Pop Songs - F

Dreamgirl                          FM                             
Johnny Angel                       Fabares, Shelley                  
Johnny Loves Me                    Fabares, Shelley                  
Old Time Rock 'N' Roll             Fabian                            
Turn Me Loose                      Fabian                            
What A Wonderful Thing We Have     Fabulous Rhinestones              
How Do You Spell Love?             Fabulous Thunderbirds             
Last Time                          Fabulous Thunderbirds             
Powrful Stuff                      Fabulous Thunderbirds             
Tuff Enough                        Fabulous Thunderbirds             
Twist It Off                       Fabulous Thunderbirds             
Stay With Me                       Faces                             
Savin' Myself                      Fachin, Eria                         
Florida Room                       Fagan, Donald                     
Springtime                         Fagan, Donald                     
Teahouse On The Tracks             Fagan, Donald                     
Trans-Island Skyway                Fagan, Donald                     
New Frontier                       Fagen, Donald                     
Teddy Bear Song                    Fairchild, Barbara                
Song From Moulin Rouge             Faith, Percy & Orchestra          
Theme from 'A Summer Place'	   Faith, Percy & Orchestra          
As Tears Go By                     Faithfull, Marianne               
Broken English                     Faithfull, Marianne               
Come And Stay With Me              Faithfull, Marianne               
Running For Our Lives              Faithfull, Marianne               
Scarborough Fair                   Faithfull, Marianne               
Axel F                             Faltermeyer, Harold               
Top Gun Anthem                     Faltermeyer, Harold               
Are You Gonna Throw It All Away    Faltskog, Agnetha                 
Can't Shake Loose                  Faltskog, Agnetha                 
Heat Is On                         Faltskog, Agnetha                 
I Stand Alone                      Faltskog, Agnetha                 
I Wasn't The One                   Faltskog, Agnetha                 
I Wish Tonight Could Last Forever  Faltskog, Agnetha                 
If You Need Somebody               Faltskog, Agnetha                 
Last Time                          Faltskog, Agnetha                 
Let It Shine                       Faltskog, Agnetha                 
Little White Secrets               Faltskog, Agnetha                 
Love In A World Gone Mad           Faltskog, Agnetha                 
Man                                Faltskog, Agnetha                 
Maybe It Was Magic                 Faltskog, Agnetha                 
Mr. Persuasion                     Faltskog, Agnetha                 
Once Burned, Twice Shy             Faltskog, Agnetha                 
Shame                              Faltskog, Agnetha                 
Stand By My Side                   Faltskog, Agnetha                 
Stay                               Faltskog, Agnetha                 
Take Good Care Of Your Children    Faltskog, Agnetha                 
The Heat Is On                     Faltskog, Agnetha                 
To Love                            Faltskog, Agnetha                 
We Got A Way                       Faltskog, Agnetha                 
Wrap Your Arms Around Me           Faltskog, Agnetha                 
Yeh! Yeh!                          Fame, Georgie & The Blue Flame          
We Really Got A Hold On Love       Family Brown                      
Come Inside                        Fancy                             
Ain't That Peculiar                Fanny                             
Charity Ball                       Fanny                             
Age Of Reason                      Farnham, John                     
You're The Voice                   Farnham, John                     
Should I Love You                  Farrow, Cee                       
Dressed To Kill                    Fashion                           
Love Shadow                        Fashion                           
Something In Your Picture          Fashion                           
It's Party Time                    Fast Jam                          
Feel Me Touch Me                   Fastway                           
Are You Ready For Freddy           Fat Boys                          
Beatles Story                      Feature                           
Billy Joe Royal                    Feature                           
Bob Eubanks                        Feature                           
Bonanza                            Feature                           
Booker T. & The Mgs                Feature                           
Candid Camera & Allen Funt         Feature                           
Canned Heat                        Feature                           
Charlie Tuna                       Feature                           
Cleveland Amory Talks About 60's TVFeature                           
Cliff Richard                      Feature                           
Driving Habits Of Canadians        Feature                           
Gary Owens                         Feature                           
Gary Owens & Alien World           Feature                           
