Pop Songs - H

I'll Fall In Love Again            Hagar, Sammy                      
Winner Takes It All                Hagar, Sammy                      
A Bed Of Roses                     Haggard, Merle                    
A Friend In California             Haggard, Merle                    
Big City                           Haggard, Merle                    
Carryin' Fire                      Haggard, Merle                    
Don't Seem Like We've Been TogetherHaggard, Merle                    
I Think I'll Stay                  Haggard, Merle                    
If You Hated Me                    Haggard, Merle                    
Love Will Find You                 Haggard, Merle                    
Someday When Things Are Good       Haggard, Merle                    
That's The Way Love Goes           Haggard, Merle                    
The Last Boat Of The Day           Haggard, Merle                    
Twinkle, Twinkle Lucky Star        Haggard, Merle                    
What Am I Gonna Do                 Haggard, Merle                    
You Take Me For Granted            Haggard, Merle                    
You've Really Got A Hold On Me     Haggard, Merle                    
C.C. Waterback                     Haggard, Merle / George Jones          
Reasons To Quit                    Haggard, Merle / Willie Nelson         
Fantastic Day                      Haircut 100                       
Love Plus One                      Haircut 100                       
Rock Around The Clock              Haley, Bill & Comets              
Adult Education                    Hall & Oates                      
Ain't Too Proud  To Beg            Hall & Oates                      
All American Girl                  Hall & Oates                      
All You Want Is Heaven             Hall & Oates                      
Art Of Heartbreak                  Hall & Oates                      
At Tension                         Hall & Oates                      
Bank On Your Love                  Hall & Oates                      
Bebop/Drop                         Hall & Oates                      
Cold Dark And Yesterday            Hall & Oates                      
Crime Pays                         Hall & Oates                      
Delayed Reaction                   Hall & Oates                      
Did It In A Minute                 Hall & Oates                      
Diddy Doo Wop                      Hall & Oates                      
Every Time You Go Away             Hall & Oates                      
Everything Your Heart Desires      Hall & Oates                      
Family Man                         Hall & Oates                      
Get Ready                          Hall & Oates                      
Go Solo                            Hall & Oates                      
Going Thru The Motions             Hall & Oates                      
Guessing Games                     Hall & Oates                      
Hallofon                           Hall & Oates                      
I Can't Go For That                Hall & Oates                      
Intravino                          Hall & Oates                      
Italian Girls                      Hall & Oates                      
Kiss On My List                    Hall & Oates                      
Maneater                           Hall & Oates                      
Mano A Mano                        Hall & Oates                      
Method Of Modern Love              Hall & Oates                      
My Girl                            Hall & Oates                      
Number One                         Hall & Oates                      
One On One                         Hall & Oates                      
Open All Night                     Hall & Oates                      
Out Of Touch                       Hall & Oates                      
Perfect Perfect                    Hall & Oates                      
Portable Radio                     Hall & Oates                      
Possession Obsession               Hall & Oates                      
Private Eyes                       Hall & Oates                      
Realove                            Hall & Oates                      
Rich Girl                          Hall & Oates                      
Running From Paradise              Hall & Oates                      
Sara Smile                         Hall & Oates                      
Say It Isn't So                    Hall & Oates                      
She's Gone                         Hall & Oates                      
Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid Hall & Oates                      
The Way You Do The Things You Do   Hall & Oates                      
The Woman Comes And Goes           Hall & Oates                      
Wait For Me                        Hall & Oates                      
When Something Is Wrong With My BabHall & Oates                      
Who Said The World Was Fair        Hall & Oates                      
You Make My Dreams                 Hall & Oates                      
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling    Hall & Oates                      
Your Imagination                   Hall & Oates                      
Dreamtime                          Hall, Darryl                      
Foolish Pride                      Hall, Darryl                      
For You                            Hall, Darryl                      
I Wasn't Born Yesterday            Hall, Darryl                      
Let It Out                         Hall, Darryl                      
Next Step                          Hall, Darryl                      
Only A Vision                      Hall, Darryl                      
Right As Rain                      Hall, Darryl                      
Someone Like You                   Hall, Darryl                      
What's Gonna Happen To Us          Hall, Darryl                      
Dreamtime                          Hall, Daryl                       
Foolish Pride                      Hall, Daryl                       
I'll Never Fall In Love Again      Hall, Lani                        
A Week In A Country Jail           Hall, Tom T.                      
