Pop Songs - C

Stranded In The Jungle             Cadets                            
Speedo                             Cadillacs                         
C-I-T-Y                            Cafferty, John                    
On The Dark Side                   Cafferty, John                       
Smalltown Girl                     Cafferty, John                    
Strangers In Paradise              Cafferty, John                    
Tender Years                       Cafferty, John                    
Tough All Over                     Cafferty, John                    
Holdin' On                         Cain, Tane                        
Bonanza Theme                      Caiola, Al                        
After Midnight                     Cale, J.J.                        
Crazy Mama                         Cale, J.J.                        
Unemployment                       Cale, J.J.                        
Cloak And Dagger Man               Camel                             
More More More                     Camel                             
Word Up                            Cameo                             
30-Foot Trailer                    Cameron, John Allan               
And The Band Played Waltzing MatildCameron, John Allan               
Anne                               Cameron, John Allan               
Ballad Of St. Anne's Reel          Cameron, John Allan               
Banks Of Sicily                    Cameron, John Allan               
Birds Of Joy                       Cameron, John Allan               
Brocham Lom                        Cameron, John Allan               
Broom O' Cowdenknowes              Cameron, John Allan               
Butterfingers Medley               Cameron, John Allan               
Calin' Mo Ruinsa                   Cameron, John Allan               
Charles Sutherland Reel            Cameron, John Allan               
Dirty Old Town                     Cameron, John Allan               
Dominion Reel                      Cameron, John Allan               
Doug's Jig / Fear An Duin Mhois    Cameron, John Allan               
Elizabeth Lindsay Meets Donald     Cameron, John Allan               
Elizabeth Lindsey                  Cameron, John Allan               
Farewell To Nova Scotia            Cameron, John Allan               
Farewell To The Creeks             Cameron, John Allan               
Fiddle Medley                      Cameron, John Allan               
Fisherman's Song                   Cameron, John Allan               
Flower Of Scotland                 Cameron, John Allan               
Four Marys                         Cameron, John Allan               
Freeborn Man                       Cameron, John Allan               
Gaelic Songs                       Cameron, John Allan               
Glasgow Police Pipers              Cameron, John Allan               
Going Down The Road                Cameron, John Allan               
I Am A Rover                       Cameron, John Allan               
I Can't Tell You                   Cameron, John Allan               
I'm A Rover                        Cameron, John Allan               
Instrumental                       Cameron, John Allan               
Johnny Cope                        Cameron, John Allan               
King Robert The Bruce              Cameron, John Allan               
Liberty                            Cameron, John Allan               
Little Beggarman                   Cameron, John Allan               
Liverpool Lou                      Cameron, John Allan               
Loch Tay Boat Song                 Cameron, John Allan               
Looking Back                       Cameron, John Allan               
Lord Of The Dance                  Cameron, John Allan               
Maggie Brown                       Cameron, John Allan               
Maggie Brown's Jig                 Cameron, John Allan               
Make Aud Break Harbour             Cameron, John Allan               
Mary Mack                          Cameron, John Allan               
Mary Of The Wild Moor              Cameron, John Allan               
Mingulay Boat Song                 Cameron, John Allan               
Minstrel Of Cranberry Lane         Cameron, John Allan               
Miss Laura                         Cameron, John Allan               
Miss Lyle's Strathpey              Cameron, John Allan               
Miss Macleod's Reel                Cameron, John Allan               
Mist-Covered Mountains             Cameron, John Allan               
Mr. George S. Rosewood of Aberdeen Cameron, John Allan               
Mr. John Stewart of Grantully      Cameron, John Allan               
Mrs. Hamilton And The Dominion ReelCameron, John Allan               
Mrs. Hamilton Of Pencaitland       Cameron, John Allan               
Murdo MacKenzie Of Torridon        Cameron, John Allan               
O'Carolan's Concerto               Cameron, John Allan               
Old Maid In The Garrett            Cameron, John Allan               
Patriot Game                       Cameron, John Allan               
Plantzy Johnson                    Cameron, John Allan               
Please Don't Bury Me               Cameron, John Allan               
Prince Charlie's Farewell To The IsCameron, John Allan               
Reel Of Clunyn                     Cameron, John Allan               
Sandy MacIntyre's March            Cameron, John Allan               
Solomon's Song                     Cameron, John Allan               
Song For Robbie Mcneill            Cameron, John Allan               
Song Of The Mira                   Cameron, John Allan               
Sound The Pibroch                  Cameron, John Allan               
Spanish Pipe Dream                 Cameron, John Allan               
Streets Of London                  Cameron, John Allan               
Sweetheart                         Cameron, John Allan               
Tie Me Down                        Cameron, John Allan               
Togabh Fonn                        Cameron, John Allan               
Trip To Mabou Ridge                Cameron, John Allan               
Village Of Brambleshire Wood       Cameron, John Allan               
Welcome To The Trossack's          Cameron, John Allan               
Wind Willow                        Cameron, John Allan               
Amazing Grace                      Campbell, Glen                    
Arkansaw                           Campbell, Glen                    
Bonaparte's Retreat                Campbell, Glen                    
By The Time I Get To Phoenix       Campbell, Glen                    
Christmas Day                      Campbell, Glen                    
Christmas Is For Children          Campbell, Glen                    
Country Boy                        Campbell, Glen                    
Dream Baby                         Campbell, Glen                    
Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife   Campbell, Glen                    
Galveston                          Campbell, Glen                    
Gentle On My Mind                  Campbell, Glen                    
Hey Little One                     Campbell, Glen                    
Honey Come Back                    Campbell, Glen                    
I Knew Jesus                       Campbell, Glen                    
I Wanna Live                       Campbell, Glen                    
It's Only Make Believe             Campbell, Glen                    
Little Altar Boy                   Campbell, Glen                    
Little Toy Trains                  Campbell, Glen                    
Moon Is A Harsh Mistress           Campbell, Glen                    
Pretty Paper                       Campbell, Glen                    
Rhinestone Cowboy                  Campbell, Glen                    
Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay     Campbell, Glen                    
Southern Nights                    Campbell, Glen                    
There's No Place Like Home         Campbell, Glen                    
True Grit                          Campbell, Glen                    
Try A Little Kindness              Campbell, Glen                    
Turn Around Look At Me             Campbell, Glen                    
Where's The Playground, Susie      Campbell, Glen                    
Wichita Lineman                    Campbell, Glen                    
All I Have To Do Is Dream          Campbell, Glen/Bobbie Gentry     
Gentle On My Mind                  Campbell, Glen/Bobbie Gentry            
Heart To Heart Talk                Campbell, Glen/Bobbie Gentry       
Imagination                        Campbell, Glen/Bobbie Gentry  
Less Of Me                         Campbell, Glen/Bobbie Gentry         
Let It Be Me                       Campbell, Glen/Bobbie Gentry        
Little Green Apples                Campbell, Glen/Bobbie Gentry            
Mornin' Glory                      Campbell, Glen/Bobbie Gentry      
My Elusive Dreams                  Campbell, Glen/Bobbie Gentry      
Scarborough Fair/Canticle          Campbell, Glen/Bobbie Gentry      
Sunday Mornin'                     Campbell, Glen/Bobbie Gentry      
Terrible Tangled Web               Campbell, Glen/Bobbie Gentry      
Down That Long Lonesome Road       Canned Heat                       
Going Up The Country               Canned Heat                       
Let's Work Together                Canned Heat                       
On The Road Again                  Canned Heat                          
Land Of A 1000 Dances              Cannibal & Headhunters
Palisades Park                     Cannon, Freddy
Tallahassee Lassie                 Cannon, Freddy                                               
Transistor Sister                  Cannon, Freddy                   
