Pop Songs - S

Take Your Time (Do It Right)       S.O.S. Band                       
Clean Heart                        Sade                              
Fear                               Sade                              
Give It Up                         Sade                              
Hang On To Your Love               Sade                              
Haunt Me                           Sade                              
I Never Thought I'd See The Day    Sade                              
Is It A Crime                      Sade                             
Jezebel                            Sade                              
Keep Looking                       Sade                              
Love Is Stronger Than Pride        Sade                              
Maureen                            Sade                              
Mr. Wrong                          Sade                              
Never As Good As The First Time    Sade                              
Nothing Can Come Between Us        Sade                              
Paradise                           Sade                              
Punch Drunk                        Sade                              
Smooth Operator                    Sade                              
Sweetest Taboo                     Sade                              
Tar Baby                           Sade                              
Turn My Back On You                Sade                              
War Of The Hearts                  Sade                              
Why Can't We Live Together?        Sade                              
You're Not The Man                 Sade                              
Ballad Of The Green Berets         Sadler, Sgt. Barry           
Motorcycle Mama                    Sailcat                           
Sukiyaki                           Sakamoto, Kyu                     
We Wish You A Merry Christmas      Salsoul Orchestra                 
Push It                            Salt 'N' Pepa                      
Shake Your Thang                   Salt 'N' Pepa                       
To Be Loved                        Salvadore                         
Hold On I'm Comin'                 Sam & Dave                        
Soul Man                           Sam & Dave                        
Wooly Bully                        Sam The Sham & Pharoahs           
Burning Up The Carnival            Sample, Joe                       
Come Saturday Morning              Sandpipers                        
Guantanamera                       Sandpipers                        
Emotion                            Sang, Samantha                    
Black Pot Of Fire                  Santa Esmeralda                   
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood      Santa Esmeralda                   
Gloria                             Santa Esmeralda                   
Abi Cama                           Santana                           
Angel Negro                        Santana                           
Aqua Marine                        Santana                           
Bambara                            Santana                           
Bambele                            Santana                           
Black Magic Woman                  Santana                           
Breaking Out                       Santana                           
Brotherhood                        Santana                           
Dance Sister Dance                 Santana                           
Daughter Of The Night              Santana                           
Europa                             Santana                           
Everybody's Everything             Santana                           
Evil Ways                          Santana                           
Guajira                            Santana                           
Hold On                            Santana                           
How Long                           Santana                           
I'm The One Who Loves You          Santana                           
Incident At Neshabur               Santana                           
Jingo                              Santana                           
Jungle Strut                       Santana                           
Just Let The Music Speak           Santana                           
Love Is You                        Santana                           
Mandela                            Santana                           
Mudbone                            Santana                           
Nobody To Depend On                Santana                           
Open Invitation                    Santana                           
Oye Como Va                        Santana                           
Paris Finale                       Santana                           
Peraza I                           Santana                           
Peraza II                          Santana                           
Persuasion                         Santana                           
Right Now                          Santana                           
Say It Again                       Santana                           
She's Not There                    Santana                           
Song Of The Wind                   Santana                           
Soul Sacrifice                     Santana                           
Spirit                             Santana                           
Super Boogie / Hong Kong Blues     Santana                           
Touchdown Raiders                  Santana                           
Veracruz                           Santana                           
Vilato                             Santana                           
Who Loves You                      Santana                           
Winning                            Santana                           
Written In Sand                    Santana                           
You Know That I Love You           Santana                           
Sleep Walk                         Santo & Johnny                 
Where Do You Go To My Lovely?      Sarstedt, Peter                   
Easier Said Than Done              Sattalites                    
Georgia Eyes                       Saxton, Mary                      
'Til You Come Back To Me           Sayer, Leo                        
Aviation                           Sayer, Leo                        
Darlin'                            Sayer, Leo                        
Don't Wait Until Tomorrow          Sayer, Leo                        
Easy To Love                       Sayer, Leo                        
Endless Flight                     Sayer, Leo                        
Everything I've Got                Sayer, Leo                        
Fool For Your Love                 Sayer, Leo                        
Have You Ever Been In Love         Sayer, Leo                        
Heart                              Sayer, Leo                        
Hold On To My Love                 Sayer, Leo                        
How Beautiful You Are              Sayer, Leo                        
How Much Love                      Sayer, Leo                        
I Hear The Laughter                Sayer, Leo                        
I Think We Fell In Love Too Fast   Sayer, Leo                        
I Want You Back                    Sayer, Leo                        
It's Over                          Sayer, Leo                        
Leave Well Enough Alone            Sayer, Leo                        
Love Games                         Sayer, Leo                        
Magdalena                          Sayer, Leo                        
Millionaire                        Sayer, Leo                        
More Than I Can Say                Sayer, Leo                        
Never Had A Dream Come True        Sayer, Leo                        
No Business Like Love Business     Sayer, Leo                        
Orchard Road                       Sayer, Leo                        
Reflections                        Sayer, Leo                        
Sea Of Heartbreak                  Sayer, Leo                        
There Isn't Anything               Sayer, Leo                        
Thunder In My Heart                Sayer, Leo                        
We Can Start All Over              Sayer, Leo                        
When I Need You                    Sayer, Leo                        
World Keeps On Turning             Sayer, Leo                        
Wounded Heart                      Sayer, Leo                        
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing      Sayer, Leo                        
Your Love Still Brings Me          Sayer, Leo                        
Breakdown Deadahead                Scaggs, Boz                       
Claudia                            Scaggs, Boz                       
Cool Running                       Scaggs, Boz                       
Crimes Of Passion                  Scaggs, Boz                       
Funny                              Scaggs, Boz                       
Heart Of Mine                      Scaggs, Boz                       
I Don't Hear You                   Scaggs, Boz                       
Lido Shuffle                       Scaggs, Boz                       
Look What You've Done To Me        Scaggs, Boz                       
Lowdown                            Scaggs, Boz                       
Mental Shakedown                   Scaggs, Boz                       
Right Out Of My Head               Scaggs, Boz                       
The Night Of Van Gogh              Scaggs, Boz                       
What's Number One?                 Scaggs, Boz                       
Living In The U.S.A.               Scaggs, Boz / Steve Miller     
Greatest American Hero Theme       Scarbury, Joey                    
When She Dances                    Scarbury, Joey                    
Mission Impossible Theme           Schifrin, Lalo                    
Major Tom                          Schilling, Peter                  
Boys Night Out                     Schmidt, Timothy B.               