I Love                             Hall, Tom T.                      
I Washed My Face In The Morning DewHall, Tom T.                      
P.S. I Love You                    Hall, Tom T.                      
Ravishing Ruby                     Hall, Tom T.                      
Annabella                          Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds          
Don't Pull Your Love               Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds          
Fallin' In Love                    Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds          
Miami Vice Theme                   Hammer, Jan                       
It Never Rains In Southern CalifornHammond, Albert                   
First Cut Is The Deepest           Hampshire, Keith                  
Forever And Ever                   Hampshire, Keith                  
Hallelujah Freedom                 Hampshire, Keith                  
Rockit                             Hancock, Herbie                   
Automobile                         Hansie                            
My Fairweather Love                Hardin, Arlene                    
After The Last Goodbye             Hardin, Gus                       
Fallen Angel                       Hardin, Gus                       
I Pass                             Hardin, Gus                       
How Can We Hang On To A Dream?     Hardin, Tim                       
It'll Never Happen Again           Hardin, Tim                       
Reason To Believe                  Hardin, Tim                       
Simple Song Of Freedom             Hardin, Tim                       
Homecoming                         Hardy, Hagood                     
In My Heart                        Hardy. Hagood                     
Jennifer's Song                    Hardy. Hagood                     
Innocence                          Harlequin                         
Superstitious Feeling              Harlequin                         
Feelin' Groovy                     Harper's Bizarre                  
Away In A Manger                   Harris, Emmylou                   
Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem        Harris, Emmylou                   
Beneath Still Waters               Harris, Emmylou                   
Blue Kentucky Girl                 Harris, Emmylou                   
Born To Run                        Harris, Emmylou                   
I'm Movin' On                      Harris, Emmylou                   
Light Of The Stable                Harris, Emmylou                   
Mister Sandman                     Harris, Emmylou                   
On Our Last Date                   Harris, Emmylou                   
Pledging My Love                   Harris, Emmylou                   
Rhythm Guitar                      Harris, Emmylou                   
Save The Last Dance For Me         Harris, Emmylou                   
So Sad                             Harris, Emmylou                   
Someone Like You                   Harris, Emmylou                   
Wayfaring stranger                 Harris, Emmylou                   
Winner                             Harris, Huey                      
You've Got To Be A Winner          Harris, Huey                      
MacArthur Park                     Harris, Richard                   
Tie Me Kangaroo Down               Harris, Rolf                      
All Things Must Pass               Harrison, George                  
All Those Years Ago                Harrison, George                  
Apple Scruffs                      Harrison, George                  
Awaiting On You All                Harrison, George                  
Baltimore Oriole                   Harrison, George                  
Bangla Desh                        Harrison, George                  
Behind That Locked Door            Harrison, George                  
Beware Of Darkness                 Harrison, George                  
Blood From A Clone                 Harrison, George                  
Blow Away                          Harrison, George                  
Breath Away From Heaven            Harrison, George                  
Cheer Down                         Harrison, George                  
Cloud Nine                         Harrison, George                  
Dark Horse                         Harrison, George                  
Devil's Radio                      Harrison, George                  
Don't Let Me Wait Too Long         Harrison, George                  
Fish On The Sand                   Harrison, George                  
Give Me Love                       Harrison, George                  
Got My Mind Set On You             Harrison, George                  
I Dig Love                         Harrison, George                  
I'd Have You Any Time              Harrison, George                  
Isn't It A Pity?                   Harrison, George                  
Just For Today                     Harrison, George                  
Let It Down                        Harrison, George                  
Let It Roll                        Harrison, George                  
Living In The Material World       Harrison, George                  
Out Of The Blue                    Harrison, George                  
Run Of The Mill                    Harrison, George                  
Someplace Else                     Harrison, George                  
That's What It Takes               Harrison, George                  
This Is Love                       Harrison, George                  
Wah-wah                            Harrison, George                  
What Is Life?                      Harrison, George                  
When We Was Fab                    Harrison, George                  
Wreck Of The Hesperus              Harrison, George                  