Way Down Yonder In New Orleans     Cannon, Freddy                   
Eve                                Capaldi, Jim                      
Desire                             Capitol Sound                     
There's A Moon Out Tonight         Capris                            
Circles                            Captain & Tennille                
Do That To Me One More Time        Captain & Tennille                
Happy Together                     Captain & Tennille                
I Write The Songs                  Captain & Tennille                
Lonely Night (Angel Face)          Captain & Tennille                
Love Will Keep Us Together         Captain & Tennille                
Muskrat Love                       Captain & Tennille                
Shop Around                        Captain & Tennille                
We Never Really Said Goodbye       Captain & Tennille                
Edelweiss                          Captain,Maria,Children           
Fame                               Cara, Irene                       
Flashdance...What A Feeling        Cara, Irene                       
What A Feeling                     Cara, Irene                       
Why Me?                            Cara, Irene
You Were Meant For Me              Cara, Irene                           
A Fine, Fine Day                   Carey, Tony                       
First Day Of Summer                Carey, Tony                       
Running Away From The Thought      Carey, Tony                              
Circle In The Sand                 Carlisle, Belinda                 
I Feel Free                        Carlisle, Belinda                 
I Feel The Magic                   Carlisle, Belinda                 
I Get Weak                         Carlisle, Belinda                 
I Need A Disguise                  Carlisle, Belinda                 
Mad About You                      Carlisle, Belinda                 
WKRP In Cincinnati Theme           Carlisle, Steve                   
Switched On Bach                   Carlos, Walter                    
Everlasting Love                   Carlton, Carl                     
Bad Day                            Carmel                            
It's All In The Game               Carmel                            
The Drum Is Everything             Carmel                            
All By Myself                      Carmen, Eric                      
Baby I Need Your Lovin'            Carmen, Eric                      
Boats Against The Current          Carmen, Eric                      
Change Of Heart                    Carmen, Eric                      
Hey Deanie                         Carmen, Eric                      
Hungry Eyes                        Carmen, Eric                      
It Hurts Too Much                  Carmen, Eric                      
Make Me Lose Control               Carmen, Eric                             
Never Gonna Fall In Love Again     Carmen, Eric                      
No Hard Feelings                   Carmen, Eric                                   
That's Rock 'N Roll                Carmen, Eric                      
All By Myself                      Carmen. Eric                      
A Kick In The Heart                Carnes, Kim                       
A Sad Affair Of The Heart          Carnes, Kim                       
Abadabadango                       Carnes, Kim                       
Begging For Favors                 Carnes, Kim                       
Bette Davis Eyes                   Carnes, Kim                       
Bon Voyage                         Carnes, Kim                       
Break The Rules Tonite             Carnes, Kim                       
Breakin' Away From Sanity          Carnes, Kim                       
Crazy In The Night                 Carnes, Kim                       
Cry Like A Baby                    Carnes, Kim                       
Does It Make You Remember?         Carnes, Kim                       
Don't Call It Love                 Carnes, Kim                       
Don't Pick Up The Phone            Carnes, Kim                       
Draw Of The Cards                  Carnes, Kim                       
He Makes The Sun Rise              Carnes, Kim                       
Hit And Run                        Carnes, Kim                       
Hurricane                          Carnes, Kim                       
I Pretend                          Carnes, Kim                       
I'll Be Here Where The Heart Is    Carnes, Kim                       
Invisible Hands                    Carnes, Kim                       
Invitation To Dance                Carnes, Kim                       
Looker                             Carnes, Kim                       
Merc Man                           Carnes, Kim                       
Met You At The Wrong Time          Carnes, Kim                       
Miss You Tonite                    Carnes, Kim                       
Mistaken Identity                  Carnes, Kim                       
More Love                          Carnes, Kim                       
My Old Pals                        Carnes, Kim                       
Oliver (Voice On The Radio)        Carnes, Kim                       
One Kiss                           Carnes, Kim                       
Rough Edges                        Carnes, Kim                       
Say You Don't Know Me              Carnes, Kim                       
Still Hold On                      Carnes, Kim                       
Take It On The Chin                Carnes, Kim                       
The Arrangement                    Carnes, Kim                       
The Thrill Of The Grill            Carnes, Kim                       
The Universal Song                 Carnes, Kim                       
Touch And Go                       Carnes, Kim                       
Undertow                           Carnes, Kim                       
Universal Song                     Carnes, Kim                       
Voyeur                             Carnes, Kim                       
When I'm Away From You             Carnes, Kim                       
You Make My Heart Beat Faster      Carnes, Kim                       
Young Love                         Carnes, Kim                       
Something In Your Eyes             Carpenter, Richard                
All Of My Life                     Carpenters   
An Old-Fashioned Christmas         Carpenters                        
Ave Maria                          Carpenters                        
Christ Is Born                     Carpenters                        
Christmas Song                     Carpenters  
Christmas Waltz                    Carpenters                         
Close To You                       Carpenters                        
For All We Know                    Carpenters                        
Goodbye To Love                    Carpenters                        
Have Yourself A Merry Little       Carpenters                        
Hurting Each Other                 Carpenters                        
I'll Be Home For Christmas         Carpenters                        
It's Christmastime/Sleep Well      Carpenters                        
It's Going To Take Some Time       Carpenters
Little Altar Boy                   Carpenters                           
Merry Christmas, Darling           Carpenters                        
Only Yesterday                     Carpenters                        
Rainy Days And Mondays             Carpenters                        
Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town      Carpenters                        
Sing                               Carpenters                        
Sleigh Ride                        Carpenters                        
Superstar                          Carpenters                        
There's A Kind Of Hush             Carpenters                        
Those Good Old Dreams              Carpenters                        
Ticket To Ride                     Carpenters                        
Top Of The World                   Carpenters                        
We've Only Just Begun              Carpenters                        
Yesterday Once More                Carpenters                        
Ivory Tower                        Carr, Cathy                       
Don't Shed A Tear                  Carrack, Paul                     
I Live By The Groove               Carrack, Paul                     
Bye Bye Love                       Cars                              
Cruiser                            Cars                              
Dream Away                         Cars                              
Drive                              Cars                              
Heartbeat City                     Cars                              
I'm Not The One                    Cars                              
Just What I Needed                 Cars                              
Let The Good Times Roll            Cars                              
Let's Go                           Cars                              
Looking For Love                   Cars                              
Magic                              Cars                              
Maybe Baby                         Cars                              
My Best Friend's Girl              Cars                              
Shake It Up                        Cars                              
Since You're Gone                  Cars                              
Think It Over                      Cars                              
This Could Be Love                 Cars                              
Tonight She Comes                  Cars                              
Touch And Go                       Cars                              
Why Can't I Have You               Cars                              
