger                     
Kansas City Star                   Miller, Roger                     
King Of The Road                   Miller, Roger                     
River In The Rain                  Miller, Roger                     
Swing Low Swingin' Chariot         Miller, Roger                     
Swiss Maid                         Miller, Roger                     
The Good Old Days                  Miller, Roger                     
The Last Word In Lonesome Is Me    Miller, Roger                     
This Town                          Miller, Roger                     
Tom Green County Fair              Miller, Roger                     
Walkin' In The Sunshine            Miller, Roger                     
Water Dog                          Miller, Roger                     
Abracadabra                        Miller, Steve                     
Ain't That Lovin' You Baby         Miller, Steve                     
Babes In The Wood                  Miller, Steve                     
Behind The Barn                    Miller, Steve                     
Big Boss Man                       Miller, Steve                     
Big Old Jetliner                   Miller, Steve                     
Bongo Bongo                        Miller, Steve                     
Caress Me Baby                     Miller, Steve                     
Come On Into My Kitchen            Miller, Steve                     
Cool Magic                         Miller, Steve                     
Daybreak                           Miller, Steve                     
Dear Mary                          Miller, Steve                     
Find A Love                        Miller, Steve                     
Fly Like An Eagle                  Miller, Steve                     
Give It Up                         Miller, Steve                     
Going To The Country               Miller, Steve                     
Golden Opportunity                 Miller, Steve                     
Goodbye Love                       Miller, Steve                     
Harmony Of The Spheres             Miller, Steve                     
Heart Like A Wheel                 Miller, Steve                     
I Feel Free                        Miller, Steve                     
I Love You                         Miller, Steve                     
I Wanna Be Loved                   Miller, Steve                     
I Want To Make The World Turn      Miller, Steve                     
In The Wintertime                  Miller, Steve                     
Italian X-Rays                     Miller, Steve                     
Joker                              Miller, Steve                     
Jungle Love                        Miller, Steve                     
Keeps Me Wondering Why             Miller, Steve                     
Kow Kow Kalqulator                 Miller, Steve                     
Living In The 20th Century         Miller, Steve                     
Maelstrom                          Miller, Steve                     
My Babe                            Miller, Steve                     
Never Say No                       Miller, Steve                     
Nobody But You Baby                Miller, Steve                     
Nobody Loves You                   Miller, Steve                     
One In A Million                   Miller, Steve                     
Out Of The Night                   Miller, Steve                     
Radio                              Miller, Steve                     
Sacrifice                          Miller, Steve                     
Seasons                            Miller, Steve                     
Shangri-La                         Miller, Steve                     
Slinky                             Miller, Steve                     
Something Special                  Miller, Steve                     
The Blues                          Miller, Steve                     
The Hollywood Dream                Miller, Steve                     
Things I Told You                  Miller, Steve                     
Threshold                          Miller, Steve                     
While I'm Waiting                  Miller, Steve                     
Who Do You Love                    Miller, Steve                     
Wild Mountain Honey                Miller, Steve                     
Wish Upon A Star                   Miller, Steve                     
Young Girl's Heart                 Miller, Steve                    
Music Box Dancer                   Mills, Frank                      
Peter Piper                        Mills, Frank                      
Let's Get Together                 Mills, Hayley                     
Keep Away, Girls                   Mills, Stephanie                  
A Legend In My Time                Milsap, Ronnie                    
Any Day Now                        Milsap, Ronnie                    
Back On My Mind Again              Milsap, Ronnie                    
Daydreams About Night Things       Milsap, Ronnie                    
Don't You Know How Much I Love You?Milsap, Ronnie                    
I Guess I Just Missed You          Milsap, Ronnie                    
I Hate You                         Milsap, Ronnie                    
I Might Have Said                  Milsap, Ronnie                    
I Wouldn't Have Missed It          Milsap, Ronnie                    
I'll Take Care Of You              Milsap, Ronnie                    
It Was Almost Like A Song          Milsap, Ronnie                    
Jesus Is Your Ticket               Milsap, Ronnie                    
Let My Love Be                     Milsap, Ronnie                    
Let's Take The Long Way Around     Milsap, Ronnie                    
Night By Night                     Milsap, Ronnie                    
One More Try For Love              Milsap, Ronnie                    
Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Milsap, Ronnie                    
Prisoner Of The Highway            Milsap, Ronnie                    
