Pop Songs - G

Disco Nights                       G.Q.                              
I Do Love You                      G.Q.                              
Hunter                             GTR                               
When The Heart Rules The Mind      GTR                                  
Across The River                   Gabriel, Peter                    
Big Time                           Gabriel, Peter                    
Don't Give Up                      Gabriel, Peter                    
Games Without Frontiers            Gabriel, Peter                    
In Your Eyes                       Gabriel, Peter                    
Mercy Street                       Gabriel, Peter                    
Red Rain                           Gabriel, Peter                    
Shock The Monkey                   Gabriel, Peter                    
Sledgehammer                       Gabriel, Peter                    
Solsbury Hill                      Gabriel, Peter                    
That Voice Again                   Gabriel, Peter                    
We Do What We're Told              Gabriel, Peter                    
Violetta                           Gagnon, Andre                     
Life Is A Song                     Gainsborough Gallery              
Are You Ready For Love?            Gallant, Patsy                    
From New York To L.A.              Gallant, Patsy                    
Sugar Daddy                        Gallant, Patsy                    
Big City Miss Ruth Ann             Gallery                           
Nice To Be With You                Gallery                           
Could It Be Love?                  Gamble, Loni                      
99 Miles From L.A.                 Garfunkel, Art                    
All I Know                         Garfunkel, Art                    
Another Lullaby                    Garfunkel, Art                    
Barbara Allen                      Garfunkel, Art                    
Down In The Willow Garden          Garfunkel, Art                    
Feuilles-Oh/Do Space Men Pass Dead Garfunkel, Art                    
French Waltz                       Garfunkel, Art                    
Heart In New York                  Garfunkel, Art                    
I Believe (When I Fall In Love)    Garfunkel, Art                    
I Have A Love                      Garfunkel, Art                    
I Only Have Eyes For You           Garfunkel, Art                    
I Shall Sing                       Garfunkel, Art                    
I Wonder Why                       Garfunkel, Art                    
If You Love Takes You Away         Garfunkel, Art                    
King Of Tonga                      Garfunkel, Art                    
Looking For The Right One          Garfunkel, Art                    
Love Is The Only Chain             Garfunkel, Art                    
Mary Was An Only Child             Garfunkel, Art                    
Old Man                            Garfunkel, Art                    
Paper Chase                        Garfunkel, Art                    
She Moved Through The Fair         Garfunkel, Art                    
Slow Breakup                       Garfunkel, Art                    
So Much In Love                    Garfunkel, Art                    
Someone Else (1958)                Garfunkel, Art                    
The Promise                        Garfunkel, Art                    
This Is The Moment                 Garfunkel, Art                    
Traveling Boy                      Garfunkel, Art                    
Up In The World                    Garfunkel, Art                    
Waters Of March                    Garfunkel, Art                    
When A Man Loves A Woman           Garfunkel, Art                    
Woyaya                             Garfunkel, Art                    
Over The Rainbow                   Garland, Judy                     
We'll Sing In The Sunshine         Garnett, Gale                     
All In The Past Now                Gary And Dave                     
Carolina Carol                     Gary And Dave                     
Could You Ever Love Me Again       Gary And Dave                     
Flying On The Wings Of A Song      Gary And Dave                     
Here It Comes Again                Gary And Dave                     
I Can't Find The Words             Gary And Dave                     
I Don't Want To Leave You          Gary And Dave                     
I Fell In Love With You Sometime   Gary And Dave                     
I May Never See You Again          Gary And Dave                     
I Think I Know You                 Gary And Dave                     
It Might As Well Rain Until SeptembGary And Dave                     
It's Alright, My Darling           Gary And Dave                     
Loneliness Can Really Get You Down Gary And Dave                     
September Lady Theme               Gary And Dave                     
Call Of The Wild                   Gary O'                           
Get It While You Can               Gary O'                           
I Believe In You                   Gary O'                           
Just Another Pretty Boy            Gary O'                           
Lonely Was The Night               Gary O'                           
Shades Of '45                      Gary O'                           
She's Just One Of The Boys         Gary O'                           
Watching You                       Gary O'                           
What Are Friends For?              Gary O'                           
Young Love                         Gary O'                           
I Believe In You                   Gary O.                           