Writing's On The Wall              Harrison, George                  
A Hymn To Him                      Harrison, Rex                     
I'm An Ordinary Man                Harrison, Rex                     
I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face  Harrison, Rex                     
The Rain In Spain                  Harrison, Rex                     
Why Can't The English?             Harrison, Rex                     
You Did It                         Harrison, Rex                     
Kansas City                        Harrison, Wilbert                 
Backfired                          Harry, Debbie                     
Beyond The Limit                   Harry, Debbie                     
Buckle Up                          Harry, Debbie                     
Chrome                             Harry, Debbie                     
Free To Fall                       Harry, Debbie                     
French Kissin'                     Harry, Debbie                     
I Can See Clearly                  Harry, Debbie                     
I Want You                         Harry, Debbie                     
In Love With Love                  Harry, Debbie                     
Jam Was Moving                     Harry, Debbie                     
Jump Jump                          Harry, Debbie                     
Oasis                              Harry, Debbie                     
Rockbird                           Harry, Debbie                     
Rush Rush                          Harry, Debbie                     
Secret Life                        Harry, Debbie                     
Surrender                          Harry, Debbie                     
Under Arrest / Military Rap        Harry, Debbie                     
You Got Me In Trouble              Harry, Debbie                     
2 Good 2 Be Enough                 Hart, Corey                       
Angry Young Man                    Hart, Corey                       
Blind Faith                        Hart, Corey                       
Boy In The Box                     Hart, Corey                       
Broken Arrow                       Hart, Corey                       
Can't Help Falling In Love         Hart, Corey                       
Chase The Sun                      Hart, Corey                       
Chippin' Away                      Hart, Corey                       
Crossroad Caravan                  Hart, Corey                       
Dancin' With My Mirror             Hart, Corey                       
Don't Take Me To The Racetrack     Hart, Corey                       
Eurasian Eyes                      Hart, Corey                       
Everything In My Heart             Hart, Corey                       
Goin' Home                         Hart, Corey                       
Hold On                            Hart, Corey                       
I Am By Your Side                  Hart, Corey                       
In Your Soul                       Hart, Corey                       
Is It Too Late?                    Hart, Corey                       
It Ain't Enough                    Hart, Corey                       
Jimmy Rae                          Hart, Corey                       
Komrade Kiev                       Hart, Corey                       
Lamp At Midnight                   Hart, Corey                       
Lone Wolf                          Hart, Corey                       
Never Surrender                    Hart, Corey                       
No Love Lost                       Hart, Corey                       
Political Cry                      Hart, Corey                       
Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer    Hart, Corey                       
She Got The Radio                  Hart, Corey                       
Silent Talking                     Hart, Corey                       
So It Goes...                      Hart, Corey                       
Spot You In A Coalmine             Hart, Corey                       
Still In Love                      Hart, Corey                       
Sunny Place - Shady People         Hart, Corey                       
Take My Heart                      Hart, Corey                       
Truth Will Set You Free            Hart, Corey                       
Waiting For You                    Hart, Corey                       
Water From The Moon                Hart, Corey                       
Crank It Up                        Hart, Jimmy                       
Electricity                        Hartman, Dan                      
I Can Dream About You              Hartman, Dan                      
I Can't Get Enough                 Hartman, Dan                      
I'm Not A Rolling Stone            Hartman, Dan                      
My Desire                          Hartman, Dan                      
Name Of The Game                   Hartman, Dan                      
Pick It Up                         Hartman, Dan                      
Power Of A Good Love               Hartman, Dan                      
Rage To Live                       Hartman, Dan                      
Second Nature                      Hartman, Dan                      
Shy Hearts                         Hartman, Dan                      
We Are The Young                   Hartman, Dan                      
The Ghetto                         Hathaway, Donny                   
Into The Mystique                  Hawke, Jackson                    
Bo Diddley                         Hawkins, Ronnie                   
Down In The Alley                  Hawkins, Ronnie                   
Mary Lou                           Hawkins, Ronnie                   
Odessa                             Hawkins, Ronnie                   
Sick And Tired                     Hawkins, Ronnie                   
Right Beside You                   Hawkins, Sophie B.                
