Pop Songs - A

Dreadlock Holiday                  10 C.C.                           
I'm Not In Love                    10 C.C.                           
Somebody's Been Sleeping In My Bed 100 Proof                         
1, 2, 3 Red Light                  1910 Fruitgum Company             
Indian Giver                       1910 Fruitgum Company             
May I Take A Giant Step?           1910 Fruitgum Company             
Simon Says                         1910 Fruitgum Company             
Special Delivery                   1910 Fruitgum Company             
Back Where You Belong              38 Special                        
Caught Up In You                   38 Special                        
I Oughta Let Go                    38 Special                        
If I'd Been The One                38 Special                        
Long Distance Affair               38 Special                        
One Of The Lonely Ones             38 Special                        
One Time For Old Times             38 Special                        
See Me In Your Eyes                38 Special                        
Twentieth Century Fox              38 Special                        
Undercover Lover                   38 Special                        
You Keep Running Away              38 Special                        
She's Not Just Another Woman       8th Day                           
Hunting High And Low               A-Ha                    
The Sun Always Shines On T.V.      A-Ha                    
Andante Andante                    ABBA                    
Angel Eyes                         ABBA                    
Another Town, Another Train        ABBA                    
Arrival                            ABBA                    
Bang-A-Boomerang                   ABBA                    
Chiquitita                         ABBA                    
Dance While The Music Still Goes OnABBA                    
Dancing Queen                      ABBA                    
Day Before You Came                ABBA                    
Does Your Mother Know              ABBA                    
Dum Dum Diddle                     ABBA                    
Eagle                              ABBA                    
Fernando                           ABBA                    
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!               ABBA                    
Happy New Year                     ABBA                    
He Is Your Brother                 ABBA                    
Hey Helen                          ABBA                    
Hole In Your Soul                  ABBA                    
Honey Honey                        ABBA                    
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do       ABBA                    
I Have A Dream                     ABBA                    
I've Been Waiting For You          ABBA                    
Knowing Me, Knowing You            ABBA                    
Lay All Your Love On Me            ABBA                    
Lovelight                          ABBA                    
Mamma Mia                          ABBA                    
Man In The Middle                  ABBA                    
Me And I                           ABBA                    
Money Money Money                  ABBA                    
Move On                            ABBA                    
My Love, My Life                   ABBA                    
Name Of The Game                   ABBA                    
Nina Pretty Ballerina              ABBA                    
On And On And On                   ABBA                    
One Of Us                          ABBA                    
Our Last Summer                    ABBA                    
People Need Love                   ABBA                    
Pick A Bale Of Cotton              ABBA                    
Piper                              ABBA                    
Ring Ring                          ABBA                    
Rock Me                            ABBA                    
S.O.S.                             ABBA                    
Should I Laugh Or Cry              ABBA                    
So Long                            ABBA                    
Summer Night City                  ABBA                    
Super Trouper                      ABBA                    
Take A Chance On Me                ABBA                    
Thank You For The Music            ABBA                    
That's Me                          ABBA                    
The Visitors                       ABBA                    
Tiger                              ABBA                    
Tropical Loveland                  ABBA                    
Under Attack                       ABBA                    
Voulez-Vous                        ABBA                    
Waterloo                           ABBA                    
Way Old Friends Do                 ABBA                    
When I Kissed The Teacher          ABBA                    
Why Did It Have To Be Me           ABBA                    
Winner Takes It All                ABBA                    
4 Ever 2 Gether                    ABC                     
All Of My Heart                    ABC                     
Be Near Me                         ABC                     
Date Stamp                         ABC                     
How To Be A Millionaire            ABC                     
King Without A Crown               ABC                     
Look Of Love                       ABC                     
Many Happy Returns                 ABC                     
Night You Murdered Love            ABC                     
Night You Murdered Love (12")      ABC                     
Poison Arrow                       ABC                     
Power Of Persuasion                ABC                     
Rage And Then Regret               ABC                     
S.O.S.                             ABC                     
Show Me                            ABC                     
Tears Are Not Enough               ABC                     
That Was Then But This Is Now      ABC                     
Valentine's Day                    ABC                     