Watching You                       Gary O.                           
Young Love                         Gary O.                           
7-6-5-4-3-2-1 (Blow Your Whistle)  Gary Tom's Empire                 
Keep On Dancin'                    Gary's Gang                       
All The Gold In California         Gatlin Brothers                   
Anything But Leavin'               Gatlin Brothers                   
Bitter They Are Harder They Fall   Gatlin Brothers                   
Broken Lady                        Gatlin Brothers                   
Can't Take It With You             Gatlin Brothers                   
Delta Dirt                         Gatlin Brothers                   
Do It Again Tonight                Gatlin Brothers                   
Good Wilbur                        Gatlin Brothers                   
Hard Workin' Hands                 Gatlin Brothers                   
High Time                          Gatlin Brothers                   
I Don't Wanna Cry                  Gatlin Brothers                   
I Just Wish You Were Someone I LoveGatlin Brothers                   
I've Done Enough Dyin' Today       Gatlin Brothers                   
I've Got You                       Gatlin Brothers                   
In Like With Each Other            Gatlin Brothers                   
It Don't Get No Better Than This   Gatlin Brothers                   
It's Love At Last                  Gatlin Brothers                   
Let's Turn The Lights On           Gatlin Brothers                   
Love Is Just A Game                Gatlin Brothers                   
My Last Love Song                  Gatlin Brothers                   
Night Time Magic                   Gatlin Brothers                   
Rain                               Gatlin Brothers                   
She Used To Be Somebody's Baby     Gatlin Brothers                   
She Used To Sing On Sunday         Gatlin Brothers                   
Someone Else's Day                 Gatlin Brothers                   
Statues Without Hearts             Gatlin Brothers                   
Sweet Becky Walker                 Gatlin Brothers                   
Takin' A Chance On You             Gatlin Brothers                   
Warm And Tender                    Gatlin Brothers                   
What Are We Doin' Lonesome         Gatlin Brothers                   
You Happened To Me                 Gatlin Brothers                   
You Wouldn't Know Love             Gatlin Brothers                   
Sure Feels Like Love               Gatlin, Larry                     
Ain't That Peculiar?               Gaye, Marvin                      
Got To Give It Up (Part 1)         Gaye, Marvin                      
How Sweet It Is                    Gaye, Marvin                      
I Heard It Through The Grapevine   Gaye, Marvin                      
Let's Get It On                    Gaye, Marvin                      
Mercy Mercy Me                     Gaye, Marvin                      
Midnight Lady                      Gaye, Marvin                      
Pride And Joy                      Gaye, Marvin                      
Sexual Healing                     Gaye, Marvin                      
What's Goin' On?                   Gaye, Marvin
Ain't Mountain High Enough         Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell                            
If I Could Build My Whole World    Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell           
You're All I Need To Get By        Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell                
A Long And Lasting Love            Gayle, Crystal                    
Baby, What About You?              Gayle, Crystal                    
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue   Gayle, Crystal                    
Straight To The Heart              Gayle, Crystal                    
Talking In Your Sleep              Gayle, Crystal                    
Til I Gain Control Again           Gayle, Crystal                    
Little Shoemaker                   Gaylords                          
I Will Survive                     Gaynor, Gloria 
Never Can Say Goodbye		   Gaynor, Gloria                   
Tenderness                         General Public                    
Too Much Or Nothing                General Public                    
Abacab                             Genesis                           
Anything She Does                  Genesis                           
Domino                             Genesis                           
Home By The Sea                    Genesis                           
In Too Deep                        Genesis                           
Invisible Touch                    Genesis                           
Just A Job To Do                   Genesis                           
Land Of Confusion                  Genesis                           
Mama                               Genesis                           
Man On The Corner                  Genesis                           
Paperlate                          Genesis                           
The Brazilian                      Genesis                           
Throwing It All Way                Genesis                           
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight          Genesis                           
No Reply At All                    Genesis/Earth, Wind, & Fire               
Who's That Knocking?               Genies                            
Fancy                              Gentry, Bobbie                    
Ode To Billy Joe                   Gentry, Bobbie                    
Keep On Dancing                    Gentrys                           
Little Green Bag                   George Baker Selection            
Paloma Blanca (45 Version)         George Baker Selection            
Paloma Blanca (LP Version)         George Baker Selection            