Back In My Loving Arms             Hay, Colin                        
Can I Hold You?                    Hay, Colin                        
Circles Erratica                   Hay, Colin                        
Don't Drink The Water              Hay, Colin                        
Dream On (In The Night)            Hay, Colin                        
Dreamtime In Glasgow               Hay, Colin                        
Fisherman's Friend                 Hay, Colin                        
Help Me                            Hay, Colin                        
Hold Me                            Hay, Colin                        
I Don't Need You Anymore           Hay, Colin                        
Into My Life                       Hay, Colin                        
Looking For Jack                   Hay, Colin                        
Master Of Crime                    Hay, Colin                        
Not So Lonely                      Hay, Colin                        
Puerto Rico                        Hay, Colin                        
Storm In My Heart                  Hay, Colin                        
These Are Our Finest Days          Hay, Colin                        
Wayfaring Sons                     Hay, Colin                        
Ways Of The World                  Hay, Colin                        
Ya (Rest In Peace)                 Hay, Colin                        
Theme From Shaft                   Hayes, Isaac                     
Shiny Shiny                        Haysi Fantayzee                      
I Dreamed Last Night               Hayward, Justin/J. Lodge          
Maybe                              Hayward, Justin/J. Lodge          
My Brother                         Hayward, Justin/J. Lodge          
Nights, Winters, Years             Hayward, Justin/J. Lodge          
Remember Me, My Friend             Hayward, Justin/J. Lodge          
Saved By The Music                 Hayward, Justin/J. Lodge          
This Morning                       Hayward, Justin/J. Lodge          
When You Wake Up                   Hayward, Justin/J. Lodge          
Who Are You Now?                   Hayward, Justin/J. Lodge          
You                                Hayward, Justin/J. Lodge          
Change Reaction                    Hazard, Robert                    
Escalator Of Life                  Hazard, Robert                    
One Night In Bangkok               Head, Murray                      
Say It Ain't So                    Head, Murray                      
Got To Get Out Of This Heat        Headon, Topper                    
Leave It To Luck                   Headon, Topper                    
Don't It Make You Feel?            Headpins                          
People                             Headpins                          
Winning                            Headpins                          
See The Light                      Healy, Jeff                       
All Eyes                           Heart                             
Alone                              Heart                             
Crazy On You                       Heart                             
Dog And Butterfly                  Heart                             
Dreamboat Annie                    Heart                             
How Can I Refuse?                  Heart                             
If Looks Could Kill                Heart                             
Little Queen                       Heart                             
Magic Man                          Heart                             
Never                              Heart                             
Nobody Home                        Heart                             
Nothin' At All                     Heart                             
Shell Shock                        Heart                             
Straight On                        Heart                             
The Wolf                           Heart                             
These Dreams                       Heart                             
This Man Is Mine                   Heart                             
What About Love                    Heart                             
What About Love?                   Heart                             
What He Don't Know                 Heart                             
Who Will You Run To?               Heart                             
Let Me Go                          Heaven 17                         
Temptation                         Heaven 17                         
Deep Cuts The Knife                Helix                             
Dream On                           Helix                             
Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'            Helix                             
Heavy Metal Love                   Helix                             
Kids Are All Shakin'               Helix                             
Make Me Do Anything You Want       Helix                             
Rock You                           Helix                             
Love Love Love                     Hemingway Corner                  
Something To Lose                  Hemingway Corner                  
Wind Cries Mary                    Hendrix, Jimi                     
Couldn't Live Without Your Love    Hendrix, Karen                    
B-Boys                             Hendryx, Nona                     
Design For Living                  Hendryx, Nona                     
Dummy Up                           Hendryx, Nona                     
Keep It Confidential               Hendryx, Nona                     
Living On The Border               Hendryx, Nona                     
Rock This House                    Hendryx, Nona                     
Run For Cover                      Hendryx, Nona                     