Vanity Kills                       ABC                     
When Smokey Sings                  ABC                     
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap        AC/DC                   
This House Is On Fire              AC/DC                   
Thunderstruck                      AC/DC                   
Who Made Who                       AC/DC                   
Red Hot Light                      APB                     
Take A Picture                     APB                     
Cut The Cake                       AWB                     
Easier Said Than Done              AWB                     
Pick Up The Pieces                 AWB                     
You're My Number One               AWB                     
Shake You Down                     Abbott, Gregory         
Cold Hearted                       Abdul, Paula            
Opposites Attract                  Abdul, Paula            
Way That You Love Me               Abdul, Paula            
A Million Miles Away               Abramson, Ronney        
Get This Love Out Of Here Alive    Abramson, Ronney        
Light Up Your Love                 Abramson, Ronney        
Never Seem To Get Along Without YouAbramson, Ronney        
Your Love Gets Me Around           Abramson, Ronney        
How Long                           Ace                     
Pledging My Love                   Ace, Johnny             
Boy From New York City             Ad Libs                 
5 Guns West                        Adam & The Ants         
Ant Rap                            Adam & The Ants         
Antmusic                           Adam & The Ants         
Ants Invasion                      Adam & The Ants         
Cajun Twisters                     Adam & The Ants         
Crackpot History & The Right To LieAdam & The Ants         
Desperate But Not Serious          Adam & The Ants         
Dog Eat Dog                        Adam & The Ants         
Don't Be Square (Be There)         Adam & The Ants         
Feed Me To The Lions               Adam & The Ants         
Friend Or Foe                      Adam & The Ants         
Goody Two Shoes                    Adam & The Ants         
Hello, I Love You                  Adam & The Ants         
Here Comes The Grump               Adam & The Ants         
Jolly Roger                        Adam & The Ants         
Killer In The Home                 Adam & The Ants         
Kings Of The Wild Frontier         Adam & The Ants         
Los Rancheros                      Adam & The Ants         
Made Of Money                      Adam & The Ants         
Man Called Marco                   Adam & The Ants         
Mile High Club                     Adam & The Ants         
Mowhok                             Adam & The Ants         
Physical (You're So)               Adam & The Ants         
Picasso Visita El Planeta De Los   Adam & The Ants         
Place In The Country               Adam & The Ants         
Press Darlings                     Adam & The Ants         
Prince Charming                    Adam & The Ants         
Scorpios                           Adam & The Ants         
Something Girls                    Adam & The Ants         
Stand And Deliver                  Adam & The Ants         
That Voodoo                        Adam & The Ants         
The Human Beings                   Adam & The Ants         
The Magnificient Five              Adam & The Ants         
Try This For Sighs                 Adam & The Ants         
Desperate But Not Serious          Adam Ant                
Goody Two Shoes                    Adam Ant                
Room At The Top                    Adam Ant                
Ain't Gonna Cry                    Adams, Bryan            
Another Day                        Adams, Bryan            
Best Was Yet To Come               Adams, Bryan            
Cuts Like A Knife                  Adams, Bryan            
Diana                              Adams, Bryan            
Don't Leave me Lonely              Adams, Bryan            
Fits Ya Good                       Adams, Bryan            
Give Me Your Love                  Adams, Bryan            
Hearts Of Fire                     Adams, Bryan            
Heat Of The Night                  Adams, Bryan            
Heaven                             Adams, Bryan            
Hiding From Love                   Adams, Bryan            
Home Again                         Adams, Bryan            
I'm Ready                          Adams, Bryan            
Into The Fire                      Adams, Bryan            
It's Only Love                     Adams, Bryan            
Kids Wanna Rock                    Adams, Bryan            
Let Him Know                       Adams, Bryan            
Let Me Take You Dancin'            Adams, Bryan            
Lonely Nights                      Adams, Bryan            
Long Gone                          Adams, Bryan            
Native Son                         Adams, Bryan            
One Night Love Affair              Adams, Bryan            
Only One                           Adams, Bryan            
Only The Strong Survive            Adams, Bryan            
Rebel                              Adams, Bryan            
Remembrance Day                    Adams, Bryan            
Run To You                         Adams, Bryan            
She's Only Happy When She's Dancin'Adams, Bryan            
Somebody                           Adams, Bryan            
Straight From The Heart            Adams, Bryan            
Summer Of '69                      Adams, Bryan            
Take Me Back                       Adams, Bryan            
The Best Was Yet To Come           Adams, Bryan            
The Only One                       Adams, Bryan            
This Time                          Adams, Bryan            
Victim Of Love                     Adams, Bryan            
What's It Gonna Be                 Adams, Bryan            
Strip This Heart                   Adams, John             
Baby, Love Is A Two-way Street     Addrisi Brothers        
Does She Do It Like She Dances     Addrisi Brothers        
Monkey See Monkey Do               Addrisi Brothers        
Slow Dancin' (Don't Turn Me On)    Addrisi Brothers        