You Might Think                    Cars                              
You're All I Got Tonight           Cars                              
Patches                            Carter, Clarence                  
Fifty Golden Years                 Carter, Wilf                      
Rhythm Of The Rain                 Cascades                          
A Boy Named Sue                    Cash, Johnny                      
Ballad Of Barbara                  Cash, Johnny                      
Big Light                          Cash, Johnny                      
Blistered                          Cash, Johnny                      
Boy Named Sue                      Cash, Johnny                      
Darling Companion                  Cash, Johnny                      
Folsom Prison Blues                Cash, Johnny                      
Heavy Metal                        Cash, Johnny                      
Here Was A Man                     Cash, Johnny                      
I Walk The Line                    Cash, Johnny                      
I'd Rather Have You                Cash, Johnny                      
Johnny 99                          Cash, Johnny                      
Let Him Roll                       Cash, Johnny                      
Letters From Home                  Cash, Johnny                      
Man In Black                       Cash, Johnny                      
My Ship Will Sail                  Cash, Johnny                      
Night Hank Williams Came To Town   Cash, Johnny                      
Peace In The Valley                Cash, Johnny                      
Ring Of Fire                       Cash, Johnny                      
San Quentin                        Cash, Johnny                      
Sixteen Tons                       Cash, Johnny                      
Starkville City Jail               Cash, Johnny                      
W. Lee O'Daniel                    Cash, Johnny                      
Wanted Man                         Cash, Johnny                      
Wreck Of The Old '97               Cash, Johnny                      
Even Cowgirls Get The Blues        Cash, Johnny/Waylon J.            
I Don't Know Why You Don't Want Me Cash, Rosanne                     
I Wonder                           Cash, Rosanne                     
Seven Year Ache                    Cash, Rosanne                     
Tennessee Flat Top Box             Cash, Rosanne                     
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye       Casinos                           
Dream A Little Dream Of Me         Cass, Mama                        
It's Getting Better                Cass, Mama                        
Make Your Own Kind Of Music        Cass, Mama                        
Move In A Little Closer            Cass, Mama                        
New World Coming                   Cass, Mama                        
That's Rock 'N' Roll               Cassidy, Shaun                    
Liar Liar                          Castaways                         
Good Old Rock 'N' roll             Cat Mother                        
Flippin' To The 'A' Side           Cats Can Fly                      
Only A Lonely Heart                Cavaliere, Felix                  
Give Me Love                       Cerrone                           
In The Smoke                       Cerrone                           
Love Is Here                       Cerrone                           
Love Is The Answer                 Cerrone                           
Supernature                        Cerrone                           
Sweet Drums                        Cerrone                           
Glory Of Love                      Cetera, Peter                     
Ebb Tide                           Chacksfield, Frank                
Summer Song                        Chad & Jeremy                     
Yesterday's Gone                   Chad & Jeremy                     
Pay To The Piper                   Chairman Of The Board             
20th Century Boy                   Chalk Circle                      
April Fool                         Chalk Circle                      
Time Has Come Today                Chambers Brothers                 
How 'Bout Us?                      Champaign                         
Running From My Love               Champion                          
Heart Of Glass                     Champlin, Tamara                  
Tequila                            Champs                            
Duke Of Earl                       Chandler, Gene                    
Get Down                           Chandler, Gene                    
Groovy Situation                   Chandler, Gene                    
Hey Baby                           Channel, Bruce                    
Pipeline                           Chantays                          
Cats In The Cradle                 Chapin, Harry                     
Taxi                               Chapin, Harry                     
W.O.L.D.                           Chapin, Harry                     
WOLD                               Chapin, Harry                     
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot           Chaplin, Charlie                  
I've Never Been To Me              Charlene                          
It Ain't Easy Coming Down          Charlene                          
A Fool For You                     Charles, Ray                      
Ain't That Love?                   Charles, Ray                      
Born To Lose                       Charles, Ray                      
Busted                             Charles, Ray                      
Crying Time                        Charles, Ray                      
Don't Change On Me                 Charles, Ray                      
Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin' Charles, Ray                      
Don't You Know Baby                Charles, Ray                      
Drown In My Own Tears              Charles, Ray                      
Eleanor Rigby                      Charles, Ray                      
Feel So Bad                        Charles, Ray                      
Georgia On My Mind                 Charles, Ray                      
Hallelujah I Love Her So           Charles, Ray                      
Hit The Road Jack                  Charles, Ray                      
I Believe To My Soul               Charles, Ray                      
I Can't Stop Lovin' You            Charles, Ray                      
I Can't Stop Loving You            Charles, Ray                      
I Got A Woman                      Charles, Ray                      
If You Were Mine                   Charles, Ray                      
It Should Have Been Me             Charles, Ray                      
It's Cryin' Time                   Charles, Ray                      
Just For A Thrill                  Charles, Ray                      
Let's Go Get Stoned                Charles, Ray                      
Lonely Avenue                      Charles, Ray                      
Mary Ann                           Charles, Ray                      
Mess Around                        Charles, Ray                      
Night Time Is The Right Time       Charles, Ray                      
One Mint Julep                     Charles, Ray                      
Pages Of My Mind                   Charles, Ray                      
Rock House                         Charles, Ray                      
Ruby                               Charles, Ray                      
Swanee River Rock                  Charles, Ray                      
Unchain My Heart                   Charles, Ray                      
What'd I Say?                      Charles, Ray                      
Yes Indeed                         Charles, Ray                      
Yesterday                          Charles, Ray                      
You Are My Sunshine                Charles, Ray                      
Love Me With All Your Heart        Charles, Ray & Singers            
Black Pearl                        Charles, Sonny                    
All We Need Is A Dream             Cheap Trick                       
All Wound Up                       Cheap Trick                       
Don't Be Cruel                     Cheap Trick                       
Flame                              Cheap Trick                       
Ghost Town                         Cheap Trick                       
Let Go                             Cheap Trick                       
Money (That's What I Want)         Cheap Trick                       
Never Had A Lot To Lose            Cheap Trick                       
No Mercy                           Cheap Trick                       
Space                              Cheap Trick                       
The Flame                          Cheap Trick                       
Voices                             Cheap Trick                       
Wrong Side Of Love                 Cheap Trick                       
Let's Dance                        Checker, Chubby                   
Let's Twist Again                  Checker, Chubby                   
Moonlight Dream                    Checker, Chubby                   
Pony Time                          Checker, Chubby                   
Slow Twistin'                      Checker, Chubby                   
The Twist                          Checker, Chubby                   
Twist                              Checker, Chubby                   
Los Cochinos (LP)                  Cheech & Chong                    
Bang Bang                          Cher                              
Cowboy's Work Is Never Done        Cher                              
Half Breed                         Cher                              
Star Struck                        Cheri                             
Have You Seen Her?                 Chi-Lites                         