I Know You Don't Love Me           George, Barbara                   
Tropical Heat                      George, David                     
Hippy Hippy Shake                  Georgia Satellites                
Away From You                      Gerry & The Pacemakers            
Chills                             Gerry & The Pacemakers            
Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying Gerry & The Pacemakers          
Ferry Across The Mersey            Gerry & The Pacemakers           
Girl On A Swing                    Gerry & The Pacemakers            
How Do You Do It?                  Gerry & The Pacemakers            
I'll Be There                      Gerry & The Pacemakers            
I'm The One                        Gerry & The Pacemakers            
It's Gonna Be Alright              Gerry & The Pacemakers            
Walk Hand In Hand                  Gerry & The Pacemakers            
You'll Never Walk Alone            Gerry & The Pacemakers            
Girl From Ipanema                  Getz & Gilberto                    
After Dark                         Gibb, Andy                        
An Everlasting Love                Gibb, Andy                        
Desire                             Gibb, Andy                        
Don't Throw It All Away (Our Love) Gibb, Andy                        
Fool For A Night                   Gibb, Andy                        
Good Feeling                       Gibb, Andy                        
I Go For You                       Gibb, Andy                        
I Just Want To Be Your Everything  Gibb, Andy                        
Love Is Thicker Than Water         Gibb, Andy                        
Me (Without You)                   Gibb, Andy                        
Melody                             Gibb, Andy                        
One More Look At The Night         Gibb, Andy                        
Shadow Dancing                     Gibb, Andy                        
Time Is Time                       Gibb, Andy                        
Waiting For You                    Gibb, Andy                        
Why                                Gibb, Andy                        
Will You Love Me Tomorrow          Gibb, Andy                        
Face To Face                       Gibb, Barry                       
Fine Line                          Gibb, Barry                       
I Am Your Driver                   Gibb, Barry                       
Lesson In Love                     Gibb, Barry                       
One Night                          Gibb, Barry                       
Shatter-Proof                      Gibb, Barry                       
Shatterproof                       Gibb, Barry                       
She Says                           Gibb, Barry                       
Shine Shine                        Gibb, Barry                       
Stay Alone                         Gibb, Barry                       
Temptation                         Gibb, Barry                       
The Hunter                         Gibb, Barry                       
Boys Do Fall In Love               Gibb, Robin                       
Juliet                             Gibb, Robin                       
Secret Agent                       Gibb, Robin                       
Rockin' In A Brand New Cradle      Gibbs, Terri                      
Easy Street                        Gibson, David                     
We Close Our Eyes                  Gibson, David                     
Between The Lines                  Gibson, Debbie                    
Fallen Angel                       Gibson, Debbie                    
Foolish Beat                       Gibson, Debbie                    
Only In My Dreams                  Gibson, Debbie                    
Out Of The Blue                    Gibson, Debbie                    
Play The Field                     Gibson, Debbie                    
Red Hot                            Gibson, Debbie                    
Shake Your Love                    Gibson, Debbie                    
Staying Together                   Gibson, Debbie                    
Wake Up To Love                    Gibson, Debbie                    
Lonesome Number One                Gibson, Don                       
Oh Lonesome Me                     Gibson, Don                       
Sea Of Heartbreak                  Gibson, Don                       
Can't Stop                         Gilder, Nick                      
Feels Too Right                    Gilder, Nick                      
Here Comes The Night               Gilder, Nick  
Hot Child In The City		   Gilder, Nick                    
If You Wanna Play Around           Gilder, Nick                      
My Girl                            Gilder, Nick                      
Mystery Girl                       Gilder, Nick                      
Private Hideaways                  Gilder, Nick                      
Prove It                           Gilder, Nick                      
Scream Of Angels                   Gilder, Nick                      
She Talks                          Gilder, Nick                      
Try All Night                      Gilder, Nick                      
Wonder What You're Doin' Tonight   Gilder, Nick                      
Victim Of Life's Circumstances     Gill, Vince                       
Bring It On Home To Me             Gilley, Mickey                    
Doo-Wah Days                       Gilley, Mickey                    
Headache Tomorrow                  Gilley, Mickey                    
I Overlooked An Orchid             Gilley, Mickey                    
I'm The One Mama Warned You About  Gilley, Mickey                    
Orange  Blossom Special            Gilley, Mickey                    
Room Full Of Roses                 Gilley, Mickey                    