Spoiled Like A Baby                Addrisi Brothers        
We've Got To Get It On Again       Addrisi Brothers        
Dream On                           Aerosmith               
Jailbait                           Aerosmith               
Jig Is Up                          Aerosmith               
Lightning Strikes                  Aerosmith               
Rock In A Hard Place               Aerosmith               
Der Kommissar                      After The Fire          
Love Will Always Make You Cry      After The Fire          
Hina Na Ho                         Aglukark, Susan         
O Sien                             Aglukark, Susan         
Birds And The Bees                 Aikens, Jewel           
All Out Of Love                    Air Supply              
Chances                            Air Supply              
Even The Nights Are Better         Air Supply              
Every Woman In The World           Air Supply              
Here I Am                          Air Supply              
I Can Wait Forever                 Air Supply              
Just As I Am                       Air Supply              
Lost In Love                       Air Supply              
Making Love Out Of Nothing At All  Air Supply              
One More Chance                    Air Supply              
One That You Love                  Air Supply              
Sweet Dreams                       Air Supply              
The One That You Love              Air Supply              
Two Less Lonely People In The WorldAir Supply              
Stressed Out                       Airplay                 
Birds And The Bees                 Akens, Jewel            
Closer You Get                     Alabama                 
Dixieland Delight                  Alabama                 
Down Home                          Alabama                 
Face To Face                       Alabama                 
Fallin' Again                      Alabama                 
I Can't Stop                       Alabama                 
I Saw The Time                     Alabama                 
I Wish It Could Always Be '55      Alabama                 
If I Could Just See You Now        Alabama                 
Lady Down On Love                  Alabama                 
Love In The First Degree           Alabama                 
Old Flame                          Alabama                 
Old Man                            Alabama                 
Red River                          Alabama                 
Roll On (Eighteen Wheeler)         Alabama                 
Take Me Down                       Alabama                 
Tar Top                            Alabama                 
Tennessee River                    Alabama                 
There's A Fire In The Night        Alabama                 
There's No Way                     Alabama                 
Touch Me When We're Dancing        Alabama                 
You're My Explanation For Living   Alabama                 
You've Got The Touch               Alabama                 
Absolute Reality                   Alarm                   
Deceiver                           Alarm                   
Rain In The Summertime             Alarm                   
Sixty Eight Guns                   Alarm                   
Where Were You Hiding?             Alarm                   
Feelings                           Albert, Morris          
Gipsy                              Albert, Morris          
Tighter And Tighter                Alive & Kicking         
Every Angel                        All About Eve           
Lovedrops                          Allen, Barry            
Baby I Lied                        Allen, Deborah          
Don't Go Near The Indians          Allen, Rex              
Blue Skies                         Allman Brothers         
Ramblin' Man                       Allman Brothers         
Anything Goes                      Allman, Greg            
I'm No Angel                       Allman, Greg            
Midnight Rider                     Allman, Greg            
I Can Stand Alone                  Allman, Greg & Duane    
You Have                           Almond, Marc            
1980                               Alpert, Herb            
Angelina                           Alpert, Herb            
Aranjuez                           Alpert, Herb            
Besame Mucho                       Alpert, Herb            
Beyond                             Alpert, Herb            
Bullish                            Alpert, Herb            
Continental                        Alpert, Herb            
Factory                            Alpert, Herb            
Fantasy Island                     Alpert, Herb            
Flamingo                           Alpert, Herb            
Garden Party                       Alpert, Herb            
Jump Street                        Alpert, Herb            
Kamali                             Alpert, Herb            
Life Is A Song                     Alpert, Herb            
Love Without Words                 Alpert, Herb            
Manhattan Melody                   Alpert, Herb            
Oriental Eyes                      Alpert, Herb            
Passion Play                       Alpert, Herb            
Red Hot                            Alpert, Herb            
Rise                               Alpert, Herb            
Rotation                           Alpert, Herb            
Route 101                          Alpert, Herb            
Street Life                        Alpert, Herb            
Struttin' On Five                  Alpert, Herb            
Sundown                            Alpert, Herb            
This Guy's In Love With You        Alpert, Herb            
This One's For Me                  Alpert, Herb            
You Smile, The Song Begins         Alpert, Herb            
A Banda                            Alpert, Herb & TJB      
A Beautiful Friend                 Alpert, Herb & TJB      
A Quiet Tear                       Alpert, Herb & TJB      
A Walk In The Black Forest         Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Acapulco                           Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Adios, Mi Corazon                  Alpert, Herb & TJB      