At The Sound Of The Tone           Schneider, John                   
Country Girls                      Schneider, John                   
I'm Gonna Leave You Tomorrow       Schneider, John                   
I've Been Around Enough To Know    Schneider, John                   
If It Was Anyone But You           Schneider, John                   
It's A Short Walk From Heaven      Schneider, John                   
Love, You Ain't Seen The Last Of MeSchneider, John                   
Take The Long Way Home             Schneider, John                   
What's A Memory Like You           Schneider, John                   
You're The Last Thing I Needed     Schneider, John                   
Louisiana Sunday Afternoon         Schuur, Diane                     
All Our Tomorrows                  Schwartz, Eddie                   
Special Girl                       Schwartz, Eddie                   
Bad Boys Running Wild              Scorpions                         
Believe In Love                    Scorpions                         
Big City Nights                    Scorpions                         
Rock Me Like A Hurricane           Scorpions                         
Burning Bridges                    Scott, Jack                       
I've Told Every Little Star        Scott, Linda                      
Reel Medleys                       Scottish Music                 
Perfect Way                        Scritti Politti                  
Thirteen Questions                 Sea Train                         
Don't Cry                          Seal                              
Kiss From A Rose                   Seal                              
Diamond Girl                       Seals & Crofts                    
Help Me Bring Back That Girl       Seals & Crofts                    
It's Gonna Come Down On You        Seals & Crofts                    
King Of Nothing                    Seals & Crofts                    
Ruby Jean And Billie Lee           Seals & Crofts                    
Summer Breeze                      Seals & Crofts                    
We May Never Pass This Way Again   Seals & Crofts                    
Guitar Man Out Of Control          Seals, Dan                        
I Will Be There                    Seals, Dan                        
I'm Still Strung Out On You        Seals, Dan                        
It's Gonna Be Easy Now             Seals, Dan                        
Love's Have Been Woven From        Seals, Dan                        
Lullabye                           Seals, Dan                        
One Friend                         Seals, Dan                        
Out On The Front Line              Seals, Dan                        
Three Time Loser                   Seals, Dan                        
While I'm Here                     Seals, Dan                        
You Still Move Me                  Seals, Dan                        
Love Potion #9                     Searchers                         
Needles And Pins                   Searchers                         
Sugar And Spice                    Searchers                         
Welcome Back                       Sebastian, John                   
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do          Sedaka, Neil                      
Calendar Girl                      Sedaka, Neil                      
Happy Birthday Sweet 16            Sedaka, Neil                      
Immigrant                          Sedaka, Neil                      
Laughter In The Rain               Sedaka, Neil                      
Love In The Shadows                Sedaka, Neil                      
Next Door To An Angel              Sedaka, Neil                      
Stairway To Heaven                 Sedaka, Neil                      
That's When The Music Takes Me     Sedaka, Neil                      
Bad Blood                          Sedaka, Neil & Elton John          
Pushin' Too Hard                   Seeds                             
A World Of Our Own                 Seekers                          
Georgy Girl                        Seekers                           
I'll Never Find Another You        Seekers                           
Morningtown Ride                   Seekers                           
Sinner Man                         Seekers                           
Some Day, One Day                  Seekers                           
The Carnival Is Over               Seekers                           
Times They Are A-Changin'          Seekers                           
Turn, Turn, Turn                   Seekers                           
Walk With Me                       Seekers                           
We're Movin' On                    Seekers                           
When The Stars Begin To Fall       Seekers                           
Against The Wind                   Seger, Bob                        
Ain't Got No Money                 Seger, Bob                        
American Storm                     Seger, Bob                        
Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight    Seger, Bob                        
Blue Monday                        Seger, Bob                        
Boomtown Blues                     Seger, Bob                        
Brave strangers                    Seger, Bob                        
Comin' Home                        Seger, Bob                        
Even Now                           Seger, Bob                        
Feel Like A Number                 Seger, Bob                        
Fire Lake                          Seger, Bob                        
Get Out Of Denver                  Seger, Bob                        
Her Strut                          Seger, Bob                        
Hollywood Nights                   Seger, Bob                        
House Behind A House               Seger, Bob                        
It's You                           Seger, Bob                        
Let It Rock                        Seger, Bob                        
Like A Rock                        Seger, Bob                        
Little Drummer Boy                 Seger, Bob                        
Little Victories                   Seger, Bob                        
Love's The Last To Know            Seger, Bob                        
Mainstreet                         Seger, Bob                        
Makin' Thunderbirds                Seger, Bob                        
Miami                              Seger, Bob                        
Night Moves                        Seger, Bob                        
Nine Tonight                       Seger, Bob                        
Old Time Rock And Roll             Seger, Bob                        
Ramblin' Gamblin' Man              Seger, Bob                        
Real Love                          Seger, Bob                        
Rock And Roll Never Forgets        Seger, Bob                        
Roll Me Away                       Seger, Bob                        
Shakedown                          Seger, Bob                        
Shame On The Moon                  Seger, Bob                        
Sometimes                          Seger, Bob                        
Somewhere Tonight                  Seger, Bob                        
Still The Same                     Seger, Bob                        
The Aftermath                      Seger, Bob                        
The Famous Final Scene             Seger, Bob                        
The Fire Down Below                Seger, Bob                        
The Ring                           Seger, Bob                        
Tightrope                          Seger, Bob                        
Till It Shines                     Seger, Bob                        
Trin' To Live My Life Without You  Seger, Bob                        
Understanding                      Seger, Bob                        
We've Got Tonight                  Seger, Bob                       
You'll Accompany Me                Seger, Bob                        
Automatic Man                      Sembello, Michael                 
Maniac                             Sembello, Michael                
Let Me In                          Sensations                        
Don't Let The Rain Come Down       Serendipity Singers               
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams         Setzer, Brian                     
Knife Feels Like Justice           Setzer, Brian                     
Summertime Blues                   Setzer, Brian                     
Witch Doctor                       Seville, David                    
Precious To Me                     Seymour, Phil                     
36-24-36                           Shadows                           
Apache                             Shadows                           
Average Life Of A Daily Man        Shadows                           
Bo Diddley                         Shadows                           
FBI                                Shadows                           
Foot Tapper                        Shadows                           
Frightened City                    Shadows                           
Here I Go Again                    Shadows                           
Instrumental                       Shadows                           
Kinda Cool                         Shadows                           
Les Girls                          Shadows                           
Man Of Mystery                     Shadows                           
Midnight                           Shadows                           
Nivram                             Shadows                           
Quartermasters Stores              Shadows                           
Round And Round                    Shadows                           
Rumble                             Shadows                           
Savage                             Shadows                           
Shadoogie                          Shadows                           
Shazam                             Shadows                           
Sleep Walk                         Shadows                           
Stand Up And Say That              Shadows                           
Dark Is The Night                  Shakatak                          
Dark Is The Night (LP Version)     Shakatak                          
Down On The Street                 Shakatak                          
Dancing In The Sheets              Shalamar                          
Don't Get Stopped In Beverly Hills Shalamar                          
Second Time Around                 Shalamar                          
Leader Of The Pack                 Shangri-Las                       
Remember (Walkin' In The Sand)     Shangri-Las                       
Abergavenny                        Shannon                           
Alice In Blue                      Shannon                           
Keep Searchin'                     Shannon, Del                      
Runaway                            Shannon, Del                      
Sea Of Love                        Shannon, Del                      
A Good Heart                       Sharkey, Feargal                  
Can I Come Near?                   Shaw, Graham                      
Puppet On A String                 Shaw, Sandie                      
Girls With Guns                    Shaw, Tommy                       
Remo's Theme (What If)             Shaw, Tommy                       
Lullaby Of Broadway                Shaw, Wini/Dick Powell            
A Love Bizarre                     Sheila E.                         
Belle Of St. Mark                  Sheila E.                         
On Your Own                        Shelley, Pete                     
Telephone Operator                 Shelley, Pete                     
Witness The Change                 Shelley, Pete                     
Witness The Change/I Don't Know WhaShelley, Pete                     
Somebody Lied                      Shelton, Ricky Van                
Daddy's Home                       Shep & The Limelighters           
Faking Love                        Sheppard, T.G.                    
Finally                            Sheppard, T.G.                    
Only One You                       Sheppard, T.G.                    
Strong Heart                       Sheppard, T.G.                    
Without You                        Sheppard, T.G.                    