Dance, Dance Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah)Chic                              
Good Times                         Chic                              
I Want Your Love                   Chic                              
Le Freak                           Chic                              
Le Freak (Long Version)            Chic                              
25 Or 6 To 4                       Chicago                           
Alive Again                        Chicago                           
Along Comes A Woman                Chicago                           
Anxiety's Moment                   Chicago                           
Baby, What A Big Surprise          Chicago                           
Beginnings                         Chicago                           
Color My World                     Chicago                           
Colour My World                    Chicago                           
Does Anybody Know What Time It Is? Chicago                           
Fancy Colours                      Chicago                           
Forever                            Chicago                           
Good For Nothing                   Chicago                           
Hard To Say I'm Sorry              Chicago                           
I Believe                          Chicago                           
I'm A Man                          Chicago                           
If She Would Have Been Faithful... Chicago                           
In The Country                     Chicago                           
It Better End Soon                 Chicago                           
It's Alright                       Chicago                           
Just You 'N' Me                    Chicago                           
Make Me Smile                      Chicago                           
Memories Of Love                   Chicago                           
Moving In                          Chicago                           
Niagara Falls                      Chicago                           
Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now         Chicago                           
Now More Than Ever                 Chicago                           
Old Days                           Chicago                           
One More Day                       Chicago                           
Over And Over                      Chicago                           
Poem For The People                Chicago                           
Policeman                          Chicago                           
Road                               Chicago                           
Saturday In The Park               Chicago                           
So Much To Say                     Chicago                           
Stay The Night                     Chicago                           
Street Player                      Chicago                           
The Road                           Chicago                           
To Be Free                         Chicago                           
Wake Up Sunshine                   Chicago                           
West Virginia Fantasies            Chicago                           
Where Do We Go From Here?          Chicago                           
Will You Still Love Me?            Chicago                           
You're The Inspiration             Chicago                           
He's So Fine                       Chiffons                          
One Fine Day                       Chiffons                          
Sweet-Talking Guy                  Chiffons                          
So Long, Farewell                  Children                          
Sound Of Music                     Children & The Captain            
I Was Made For Loving You -Club MixChill                             
148 Heavy                          Chilliwack                        
Always                             Chilliwack                        
Are You Really Gonna Walk Out?     Chilliwack                        
Are You With Me?                   Chilliwack                        
Arms Of Mary                       Chilliwack                        
Baby Blue                          Chilliwack                        
CS Man                             Chilliwack                        
California Girl                    Chilliwack                        
Chain Train                        Chilliwack                        
Changing Reels                     Chilliwack                        
Come On Over                       Chilliwack                        
Communication Breakdown            Chilliwack                         
Crazy Talk                         Chilliwack                        
Don't It Make You Feel Good        Chilliwack                        
Don't Shoot Me Down                Chilliwack                        
Don't Stop                         Chilliwack                        
Don't Wanna Live For A Living      Chilliwack                        
Dream Of You                       Chilliwack                        
Eat                                Chilliwack                        
Every Day                          Chilliwack                        
Far Side Of The Sun (Suite)        Chilliwack                        
Fly At Night                       Chilliwack                             
Gettin' Better                     Chilliwack                                
Goodnight                          Chilliwack                        
Got You On My Mind                 Chilliwack                        
Ground Hog                         Chilliwack                        
Guilty                             Chilliwack                        
Hit Him With Another Egg           Chilliwack                        
Hot Winds                          Chilliwack                        
How Can You Hide Your Love?        Chilliwack                        
I Believe                          Chilliwack                        
I Know, You Know                   Chilliwack                        
I Wanna Be The One                 Chilliwack                        
I'm Comin' To You                  Chilliwack                        
If You Want My Love                Chilliwack                        
In Love With A Look                Chilliwack                        
Last Day Of December               Chilliwack                        
Last Time                          Chilliwack                        
Lean On Me                         Chilliwack                        
Let It All Begin                   Chilliwack                        
Living In Stereo                   Chilliwack                        
Lonesome Mary                      Chilliwack                        
Lookin' For A Place                Chilliwack                        
Magnolia                           Chilliwack                        
Makin' Time                        Chilliwack                        
Marianne                           Chilliwack                        
Me And You                         Chilliwack                        
Midnight                           Chilliwack                        
Mister Rock                        Chilliwack                        
Mr. Rock                           Chilliwack                        
Music For A Quiet Time             Chilliwack                        
My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)         Chilliwack                                 
Never Be The Same                  Chilliwack                        
Night Time                         Chilliwack                        
Night-Morning                      Chilliwack                        
No Love At All                     Chilliwack                        
Nothin' To Do                      Chilliwack                        
Rain-O                             Chilliwack                            
Really Don't Mind                  Chilliwack                        
Ride-Out                           Chilliwack                        
Ridin'                             Chilliwack                        
Ridin' High                        Chilliwack                        
Road To Paradise                   Chilliwack                        
Rock N' Roll Music                 Chilliwack                        
Rockin' Girl                       Chilliwack                        
Roll On                            Chilliwack                        
Rosie                              Chilliwack                        
Run With Me                        Chilliwack                        
Secret Information                 Chilliwack                        
She Don't Know                     Chilliwack                        
She Keeps On Cryin'                Chilliwack                        
She Knows The Way To My Heart      Chilliwack                        
Sign Here                          Chilliwack                        
Singin' The Blues                  Chilliwack                        
So Strong                          Chilliwack                        
So You Wanna Be A Star             Chilliwack                        
Something Better                   Chilliwack                        
Sundown                            Chilliwack                        
Tell It To The Telephone           Chilliwack                        
The Fields And The Sea             Chilliwack                        
There's Something I Like About ThatChilliwack                        
Things Keep Changin'               Chilliwack                        
Time Don't Mean A Thing To Ya      Chilliwack                        
Tonight                            Chilliwack                        
Too Many Enemies                   Chilliwack                        