Pure Love                          Milsap, Ronnie                    
She Loves My Car                   Milsap, Ronnie                    
She's Always In Love               Milsap, Ronnie                    
Show Her                           Milsap, Ronnie                    
Smoky Mountain Rain                Milsap, Ronnie                    
Stand By My Woman Man              Milsap, Ronnie                    
Still Losing You                   Milsap, Ronnie                    
stranger In My House               Milsap, Ronnie                    
Suburbia                           Milsap, Ronnie                    
There's No Getting Over Me         Milsap, Ronnie                    
What A Difference You've Made      Milsap, Ronnie                    
Cry Baby                           Mimms, Garnet & The Enchanters    
Groovy Kind Of Love		   Mindbenders             
Locomotion                         Minogue, Kylie                   
Canvas Of Life                     Minor Detail                      
Heaven Street                      Minutes From Downtown             
I Don't Blame You At All           Miracles                          
Tears Of A Clown                   Miracles                       
My Heart Cries For You             Mitchell, Guy                     
Singing The Blues                  Mitchell, Guy                     
Carey                              Mitchell, Joni                    
Circle Game                        Mitchell, Joni                    
Free Man In Paris                  Mitchell, Joni                    
Help Me                            Mitchell, Joni                    
Raised On Robbery                  Mitchell, Joni                    
You Turn Me On (I'm A Radio)       Mitchell, Joni                    
Patio Lanterns                     Mitchell, Kim                    
La Corrida                         Mitsou                            
Eres Tu (Touch The Wind)           Mocedades                        
I Melt With You                    Modern English                    
Burn It!                           Modern Romance                    
Brother Louie                      Modern Talking                    
Love On A Two-Way Street           Moments                        
Baby Hold On                       Money, Eddie                      
Baby, Hold On                      Money, Eddie                      
Big Crash                          Money, Eddie                      
Endless Nights                     Money, Eddie                      
Get A Move On                      Money, Eddie                      
I Wanna Go Back                    Money, Eddie                      
I'm Moving On                      Money, Eddie                      
Take Me Home Tonight               Money, Eddie                      
Daydream Believer                  Monkees                           
Good Clean Fun                     Monkees                           
I'm A Believer                     Monkees                           
Last Train To Clarksville          Monkees                           
Mommy And Daddy                    Monkees                           
That Was Then                      Monkees                           
Drugs In My Pocket                 Monks                             
Around The World                   Monro, Matt                       
Born Free                          Monro, Matt                       
For Mama                           Monro, Matt                       
From Russia With Love              Monro, Matt                       
Gonna Build A Mountain             Monro, Matt                       
Impossible Dream                   Monro, Matt                       
Michelle                           Monro, Matt                       
My Kind of Girl                    Monro, Matt                       
My Love And Devotion               Monro, Matt                       
On A Clear Day You Can See Forever Monro, Matt                       
On Days Like These                 Monro, Matt                       
Portrait Of My Love                Monro, Matt                       
Softly As I Leave You              Monro, Matt                       
Somewhere                          Monro, Matt                       
Speak Softly Love                  Monro, Matt                       
This Time                          Monro, Matt                       
Walk Away                          Monro, Matt                       
We're Gonna Change The World       Monro, Matt                       
Who Can I Turn To?                 Monro, Matt                       
Yesterday                          Monro, Matt                       
Ever So Lonely                     Monsoon      
For A Few Dollars More             Montenegro, Hugo  
Hang 'Em High		           Montenegro, Hugo                                 
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly     Montenegro, Hugo                  
Call Me                            Montez, Chris                     
Let's Dance                        Montez, Chris                   
22,000 Days                        Moody Blues                       
After You Came                     Moody Blues                       
And The Tide Rushes In             Moody Blues                       
Another Morning                    Moody Blues                       
Are You Sitting Comfortably        Moody Blues      
Best Way To Travel                 Moody Blues                              
Bless The Wings                    Moody Blues                       
Blue World                         Moody Blues                       
Breaking Point                     Moody Blues                       
Candle Of Life                     Moody Blues                       
Celtic Sonant                      Moody Blues                       
Dawn Is A Feeling                  Moody Blues                       
Dawning Is The Day                 Moody Blues                       