Hello Muddah Hello Fadah           Sherman, Allan                    
Easy Come Easy Go                  Sherman, Bobby                   
Hey Mr. Sun                        Sherman, Bobby                    
I'm Going Home                     Sherman, Bobby                    
Julie, Do Ya Love Me?              Sherman, Bobby                    
La La La                           Sherman, Bobby                    
Little Woman                       Sherman, Bobby                    
The Drum                           Sherman, Bobby                    
Soldier Boy                        Shirelles                         
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?   Shirelles                         
Shame Shame Shame                  Shirley & Company                 
Let The Good Times Roll            Shirley & Lee                     
5 AM In Amsterdam                  Shocked, Michelle                 
Anchorage                          Shocked, Michelle                 
If Love Was A Train                Shocked, Michelle                 
When I Grow Up                     Shocked, Michelle                 
Venus                              Shocking Blue                     
This Time                          Shondell, Troy                   
Don't Girls Get Lonely             Shorrock, Glenn                   
Black Light Trap                   Shriekback                        
Cradle Song                        Shriekback                        
Exquisite                          Shriekback                        
Gunning For The Buddha             Shriekback                        
Pretty Little Things               Shriekback                        
Running On The Rocks               Shriekback                        
Sticky Jazz                        Shriekback                        
The Reptiles And I                 Shriekback                        
The Shining Path                   Shriekback                        
Underwaterboys                     Shriekback                        
Strange                            Shylock                           
One More Colour                    Siberry, Jane                     
Seven Steps To The Wall            Siberry, Jane                     
Taxi Ride                          Siberry, Jane                     
A Letter From St. Paul             Silencers                         
Blue Desire                        Silencers                         
Bullets And Blue Eyes              Silencers                         
God's Gift                         Silencers                         
I Can't Cry                        Silencers                         
I Ought To Know                    Silencers                         
I See Red                          Silencers                         
Painted Moon                       Silencers                         
Possessed                          Silencers                         
Emotional Warfare                  Silent Running                    
Get A Job                          Silhouettes                       
Wham Bam (Shang-A-Lang)            Silver                            
You Could Take My Heart Away       Silver Condor                     
Always Another Girl                Silver Convention                 
Chains Of Love                     Silver Convention                 
Fly Robin Fly                      Silver Convention                 
Fly Robin Fly (Long Version)       Silver Convention                 
Get Up And Boogie                  Silver Convention                 
Heart Of Stone                     Silver Convention                 
I Like It                          Silver Convention                 
No No Joe                          Silver Convention                 
Please Don't Change The Chords     Silver Convention                 
Save Me                            Silver Convention                 
Sons Of A Gun                      Silver Convention                 
Tiger Baby                         Silver Convention                
Private Property                   Silver, Liberty                   
59th Street Bridge Song            Simon & Garfunkel                 
7 O'clock News / Silent Night      Simon & Garfunkel                 
America                            Simon & Garfunkel                 
Angie                              Simon & Garfunkel                 
April Come She Will                Simon & Garfunkel                 
At The Zoo                         Simon & Garfunkel                 
Baby Driver                        Simon & Garfunkel                 
Benedictus                         Simon & Garfunkel                 
Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine  Simon & Garfunkel                 
Bleeker Street                     Simon & Garfunkel                 
Blessed                            Simon & Garfunkel                 
Bookends Theme                     Simon & Garfunkel                 
Bookends Theme (Vocal)             Simon & Garfunkel                 
Boxer                              Simon & Garfunkel                 
Bridge Over Troubled Water         Simon & Garfunkel                 
Bye Bye Love                       Simon & Garfunkel                 
Cecilia                            Simon & Garfunkel                 
Cloudy                             Simon & Garfunkel                 
Dangling Conversation              Simon & Garfunkel                 
El Condor Pasa                     Simon & Garfunkel                 
Fakin' It                          Simon & Garfunkel                 
Flowers Never Bend With The Rain   Simon & Garfunkel                 
For Emily Whenever I May Find Her  Simon & Garfunkel                 
Hazy Shade Of Winter               Simon & Garfunkel                 
Homeward Bound                     Simon & Garfunkel                 
I Am A Rock                        Simon & Garfunkel                 
Kathy's Song                       Simon & Garfunkel                 
Keep The Customer Satisfied        Simon & Garfunkel                 
Last Night I Had The Strangest     Simon & Garfunkel                 
Leaves That Are Green              Simon & Garfunkel                 
Most Peculiar Man                  Simon & Garfunkel                 
Mrs. Robinson                      Simon & Garfunkel                 
Mrs. Robinson (Instr.)             Simon & Garfunkel                 
My Little Town                     Simon & Garfunkel                 
Only Living Boy In New York City   Simon & Garfunkel                 
Patterns                           Simon & Garfunkel                 
Peggy-O                            Simon & Garfunkel                 
Poem On The Underground Wall       Simon & Garfunkel                 
Punky's Dilemma                    Simon & Garfunkel                 
Richard Cory                       Simon & Garfunkel                 
Save The Life Of My Child          Simon & Garfunkel                 
Scarborough Fair / Canticle        Simon & Garfunkel                 
Simple Desultory Philippic         Simon & Garfunkel                 
So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright        Simon & Garfunkel                 
Somewhere They Can't Find Me       Simon & Garfunkel                 
Song For The Asking                Simon & Garfunkel                 
Sounds Of Silence                  Simon & Garfunkel                 
Sparrow                            Simon & Garfunkel                 
The Sun Is Burning                 Simon & Garfunkel                 
We've Got A Groovy Thing Goin'     Simon & Garfunkel                 
Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.          Simon & Garfunkel                 
Why Don't You Write Me?            Simon & Garfunkel                 
Baby Doll Love                     Simon F.                          
All I Want Is You                  Simon, Carly                      
Anticipation                       Simon, Carly                      
As Time Goes By                    Simon, Carly                      
Carlotta's Heart                   Simon, Carly                      
Coming Around Again                Simon, Carly                      
Do The Walls Come Down             Simon, Carly                      
Give Me All Night                  Simon, Carly                      
Hold What You've Got               Simon, Carly                      
It Happens Everyday                Simon, Carly                      
It Should Have Been Me             Simon, Carly                      
Itsy Bitsy Spider                  Simon, Carly                      
Let The River Run                  Simon, Carly                      
Looking Through Katherine's House  Simon, Carly                      
Never Been Gone                    Simon, Carly                      
Nobody Does It Better              Simon, Carly                      
On A Summer Night                  Simon, Carly                      
Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of      Simon, Carly                      
That's The Way I've Always Heard ItSimon, Carly                      
The Right Thing To Do              Simon, Carly                      
The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of  Simon, Carly                      
Three Of Us In The Dark            Simon, Carly                      
Two Hot Girls                      Simon, Carly                      
You Belong To Me                   Simon, Carly                      
You Have To Hurt                   Simon, Carly                      
You Know What To Do                Simon, Carly                      
You're So Vain                     Simon, Carly                      
Devoted To You                     Simon, Carly/James Taylor          
Mockingbird                        Simon, Carly/James Taylor          
Drowning In The Sea Of Love        Simon, Joe                        
Power Of Love                      Simon, Joe                        
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover        Simon, Paul                       
All Around The World               Simon, Paul                       
Allergies                          Simon, Paul                       
American Tune                      Simon, Paul                       
Armistice Day                      Simon, Paul                       
Congratulations                    Simon, Paul                       
Crazy Love, Vol II                 Simon, Paul                       
Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes Simon, Paul                       