All My Loving                      Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Amor Y Dinero                      Alpert, Herb & TJB      
And The Angels Sing                Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Angelito                           Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Bean Bag                           Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Belz Mein Shtetele Belz            Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Bittersweet Samba                  Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Blue Sunday                        Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Bo-bo                              Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Brasilia                           Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Butterballs                        Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Cabaret                            Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Cantina Blue                       Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Casino Royale                      Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Charmer                            Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Cinco De Mayo                      Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Crawfish                           Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Don't Go Breaking My Heart         Alpert, Herb & TJB      
El Garbanzo                        Alpert, Herb & TJB      
El Lobo (The Wolf)                 Alpert, Herb & TJB      
El Presidente                      Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Felicia                            Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Flamingo                           Alpert, Herb & TJB      
For Carlos                         Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Freckles                           Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Freight Train Joe                  Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Girl From Ipanema                  Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Gotta Get You Out Of My Mind       Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Gotta Lotta Livin' To Do           Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Green Peppers                      Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Hello Dolly                        Alpert, Herb & TJB      
I Will Wait For You                Alpert, Herb & TJB      
I'm Getting Sentimental Over You   Alpert, Herb & TJB      
I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face  Alpert, Herb & TJB      
If I Were A Rich Man               Alpert, Herb & TJB      
If You Could Read My Mind          Alpert, Herb & TJB      
In A Little Spanish Town           Alpert, Herb & TJB      
It Was A Very Good Year            Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Jerusalem                          Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Lady Godiva                        Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Ladyfingers                        Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Lagrima Quieta (A Quiet Tear)      Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Legend Of The One-eyed Sailor      Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Lemon Tree                         Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Let It Be Me                       Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Limbo Rock                         Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Lollipops And Roses                Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Lonely Bull                        Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Love Potion #9                     Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Mae                                Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Magic Trumpet                      Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Mame                               Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Martha My Dear                     Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Memories Of Madrid                 Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Mexican Road Race                  Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Mexican Shuffle                    Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Mexico                             Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Miss Frenchy Brown                 Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Monday Monday                      Alpert, Herb & TJB      
More                               Alpert, Herb & TJB      
More And More Amor                 Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Never On Sunday                    Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Numero Cinco                       Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da                  Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Our Day Will Come                  Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Panama                             Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Peanuts                            Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Plucky                             Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Shades Of Blue                     Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Shadow Of Your Smile               Alpert, Herb & TJB      
She Touched Me                     Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Slick                              Alpert, Herb & TJB      
So What's New?                     Alpert, Herb & TJB      