Trains A Comin' Back               Chilliwack                        
Treat Me Fine, Treat Me Good       Chilliwack                        
Trial By Fire                      Chilliwack                        
Walk On                            Chilliwack                        
We Don't Have To Fall In Love      Chilliwack                        
Whatcha Gonna Do                   Chilliwack                        
Whatcha Gonna Do?                  Chilliwack                        
When You Gonna Tell The Truth      Chilliwack                        
Who's Winnin'                      Chilliwack                        
You're Gonna Last                  Chilliwack                        
Wishful Thinking                   China Crisis                      
Chipmunk Song                      Chipmunks                         
White Christmas                    Chipmunks                         
Never On Sunday                    Chordettes                        
Climb Ev'ry Mountain (Reprise)     Chorus & The Orchestra            
Yellow River                       Christie                          
Beyond The Blue Horizon            Christie, Lou                     
Gypsy Cried                        Christie, Lou                     
I'm Gonna Make You Mine            Christie, Lou                                       
Lightnin' Strikes                  Christie, Lou                                
Two Faces Have I                   Christie, Lou                     
One Step Closer                    Christopher, Gavin                                  City Boy                          
Do What You Do, Do Well            City Boy                          
Oh What A Night                    City Boy                          
Raining Again                      City Boy                          
Raise A Glass To Foolish Me        City Boy                          
Summer In The Schoolyard           City Boy                          
The World Loves A Dancer           City Boy                          
Jennifer Gentle                    Clancy Brothers                   
In Search Of A Heart               Clannad                           
Live And Learn                     Clannad                           
Many Roads                         Clannad                           
Second Nature                      Clannad                           
Sirius                             Clannad                           
Skellig                            Clannad                           
Something To Believe In            Clannad                           
Stepping Stone                     Clannad                           
Turning Tide                       Clannad                           
White Fool                         Clannad                           
Venus In Blue Jeans                Clanton, Jimmy                    
After Midnight                     Clapton, Eric                     
Alberta                            Clapton, Eric                     
Cocaine                            Clapton, Eric                     
Forever Man                        Clapton, Eric                     
Heaven Is One Step Away            Clapton, Eric                     
I Shot The Sheriff                 Clapton, Eric                     
Knockin' On Heaven's Door          Clapton, Eric                     
Lay Down Sally                     Clapton, Eric                     
Layla                              Clapton, Eric                     
Promises                           Clapton, Eric                     
San Francisco Blues                Clapton, Eric                     
Swing Low Sweet Chariot            Clapton, Eric                     
Tears In Heaven                    Clapton, Eric                     
Willie And The Hand Jive           Clapton, Eric                     
Wonderful Tonight                  Clapton, Eric                      
Raindrops                          Clark, Dee                        
Cat In The Window                  Clark, Petula                     
Color My World                     Clark, Petula                     
Don't Sleep In The Subway          Clark, Petula                     
Downtown                           Clark, Petula                     
England Swings                     Clark, Petula                     
I Know A Place                     Clark, Petula                     
My Love                            Clark, Petula                     
Sign Of The Times                  Clark, Petula                     
This Is My Song                    Clark, Petula                     
Yesterday When I Was Young         Clark, Roy                        
London Calling                     Clash                             
Rock The Casbah                    Clash      
Change Of Heart                    Classics IV                     
Everyday With You Girl             Classics IV                       
Midnight                           Classics IV                       
Spooky                             Classics IV 
Stormy                             Classics IV
The Funniest Thing                 Classics IV                      
Traces                             Classics IV
Where Did All The Good Times Go    Classics IV                       
Chariots Of Fire                   Clayderman, Richard               
Great Heart                        Clegg, Johnny                     
Resurrection Shuffle               Clemons, Clarence                 
You're A Friend Of Mine            Clemons, Clarence                 
All The Strength We Got            Cliff, Jimmy                      
Love Again                         Cliff, Jimmy                      
Reggae Night                       Cliff, Jimmy                      
Wonderful World, Beautiful People  Cliff, Jimmy                      
Baby Sittin' Boogie                Clifford, Buzz                    
A Church, A Courtroom, And Then    Cline, Patsy                      
Always                             Cline, Patsy                      
Bill Bailey Won't You Please       Cline, Patsy                      
Blue Moon Of Kentucky              Cline, Patsy                      
Crazy                              Cline, Patsy                      
Crazy Arms                         Cline, Patsy                      
Crazy Dreams                       Cline, Patsy                      
Does Your Heart Beat For Me        Cline, Patsy                      
He Called Me Baby                  Cline, Patsy                      
How Can I Face Tomorrow            Cline, Patsy                      
I Fall To Pieces                   Cline, Patsy                      
I've Loved And Lost Again          Cline, Patsy                      
Loose Talk                         Cline, Patsy                      
Love Letters In The Sand           Cline, Patsy                      
Lovesick Blues                     Cline, Patsy                      
Lovin' In Vain                     Cline, Patsy                      
She's Got You                      Cline, Patsy                      
Someday You'll Want Me             Cline, Patsy                      
Sweet Dreams                       Cline, Patsy                      
There He Goes                      Cline, Patsy                      
Walkin' After Midnight             Cline, Patsy                      
Walking After Midnight             Cline, Patsy                      
You Took Him Off My Arms           Cline, Patsy                      
I'll Hold Out My Hand              Clique                            
Sugar On Sunday                    Clique                            
Come On-A My House                 Clooney, Rosemary                 
Love Potion Number Nine            Clovers                           
Charlie Brown                      Coasters                          
Little Egypt                       Coasters                          
Yakety Yak                         Coasters                          
Summertime Blues                   Cochran, Eddie                           
Anything Can Happen                Cockburn, Bruce                   
Berlin Tonight                     Cockburn, Bruce                   
Call It Democracy                  Cockburn, Bruce                   
Cry Of A Tiny Babe                 Cockburn, Bruce                   
Dancing In Paradise                Cockburn, Bruce                   
Don't Feel Your Touch              Cockburn, Bruce                   
Down Here Tonight                  Cockburn, Bruce                   
Gospel Of Bondage                  Cockburn, Bruce                   
Great Big Love                     Cockburn, Bruce                   
If A Tree Falls                    Cockburn, Bruce                   
If I Had A Rocket Launcher         Cockburn, Bruce                   
Lily Of The Midnight Sky           Cockburn, Bruce                   
Lovers In A Dangerous Time         Cockburn, Bruce                   
Pangs Of Love                      Cockburn, Bruce                   
People See Through You             Cockburn, Bruce                   
Radium Rain                        Cockburn, Bruce                   
Santiago Dawn                      Cockburn, Bruce                   
See How I Miss You                 Cockburn, Bruce                   
Shipwrecked At The Stable Door     Cockburn, Bruce                   
Soul Of A Man                      Cockburn, Bruce                   
The Gift                           Cockburn, Bruce                   
Tibetan Side Of Town               Cockburn, Bruce                   
Trouble With Normal                Cockburn, Bruce                   
Understanding Nothing              Cockburn, Bruce                   
Waiting For A Miracle              Cockburn, Bruce                   
Where The Death Squad Lives        Cockburn, Bruce                   