Duncan                             Simon, Paul                       
Everything Put Together Falls ApartSimon, Paul                       
Gone At Last                       Simon, Paul                       
Graceland                          Simon, Paul                       
Gumboots                           Simon, Paul                       
Have A Good Time                   Simon, Paul                       
Hearts And Bones                   Simon, Paul                       
Hobo's Blues                       Simon, Paul                       
Homeless                           Simon, Paul                       
I Do It For Your Love              Simon, Paul                       
I Know What I Know                 Simon, Paul                       
Kodachrome                         Simon, Paul                       
Late In The Evening                Simon, Paul                       
Learn How To Fall                  Simon, Paul                       
Loves Me Like A Rock               Simon, Paul                       
Me And Julio                       Simon, Paul                       
Me And Julio Down By The SchoolyardSimon, Paul                       
Mother And Child Reunion           Simon, Paul                       
One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Simon, Paul                       
One Trick Pony                     Simon, Paul                       
Papa Hobo                          Simon, Paul                       
Paranoia Blues                     Simon, Paul                       
Peace Like A River                 Simon, Paul                       
Run That Body Down                 Simon, Paul                       
Slip Slidin' Away                  Simon, Paul                       
Something So Right                 Simon, Paul                       
St. Judy's Comet                   Simon, Paul                       
Still Crazy After All These Years  Simon, Paul                       
Stranded In A Limousine            Simon, Paul                       
Take Me To The Mardi Gras          Simon, Paul                       
Tenderness                         Simon, Paul                       
That Was Your Mother               Simon, Paul                       
The Boy In The Bubble              Simon, Paul                       
Train In The Distance              Simon, Paul                       
Under African Skies                Simon, Paul                       
Was A Sunny Day                    Simon, Paul                       
You Can Call Me Al                 Simon, Paul                       
"C" Moon Cry Like A Baby           Simple Minds                      
70 Cities As Love Brings The Fall  Simple Minds                      
Alive And Kicking                  Simple Minds                      
All The Things She Said            Simple Minds                      
American                           Simple Minds                      
Book Of Brilliant Things           Simple Minds                      
Celebrate                          Simple Minds                      
Chelsea Girl                       Simple Minds                      
Come A Long Way                    Simple Minds                      
Don't You (Forget About Me)        Simple Minds                      
Ghost Dancing                      Simple Minds                      
Glittering Prize                   Simple Minds                      
I Travel                           Simple Minds                      
I Wish You Were Here               Simple Minds                      
Love Song                          Simple Minds                      
New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)       Simple Minds                      
Oh Jungleland                      Simple Minds                      
Once Upon A Time                   Simple Minds                      
Premonition                        Simple Minds                      
Promised You A Miracle             Simple Minds                      
Sanctify Yourself                  Simple Minds                      
Someone Somewhere In Summertime    Simple Minds                      
Speed Your Love To Me              Simple Minds                      
The Kick Inside Of Me              Simple Minds                      
Up On The Catwalk                  Simple Minds                      
Waterfront                         Simple Minds                      
Jericho                            Simply Red                        
Look At You Now                    Simply Red                        
Money's Too Tight To Mention       Simply Red                        
Red Box                            Simply Red                        
Right Thing                        Simply Red                        
Something Got Me Started           Simply Red                        
Stars                              Simply Red                        
Do The Bartman                     Simpsons                          
All The Way                        Sinatra, Frank                    
Cycles                             Sinatra, Frank                    
I Would Be In Love Anyway          Sinatra, Frank                    
It Came Upon The Midnight Clear    Sinatra, Frank                    
It Was A Very Good Year            Sinatra, Frank                    
Love's Been Good To Me             Sinatra, Frank                    
My Way Of Life                     Sinatra, Frank                    
Nice 'N' Easy                      Sinatra, Frank                    
Strangers In The Night             Sinatra, Frank                    
Summer Wind                        Sinatra, Frank                    
Tell Her (You Love Her Each Day)   Sinatra, Frank                    
The World We Knew (Over And Over)  Sinatra, Frank                    
When Somebody Loves You            Sinatra, Frank                    
Something Stupid                   Sinatra, Frank & Nancy            
Sugar Town                         Sinatra, Nancy                    
These Boots Are Made For Walking   Sinatra, Nancy                    
You Only Live Twice                Sinatra, Nancy                    
Jackson                            Sinatra, Nancy & Lee Hazelwood          
Summer Wine                        Sinatra, Nancy & Lee Hazelwood          
Dominique                          Singing Nun                       
Dear Prudence                      Siouxsie & The Banshees           
Let's Don't Wait A Minute          Sir Douglas Quintet               
She's About A Mover                Sir Douglas Quintet               
Frankie                            Sister Sledge                     
Got To Love Somebody               Sister Sledge                     
He's The Greatest Dancer           Sister Sledge                     
Lost In Music                      Sister Sledge                     
Love Don't You Go Through          Sister Sledge                     
My Guy                             Sister Sledge                     
Somebody Loves Me                  Sister Sledge                     
Thinking Of You                    Sister Sledge                     
We Are Family                      Sister Sledge                    
A Hard Row To Hoe                  Skaggs, Ricky                     
Artificial Heart                   Skaggs, Ricky                     
Baby, I'm In Love With You         Skaggs, Ricky                     
Cajun Moon                         Skaggs, Ricky                     
Country Boy                        Skaggs, Ricky                     
Crying My Heart Out Over You       Skaggs, Ricky                     
Daddy Was A Hardworking, Honest ManSkaggs, Ricky                     
Don't Cheat In Our Hometown        Skaggs, Ricky                     
Don't Get Above Your Raisin'       Skaggs, Ricky                     
Don't Stop Gypsy                   Skaggs, Ricky                     
Heartbroke                         Skaggs, Ricky                     
Highway 40 Blues                   Skaggs, Ricky                     
Honey Open That Door               Skaggs, Ricky                     
I Don't Care                       Skaggs, Ricky                     
I Won't Let You Down               Skaggs, Ricky                     
I Wonder If I Care As Much         Skaggs, Ricky                     
I Wouldn't Change You If I Could   Skaggs, Ricky                     
I'm Beside Myself                  Skaggs, Ricky                     
I'm Ready To Go                    Skaggs, Ricky                     
I've Got A New Heartache           Skaggs, Ricky                     
Love Can't Ever Get Better Than    Skaggs, Ricky                     
Love's Gonna Get You Someday       Skaggs, Ricky                     
New Star Shining                   Skaggs, Ricky                     
Patiently Waiting                  Skaggs, Ricky                     
Raisin' The Dickens                Skaggs, Ricky                     
Something In My Heart              Skaggs, Ricky                     
Sweet Temptation                   Skaggs, Ricky                     
That's Why I'm Walkin'             Skaggs, Ricky                     
Uncle Pen                          Skaggs, Ricky                     
Waitin' For The Sun To Shine       Skaggs, Ricky                     
Walkin' In Jerusalem               Skaggs, Ricky                     
You Make Me Feel Like A Man        Skaggs, Ricky                     
You've Got A Lover                 Skaggs, Ricky                     
Cherry Pie                         Skip & Flip                       
Wildflower                         Skylark                           
Since I Don't Have You             Skyliners                         
Run Runaway                        Slade                            
When A Man Loves A Woman           Sledge, Percy                     
Dance To The Music                 Sly & The Family Stone            
Everyday People                    Sly & The Family Stone            
Hot Fun In The Summertime          Sly & The Family Stone            
I Want To Thank You                Sly & The Family Stone            
Stand                              Sly & The Family Stone            
Let's Go All The Way               Sly Fox                           
Itchycoo Park                      Small Faces                       
My Boy Lollipop                    Small, Millie                     
Baby It's You                      Smith                             
Daddy's Little Man                 Smith, O.C.                       
Little Green Apples                Smith, O.C.                       