South Of The Border                Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Spanish Flea                       Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Spanish Harlem                     Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Sweet Georgia Brown                Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Talk To The Animals                Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Tangerine                          Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Taste Of Honey                     Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Thanks For The Memory              Alpert, Herb & TJB      
The Happening                      Alpert, Herb & TJB      
The Robin                          Alpert, Herb & TJB      
The Work Song                      Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Third Man Theme                    Alpert, Herb & TJB      
This Guy's In Love With You        Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Tijuana Sauerkraut                 Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Tijuana Taxi                       Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Town Without Pity                  Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Treasure Of San Miguel             Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Up Cherry Street                   Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Wade In The Water                  Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Walk, Don't Run                    Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Wall Street Rag                    Alpert, Herb & TJB      
What Now My Love?                  Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Whipped Cream                      Alpert, Herb & TJB      
With A Little Help From My Friends Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Work Song                          Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Zazueira                           Alpert, Herb & TJB      
Zorba The Greek                    Alpert, Herb & TJB      
I'm Coming Home                    Alpert, Herb/Hugh Masek 
Kalahari Nights                    Alpert, Herb/Hugh Masek 
Shame The Devil                    Alpert, Herb/Hugh Masek 
She-Been                           Alpert, Herb/Hugh Masek 
Dance With Me                      Alphaville              
Bring Me Closer                    Altered Images          
Don't Talk To Me About Love        Altered Images          
The End Is Not In Sight            Amazing Rhythm Aces     
Third Rate Romance                 Amazing Rhythm Aces     
Montego Bay                        Amazulu                 
Biggest Part Of Me                 Ambrosia                
Holdin' On To Yesterday            Ambrosia                
How Much I Feel                    Ambrosia                
You're The Only Woman              Ambrosia                
1960                               America                 
5th Avenue                         America                 
A Horse With No Name               America                 
All Around                         America                 
And Forever                        America                 
Are You There                      America                 
Border                             America                 
California Revisited               America                 
Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullabye    America                 
Cast The Spirit                    America                 
Catch That Train                   America                 
Cinderella                         America                 
Coastline                          America                 
Company                            America                 
Cornwall Blank                     America                 
Daisy Jane                         America                 
Don't Cross The River              America                 
Don't Cry Baby                     America                 
Don't Let Me Be Lonely             America                 
Down To The Water                  America                 
Even The Score                     America                 
Fallin' Off The World              America                 
Foolin'                            America                 
God Of The Sun                     America                 
Hangover                           America                 
Head & Heart                       America                 
Honey                              America                 
Horse With No Name                 America                 
Hurricane                          America                 
I Do Believe In You                America                 
I Don't Believe In Miracles        America                 
I Need You                         America                 
Inspector Mills                    America                 
Jody                               America                 
Lady With A Bluebird               America                 
Lonely People                      America                 
Love On The Vine                   America                 
Love's Worn Out Again              America                 
Might Be Your Love                 America                 
Monster                            America                 
Moon Song                          America                 
Muskrat Love                       America                 
My Dear                            America                 
My Kinda Woman                     America                 
Never Be Lonely                    America                 
Never Left At All                  America                 
No Fortune                         America                 
Now She's Gone                     America                 
One In A Million                   America                 
Only Game In Town                  America                 
Only In Your Heart                 America                 
Political Poachers                 America                 
Right Back To Me                   America                 
Right Before Your Eyes             America                 
Riverside                          America                 
Sandman                            America                 
Sarah                              America                 