Wondering Where The Lions Are      Cockburn, Bruce                   
World Of Wonders                   Cockburn, Bruce                   
All Our Tomorrows                  Cocker, Joe                       
Black-Eyed Blues                   Cocker, Joe                       
Civilized Man                      Cocker, Joe                       
Cry Me A River                     Cocker, Joe                       
Darling Be Home Soon               Cocker, Joe                       
Delta Lady                         Cocker, Joe                       
Edge of A Dream                    Cocker, Joe                       
Feeling Alright                    Cocker, Joe                       
High Time We Went                  Cocker, Joe                       
I Think It's Going To Rain         Cocker, Joe                       
Ruby Lee                           Cocker, Joe                       
She Came In Through The Bathroom WiCocker, Joe                       
The Jealous Kind                   Cocker, Joe                       
The Letter                         Cocker, Joe                       
Two Wrongs                         Cocker, Joe                       
Unchain My Heart                   Cocker, Joe                       
With A Little Help From My Friends Cocker, Joe                       
Woman To Woman                     Cocker, Joe                       
You Are So Beautiful               Cocker, Joe                       
Up Where We Belong                 Cocker, Joe & Jennifer                   
Ain't No Cure For Love             Cohen, Leonard                    
Everybody Knows                    Cohen, Leonard                    
First We Take Manhattan            Cohen, Leonard                    
I Can't Forget                     Cohen, Leonard                    
I'm Your Man                       Cohen, Leonard                    
Jazz Police                        Cohen, Leonard                    
Take This Waltz                    Cohen, Leonard                    
Tower Of Song                      Cohen, Leonard                    
A Blossom Fell                     Cole, Nat King                    
All Over The World                 Cole, Nat King                    
Answer Me My Love                  Cole, Nat King                    
Autumn Leaves                      Cole, Nat King                    
Ballerina                          Cole, Nat King                    
Darling Je Vous Aime Beaucoup      Cole, Nat King                    
Dear Lonely Hearts                 Cole, Nat King                    
Faith Can Move Mountains           Cole, Nat King                    
For Sentimental Reasons            Cole, Nat King                    
Get Your Kicks On Route 66         Cole, Nat King                    
I Don't Want To Be Hurt Anymore    Cole, Nat King                    
I Don't Want To See Tomorrow       Cole, Nat King                    
If I Give My Heart To You          Cole, Nat King                    
Impossible                         Cole, Nat King                    
It Happens To Be Me                Cole, Nat King                    
L-O-V-E                            Cole, Nat King                    
Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer   Cole, Nat King                    
Looking Back                       Cole, Nat King                    
Mona Lisa                          Cole, Nat King                    
My True Carrie Love                Cole, Nat King                    
Nature Boy                         Cole, Nat King                    
Oh Tannenbaum                      Cole, Nat King                    
People                             Cole, Nat King                    
Pretend                            Cole, Nat King                    
Ramblin' Rose                      Cole, Nat King                    
Smile                              Cole, Nat King                    
Somewhere Along The Way            Cole, Nat King                    
Stardust                           Cole, Nat King                    
Sweet Lorraine                     Cole, Nat King                    
That Sunday That Summer            Cole, Nat King                    
The Christmas Song                 Cole, Nat King                    
The Sand And The Sea               Cole, Nat King                    
The Very Thought Of You            Cole, Nat King                    
Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of SummeCole, Nat King                    
Too Young                          Cole, Nat King                    
Unforgettable                      Cole, Nat King                    
Walking My Baby Back Home          Cole, Nat King                    
When I Fall In Love                Cole, Nat King                    
Wolverton Mountain                 Cole, Nat King                    
A Little Bit Of Heaven             Cole, Natalie                     
I've Got Love On My Mind           Cole, Natalie                     
Jump Start                         Cole, Natalie                     
Mr. Melody                         Cole, Natalie                     
This Will Be                       Cole, Natalie                       
Double Barrel                      Collins, Dave & Ansil             
Amazing Grace                      Collins, Judy                     
Both Sides Now                     Collins, Judy                     
In My Life                         Collins, Judy                     
Send In The Clowns                 Collins, Judy                     
Someday Soon                       Collins, Judy                     
Behind The Lines                   Collins, Phil                     
Do You Know, Do You Care?          Collins, Phil                     
Doesn't Anybody Stay Together      Collins, Phil                     
Don't Lose My Number               Collins, Phil                     
Droned                             Collins, Phil                     
Hand In Hand                       Collins, Phil                     
I Don't Care Anymore               Collins, Phil                     
I Don't Wanna Know                 Collins, Phil                     
I Missed Again                     Collins, Phil                     
If Leaving Me Is Easy              Collins, Phil                     
In The Air Tonight                 Collins, Phil                     
Inside Out                         Collins, Phil                     
It Don't Matter To Me              Collins, Phil                     
Long Long Way To Go                Collins, Phil                     
One More Night                     Collins, Phil                     
Only You Know And I Know           Collins, Phil                     
Roof Is Leaking                    Collins, Phil                     
Sussudio                           Collins, Phil                     
Take Me Home                       Collins, Phil                     
This Must Be Love                  Collins, Phil                     
Thru These Walls                   Collins, Phil                     
Thunder And Lightning              Collins, Phil                     
Tomorrow Never Knows               Collins, Phil                     
Two Hearts                         Collins, Phil                     
Who Said I Would                   Collins, Phil                     
Why Can't It Wait Till Morning     Collins, Phil                     
You Can't Hurry Love               Collins, Phil                     
You Know What I Mean               Collins, Phil                     
I'm Not Lisa                       Colter, Jessi                     
Clockwork Orange                   Commercial                        
Club Beer Commercial               Commercial                        
Coca Cola                          Commercial                        
Ford                               Commercial                        
King Queeno                        Commercial                        
Brick House                        Commodores                        
Goin' To The Bank                  Commodores                        
Night Shift                        Commodores                        
Oh No                              Commodores                        
Sail On                            Commodores                        
Still                              Commodores                        
Three Times A Lady                 Commodores                        
Don't Leave Me This Way            Communards                        
Never Can Say Goodbye              Communards                        
You Are My World                   Communards                        
Because                            Como, Perry                       
Catch A Falling Star               Como, Perry                       
Don't Let The Stars Get In Your EyeComo, Perry                       
Hot Diggity                        Como, Perry                       
It's Impossible                    Como, Perry                       
Magic Moments                      Como, Perry                       
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer     Como, Perry                       
Seattle                            Como, Perry                       
Silver Bells                       Como, Perry                       
Sunshine Wine                      Como, Perry                       
Temptation                         Como, Perry                       
Wanted                             Como, Perry                       
When You Were Sweet Sixteen        Como, Perry                                   
Whispering I Love You              Congregation                      
Too Many Times                     Conley, Earl/A. Pointer           
We Are In Love                     Connick, Harry, Jr.                