Looking For You                    Smith, Patti                      
People Have The Power              Smith, Patti                      
Oh, I Love You So                  Smith, Preston                    
Sway                               Smith, Rex                        
You Take My Breath Away            Smith, Rex                        
Halp Me Make It Through The Night  Smith, Sammi                      
Big Mouth Strikes Again            Smiths                            
William, It Was Really Nothing     Smiths                            
Give It Time                       Smyth, Patti                      
I Run Right Back                   Smyth, Patti                      
Never Enough                       Smyth, Patti                      
I Run Right Back                   Smyth, Patty                      
Believe The Hype                   Snap                              
Mary Had A Little Boy              Snap                              
The Power                          Snap                              
Driver's Seat                      Sniff 'N' The Tears               
Dancer                             Soccio, Gino                      
So                                 Soft Cell                         
Tainted Love                       Soft Cell                         
What                               Soft Cell                         
You Are My World                   Somerville, Jimmy                 
Johnny Get Angry                   Sommers, Joannie                  
All I Ever Need Is You             Sonny & Cher                      
Baby, Don't Go                     Sonny & Cher                      
I Got You Babe                     Sonny & Cher                      
Little Man                         Sonny & Cher                     
Gringo's Guitar                    Sons Of The Pioneers              
Love Me With All Your Heart        Sons Of The Pioneers              
Margretta                          Sons Of The Pioneers              
Maria Elena                        Sons Of The Pioneers              
Mexicali Rose                      Sons Of The Pioneers              
Rosa                               Sons Of The Pioneers              
South Of The Border                Sons Of The Pioneers              
Spanish Eyes                       Sons Of The Pioneers              
You Belong To Me                   Sons Of The Pioneers              
You Belong To My Heart             Sons Of The Pioneers              
Yours                              Sons Of The Pioneers              
Hello Hello                        Sopwith Camel                     
Planet Rock                        Soul Sonic Force                  
Expressway To Your Heart           Soul Survivors                    
Don't Give Up On Us                Soul, David                       
If You Wanna Be Happy              Soul, Jimmy                       
Divine Thing                       Soup Dragons                      
Getting Down                       Soup Dragons                      
Pleasure                           Soup Dragons                      
Running Wild                       Soup Dragons                      
Solid Gone                         Soup Dragons                      
Don't It Make You Wanna Go Home    South, Joe                        
Games People Play                  South, Joe                        
Walk A Mile In My Shoes            South, Joe                        
If You Don't Want My Love          Souther, J.D.                     
White Rhythm And Blues             Souther, J.D.                     
Thing About You                    Southern Pacific                  
Trash It Up                        Southside Johnny                  
Hard To Find                       Southside Johnny/Jukes            
Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah                  Soxx, Bob B. & The Blue           
Lonely But Only For You            Spacek, Sissy                     
Always In The Back Of My Mind      Spandau Ballet                    
Code Of Love                       Spandau Ballet                    
Communication                      Spandau Ballet                    
Foundation                         Spandau Ballet                    
Gold                               Spandau Ballet                    
Heaven Is A Secret                 Spandau Ballet                    
Highly Strung                      Spandau Ballet                    
How Many Lies?                     Spandau Ballet                    
I'll Fly For You                   Spandau Ballet                    
Lifeline                           Spandau Ballet                    
Nature Of The Beast                Spandau Ballet                    
Only When I Leave                  Spandau Ballet                    
Only When You Leave                Spandau Ballet                    
Pleasure                           Spandau Ballet                    
Revenge For Love                   Spandau Ballet                    
Round And Round                    Spandau Ballet                    
Through The Barricades             Spandau Ballet                    
True                               Spandau Ballet                    
With The Pride                     Spandau Ballet                    
Lazy Day                           Spanky & Our Gang                 
Like To Get To Know You            Spanky & Our Gang                 
Sunday Will Never Be The Same      Spanky & Our Gang                 
Comin' True                        Spanos, Danny                     
Cool Places                        Sparks                            
Free Nelson Mandela                Special AKA                       
Gimme Some Lovin'                  Spencer Davis Group               
Could It Be I'm Falling In Love    Spinners                          
I'll Be Around                     Spinners                          
I'll Be There                      Spinners                          
Mighty Love                        Spinners                          
One Of A Kind Love Affair          Spinners                          
Rubberband Man                     Spinners                          
I Love You More Than Yesterday     Spiral Staircase                  
I Got A Line On You                Spirit                            
Albert Of India                    Split Enz                         
Bon Voyage                         Split Enz                         
Bullet Brain And Cactus Head       Split Enz                         
Conflicting Emotions               Split Enz                         
Devil You Know                     Split Enz                         
Dirty Creature                     Split Enz                         
I Got You                          Split Enz                         
I Wake Up Every Night              Split Enz                         
If Anybody's Listening             Split Enz                         
Message To My Girl                 Split Enz                         
No Mischief                        Split Enz                         
Our Day                            Split Enz                         
Six Months In A Leaky Boat         Split Enz                         
Strait Old Line                    Split Enz                         
Walking Through The Ruins          Split Enz                         
Working Up An Appetite             Split Enz                         
Be Alone Tonight                   Spoons                            
Bed Of Nails                       Spoons                            
Bridges Over Borders               Spoons                            
Clever                             Spoons                            
Game Above Your Head               Spoons                            
I've Been Here Before              Spoons                            
Like A Memory                      Spoons                            
Old Emotions                       Spoons                            
On The Beach                       Spoons                            
Opening Curtain                    Spoons                            
Radio Heaven                       Spoons                            
Rhythm                             Spoons                            
Rodeo                              Spoons                            
Shaking The Fear                   Spoons                            
Sooner Or Later                    Spoons                            
Through The Hazy                   Spoons                            
Tidal Wave                         Spoons                            
Vertigo Tango                      Spoons                            
Walk Across The Water              Spoons                            
Waterline                          Spoons                            
When Time Turns Around             Spoons                            
Windmills Of Your Mind             Springfield, Dusty                
Wishin' And Hopin'                 Springfield, Dusty                
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me  Springfield, Dusty                
Affair Of The Heart                Springfield, Rick                 
Bop Till You Drop                  Springfield, Rick                 
Bruce                              Springfield, Rick                 
Celebrate Youth                    Springfield, Rick                 
Dance This World Away              Springfield, Rick                 
Don't Talk To strangers            Springfield, Rick                 
Don't Walk Away                    Springfield, Rick                 
Dream In Colour                    Springfield, Rick                 
Groovy                             Springfield, Rick                 
Hold On To Your Dream              Springfield, Rick                 
Honeymoon In Beirut                Springfield, Rick                 
Human Touch                        Springfield, Rick                 
I Get Excited                      Springfield, Rick                 
Love Is Alright (Re-mix)           Springfield, Rick                 
Love Is Alright Tonite             Springfield, Rick                 
Love Somebody                      Springfield, Rick                 
My Father's Chair                  Springfield, Rick                 
One Reason                         Springfield, Rick                 
Rock Of Life                       Springfield, Rick                 
Soul To Soul                       Springfield, Rick                 
Souls                              Springfield, Rick                 
Speak To The Sky                   Springfield, Rick                 
State Of The Heart                 Springfield, Rick                 
stranger In The House              Springfield, Rick                 
Taxi Dancing                       Springfield, Rick                 
Tear It All Down                   Springfield, Rick                 
The Power Of Love                  Springfield, Rick                 
The Tao Of Heaven                  Springfield, Rick                 
Walk Like A Man                    Springfield, Rick                 
Walking On The Edge                Springfield, Rick                 
What Kind Of Fool Am I?            Springfield, Rick                 
Woman                              Springfield, Rick                 
World Start Turning                Springfield, Rick                 
Written In Rock                    Springfield, Rick                 
Silver Threads And Golden Needles  Springfields                      
Ain't Got You                      Springsteen, Bruce                
All That Heaven Will Allow         Springsteen, Bruce                
Atlantic City                      Springsteen, Bruce                
Be True                            Springsteen, Bruce                
Born In The USA                    Springsteen, Bruce                
Born To Run                        Springsteen, Bruce                
Briliant Disguise                  Springsteen, Bruce                
Cautious Man                       Springsteen, Bruce                
Chimes Of Freedom                  Springsteen, Bruce                
Cover Me                           Springsteen, Bruce                
Dancing In The Dark                Springsteen, Bruce                
Darlington County                  Springsteen, Bruce                
Glory Days                         Springsteen, Bruce                
Going Down                         Springsteen, Bruce                
I'm On Fire                        Springsteen, Bruce                
Merry Christmas Baby               Springsteen, Bruce                
My Hometown                        Springsteen, Bruce                
One Step Up                        Springsteen, Bruce                
Spare Parts                        Springsteen, Bruce                
Tougher Than The Rest              Springsteen, Bruce                
Tunnel Of Love                     Springsteen, Bruce                
Two Faces                          Springsteen, Bruce                
Valentine's Day                    Springsteen, Bruce                
Walk Like A Man                    Springsteen, Bruce                
When You're Alone                  Springsteen, Bruce                
Trapped                            Springsteen,Bruce/E Street Band          
853-5937                           Squeeze                           
Hourglass                          Squeeze                        
The Stroke                           Squier, Billy                   
Love Theme From Flashdance         St. John, Helen                   
Two Of Hearts                      Stacey Q.                         