Dear Diary                         Moody Blues                       
Deep                               Moody Blues                       
Don't You Feel Small               Moody Blues                       
Dr. Livingstone, I Presume         Moody Blues                             
Driftwood                          Moody Blues                       
Emily's Song                       Moody Blues                       
Eternity Road                      Moody Blues                       
Eyes Of A Child                    Moody Blues                       
Floating                           Moody Blues                       
For My Lady                        Moody Blues                       
Gemini Dream                       Moody Blues                       
Gimme A Little Somethin'           Moody Blues                       
Going Nowhere                      Moody Blues                       
Gypsy                              Moody Blues                       
Had To Fall In Love                Moody Blues                       
Have You Heard                     Moody Blues                       
Here Comes The Weekend             Moody Blues                       
Higher And Higher                  Moody Blues                       
Hope And Pray                      Moody Blues                       
House Of Four Doors                Moody Blues                       
How Is It We Are Here              Moody Blues                       
I Am                               Moody Blues                       
I Just Don't Care                  Moody Blues                       
I Know You're Out There Somewhere  Moody Blues                       
I Never Thought I'd Live To Be 100 Moody Blues                       
I'll Be Level With You             Moody Blues                       
I'm Just A Singer                  Moody Blues                       
I'm Your Man                       Moody Blues                       
In My World                        Moody Blues                       
Into The Beginning                 Moody Blues                       
Is This Heaven                     Moody Blues                       
Isn't Life Strange                 Moody Blues                       
It May Be A Fire                   Moody Blues                       
It's Cold Outside Of Your Heart    Moody Blues                       
It's Up To You                     Moody Blues                       
King And Queen                     Moody Blues   
Land Of Make Believe               Moody Blues                     
Late Lament                        Moody Blues                       
Lazy Day                           Moody Blues                       
Lean On Me Tonight                 Moody Blues                       
Legend Of A Mind                   Moody Blues                       
Long Summer Days                   Moody Blues                       
Lost In A Lost World               Moody Blues                       
Love Is On The Run                 Moody Blues                       
Lovely To See You                  Moody Blues                       
Magic                              Moody Blues                       
Meanwhile                          Moody Blues                       
Meet Me Halfway                    Moody Blues                       
Melancholy Man                     Moody Blues                       
Minstrel's Song                    Moody Blues                       
Miracle                            Moody Blues                       
My Song                            Moody Blues                       
Nervous                            Moody Blues                       
Never Blame The Rainbows           Moody Blues                       
Never Comes The Day                Moody Blues                       
New Horizons                       Moody Blues                       
Nice To Be Here                    Moody Blues                       
Nights In White Satin              Moody Blues                       
No More Lies                       Moody Blues                       
Om                                 Moody Blues                       
Once Is Enough                     Moody Blues                       
One More Time To Live              Moody Blues                       
One Step Into The Light            Moody Blues                       
Other Side Of Life                 Moody Blues                       
Our Guessing Game                  Moody Blues                       
Out And In                         Moody Blues                       
Painted Smile                      Moody Blues                       
Peak Hour                          Moody Blues                       
Please Think About It              Moody Blues                       
Question                           Moody Blues                       
Reflective Smile                   Moody Blues                       
Ride My See-Saw                    Moody Blues                       
River Of Endless Love              Moody Blues                       
Rock 'N' Roll Over You             Moody Blues                       
Running Out Of Love                Moody Blues                       
Running Water                      Moody Blues                       
Say It With Love                   Moody Blues                       
Say What You Mean (Parts I & II)   Moody Blues                       
Send Me No Wine                    Moody Blues                       
Shadows On The Wall                Moody Blues                       
Sitting At The Wheel               Moody Blues                       
Slings And Arrows                  Moody Blues                       
So Deep Within You                 Moody Blues                       
Sorry                              Moody Blues                       
Steppin' In A Slide Zone           Moody Blues                       
Story In Your Eyes                 Moody Blues                       
Sun Is Still Shining               Moody Blues                                