Hear Me In Harmony                 Connick, Harry, Jr.               
Gonna Fly Now (Theme From "Rocky") Conti, Bill                       
First I Look At The Purse          Contours                          
All Shook Up                       Cooder, Ry                        
Havin' A Party                     Cooke, Sam                        
Twistin' The Night Away            Cooke, Sam                        
Wonderful World                    Cooke, Sam                         
Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My BabyCookies                           
Lake Freeze                        Coolidge, Rita                    
We're All Alone                    Coolidge, Rita                    
I'll Know Her When I See Her       Cooper Bros                       
Rock And Roll Cowboys              Cooper Bros                       
Show Some Emotion                  Cooper Bros                       
The Dream Never Dies               Cooper Bros                       
Be My Lover                        Cooper, Alice                     
Clones                             Cooper, Alice                     
Hello Hurray                       Cooper, Alice                     
I Never Cry                        Cooper, Alice                     
I'm Eighteen                       Cooper, Alice                     
Killer                             Cooper, Alice                     
School's Out                       Cooper, Alice                     
Under My Wheels                    Cooper, Alice                     
Greatness And Perfection           Cope, Julian                      
When The Rain Starts Falling       Copeland,J/Stevie Ray Vaughan           
Disco Queen                        Copper Penny                      
Pengosekan                         Coppersmith-Heaven, Vic           
Don't Ever Be Lonely               Cornelius Brothers/Sister Rose          
Too Late To Turn Back Now          Cornelius Brothers/Sister Rose         
Treat Her Like A Lady              Cornelius Brothers/Sister Rose         
Love Me Today                      Correct Spelling                  
Smoky Places                       Corsairs                          
Rinky Dink                         Cortez, Dave 'Baby'               
Everyday I Write The Book          Costello, Elvis                   
Walking On Thin Ice                Costello, Elvis                   
Alphabet Town                      Cott, Gerry                       
Some People I Know                 Cott, Gerry                       
Before My Heart Finds Out          Cotton, Gene                      
Psychotic Reaction                 Count Five                        
Anniversary Song                   Cowboy Junkies                    
Misguided Angel                    Cowboy Junkies                    
Sweet Jane                         Cowboy Junkies                    
Flowers, Parks & Other Things      Cowsills                          
Hair                               Cowsills                          
Indian Lake                        Cowsills    
Rub It In			   Craddock, Bobby "Crash"                      
Christmas Medley                   Cramer, Floyd                     
One Time For Old Times             Crawford, Terry                   
Running                            Crawford, Terry                    
Acting This Way                    Cray, Robert                      
Because Of Me                      Cray, Robert                      
Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark        Cray, Robert                      
Night Patrol                       Cray, Robert                      
Nothin' But A Woman                Cray, Robert                      
Smoking Gun                        Cray, Robert                      
Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'            Crazy Elephant                    
Fire                               Crazy World Of Art Brown          
Crossroads                         Cream                             
Sunshine Of Your Love              Cream                             
White Room                         Cream        
Bad Moon Rising                    Creedence Clearwater Revival 
Before You Accuse Me               Creedence Clearwater Revival                                  
Born On The Bayou                  Creedence Clearwater Revival                               
Cast The First Stone               Creedence Clearwater Revival                               
Commotion                          Creedence Clearwater Revival                               
Down On The Corner                 Creedence Clearwater Revival                               
Fortunate Son                      Creedence Clearwater Revival                               
Green River                        Creedence Clearwater Revival                               
Have You Ever Seen The Rain?       Creedence Clearwater Revival                               
Hey Tonight                        Creedence Clearwater Revival                               
I Heard It Through The Grapevine   Creedence Clearwater Revival                               
I Put A Spell On You               Creedence Clearwater Revival                               
Lodi                               Creedence Clearwater Revival 
Long As I Can See The Light        Creedence Clearwater Revival          
Lookin' Out My Back Door           Creedence Clearwater Revival  
My Baby Left Me                    Creedence Clearwater Revival          
Ooby Dooby                         Creedence Clearwater Revival 
Proud Mary                         Creedence Clearwater Revival             
Ramble Tamble                      Creedence Clearwater Revival          
Run Through The Jungle             Creedence Clearwater Revival                                                                      
Someday You'll Understand          Creedence Clearwater Revival                               
Susie Q                            Creedence Clearwater Revival                                
Sweet Hitchhiker                   Creedence Clearwater Revival
Travelin' Band                     Creedence Clearwater Revival                                         
Up Around The Bend                 Creedence Clearwater Revival                               
Who'll Stop The Rain?              Creedence Clearwater Revival                                                    
Crying, Waiting, Hoping            Crenshaw, Marshall                
Oh Julie                           Crescendos                        
16 Candles                         Crests                            
Six Nights A Week                  Crests                            
Sh-Boom                            Crew Cuts                         
A Long Time Ago                    Croce, Jim                        
Alabama Rain                       Croce, Jim                        
Bad Bad Leroy Brown                Croce, Jim                        
Careful Man                        Croce, Jim                        
Dreamin' Again                     Croce, Jim                                  
I Got A Name                       Croce, Jim                        
I'll Have To Say I Love You In A   Croce, Jim                        
It Doesn't Have To Be That Way     Croce, Jim                        
Lover's Cross                      Croce, Jim                        
New York's Not My Home             Croce, Jim                        
Next Time, This Time               Croce, Jim                        
One Less Set Of Footsteps          Croce, Jim                        
Operator                           Croce, Jim                              
Photographs And Memories           Croce, Jim                        
Roller Derby Queen                 Croce, Jim                        
Salon And Saloon                   Croce, Jim                        
Singin' The Blues                  Croce, Jim                        
These Dreams                       Croce, Jim                        
Time In A Bottle                   Croce, Jim                        
Workin' At The Car Wash Blues      Croce, Jim                        
You Don't Mess Around With Jim     Croce, Jim                        
When The Blue Of The Night Meets   Crosby, Bing                      
Marrakesh Express                  Crosby, Stills & Nash             
Our House                          Crosby, Stills & Nash             
Please Come To Chicago             Crosby, Stills & Nash             
Southern Cross                     Crosby, Stills & Nash             
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes              Crosby, Stills & Nash             
Teach Your Children                Crosby, Stills & Nash             
Wasted On The Way                  Crosby, Stills & Nash             
Woodstock                          Crosby, Stills & Nash             
All Right                          Cross, Christopher                
Arthur's Theme                     Cross, Christopher                
Baby Says No                       Cross, Christopher                
Deal 'Em Again                     Cross, Christopher                
Long World                         Cross, Christopher                
Nature Of The Game                 Cross, Christopher                
No Time For Talk                   Cross, Christopher                
Ride Like The Wind                 Cross, Christopher                
Talking In My Sleep                Cross, Christopher                