She's Pulling Me Back Again        Gilley, Mickey                    
Talk To Me                         Gilley, Mickey                    
True Love Ways                     Gilley, Mickey                    
You Don't Know Me                  Gilley, Mickey                    
You've Really Got A Hold On Me     Gilley, Mickey                    
Sugar Shack                        Gilmer, Jimmy & Fireballs           
Midnight Express Theme             Giorgio                           
Son Of My Father                   Giorgio                           
Put Another Log On The Fire        Glaser, Tompall                   
Ancient Evenings                   Glass Tiger                       
Animal Heart                       Glass Tiger                       
Closer To You                      Glass Tiger                       
Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone      Glass Tiger                       
Ecstasy                            Glass Tiger                       
I Will Be There                    Glass Tiger                       
Looking At A Picture               Glass Tiger                       
My Town                            Glass Tiger                       
Radio Spot                         Glass Tiger                       
Send Your Love                     Glass Tiger                       
Someday                            Glass Tiger                       
The Secret                         Glass Tiger                       
Thin Red Line                      Glass Tiger                       
Vanishing Tribe                    Glass Tiger                       
Watching Worlds Crumble            Glass Tiger                       
You're What I Look For             Glass Tiger                       
Hootenanny                         Glencoves                         
Baby Please Don't Go               Glitter, Gary                     
Dance Me Up                        Glitter, Gary                     
I Didn't Know I Loved You          Glitter, Gary                     
Rock And Roll (Part 1)             Glitter, Gary                     
Rock And Roll (Part 2)             Glitter, Gary                     
Head Over Heels                    Go Gos                            
I'm The Only One                   Go Gos                            
Our Lips Are Sealed                Go Gos                            
This Town                          Go Gos                            
Turn To You                        Go Gos                            
We Got The Beat                    Go Gos                            
Call Me                            Go West                           
Don't Look Down                    Go West                           
Eye To Eye                         Go West                           
Faithful                           Go West                           
Goodbye Girl                       Go West                           
Haunted                            Go West                           
Innocence                          Go West                           
Missing Persons                    Go West                           
S.O.S.                             Go West                           
We Close Our Eyes                  Go West                           
A Little Piece of Heaven           Godley & Creme                    
An Englishman In New York          Godley & Creme                    
Cry                                Godley & Creme                    
Golden Boy                         Godley & Creme                    
Light Me Up                        Godley & Creme                    
Save A Mountain For Me             Godley & Creme                    
Wet Rubber Soup                    Godley & Creme                    
Day By Day                         Godspell                          
Baby's In The Mountains            Godwin, Peter                     
Emotional Disguise                 Godwin, Peter                     
Images Of Heaven                   Godwin, Peter                     
Lonely Boy                         Gold, Andy                        
Thank You For Being A Friend       Gold, Andy                        
Last Of The Mohicans               Golden Earring                    
Radar Love                         Golden Earring                    
Secrets                            Golden Earring                    
Twilight Zone                      Golden Earring                    
When The Lady Smiles               Golden Earring                    
Autumn Of My Life                  Goldsboro, Bobby                  
By The Time I Get To Phoenix       Goldsboro, Bobby                  
Can You Feel It?                   Goldsboro, Bobby                  
Glad She's A Woman                 Goldsboro, Bobby                  
Honey                              Goldsboro, Bobby                  
I'm A Drifter                      Goldsboro, Bobby                  
Little Green Apples                Goldsboro, Bobby                  
Muddy Mississippi Line             Goldsboro, Bobby                  
Pledge Of Love                     Goldsboro, Bobby                  
Run To Me                          Goldsboro, Bobby                  
Straight Life                      Goldsboro, Bobby                  
Summer (The First Time)            Goldsboro, Bobby                  
Watching Scotty Grow               Goldsboro, Bobby                  
With Pen In Hand                   Goldsboro, Bobby                  
Come On                            Gomm, Ian                         
Hold On                            Gomm, Ian                         
Hooked On Love                     Gomm, Ian                         
You Can't Do That                  Gomm, Ian                         
Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet        Gonzales                          