My Girl Bill                       Stafford, Jim                     
Spiders And Snakes                 Stafford, Jim                     
Suspicion                          Stafford, Terry                   
Far From Over                      Stallone, Frank                   
Carry Me                           Stampeders                        
Hit The Road Jack                  Stampeders                        
Oh My Lady                         Stampeders                        
Playin' In The Band                Stampeders                       
Sweet City Woman                   Stampeders                        
Then Came The White Man            Stampeders                        
Dirty Water                        Standells                         
Come Go With Me                    Staple Singers                    
I'll Take You There                Staple Singers                    
Respect Yourself                   Staple Singers                   
Moonlight Feels Right              Starbuck                          
Afternoon Delight                  Starland Vocal Band               
Twenty Five Miles                  Starr, Edwin                      
War                                Starr, Edwin                      
Angel                              Starr, Erroll                     
All By Myself                      Starr, Ringo                      
Attention                          Starr, Ringo                      
Back Off Boogaloo                  Starr, Ringo                     
Blind Man                          Starr, Ringo                      
Call Me                            Starr, Ringo                      
Dead Giveaway                      Starr, Ringo                      
Devil Woman                        Starr, Ringo                      
Dream                              Starr, Ringo                      
Drumming Is My Madness             Starr, Ringo                      
Easy For Me                        Starr, Ringo                      
Goodnight Vienna                   Starr, Ringo                      
Have I Told You Lately That I Love Starr, Ringo                      
Hold On                            Starr, Ringo                      
Hubands And Wives                  Starr, Ringo                      
I'm The Greatest                   Starr, Ringo                      
It Don't Come Easy                 Starr, Ringo                      
Let The Rest Of The World Go By    Starr, Ringo                      
Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing    Starr, Ringo                      
Nice Way                           Starr, Ringo                      
No No No Song                      Starr, Ringo                      
Occapella                          Starr, Ringo                      
Oh My My                           Starr, Ringo                      
Only You                           Starr, Ringo                      
Oo-Wee                             Starr, Ringo                      
Photograph                         Starr, Ringo                      
Private Property                   Starr, Ringo                      
Sail Away, Raymond                 Starr, Ringo                      
Sentimental Journey                Starr, Ringo                      
Six O'Clock                        Starr, Ringo                      
Snookeroo                          Starr, Ringo                      
Stardust Melody                    Starr, Ringo                      
Step Lightly                       Starr, Ringo                      
Stop And Take The Time To Smell TheStarr, Ringo                      
Sunshine Life For Me               Starr, Ringo                      
Sure To Fall                       Starr, Ringo                      
Whispering Grass                   Starr, Ringo                      
Wrack My Brain                     Starr, Ringo                      
You Always Hurt The One You Love   Starr, Ringo                      
You And Me Babe                    Starr, Ringo                      
You Belong To Me                   Starr, Ringo                      
You're Sixteen                     Starr, Ringo                      
Babylon                            Starship                          
Beat Patrol                        Starship                          
Before I Go                        Starship                          
Girls Like You                     Starship                          
I Don't Know Why                   Starship                          
It's Not Over                      Starship                          
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now        Starship                          
Rock Myself To Sleep               Starship                          
Sarah (Single Version)             Starship                          
Set The Night To Music             Starship                          
The Children                       Starship                          
Tomorrow Doesn't Matter Tonight    Starship                          
Transatlantic                      Starship                          
We Built This City                 Starship                         
Wild Again                         Starship                          
Wings Of A Lie                     Starship                          
Cherry Baby                        Starz                             
Flowers On The Wall                Statler Brothers           
Stand By Your Man                  Staton, Candi       
When You Wake Up Tomorrow          Staton, Candi                     
Star                               Stealer's Wheel                   
Stuck In The Middle                Stealer's Wheel               
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye     Steam                             
You Don't Want Me Anymore          Steel Breeze                      
Do It Again                        Steely Dan                        
Peg                                Steely Dan                        
Reelin' In The Years               Steely Dan                        
Rikki, Don't Lose That Number      Steely Dan                        
Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through  Steinman, Jim                     
Boat To Bolivia                    Stephenson, Martin                
Modern Day Delilah                 Stephenson, Van                   
Born To Be Wild                    Steppenwolf                       
Hey Lawdy Mama                     Steppenwolf                       
Magic Carpet Ride                  Steppenwolf                       
Another Saturday Night             Stevens, Cat                      
Bitterblue                         Stevens, Cat                      
Boy With The Moon On His Head      Stevens, Cat                      
Can't Keep It In                   Stevens, Cat                      
Changes                            Stevens, Cat                      
Father And Son                     Stevens, Cat                      
How Can I Tell You?                Stevens, Cat                      
If I Laugh                         Stevens, Cat                      
Into White                         Stevens, Cat                      
Longer Boats                       Stevens, Cat                      
Moonshadow                         Stevens, Cat                      
Morning Has Broken                 Stevens, Cat                      
O Caritas                          Stevens, Cat                      
On The Road To Find Out            Stevens, Cat                      
Peace Train                        Stevens, Cat                      
Ruby Love                          Stevens, Cat                      
Sad Lisa                           Stevens, Cat                      
Sitting                            Stevens, Cat                      
Tea For The Tillerman              Stevens, Cat                      
Tuesday's Dead                     Stevens, Cat                      
Wild World                         Stevens, Cat                      
Wind                               Stevens, Cat                      
Love Is In The Air                 Stevens, Martin                   
A Mama And A Papa                  Stevens, Ray                      
Ahab The Arab                      Stevens, Ray                      
Along Came Jones                   Stevens, Ray                      
America, Communicate With Me       Stevens, Ray                      
Bridget The Midget                 Stevens, Ray                      
Everything Is Beautiful            Stevens, Ray                      
Freddie Feelgood                   Stevens, Ray                      
Gitarzan                           Stevens, Ray                      
Have A Little Talk With Myself     Stevens, Ray                      
Indian Love Call                   Stevens, Ray                      
Isn't It Lonely Together           Stevens, Ray                      
Misty                              Stevens, Ray                      
Moonlight Special                  Stevens, Ray                      
Mr. Businessman                    Stevens, Ray                      
Nashville                          Stevens, Ray                      
Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down         Stevens, Ray                      
Take Care Of Business              Stevens, Ray                      
The Streak                         Stevens, Ray                      
Turn Your Radio On                 Stevens, Ray                      
A Letter To You                    Stevens, Shakin'                  
A Love Worth Waiting For           Stevens, Shakin'                  
A Rockin' Good Way (To Mess Around)Stevens, Shakin'                  
As Long As                         Stevens, Shakin'                  
Baby You're A Child                Stevens, Shakin'                  
Bop Won't Stop                     Stevens, Shakin'                  
Boppity Biop                       Stevens, Shakin'                  
Brand New Man                      Stevens, Shakin'                  
Breaking Up My Heart               Stevens, Shakin'                  
Cry Just A Little Bit              Stevens, Shakin'                  
Diddle I                           Stevens, Shakin'                  
Don't Be Two-Faced                 Stevens, Shakin'                  
Don't Tell Me We're Through        Stevens, Shakin'                  
Give Me Your Heart Tonight         Stevens, Shakin'                  
Green Door                         Stevens, Shakin'                  
Hey Mae                            Stevens, Shakin'                  
Hot Dog                            Stevens, Shakin'                  
I Cry Just A Little Bit            Stevens, Shakin'                  
I'll Be Satisfied                  Stevens, Shakin'                  
It's Late                          Stevens, Shakin'                  
It's Raining                       Stevens, Shakin'                  
Josephine                          Stevens, Shakin'                  
Let Me Show You How                Stevens, Shakin'                  
Letter To You                      Stevens, Shakin'                  
Love Me Tonight                    Stevens, Shakin'                  
Love Worth Waiting For             Stevens, Shakin'                  
Make It Right Tonight              Stevens, Shakin'                  
Marie Marie                        Stevens, Shakin'                  
Oh Julie                           Stevens, Shakin'                  
Revenue Man                        Stevens, Shakin'                  
Rockin' Good Way (To Mess Around)  Stevens, Shakin'                  
Shirley                            Stevens, Shakin'                  
Shotgun Boogie'                    Stevens, Shakin'                  
Teardrops                          Stevens, Shakin'                  
The Bop Won't Stop                 Stevens, Shakin'                  
This Ole House                     Stevens, Shakin'                  
Too Much Too Much                  Stevens, Shakin'                  
Vanessa                            Stevens, Shakin'                  
Why Do You Treat Me This Way?      Stevens, Shakin'                  
You Drive Me Crazy                 Stevens, Shakin'                  
You're Evil                        Stevens, Shakin'                  
My Maria                           Stevenson, B.W.                   