Steady Action                      Hendryx, Nona                     
Transformation                     Hendryx, Nona                     
Boys Of Summer                     Henley, Don                       
Dirty Laundry                      Henley, Don                       
Not Enough Love In The World       Henley, Don                       
Unclouded Day                      Henley, Don                       
But I Do                           Henry, Clarence 'Frogman'    
You Always Hurt The One You Love   Henry, Clarence 'Frogman'           
Hot Corn, Cold Corn                Here Today                        
A Must To Avoid                    Herman's Hermits                  
Big Man                            Herman's Hermits                  
Can't You Hear My Heart Beat?      Herman's Hermits                  
East West                          Herman's Hermits                  
End Of The World                   Herman's Hermits                  
I'm Henry VIII, I Am               Herman's Hermits                  
I'm Into Something Good            Herman's Hermits                  
Just A Little Better               Herman's Hermits                  
Leaning On The Lamp Post           Herman's Hermits                  
Mrs.Brown, You've Got A Lovely     Herman's Hermits                  
My Reservation's Been Confirmed    Herman's Hermits                  
My Sentimental Friend              Herman's Hermits                  
No Milk Today                      Herman's Hermits                  
Sentimental Friend                 Herman's Hermits                  
Silhouettes                        Herman's Hermits                  
Something Is Happening             Herman's Hermits                  
There's A Kind Of Hush             Herman's Hermits                  
Wonderful World                    Herman's Hermits                  
Born To Be Alive                   Hernandez, Patrick                
Tears Of Misery                    Hervey, Pat                       
Take That Situation                Heyward, Nick                     
Warning Sign                       Heyward, Nick                     
Whistle Down The Wind              Heyward, Nick                     
Don't Push It, Don't Force It      Heywood, Leon                     
Have A Little Faith In Me          Hiatt, John                       
Warming Up The Ice Age             Hiatt, John                       
Zero House                         Hiatt, John                       
Just Another Day In Paradise       Higgins, Bertie                   
Key Largo                          Higgins, Bertie                   
Michael                            Highwaymen                                                 
All I See Is Your Face             Hill, Dan                         
Carmelia                           Hill, Dan                         
Don't Know Where It Comes From     Hill, Dan                         
Helpless                           Hill, Dan                         
In Your Eyes                       Hill, Dan                         
Just In Time                       Hill, Dan                         
Love In The Shadows                Hill, Dan                         
Old Lady Song                      Hill, Dan                         
Sometimes When We Touch            Hill, Dan                         
Someting Ain't Right               Hill, Dan                         
Thru To You                        Hill, Dan                         
Where You Gonna Run To             Hill, Dan                         
You Make Me Wanna Be               Hill, Dan                         
You Pulled Me Through              Hill, Dan                         
Can't We Try                       Hill, Dan & Vonda Sheppard          
Ooh Poo Pah Doo                    Hill, Jessie                      
Cotton Candy                       Hirt, Al                          
Java                               Hirt, Al                          
The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore  Hitchcock,Russell                 
What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted? Hitchcock,Russell                 
Are There Any More Like You?       Hobbs, Becky                      
Girls Girls Girls Were Made To LoveHodges, Eddie                     
In Jeopardy                        Hodgson, Roger                    
Air That I Breathe                 Hollies                           
Bus Stop                           Hollies                           
Carrie Anne                        Hollies                           
Charlie And Fred                   Hollies                           
Dear Eloise                        Hollies                           
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother    Hollies                           
Here I Go Again                    Hollies                           
I Can't Let Go                     Hollies                           
I'm Alive                          Hollies                           
I've Got A Way Of My Own           Hollies                           
Jennifer Eccles                    Hollies                           
Just One Look                      Hollies                           
King Midas In Reverse              Hollies                           
Listen To Me                       Hollies                           
Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress   Hollies                           
Long Dark Road                     Hollies                           
Look Through Any Window            Hollies                           
On A Carousel                      Hollies                           
Pay You Back With Interest         Hollies                           