Saturn Nights                      America                 
See How The Love Goes              America                 
Sergeant Darkness                  America                 
She's A Runaway                    America                 
Sister Golden Hair                 America                 
Slow Down                          America                 
Someday Woman                      America                 
Sometimes Lovers                   America                 
Special Girl                       America                 
Stereo                             America                 
Survival                           America                 
Tall Treasures                     America                 
The Border                         America                 
These Brown Eyes                   America                 
Till The Sun Comes Up Again        America                 
Tin Man                            America                 
To Each His Own                    America                 
Today Is The Day                   America                 
Tonight Is For Dreamers            America                 
Unconditional Love                 America                 
Valentine                          America                 
Ventura Highway                    America                 
We Got All Night                   America                 
Woman Tonight                      America                 
You Can Do Magic                   America                 
You Could've Been The One          America                 
You Girl                           America                 
Your Move                          America                 
Bend Me,Shape Me,Anyway You Want MeAmerican Breed          
American Girl                      American Girls          
Melody D'Amour                     Ames Brothers           
2001                               Ames, Ed                
Apologize                          Ames, Ed                
Bon Soir Dame                      Ames, Ed                
Changing, Changing                 Ames, Ed                
Christmas Is The Warmest Time      Ames, Ed    
Impossible Dream                   Ames, Ed                
Joy To The World                   Ames, Ed    
Kiss Her Now                       Ames, Ed                
Little Drummer Boy                 Ames, Ed  
Little White Donkey                Ames, Ed      
My Cup Runneth Over                Ames, Ed  
O Bambino                          Ames, Ed    			   
O Holy Night                       Ames, Ed    
Prince Of Peace                    Ames, Ed                  
See The Light                      Ames, Ed    
Silent Night                       Ames, Ed    
Six Words                          Ames, Ed                
Some Children See Him              Ames, Ed    
Son Of A Traveling Man             Ames, Ed                
The Color Of Snow                  Ames, Ed                
The Impossible Dream               Ames, Ed    
The Lord's Prayer                  Ames, Ed                
Time, Time                         Ames, Ed                
Try To Remember                    Ames, Ed                
What Child Is This                 Ames, Ed    
When The Snow Is On The Roses      Ames, Ed                
Who Will Answer?                   Ames, Ed                
Can You Feel It?                   Amesbury, Bill          
Virginia                           Amesbury, Bill          
Dance Dance Dance                  Anderson, Beth          
Friends And Lovers                 Anderson, Carl          
Black And White Television         Anderson, Ian           
Different Germany                  Anderson, Ian           
End Game                           Anderson, Ian           
Fly By Night                       Anderson, Ian           
Looking For Eden                   Anderson, Ian           
Made In England                    Anderson, Ian           
Toad In The Hole                   Anderson, Ian           
Trains                             Anderson, Ian           
User-friendly                      Anderson, Ian           
Walk Into Light                    Anderson, Ian           
All Along You Knew                 Anderson, Ian/Honeymoon Suite
Black Sheep                        Anderson, John          
Countrified                        Anderson, John          
Honky Tonk Crowd                   Anderson, John          
Swingin'                           Anderson, John          
Tokyo, Oklahoma                    Anderson, John          
Betcha                             Anderson, Jon           
Cage Of Freedom                    Anderson, Jon           
For You                            Anderson, Jon           
Hold On To Love                    Anderson, Jon           
Hurry Home                         Anderson, Jon           
If It Wasn't For Love              Anderson, Jon           
In A Lifetime                      Anderson, Jon           
Is It Me                           Anderson, Jon           
It's On Fire                       Anderson, Jon           
New Civilization                   Anderson, Jon           
Sundancing                         Anderson, Jon           
Surrender                          Anderson, Jon           
This Time It Was Really Right      Anderson, Jon           
Top Of The World                   Anderson, Jon           
Rose Garden                        Anderson, Lynn          
You're My Man                      Anderson, Lynn          
More More More                     Andrea True Connection  
Rum And Coca Cola                  Andrews Sisters         
I Could Have Danced All Night      Andrews, Julie          
Just You Wait                      Andrews, Julie          
Show Me                            Andrews, Julie          
Without You                        Andrews, Julie          
Wouldn't It Be Loverly             Andrews, Julie          
Latin Afternoon                    Andrusco, Billy         
Night Attack                       Angel City              
East Of Eden                       Angelo, Nino De         
Cry Baby Cry                       Angels                  
My Boyfriend's Back                Angels                  