Survival                           Moody Blues                       
Talkin' Talkin'                    Moody Blues                       
Talking Out Of Turn                Moody Blues                       
The Actor                          Moody Blues                       
The Balance                        Moody Blues                                
The Day Begins                     Moody Blues                       
The Day We Meet Again              Moody Blues                       
The Dream                          Moody Blues                                                                    
The Spirit                         Moody Blues                                     
The Sunset                         Moody Blues                       
The Voice                          Moody Blues                       
The Voyage                         Moody Blues                       
The Word                           Moody Blues                       
To Share Our Love                  Moody Blues                       
Top Rank Suite                     Moody Blues                       
Tortoise And The Hare              Moody Blues                       
Tuesday Afternoon                  Moody Blues                       
Twilight Time                      Moody Blues                       
Under Moonshine                    Moody Blues                       
Under My Feet                      Moody Blues                       
Veteran Cosmic Rocker              Moody Blues                       
Vintage Wine                       Moody Blues                       
Visions Of Paradise                Moody Blues                       
Voices In The Sky                  Moody Blues                          
Want To Be With You                Moody Blues                       
Watching And Waiting               Moody Blues                       
What Am I Doing Here?              Moody Blues                       
When You're A Free Man             Moody Blues                       
You And Me                         Moody Blues                       
You Can Never Go Home              Moody Blues                       
Your Wildest Dreams                Moody Blues                       
Misty Blue                         Moore, Dorothy                    
Always Going To Love You           Moore, Gary                       
Don't Take Me For A Loser          Moore, Gary                       
Falling In Love With You           Moore, Gary                       
Shape Of Things                    Moore, Gary                     
Picke Me Up, I'll Dance            Moore, Melba                    
You Stepped Into My Life           Moore, Melba                                        
Machines                           Moroder, Giorgio                  
Madeline's Theme                   Moroder, Giorgio  
The Chase                          Moroder, Giorgio  
The Duel                           Moroder, Giorgio                               
Valley Of The Dolls                Moroder, Giorgio                  
Electric Dreams                    Moroder, Giorgio & Phil Oakey          
I Will Never Stop Loving You       Morris, Gary                      
Wind Beneath My Wings              Morris, Gary                      
A Sense Of Wonder                  Morrison, Van                     
Blue Money                         Morrison, Van                     
Brown Eyed Girl                    Morrison, Van                     
Cleaning Windows                   Morrison, Van                     
Domino                             Morrison, Van                     
Irish Heartbeat                    Morrison, Van                     
Ivory Tower                        Morrison, Van                     
Moondance                          Morrison, Van                     
Redwood Tree                       Morrison, Van                     
When That Evening Sun Goes Down    Morrison, Van                     
Wild Night                         Morrison, Van               
When I Die                         Motherlode                        
An English Country Garden          Mouskouri, Nana                   
An Eriskay Love Lilt               Mouskouri, Nana                   
Danny Boy                          Mouskouri, Nana                   
Early One Morning                  Mouskouri, Nana                   
Greek Tune                         Mouskouri, Nana                   
He Moved Through The Fair          Mouskouri, Nana                   
I Gave My Love A Cherry            Mouskouri, Nana                   
Keepin' The Love Alive             Mouskouri, Nana                   
Skye Boat Song                     Mouskouri, Nana                   
Spinning Wheel                     Mouskouri, Nana                   
The Ash Grove                      Mouskouri, Nana                   
Turn On The Sun                    Mouskouri, Nana                   
How Do You Do?                     Mouth & MacNeal                   
All Cried Out                      Moyet, Alison                     
Coventry Carol                     Moyet, Alison                    
Invisible                          Moyet, Alison                     
Weak In The Presence Of Beauty     Moyet, Alison                    
Broken Wings                       Mr. Mister                        
Is It Love                         Mr. Mister                        
Kyrie                              Mr. Mister                        
Heaven Help Me                     Muchael, George/Don Estus         
In The Summertime                  Mungo Jerry                       
Blue Sky Riding Song               Murphey, Michael                  
Carolina In The Pines              Murphey, Michael                  
Cherokee Fiddle                    Murphey, Michael                  
Desert Rat                         Murphey, Michael                  
Disenchanted                       Murphey, Michael                  