Sorry Suzanne                      Hollies                           
Stop Stop Stop                     Hollies                           
Get Me To The Church On Time       Holloway, Stanley                 
With A Little Bit Of Luck          Holloway, Stanley                 
Everyday                           Holly, Buddy                      
Peggy Sue                          Holly, Buddy                      
That'll Be The Day                 Holly, Buddy                      
Alley Oop                          Hollywood Argyles                 
Hey There Lonely Girl              Holman, Eddie                     
Playground In My Mind              Holmes, Clint                     
Him                                Holmes, Rupert                    
Flying                             Hometown Band                     
Little Honda                       Hondells                          
Stick-Up                           Honey Cone                        
The Day I Finally Found Myself     Honey Cone                        
Want Ads                           Honey Cone                        
Rockin' At Midnight                Honeydrippers                     
Young Boy Blues                    Honeydrippers                     
Bad Attitude                       Honeymoon Suite                   
Love Changes Everything            Honeymoon Suite                   
Stay In The Light                  Honeymoon Suite                   
What Does It Take                  Honeymoon Suite                   
All Along You Knew                 Honeymoon Suite/Ian Anderson            
Cause We're In Love                Hood                              
Goodbye                            Hopkin, Mary                      
If You Love Me                     Hopkin, Mary                      
Tell Me Now                        Hopkin, Mary                      
Temma Harbour                      Hopkin, Mary                      
Those Were The Days                Hopkin, Mary  
Across The River                   Hornsby, Bruce                                 
Defenders Of The Flag              Hornsby, Bruce                    
Down The Road Tonight              Hornsby, Bruce                    
Every Little Kiss                  Hornsby, Bruce                    
I Will Walk With You               Hornsby, Bruce                    
Jacob's Ladder                     Hornsby, Bruce 
Long Race                          Hornsby, Bruce                              
Look Out Any Window                Hornsby, Bruce 
Lost Soul                          Hornsby, Bruce                              
Mandolin Rain                      Hornsby, Bruce
Night On The Town                  Hornsby, Bruce                                  
Old Playground                     Hornsby, Bruce     
On The Western Skyline             Hornsby, Bruce                                         
Red Plains                         Hornsby, Bruce                    
River Runs Low                     Hornsby, Bruce                    
Road Not Taken                     Hornsby, Bruce                    
Show Goes On                       Hornsby, Bruce 
Stranded On Easy Street            Hornsby, Bruce 
The Way It Is                      Hornsby, Bruce                                                    
Valley Road                        Hornsby, Bruce                    
Wild Frontier                      Hornsby, Bruce 
These Arms Of Mine                 Hornsby, Bruce                       
Till The Dreaming's Done           Hornsby, Bruce                             
Way It Is                          Hornsby, Bruce             
Wild Frontier                      Hornsby, Bruce          
Battle Of New Orleans              Horton, Johnny                    
North To Alaska                    Horton, Johnny                    
Sink The Bismarck                  Horton, Johnny                    
Popcorn                            Hot Butter                        
Are You Getting Enough Happiness?  Hot Chocolate                     
Every 1's A Winner                 Hot Chocolate                            
Girl Crazy                         Hot Chocolate                     
Going Through The Motions          Hot Chocolate                     
Put Your Love In Me                Hot Chocolate                     
You Sexy Thing                     Hot Chocolate                     
You'll Never Be So Wrong           Hot Chocolate                     
Don't Go                           Hothouse Flowers                  
Hallelujah Jordan                  Hothouse Flowers                  
I'm Sorry                          Hothouse Flowers                  
Lonely Lane                        Hothouse Flowers                  
Neanderthal Man                    Hotlegs                           
Power Of Love                      Hour Glass                         
Breaking Point                     Houserockers                      
Cracking Under Pressure            Houserockers                      
Don't Leave Me This Way            Houston, Thelma                   
Keep It Light                      Houston, Thelma                   
All At Once                        Houston, Whitney                  
Didn't We Almost Have It All       Houston, Whitney                  
Do You Hear What I Hear?           Houston, Whitney                  
For The Love Of You                Houston, Whitney                  
Greatest Love Of All               Houston, Whitney                  
How Will I Know?                   Houston, Whitney                  
I Know Him So Well                 Houston, Whitney                  
I Wanna Dance With Somebody        Houston, Whitney                  