Jumpin' At The Woodside            Goodman, Benny                    
City Of New Orleans                Goodman, Steve                    
He Gives Me Love (La La)           Gore, Lesley                      
It's My Party                      Gore, Lesley 
Judy's Turn To Cry                 Gore, Lesley                      
She's A Fool                       Gore, Lesley                                           
Sunshine, Lollipop And Rainbows    Gore, Lesley                       
You Don't Own Me                   Gore, Lesley                      
Young Love                         Gore, Lesley                                                  
Blame It On The Bossa Nova         Gorme, Eydie                      
Do You Believe Me Now?             Gosdin, Vern                      
A Criminal Mind                    Gowan                             
Awake The Giant                    Gowan                             
City Of The Angels                 Gowan                                            
Cosmetics                          Gowan                                     
Guerilla Soldier                   Gowan                             
Keep The Tension On                Gowan                             
Moonlight Desires                  Gowan                             
Strange Animal                     Gowan                               
Walking On Air                     Gowan                             
Butterfly                          Gracie, Charlie                   
An Eriskay Love Lilt               Graham, Bob                       
Bonnie Earl O'Moray                Graham, Bob                       
Glen Echo                          Graham, Bob                       
Hiking Song                        Graham, Bob                       
Loch Marie                         Graham, Bob                       
Mairi's Wedding                    Graham, Bob                       
Proud Peaks Of Scotland            Graham, Bob                       
Royal Mile                         Graham, Bob                       
Scotland The Brave/Thistle O'Scot..Graham, Bob                       
Skye Boat Song                     Graham, Bob                       
Song Of The Clyde                  Graham, Bob                       
The Tartan                         Graham, Bob                       
Midnight Blue                      Gramm, Lou                        
Bad Time                           Grand Funk Railroad               
Locomotion                         Grand Funk Railroad               
Some Kind Of Wonderful             Grand Funk Railroad               
We're An American Band             Grand Funk Railroad               
Angels                             Grant, Amy                        
El Shaddai                         Grant, Amy                        
Emmanuel                           Grant, Amy                        
Everywhere I Go                    Grant, Amy                        
Father's Eyes                      Grant, Amy                        
Fight                              Grant, Amy                        
Find A Way                         Grant, Amy                        
Helping Hand                       Grant, Amy                        
House Of Love                      Grant, Amy                        
I Love You                         Grant, Amy                        
I Will Remember You                Grant, Amy                        
Love Can Do                        Grant, Amy                        
Love Of Another Kind               Grant, Amy                        
Sharayah                           Grant, Amy                        
Sing Your Praise To The Lord       Grant, Amy                        
Stay For Awhile                    Grant, Amy                        
Stopping In Your Shoes             Grant, Amy                        
The Power                          Grant, Amy                        
The Prodigal                       Grant, Amy                        
Thy Word                           Grant, Amy                        
Who To Listen To                   Grant, Amy                        
Wise Up                            Grant, Amy                        
Rock The Midnight                  Grant, David                      
Another Revolutionary              Grant, Eddy                       
Boys In The Street                 Grant, Eddy                       
Drop Baby Drop                     Grant, Eddy                       
Electric Avenue                    Grant, Eddy                       
Funky Rock 'N' roll                Grant, Eddy                       
I Don't Wanna Dance                Grant, Eddy                       
It's All In You                    Grant, Eddy                       
Killer On The Rampage              Grant, Eddy                       
Latin Love Affair                  Grant, Eddy                       
Next Time Around                   Grant, Eddy                       
Time Warp                          Grant, Eddy                       
Too Young To Fall                  Grant, Eddy                       
Walking On Sunshine                Grant, Eddy                       
War Party                          Grant, Eddy                       
A Very Special Day                 Grapes Of Wrath                   
Backward Town                      Grapes Of Wrath                   
Misunderstanding                   Grapes Of Wrath                   
Peace Of Mind                      Grapes Of Wrath                           
Baby Hold On                       Grass Roots                        
Bella Linda                        Grass Roots                        
Come On And Say It                 Grass Roots                        
Feelings                           Grass Roots  
Glory Bound                        Grass Roots                                       