Bring It On Home To Me             Animals                 
Don't Bring Me Down                Animals                 
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood      Animals                 
House Of The Rising Sun            Animals                 
I'm Crying                         Animals                 
San Franciscan Nights              Animals                 
We Gotta Get Out Of This Place     Animals                 
When I Was Young                   Animals                 
San Fransiscan Nights              Animals & Eric Burdon   
See See Rider                      Animals & Eric Burdon   
I Engineer                         Animotion               
Let Him Go                         Animotion               
Obsession                          Animotion               
Room To Move                       Animotion               
Bring The Wine                     Anka, Paul              
Diana                              Anka, Paul              
Double Life                        Anka, Paul              
Forever We'll Be In Love           Anka, Paul              
Freedom For The World              Anka, Paul              
Goodnight, My Love                 Anka, Paul              
Having My Baby                     Anka, Paul              
Hold Me 'Til Morning Comes         Anka, Paul              
I Don't Like To Sleep Alone        Anka, Paul              
It Hurts To See You Cry            Anka, Paul              
Jubilation                         Anka, Paul              
Let Me Be The One                  Anka, Paul              
Life Song                          Anka, Paul              
Lonely Boy                         Anka, Paul              
Love Is                            Anka, Paul              
My Home Town                       Anka, Paul              
My Way                             Anka, Paul              
One Man Woman, One Woman Man       Anka, Paul              
Pretty Good                        Anka, Paul              
Put Your Head On My Shoulder       Anka, Paul              
Some Kind Of Friend                Anka, Paul              
Someday                            Anka, Paul              
Something Good Is Coming           Anka, Paul              
Times Of Your Life                 Anka, Paul              
Too Young To Die                   Anka, Paul              
Until The Day We Said Goodbye      Anka, Paul              
You And Me Today                   Anka, Paul              
You Are My Destiny                 Anka, Paul              
You're Having My Baby              Anka, Paul              
I Can't Stand It                   Ann, Sue                
Don't Dance With Strangers         Annabella               
Pineapple Princess                 Annette                 
Whenever You Want Me               Antares                 
Peter Gunn                         Anthony, Ray & Orchestra 
Joy                                Apollo 100              
Blue Cafe                          Appice, Carmine         
Drum City Rocker                   Appice, Carmine         
Have You Heard                     Appice, Carmine         
Sweet Senorita                     Appice, Carmine         
Go Back                            Appleton, Crabby        
Comin' Right Down On Top Of Me     April Wine              
Cum Hear The Band                  April Wine              
Doin' It Right                     April Wine              
Enough Is Enough                   April Wine              
Fast Train                         April Wine              
Gimme That Thing Called Love       April Wine              
Hard Rock Kid                      April Wine              
I Like To Rock                     April Wine              
I Wouldn't Want To Lose Your Love  April Wine              
I'm On Fire For You, Baby          April Wine              
Just Between You And Me            April Wine              
Last Time I'll Ever Sing The Blues April Wine              
Like A Lover, Like A Song          April Wine              
Love Has Remembered Me             April Wine              
Lovin' You                         April Wine              
Money Talks                        April Wine              
Oowatanite                         April Wine              
Rock 'N' Roll Is A Vicious Game    April Wine              
Rock Myself To Sleep               April Wine              
Rock Tonite                        April Wine              
Roller                             April Wine              
Say Hello                          April Wine              
Sign Of The Gypsy Queen            April Wine              
Sons Of The Pioneers               April Wine              
Tell Me Why                        April Wine              
This Could Be The Right One        April Wine              
Tonight's A Wonderful Time         April Wine              
Tonite                             April Wine              
Too Hot To Handle                  April Wine              
What If We Fall In Love            April Wine              
Without Your Love                  April Wine              
You Could Have Been A Lady         April Wine           
You Won't Dance With Me            April Wine              
Apsaras                            Apsaras                 
Election Day                       Arcadia                 
Bang-Shang-A-Lang                  Archies                 
Get On The Line                    Archies                 
Jingle Jangle                      Archies                 
Sugar Sugar                        Archies                 
Sunshine                           Archies                 
Who's Your Baby?                   Archies                 
Hold Your Head Up                  Argent                  
I'm Lucky                          Armatrading, Joan       
Me, Myself And I                   Armatrading, Joan       
Hello Dolly                        Armstrong, Louis        
Mack The Knife                     Armstrong, Louis        
We Have All The Time In The World  Armstrong, Louis        
What A Wonderful World             Armstrong, Louis        
Turn The World Around The Other WayArnold, Eddy            
Electric Dreams                    Arnold, P.P.            