Think Of Laura                     Cross, Christopher                
What Am I Supposed To Believe?     Cross, Christopher                
Words Of Wisdom                    Cross, Christopher                
Don't Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie  Crow                              
Evil Woman                         Crow                              
All I Wanna Do                     Crow, Cheryl                      
I Shall Believe                    Crow, Cheryl                      
Oh What A Feeling                  Crowbar                           
All I Ask                          Crowded House                     
As Sure As I Am                    Crowded House                     
Beter Be Home Soon                 Crowded House                     
Catherine Wheels                   Crowded House                     
Chocolate Cake                     Crowded House                     
Don't Dream It's Over              Crowded House                     
Fall At Your Feet                  Crowded House                     
Fame Is                            Crowded House                     
Four Seasons In One Day            Crowded House                     
Hole In The River                  Crowded House                     
How Will You Go                    Crowded House                     
I Feel Possessed                   Crowded House                     
I Walk Away                        Crowded House                     
In The Lowlands                    Crowded House                     
Into Temptation                    Crowded House                     
It's Only Natural                  Crowded House                     
Italian Plastic                    Crowded House                     
Kare Kare                          Crowded House                     
Kill Eye                           Crowded House                     
Love This Life                     Crowded House                     
Love You 'Til The Day I Die        Crowded House                     
Mansion In The Slums               Crowded House                     
Mean To Me                         Crowded House                     
Nails In My Feet                   Crowded House                     
Never Be The Same                  Crowded House                     
Now We're Getting Somewhere        Crowded House                     
Pineapple Head                     Crowded House                     
Private Universe                   Crowded House                     
She Goes On                        Crowded House                     
Sister Madly                       Crowded House                     
Something So Strong                Crowded House                     
Tall Trees                         Crowded House                     
That's What I Call Love            Crowded House                     
There Goes God                     Crowded House                     
Tombstone                          Crowded House                     
Weather With You                   Crowded House                     
When You Come                      Crowded House                     
Whispers And Moans                 Crowded House                     
World Where You Live               Crowded House                     
Ashes By Now                       Crowell, Rodney                   
Let Freedom Ring                   Crowell, Rodney                   
Looking For You                    Crowell, Rodney                   
Stars On The Water                 Crowell, Rodney                   
Put It Where You Want It           Crusaders                         
Motorcycle Girl                    Cruzados                          
Could Be We're In Love             Cryan Shames                      
Da Doo Ron Ron                     Crystals                          
He's A Rebel                       Crystals                          
He's Sure The Boy I Love           Crystals                          
Tracy                              Cufflinks                         
When Julie Comes Around            Cufflinks                         
Fire Woman                         Cult                              
Go West                            Cult                              
Love Removal Machine               Cult                              
Revolution                         Cult                              
She Sells Sanctuary                Cult                              
Wild Flower                        Cult                              
Boy, Boy                           Culture Club                      
Church Of The Poison Mind          Culture Club                      
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me      Culture Club                      
Dream                              Culture Club                      
Heaven's Children                  Culture Club                      
I'll Tumble 4 Ya                   Culture Club                      
I'm Afraid Of Me                   Culture Club                      
It's A Miracle                     Culture Club                      
Love Is Love                       Culture Club                      
Love Twist                         Culture Club                      
Move Away                          Culture Club                      
Take Control                       Culture Club                      
Time                               Culture Club                      
White Boy                          Culture Club                      
White Boys Can't Control It        Culture Club                      
You Know I'm Not Crazy             Culture Club                      
A Song For Him                     Cummings, Burton                  
Bad News                           Cummings, Burton                  
Boring Dreams                      Cummings, Burton                  
Break It To Them Gently            Cummings, Burton                  
Bridge In Time                     Cummings, Burton                  
Charlemagne                        Cummings, Burton                  
Come On By                         Cummings, Burton                  
Creepin' Peepin' Baby Blues        Cummings, Burton                  
Draggin' Em Down The LIne          Cummings, Burton                  
Dream Of A Child                   Cummings, Burton                  
Fine State Of Affairs              Cummings, Burton                  
Firefly                            Cummings, Burton                  
Free                               Cummings, Burton                  
Friend Of Inertia                  Cummings, Burton                  
Gettin' My Daddy's Car             Cummings, Burton                  
Got To Find Another Way            Cummings, Burton                  
Guns, Guns, Guns                   Cummings, Burton                  
Heavenly Blue                      Cummings, Burton                  
I Will Play A Rhapsody             Cummings, Burton                  
I'm Scared                         Cummings, Burton                  
Is It Really Right                 Cummings, Burton                  
It's Hard                          Cummings, Burton                  
Love Dream                         Cummings, Burton                  
Meanin' So Much                    Cummings, Burton                  
Mile A Second                      Cummings, Burton                  
Mother Keep Your Daughters In      Cummings, Burton                  
My Own Way To Rock                 Cummings, Burton                  
Never Had A Lady Before            Cummings, Burton                  
Nothin' Wrong With The Road        Cummings, Burton                  
Nothing Rhymed                     Cummings, Burton                  
One And Only                       Cummings, Burton                  
One Day Soon                       Cummings, Burton                  
Orly                               Cummings, Burton                  
Real Good                          Cummings, Burton                  
Someone To Lean On                 Cummings, Burton                  
Something Old, Something New       Cummings, Burton                  
Stand Tall                         Cummings, Burton                  
Sweet Sweet                        Cummings, Burton                  
Take One Away                      Cummings, Burton                  
Takes A Fool To Love A Fool        Cummings, Burton                  
Timeless Love                      Cummings, Burton                  
Try To Find Another Man            Cummings, Burton                  
Workaday                           Cummings, Burton                  
You Saved My Soul                  Cummings, Burton                  
Your Back Yard                     Cummings, Burton                  
Down To Earth                      Curiosity Killed The Cat          
Misfit                             Curiosity Killed The Cat          
Aladdin                            Curtola, Bobby                    
Fortune Teller                     Curtola, Bobby                    
I've Been In Love Before           Cutting Crew                      
Blood From A Stone                 Cycle V                           
Seduce Me Tonight                  Cycle V                           
Rings                              Cymarron                          
Mr. Bassman                        Cymbal, Johnny                    
Red Rubber Ball                    Cyrkle                            
Turn-Down Day                      Cyrkle