Heaven Knows                       Grass Roots                        
I Can Turn Off The Rain            Grass Roots                        
Let's Live For Today               Grass Roots                        
Lovin' Things                      Grass Roots                        
Midnight Confessions               Grass Roots
River Is Wide                      Grass Roots                                       
Sooner Or Later                    Grass Roots                        
Temptation Eyes                    Grass Roots                                 
Things I Should Have Said          Grass Roots                        
Two Divided By Love                Grass Roots                        
Wait A Million Years               Grass Roots                        
Walking Through The Country        Grass Roots                        
Where Were You When I Needed You   Grass Roots                        
Drift Away                         Gray, Dobie                       
The "In" Crowd                     Gray, Dobie                       
Moonlight Serenade                 Gray,Glen/Casa Loma Orchestra
Lady Red Light                     Great White                       
Always Something There To Remind MeGreaves, R.B.                     
Take A Letter Maria                Greaves, R.B.                     
Call Me                            Green, Al                         
Here I Am                          Green, Al                         
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart    Green, Al                         
I Can't Get Next To You            Green, Al                         
I'm Still In Love With You         Green, Al                         
Let's Get Married                  Green, Al                         
Let's Stay Together                Green, Al                         
Look What You Done For Me          Green, Al                         
Tired Of Being Alone               Green, Al                         
You Ought To Be With Me            Green, Al                         
Babe                               Green, Jack                       
Look At It Rain                    Green, Jack                       
Spirit In The Sky                  Greenbaum, Norman                 
A Little At A Time                 Greenwood, Lee                    
Breakin' Even                      Greenwood, Lee                    
Dixie Road                         Greenwood, Lee                    
Don't Underestimate My Love For YouGreenwood, Lee                    
Going Going Gone                   Greenwood, Lee                    
Hearts Aren't Made To Break        Greenwood, Lee                    
I Don't Mind The Thorns            Greenwood, Lee                    
I.O.U.                             Greenwood, Lee                    
Leave My Heart The Way You Found ItGreenwood, Lee                    
Lonely People                      Greenwood, Lee                    
Same Old Song                      Greenwood, Lee                    
Somebody's Gonna Love You          Greenwood, Lee                    
Someone                            Greenwood, Lee                    
Streamline                         Greenwood, Lee                    
Will To Love                       Greenwood, Lee                    
Together                           Gregorash, Joey                   
I.B.U.                             Grey, Roman                       
Justine                            Grey, Roman                       
Shangri-La                         Grey, Roman                       
Trouble In The Fields              Griffith, Nanci                   
Shannon                            Gross, Henry                      
Foxtrot Polka                      Grusin, David                     
Pray For Rain                      Guadalcanal Diary                 
6 A.M. Or Nearer                   Guess Who                         
8:15                               Guess Who                         
969                                Guess Who                         
Albert Flasher                     Guess Who                         
American Woman                     Guess Who                         
And She's Mine                     Guess Who                         
Arrivederci Girl                   Guess Who                         
Back To The City                   Guess Who                         
Broken                             Guess Who                         
Bus Rider                          Guess Who                         
Bye Bye Babe                       Guess Who                         
C'mon And Dance                    Guess Who                         
Cardboard Empire                   Guess Who                         
Clap For The Wolfman               Guess Who                         
Clock On The Wall                  Guess Who                         
Coming Down Off The Money Bag      Guess Who                         
Coors For Sunday                   Guess Who                         
Creepin' Peepin' Baby Blues        Guess Who                         
Dancin' Fool                       Guess Who                         
Diggin' Yourself                   Guess Who                         
Dirty                              Guess Who                         
Do You Miss Me Darlin'             Guess Who                         
Down And Out Woman                 Guess Who                         
Dreams                             Guess Who                                
Fair Warning                       Guess Who                         
Fiddlin'                           Guess Who                         
Flying On The Ground Is Wrong      Guess Who                         
Follow Your Daughter Home          Guess Who                         
Found Her In A Star                Guess Who                         