Just The Lonely Talking Again      Houston, Whitney                  
Love Is A Contact Sport            Houston, Whitney                  
Love Will Save The Day             Houston, Whitney                  
Saving All My Love For You         Houston, Whitney                  
So Emotional                       Houston, Whitney                  
Someone For Me                     Houston, Whitney                  
Where Do Broken Hearts Go          Houston, Whitney                  
Where You Are                      Houston, Whitney                  
You Give Good Love                 Houston, Whitney                  
You're Still My Man                Houston, Whitney                  
Take Good Care Of My Heart         Houston, Whitney/Freddie Jackson          
Hold Me                            Houston, Whitney/Teddy Pendergrass          
Cootchie Cootchie Coo              Hudson Brothers                   
Rendezvous                         Hudson Brothers                   
So You Are A Star                  Hudson Brothers                   
Rock The Boat                      Hues Corporation                  
Darkness                           Human League                      
Do Or Die                          Human League                      
Don't You Want Me                  Human League                      
Fascination                        Human League                      
Get Carter                         Human League                      
Human                              Human League                      
I Am The Law                       Human League                      
I Love You Too Much                Human League                      
I'm Coming Back                    Human League                      
Lebanon                            Human League                      
Love Action (I Believe In Love)    Human League                      
Mirror Man                         Human League                      
Open Your Heart                    Human League                      
Seconds                            Human League                      
The Sound Of The Crowd             Human League                      
The Things That Dreams Are Made Of Human League                      
A Good Thing Going                 Humperdinck, Engelbert            
A Man Without Love                 Humperdinck, Engelbert            
A Place In The Sun                 Humperdinck, Engelbert            
After The Lovin'                   Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Am I That Easy To Forget           Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Can't Take My Eyes Off You         Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Don't Say No                       Humperdinck, Engelbert            
I'm A Better Man                   Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Last Waltz                         Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Les Bicyclettes De Belsize         Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Let Me Into Your Life              Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Love Can Fly                       Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Love Was Here Before The Stars     Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Love's Only Love                   Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Man Without Love                   Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Marry Me                           Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Misty Blue                         Humperdinck, Engelbert            
My Ten Guitars                     Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Quando Quando                      Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Quando Quando Quando               Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Release Me                         Humperdinck, Engelbert 
Shadow Of Your Smile               Humperdinck, Engelbert                       
Spanish Eyes                       Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Spanish Night Is Over              Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Sweetheart                         Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Take My Heart                      Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Ten Guitars                        Humperdinck, Engelbert            
There Goes My Everything           Humperdinck, Engelbert            
There's A Kind Of Hush             Humperdinck, Engelbert            
This Is My Song                    Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Through The Eyes Of Love           Humperdinck, Engelbert            
To Get To You                      Humperdinck, Engelbert            
True                               Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Way It Used To Be                  Humperdinck, Engelbert            
What Now My Love                   Humperdinck, Engelbert            
Winter World Of Love               Humperdinck, Engelbert            
You're Easy To Love                Humperdinck, Engelbert            
All Of The Good Ones Are Taken     Hunter, Ian                       
Tragedy                            Hunter, John                      
Young Love                         Hunter, Tab                       
Tennessee Special                  Hurley, Red                       
Oh Babe, What Would You Say?       Hurricane Smith                   
Shaving Cream                      Hustlers                          
Gypsy Woman                        Hyland, Brian                     
Joker Went Wild                    Hyland, Brian   

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