Pop Songs - I

Give Me                            I-Level                           
Taking A Cold Look                 I-Ten                             
At Seventeen                       Ian, Janis                        
Society's Child                    Ian, Janis                        
It's A Rainy Day                   Ice M.C.                          
Angel Street                       Icehouse                          
Baby, You're So Strange            Icehouse                          
Cross The Border                   Icehouse                          
Electric Blue                      Icehouse                          
Lucky Me                           Icehouse                          
Mr. Big                            Icehouse                          
No Promises                        Icehouse                          
Paradise                           Icehouse                          
Regular Boys                       Icehouse                          
Spanish Gold                       Icehouse                          
Taking The Town                    Icehouse                          
The Flame                          Icehouse                          
All The Daughters                  Icicle Works                      
Love Is A Wonderful Colour         Icicle Works                      
Reap The Rich Harvest              Icicle Works                      
Seven Horses                       Icicle Works                      
Whisper To A Scream                Icicle Works                      
L.A. Goodbye                       Ides Of March                     
Vehicle                            Ides Of March                     
In Your Room                       Idle Eyes                         
Tokyo Rose                         Idle Eyes                         
Wind It Up                         Idle Eyes                         
All Summer Single                  Idol, Billy                       
Beyond Belief                      Idol, Billy                       
Catch My Fall                      Idol, Billy                       
Dancin' With Myself                Idol, Billy                       
Do Not Stand In The Shadows        Idol, Billy                       
Don't Need A Gun                   Idol, Billy                       
Eyes Without A Face                Idol, Billy                       
Fatal Charm                        Idol, Billy                       
Flesh For Fantasy                  Idol, Billy                       
Hot In The City                    Idol, Billy                       
Love Calling                       Idol, Billy                       
Man For All Seasons                Idol, Billy                       
Mony Mony                          Idol, Billy                       
One Night, One Chance              Idol, Billy                       
Rebel Yell                         Idol, Billy                       
Soul Standing By                   Idol, Billy                       
Sweet Sixteen                      Idol, Billy                       
To Be A Lover                      Idol, Billy                       
White Wedding                      Idol, Billy                       
White Wedding (Parts 1 & 2)        Idol, Billy                       
World's Forgotten Boy              Idol, Billy                       
Your Generation                    Idol, Billy                       
I Remember You                     Ifield, Frank                     
Aimer La Vie                       Iglesias, Julio                   
Air That I Breathe                 Iglesias, Julio                   
All Of You                         Iglesias, Julio                   
Begin The Beguine                  Iglesias, Julio                   
Cu Cu Ru Cu Cu Paloma              Iglesias, Julio                   
Fidele                             Iglesias, Julio                   
Guantanamera                       Iglesias, Julio                   
If                                 Iglesias, Julio                   
Il Faut Toujours Un Perdant        Iglesias, Julio                   
Je Chante                          Iglesias, Julio                   
Je N'Ai Pas Change                 Iglesias, Julio                   
Last Time                          Iglesias, Julio                   
Le Monde Est Fou, Le Monde Est BeauIglesias, Julio                   
Manuela                            Iglesias, Julio                   
Me Va Me Va                        Iglesias, Julio                   
Moi Je T'Aime                      Iglesias, Julio                   
Moonlight Lady                     Iglesias, Julio                   
Pauvres Diables                    Iglesias, Julio                   
Pensami                            Iglesias, Julio                   
Que E Stato                        Iglesias, Julio                   
Stai                               Iglesias, Julio                   
Two Lovers                         Iglesias, Julio                   
Un Jour Tu Ris, Un Jour Tu Pleures Iglesias, Julio                   
Une Nuit De Carnaval               Iglesias, Julio                   
Vaya Con Dios                      Iglesias, Julio                   
Viens M'Embrasser                  Iglesias, Julio                   
Wjen I Fall In Love                Iglesias, Julio                   
Yours (Quiereme Mucho)             Iglesias, Julio                   
All Of You                         Iglesias, Julio & Diana Ross          
To All The Girls I've Loved Before Iglesias, Julio/Willie Nelson          
I'm Blue                           Ikettes                           
Just An Illusion                   Imagination                       
Gypsy Woman                        Impressions                       
I'm The One                        Impressions                       
It's All Right                     Impressions                       
People Get Ready                   Impressions                       
Bongo Rock                         Incredible Bongo Band             
Apache                             Ingmann, Jorgen                   
Better Way                         Ingram, James                     
Ya Mo B There                      Ingram, James/Michael McDonald          
If Loving You Is Wrong             Ingram, Luther                    
ABC                                Inner System                      
Biting Bullets                     Inxs                              
Good + Bad Times                   Inxs                              
Kiss The Dirt                      Inxs                              
Listen Like Thieves                Inxs                              
Need You Tonight                   Inxs                              
One Thing                          Inxs                              
One x One                          Inxs                              
Red Red Sun                        Inxs                              
Same Direction                     Inxs                              
Shine Like It Does                 Inxs                              
This Time                          Inxs                              
Three Sisters                      Inxs                              
What You Need                      Inxs                              
Do You Compute                     Iris, Donnie                      
High And Mighty                    Iris, Donnie                      
Tell Me What You Want              Iris, Donnie                      
Tough World                        Iris, Donnie                      
Biplane Evermore                   Irish Rovers                      
Black Velvet Band                  Irish Rovers                      
Bonnie Kellswater                  Irish Rovers                      
Bridget Flynn                      Irish Rovers                      
Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy        Irish Rovers                      
Class Of '69                       Irish Rovers                      
Come In                            Irish Rovers                      
Donald Where's Your Trousers       Irish Rovers                      
Farewell To Nova Scotia            Irish Rovers                      
Goodbye Mrs. Durkin                Irish Rovers                      
Goodnight Irene                    Irish Rovers                      
Hiring Fair                        Irish Rovers                      
Lily The Pink                      Irish Rovers                      
Liverpool Lou                      Irish Rovers                      
Me And Millie                      Irish Rovers                      
Minstrel Of Cranberry Lane         Irish Rovers                      
Mrs. Crandall's Boarding House     Irish Rovers                      
My Old Man's A Dustman             Irish Rovers                      
Nancy Whiskey                      Irish Rovers                      
No More Bread And Butter           Irish Rovers                      
One Sunday Morning                 Irish Rovers                      
Orange And The Green               Irish Rovers                      
Pain In My Past                    Irish Rovers                      
Pat Of Mullingar                   Irish Rovers                      
Rhymes And Reasons                 Irish Rovers                      
Roly Poly Ladies                   Irish Rovers                      
The Biplane Evermore               Irish Rovers                      
The First Love In Life             Irish Rovers                       
The Other Side Of The Sun          Irish Rovers                        
Unicorn                            Irish Rovers                      
What's A Nice Guy Like me Doing In Irish Rovers                      
Whiskey On A Sunday                Irish Rovers                      
Willie McBride                     Irish Rovers                      
Wind That Shakes The Corn          Irish Rovers                      
Winken, Blinken And Nod            Irish Rovers                        
Years May Come, Years May Go       Irish Rovers                      
In A Gadda-Da-Vida                 Iron Butterfly                    
My Sweet Lui-louise                Ironhorse                         
Symphony                           Ironhorse                         
What's Your Hurry, Darling?        Ironhorse                         
It's Your Thing                    Isley Brothers                    
Shout Pts. 1 & 2                   Isley Brothers                    
Who's That Lady?                   Isley Brothers                    
Caravan Of Love                    Isley, Jasper, & Isley            
Dancin' Around The World           Isley, Jasper, & Isley 

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