Get Your Ribbons On                Guess Who                         
Glamour Boy                        Guess Who                         
Goin' A Little Crazy               Guess Who                         
Grey Day                           Guess Who                         
Hamba Gahle - Usalang Gahle        Guess Who                         
Hand Me Down World                 Guess Who                         
Hang On To Our Life                Guess Who                         
Hang On To Your Life               Guess Who                         
Heartbroken Bopper                 Guess Who                         
Heaven Only Moved Once Yesterday   Guess Who                         
Herbert's A Loser                  Guess Who                         
His Girl                           Guess Who                         
Hoe Down Time                      Guess Who                         
Humpty's Blues                     Guess Who                         
Hurting Each Other                 Guess Who                         
Just Let Me Sing                   Guess Who                         
Key                                Guess Who                         
Laughing                           Guess Who                         
Let's Watch The Sun Go Down        Guess Who                         
Lie Down                           Guess Who                         
Life In The Bloodstream            Guess Who                         
Lightfoot                          Guess Who                         
Long Gone                          Guess Who                         
Love And A Yellow Rose             Guess Who                         
Love Grows                         Guess Who                         
Loves Me Like A Brother            Guess Who                         
Maple Fudge                        Guess Who                         
Minstrel Boy                       Guess Who                         
Miss Frizzy                        Guess Who                         
Musicione                          Guess Who                         
No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature Guess Who                         
No Time                            Guess Who                         
Nobody Knows His Name              Guess Who                         
Of A Dropping Pin                  Guess Who                         
Old Joe                            Guess Who                         
One Divided                        Guess Who                         
One Man Army                       Guess Who                         
Orly                               Guess Who                         
Pain Train                         Guess Who                         
Pink Wine Sparkles In The Glass    Guess Who                         
Power In The Music                 Guess Who                         
Proper stranger                    Guess Who                         
Rain Dance                         Guess Who                         
Rich World - Poor World            Guess Who                         
Rock 'N' Roll Steam                Guess Who                         
Rosanne                            Guess Who                         
Runnin' Back To Saskatoon          Guess Who                         
Running Bear                       Guess Who                         
Samantha's Living Room             Guess Who                         
Seems Like I Can't Live With You   Guess Who                         
Self Pity                          Guess Who                         
Shakin' All Over                   Guess Who                         
Share The Land                     Guess Who                         
She Might Have Been A Nice Girl    Guess Who                         
Shopping Bag Lady                  Guess Who                         
Smoke Big Factory                  Guess Who                         
So Long, Bannatyne                 Guess Who                         
Sona Sona                          Guess Who                         
Song Of The Dog/Three More Days    Guess Who                         
Sour Suite                         Guess Who                         
Star Baby                          Guess Who                         
Stop Teasing Me                    Guess Who                         
Take It Off My Shoulders           Guess Who                         
Talisman                           Guess Who                         
The Eye                            Guess Who                         
These Eyes                         Guess Who                         
This Time Long Ago                 Guess Who                         
Tossin' & Turnin'                  Guess Who                         
Undun                              Guess Who                         
Watcher                            Guess Who                         
We're Coming To Dinner             Guess Who                         
Wednesday In Your Garden           Guess Who                         
What's Gonna Happen To The Kids    Guess Who                         
When Friends Fall Out              Guess Who                         
When The Band Was Shakin'          Guess Who                         
When You Touch Me                  Guess Who                         
Where Have You Been                Guess Who                         
Women                              Guess Who                         
Your Nashville Sneakers            Guess Who                         
Back When My Hair Was Short        Gunhill Road                      
Disco's Revenge                    Gusto                             
Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The RentGuthrie, Gwen                     
Close To You                       Guthrie, Gwen                     

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