Broadway Hotel                     Stewart, Al                       
Flying Sorcery                     Stewart, Al                       
If It Doesn't Come Naturally, LeaveStewart, Al                       
Lord Grenville                     Stewart, Al                       
Midas Shadow                       Stewart, Al                       
On The Border                      Stewart, Al                       
One Stage Before                   Stewart, Al                       
Sand In Your Shoes                 Stewart, Al                       
Song On The Radio                  Stewart, Al                       
Time Passages                      Stewart, Al                       
Year Of The Cat                    Stewart, Al                       
Burglar                            Stewart, Amii                     
He's A Burglar                     Stewart, Amii                     
Jealousy                           Stewart, Amii                     
Knock On Wood                      Stewart, Amii                     
Letter                             Stewart, Amii                     
Light My Fire/Disco Heaven         Stewart, Amii                     
Paradise Bird                      Stewart, Amii                     
Paradise Found                     Stewart, Amii                     
Right Place Wrong Time             Stewart, Amii                     
Step Into The Love Line            Stewart, Amii                     
My Guy / My Girl                   Stewart, Amii/Johnny Bristol          
Scottish Soldier                   Stewart, Andy                     
Summertime                         Stewart, Billy                    
Avenue D                           Stewart, David                    
Jody                               Stewart, Jermaine                 
Gold                               Stewart, John                    
Lost Her In The Sun                Stewart, John                     
Midnight Wind                      Stewart, John                     
Runaway Fool For Love              Stewart, John                  
Crazy About Her                    Stewart, Rod                      
Do You Think I'm Sexy              Stewart, Rod                      
Dynamite                           Stewart, Rod                      
Forever Young                      Stewart, Rod                      
Gasoline Alley                     Stewart, Rod                      
Infatuation                        Stewart, Rod                      
Lethal Dose Of Love                Stewart, Rod                      
Lost In You                        Stewart, Rod                      
Love Touch                         Stewart, Rod                      
Mandolin Wind                      Stewart, Rod                      
My Heart Can't Tell Me No          Stewart, Rod                      
Nobody Knows You When You're Down  Stewart, Rod                      
Reason To Believe                  Stewart, Rod                      
Rhythm Of My Heart                 Stewart, Rod                      
Shake                              Stewart, Rod                      
The Wild Horse                     Stewart, Rod                      
Tonight I'm Yours                  Stewart, Rod                      
Try A Little Tenderness            Stewart, Rod                      
When I Was Your Man                Stewart, Rod                      
You Wear It Well                   Stewart, Rod                      
Young Turks                        Stewart, Rod                      
Change Partners                    Stills, Stephen                   
How Can You Hear Me?               Stills, Stephen                   
Johnny's Garden                    Stills, Stephen                   
Love The One You're With           Stills, Stephen                   
Marianne                           Stills, Stephen                   
Sugar Babe                         Stills, Stephen                   
All This Time                      Sting                             
Be Still My Beating Heart          Sting                             
Children's Crusade                 Sting                             
Consider Me Gone                   Sting                             
Englishman In New York             Sting                             
Fortress Around Your Heart         Sting                             
Fragile                            Sting                             
Gabriel's Message                  Sting                             
History Will Teach Us Nothing      Sting                             
I Hung My Head                     Sting                             
If You Love Somebody Set Them Free Sting                             
Island Of Souls                    Sting                             
Jeremiah Blues - Part I            Sting                             
Little Wing                        Sting                             
Love Is The Seventh Wave           Sting                             
Mad About You                      Sting                             
Moon Over Bourbon Street           Sting                             
Rock Steady                        Sting                             
Russians                           Sting                             
Shadows In The Rain                Sting                             
Sister Moon                        Sting                             
Straight To My Heart               Sting                             
The Dream Of The Blue Turtles      Sting                             
The Lazarus Heart                  Sting                             
The Secret Marriage                Sting                             
They Dance Alone                   Sting                             
We Work The Black Seam             Sting                             
We'll Be Together                  Sting                             
Why Should I Cry For You           Sting                             
You Still Touch Me                 Sting                             
I Been Down So Long                Sting/Jeff Back                   
Lawdy Miss Clawdy                  Stites, Gary                             
Different Drum                     Stone Poneys                      
Some Of Shelly's Blues             Stone Poneys                      
The Wedding Song                   Stookey, Paul                     
Brother Louie                      Stories                         
Heads Are Gonna Roll               Straight Lines                    
Letting Go                         Straight Lines                    
A Fire I Can't Put Out             Strait, George                    
All My Ex's Live In Texas          Strait, George                    
Amarillo By Morning                Strait, George                    
Down And Out                       Strait, George                    
Fool Hearted Memory                Strait, George                    
If You're Thinking You Want        Strait, George                    
Let's Fall To Pieces Together      Strait, George                    
Marina Del Ray                     Strait, George                    
Nobody In His Right Mind           Strait, George                    
Right Or Wrong                     Strait, George                    
Unwound                            Strait, George                    
You Look So Good                   Strait, George                    
Skin Deep                          Stranglers                       
Incense And Peppermint             Strawberry Alarm Clock            
18 Miles To Memphis                Stray Cats                        
Baby Blue Eyes                     Stray Cats                        
Beautiful Delilah                  Stray Cats                        
Broken Man                         Stray Cats                        
Built For Speed                    Stray Cats                        
Change Of Heart                    Stray Cats                        
Dig Dirty Doggie                   Stray Cats                        
Double Talkin' Baby                Stray Cats                        
Hotrod Gang                        Stray Cats                        
How Long You Wanna Live Anyway?    Stray Cats                        
I Wanna Cry                        Stray Cats                        
I Won't Stand In Your Way          Stray Cats                        
I'm A Rocker                       Stray Cats                        
Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie          Stray Cats                        
Little Miss Prissy                 Stray Cats                        
Lonely Summer Nights               Stray Cats                        
Look At That Cadillac              Stray Cats                        
Looking For Someone To Love        Stray Cats                        
One Hand Loose                     Stray Cats                        
Rebels Rule                        Stray Cats                        
Reckless                           Stray Cats                        
Rev It Up And Go                   Stray Cats                        
Rock Therapy                       Stray Cats                        
Rock This Town                     Stray Cats                        
Rumble In Brighton                 Stray Cats                        
Runaway Boys                       Stray Cats                        
She's Sexy + 17                    Stray Cats                        
Something's Wrong With My Radio    Stray Cats                        
Stray Cat Strut                    Stray Cats                        
Too Hip, Gotta Go                  Stray Cats                        
You Don't Believe Me               Stray Cats                        
Jennifer Tompkins                  Street People                     
Borrowed Angel                     Street, Mel                       
Comin' True                        Streetheart                       
Snow White                         Streetheart                       
Without Your Love                  Streetheart                       
All I Ask Of You (Phantom Of Opera)Streisand, Barbra                 
Comin' In And Out Of Your Life     Streisand, Barbra                 
Emotion                            Streisand, Barbra                 
Evergreen                          Streisand, Barbra                 