I Wanna Tango                      Arpeggio                
Let The Music Play / Play The MusicArpeggio                
Love And Desire                    Arpeggio                
Runaway                            Arpeggio                
Spellbound                         Arpeggio                
Meet Me In The Middle              Arrows                  
Never Be Another One               Arrows                  
Say It Isn't True                  Arrows                  
Stand Back                         Arrows                  
Dragnet                            Art Of Noise            
Paraniomia                         Art Of Noise            
Peter Gunn                         Art Of Noise            
Kiss                               Art Of Noise & Tom Jones
Peter Gunn                         Art Of Noise/Duane Eddy 
Sun City                           Artist United Against Africa
Solid                              Ashford & Simpson       
Cutting It Fine                    Asia                    
Don't Cry                          Asia                    
Eye To Eye                         Asia                    
Heat Of The Moment                 Asia                    
Here Comes The Feeling             Asia                    
Midnight Sun                       Asia                    
My Own Time                        Asia                    
Never In A Million Years           Asia                    
One Step Closer                    Asia                    
Only Time Will Tell                Asia                    
Open Your Eyes                     Asia                    
Smile Has Left Your Eyes           Asia                    
Sole Survivor                      Asia                    
The Heat Goes On                   Asia                    
The Last To Know                   Asia                    
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes       Asia                    
Time Again                         Asia                    
True Colors                        Asia                    
Wildest Dreams                     Asia                    
Without You                        Asia                    
Switchin' In The Kitchen           Asleep At The Wheel     
Cherish                            Association             
Never My Love                      Association             
Windy                              Association             
Pick Yourself Up                   Astaire, Fred/Ginger Rogers. 
Ain't Too Proud To Beg             Astley, Rick            
Be With You                        Astley, Rick            
Behind The Smile                   Astley, Rick            
Cry For Help                       Astley, Rick            
Dial My Number                     Astley, Rick            
Don't Say Goodbye                  Astley, Rick            
Giving Up On Love                  Astley, Rick            
Hold Me In Your Arms               Astley, Rick            
Hopelessly                         Astley, Rick            
I Don't Want To Be Your Lover      Astley, Rick            
I Don't Want To Lose Her           Astley, Rick            
I'll Never Let You Down            Astley, Rick            
In The Name Of Love                Astley, Rick            
Is This Really Love?               Astley, Rick            
It Would Take A Strong Strong Man  Astley, Rick            
Move Right Out                     Astley, Rick            
Never Gonna Give You Up            Astley, Rick            
Never Knew Love                    Astley, Rick            
No More Looking For Love           Astley, Rick            
Really Got A Problem               Astley, Rick            
She Wants To Dance With Me         Astley, Rick            
Slipping Away                      Astley, Rick            
Take Me To Your Heart              Astley, Rick            
The Bottom Line                    Astley, Rick            
The Love Has Gone                  Astley, Rick            
This Must Be Heaven                Astley, Rick            
Till Then                          Astley, Rick            
Together Forever                   Astley, Rick            
When I Fall In Love                Astley, Rick            
Whenever You Need Somebody         Astley, Rick            
Wonderful You                      Astley, Rick            
You Move Me                        Astley, Rick            
How Can I Live Without Her?        Atkins, Christopher     
I Just Can't Wait To Be King       Atkinson, Rowan/Jason W.
Sweet Country Music                Atlanta                 
Alien                              Atlanta Rhythm Section  
Born Ready                         Atlanta Rhythm Section  
Do It Or Die                       Atlanta Rhythm Section  
It's Only Music                    Atlanta Rhythm Section  
Spooky                             Atlanta Rhythm Section  
It's Gonna Be Special              Austin, Patti           
Slow Walk                          Austin, Sil             
Cold Fever                         Australian Models       
Blondes In Black Cars              Autograph               
Venus                              Avalon, Frankie         
Venus (Disco)                      Avalon, Frankie         
Easier Said Than Done              Average White Band      
You're My Number One               Average White Band