Don't Count The Rainy Days         Murphey, Michael                  
Geronimo's Cadillac                Murphey, Michael                  
Love Affairs                       Murphey, Michael                  
Medicine Man                       Murphey, Michael                  
Night Thunder                      Murphey, Michael                  
Radio Land                         Murphey, Michael                  
Rings Of Life                      Murphey, Michael                  
Secret Mountain Hideout            Murphey, Michael                  
Still Takin' Chances               Murphey, Michael                  
What She Wants                     Murphey, Michael                  
What's Forever For                 Murphey, Michael                  
Widlfire                           Murphey, Michael                  
Wild Bird                          Murphey, Michael                  
Wildfire                           Murphey, Michael                  
Wildfire (45)                      Murphey, Michael                  
Will It Be Love By Morning         Murphey, Michael                  
Without My Lady There              Murphey, Michael                  
Party All The Time                 Murphy, Eddie                     
All Night Long                     Murphy, Peter                     
A Little Good News                 Murray, Anne                      
A Love Song                        Murray, Anne                      
Anyone Can Do The Heartache        Murray, Anne                      
As I Am                            Murray, Anne                      
Blessed Are The Believers          Murray, Anne                     
Broken-Hearted Me                  Murray, Anne                      
Call Us Fools                      Murray, Anne                      
Come On Love                       Murray, Anne                      
Come To Me                         Murray, Anne                      
Cotton Jenny                       Murray, Anne                      
Could I Have This Dance            Murray, Anne                     
Danny's Song                       Murray, Anne                      
Daydream Beiever                   Murray, Anne                      
Flying On Your Own                 Murray, Anne                      
Gotcha                             Murray, Anne                      
Heart Stealer                      Murray, Anne                      
Heartaches                         Murray, Anne                      
I Don't Think I'm Ready For You    Murray, Anne                      
I Just Fall In Love Again          Murray, Anne                      
I Should Know By Now               Murray, Anne                      
I'll Be Your Eyes                  Murray, Anne                      
I'm Losing Your Love               Murray, Anne                      
I'm Not Afraid Anymore             Murray, Anne                      
If I Don't Fall Tonight            Murray, Anne                      
Just Another Woman In Love         Murray, Anne                      
Just One Look                      Murray, Anne                      
Let Your Heart Do The Taking       Murray, Anne                      
Long Way From Sunday School        Murray, Anne                      
Love You Out Of Your Mind          Murray, Anne                      
Lucky Me                           Murray, Anne                      
My Life's A Dance                  Murray, Anne                      
Now And Forever                    Murray, Anne                      
On And On                          Murray, Anne                      
Once You've Had It                 Murray, Anne                      
Our Love                           Murray, Anne                      
Perfect strangers                  Murray, Anne                      
Put Your Hand In The Hand          Murray, Anne                      
Reach For Me                       Murray, Anne                      
Sentimental Favorite               Murray, Anne                      
Shadows In The Moonlight           Murray, Anne                      
Slow All Night                     Murray, Anne                      
Slow Passin' Time                  Murray, Anne                      
Snow Bird                          Murray, Anne                      
Take Good Care Of My Heart         Murray, Anne                      
Take It From My Heart              Murray, Anne                      
That's Not The Way                 Murray, Anne                      
The More We Try                    Murray, Anne                      
Time Don't Run Out On Me           Murray, Anne                      
What About Me?                     Murray, Anne                      
When I Can't Have You              Murray, Anne                      
When You're Gone                   Murray, Anne                      
Who But You                        Murray, Anne                      
Who's Leaving Who?                 Murray, Anne                      
You Haven't Heard The Last Of Me   Murray, Anne                      
You Make Me Curious                Murray, Anne                      
You Needed Me                      Murray, Anne                      
You Never Know                     Murray, Anne                      
You Won't See Me                   Murray, Anne                      
Nobody Loves Me Like You Do        Murray, Anne/Dave Loggins       
Little Bit O' Soul                 Music Explosion                   
Talk Talk                          Music Machine                     
Heartbreaker                       Musical Youth                     
Mirror Mirror                      Musical Youth                     
Pass The Dutchie                   Musical Youth                     
Can You Give It All To Me?         Myles And Lenny                   
Guitar, Talk , Love And Drums      Myrick, Gary                     
Message Is You                     Myrick, Gary                     

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