Evergreen (Reprise)                Streisand, Barbra                 
Kiss Me In The Rain                Streisand, Barbra                 
Main Event / The Fight             Streisand, Barbra                 
Memory                             Streisand, Barbra                 
Promises                           Streisand, Barbra                 
Send In The Clowns                 Streisand, Barbra                 
Stoney End                         Streisand, Barbra                 
Way He Makes Me Feel               Streisand, Barbra                 
Woman In Love                      Streisand, Barbra                 
Guilty                             Streisand, Barbra/Barry Gibb        
What Kind Of Fool                  Streisand, Barbra/Barry Gibb          
Money                              Strong, Barrett                   
All Because Of You                 Stuart, Marty                     
Honky Tonker                       Stuart, Marty                     
Rainbows,Pots Of Gold,And MoonbeamsStudebaker Hawk                  
Long Hot Summer                    Style Council                     
My Ever Changing Moods             Style Council                  
You're The Best Thing              Style Council                     
Betcha By Golly Wow                Stylistics                        
Heavy Fallin' Out                  Stylistics                        
I'm Stone In Love With You         Stylistics                        
Rockin' Roll Baby                  Stylistics                        
Stoned In Love With You            Stylistics                        
Babe                               Styx                              
Best Thing                         Styx                              
Mr. Roboto                         Styx                              
Music Time                         Styx                              
Sing For The Day                   Styx                              
Too Much Time On My Hands          Styx                              
The Cruel War                      Sugar & Spice                     
You Are The One                    Sugar Bears                       
Don't Call Us, We'll Call You      Sugarloaf                         
Bad Girls                          Summer, Donna                     
Break Away                         Summer, Donna                     
Closing In                         Summer, Donna                     
Dance Into My Life                 Summer, Donna                     
Dim All The Lights                 Summer, Donna                     
Eyes                               Summer, Donna                     
Fairy Tale High                    Summer, Donna                     
Heaven Knows                       Summer, Donna                     
Hot Stuff                          Summer, Donna                     
I Don't Wanna Get Hurt             Summer, Donna                     
I Feel Love                        Summer, Donna                     
I Love You                         Summer, Donna                     
I Need You                         Summer, Donna                     
I Remember Yesterday               Summer, Donna                     
If It Makes You Feel Good          Summer, Donna                     
In Another Place And Time          Summer, Donna                     
It's Not The Way                   Summer, Donna                     
L Love You                         Summer, Donna                     
Last Dance                         Summer, Donna                     
Love To Love You Baby              Summer, Donna                     
Love Will Always Find You          Summer, Donna                     
Love's About To Change My Heart    Summer, Donna                     
Lucky                              Summer, Donna                     
MacArthur Park                     Summer, Donna                     
Midnight Shift                     Summer, Donna                     
On The Radio                       Summer, Donna                     
Once Upon A Time                   Summer, Donna                     
Our Love                           Summer, Donna                     
Queen For A Day                    Summer, Donna                     
Romeo                              Summer, Donna                     
Rumour Has It                      Summer, Donna                     
Sentimental                        Summer, Donna                     
She Works Hard For The Money       Summer, Donna                     
State Of Independence              Summer, Donna                     
Sunset People                      Summer, Donna                     
The Only One                       Summer, Donna                     
This Time I Know It's For Real     Summer, Donna                     
Try Me, I Know We Can Make It      Summer, Donna                     
Unconditional Love                 Summer, Donna                     
Whatever Your Heart Desires        Summer, Donna                     
When Loves Takes Over You          Summer, Donna                     
I Wish I Had A Girl                Summer, Henry Lee             
2                                  Supertramp                        
Better Days                        Supertramp                        
Bloody Well Right                  Supertramp                        
Bonnie                             Supertramp                        
Brother Where You bound            Supertramp                        
C' Est Le Bon                      Supertramp                        
Cannonball                         Supertramp                        
Crazy                              Supertramp                        
Don't Leave Me Now                 Supertramp                        
Dreamer                            Supertramp                        
Even In The Quietest Moments       Supertramp                        
Ever Open Door                     Supertramp                        
Free As A Bird                     Supertramp                        
Give A Little Bit                  Supertramp                        
I'm Beggin' You                    Supertramp                        
It's Raining Again                 Supertramp                        
Know Who You Are                   Supertramp                        
Logical Song                       Supertramp                        
My Kind Of lady                    Supertramp                        
No Inbetween                       Supertramp                        
Put On Your Old Brown Shoes        Supertramp                        
Still In Love                      Supertramp                        
Waiting So Long                    Supertramp                       
Automatically Sunshine             Supremes                          
Baby Love                          Supremes                          
Composer                           Supremes                          
Nathan Jones                       Supremes                          
Someday We'll Be Together          Supremes                          
Stoned Love                        Supremes                          
The Happening                      Supremes                          
Up The Ladder To The Roof          Supremes                          
You Can't Hurry Love               Supremes                          
Wipe Out                           Surfaris                          
Burning Heart                      Survivor                          
Eye Of The Tiger                   Survivor                          
High On You                        Survivor                          
I Can't Hold Back                  Survivor                          
Is This Love?                      Survivor                          
Search Is Over                     Survivor                          
B Side Of Seaside                  Suzy & The Red Stripes            
Seaside Woman                      Suzy & The Red Stripes            
I Can Help                         Swann, Billy                      
Hands Up                           Sway                              
Cliff's Edge                       Swayze, Patrick                   
She's Like The Wind                Swayzee, Patrick                  
Hallelujah                         Sweathog                          
Ballroom Blitz                     Sweet                             
Little Willy                       Sweet                             
Love Is Like Oxygen                Sweet                             
Sweet Inspiration                  Sweet Inspirations                
Midnight Girl                      Sweethearts Of The Rodeo          
Since I Found You                  Sweethearts Of The Rodeo          
Breakout                           Swing Out Sister                  
Surrender                          Swing Out Sister                  
Twilight World                     Swing Out Sister                  
Waiting Game                       Swing Out Sister                  
Hippy Hippy Shake                  Swinging Blue Jeans               
Boogie Fever                       Sylvers                           
High School Dance                  Sylvers                           
Hot Line                           Sylvers                           
Body Strong                        Sylvester                         
Dance (Disco Heat)                 Sylvester                         
I Need Somebody To Love Tonight    Sylvester                         
Stars                              Sylvester                         
You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)     Sylvester                         
Boy Gets Around                    Sylvia                            
Nobody                             Sylvia                            
Pillow Talk                        Sylvia                            
Snapshot                           Sylvia                            
Victims of Goodbye                 Sylvia                            
Wayward Wind                       Sylvia/James Galway               
Little Girl                        Syndicate Of Sound                
Tillicum                           Syrinx                            
Rock 'N' Roll Me Again             System    

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