George Harrison                    Feature                           
George Martin & The Beatles        Feature                           
Gerry & The Pacemakers             Feature                           
Gilligan's Island                  Feature                           
Goings On For The 3rd Week Of 3/65 Feature                           
Herb Alpert                        Feature                           
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass    Feature                           
Marvin Gaye                        Feature                           
Mr. Ed                             Feature                           
Munsters                           Feature                           
Music Trivia                       Feature                           
Paul McCartney & The Beatles       Feature                           
Peter & Gordon                     Feature                           
Remembering The Fabulous 70's      Feature                           
Ringo Starr                        Feature                           
The Beatles Story                  Feature                           
Trivia                             Feature                           
Turtles                            Feature                           
Wolfman Jack                       Feature                           
Listen To The Heartbeat            Feehan, Tim                       
Heavy Metal                        Felder, Don                       
Chico And The Man (Main Theme)     Feliciano, Jose                   
Destiny                            Feliciano, Jose                   
Feliz Navidad                      Feliciano, Jose                   
Life Is That Way                   Feliciano, Jose                   
Little Drummer Boy                 Feliciano, Jose                   
Rain                               Feliciano, Jose                   
Before The Next Teardrop Falls     Fender, Freddie                   
Wasted Days And Wasted Nights      Fender, Freddie                   
Midnight Cowboy                    Ferrante & Teicher                
Boys And Girls                     Ferry, Bryan                      
Chosen One                         Ferry, Bryan                      
Kiss And Tell                      Ferry, Bryan                      
Limbo                              Ferry, Bryan                      
Sensation                          Ferry, Bryan                      
Slave To Love                      Ferry, Bryan                      
Don't Cry For Me, Argentina        Festival                          
Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In       Fifth Dimension                   
Blowing Away                       Fifth Dimension                   
If I Could Reach You               Fifth Dimension                   
Last Night I Didn't Get To Sleep AtFifth Dimension                   
Love's Lines, Angles And Rhymes    Fifth Dimension                   
One Less Bell To Answer            Fifth Dimension                   
Puppet Man                         Fifth Dimension                   
Save The Country                   Fifth Dimension                   
Stoned Soul Picnic                 Fifth Dimension                   
Up, Up And Away                    Fifth Dimension                   
Wedding Bell Blues                 Fifth Dimension                   
Blue                               Fine Young Cannibals              
Couldn't Care More                 Fine Young Cannibals              
Don't Ask Me To Chose              Fine Young Cannibals              
Funny How Love Is                  Fine Young Cannibals              
Johnny Come Home                   Fine Young Cannibals              
Like A stranger                    Fine Young Cannibals              
Move To Work                       Fine Young Cannibals              
On A Promise                       Fine Young Cannibals              
Suspicious Minds                   Fine Young Cannibals              
Time Isn't Kind                    Fine Young Cannibals              
Always Never Now                   Finn, Tim                         
Below The Belt                     Finn, Tim                         
Birds Swim Fish Fly                Finn, Tim                         
Fraction Too Much Friction         Finn, Tim                         
Growing Pains                      Finn, Tim                         
Hit The Ground Running             Finn, Tim                         
How'm I Gonna Sleep                Finn, Tim                         
I Only Want To Know                Finn, Tim                         
In A Minor Key                     Finn, Tim                         
In Love With It All                Finn, Tim                         
Made My Day                        Finn, Tim                         
Many's The Time (In Dublin)        Finn, Tim                         
Parihaka                           Finn, Tim                         
Persuasion                         Finn, Tim                         
Protected                          Finn, Tim                         
Staring At The Embers              Finn, Tim                         
Tears Inside                       Finn, Tim                         
Young Mountain                     Finn, Tim                         
Nowhere Fast                       Fire Inc.                         
Tonight Is What It Means To Be YounFire Inc.                         
Beach Boy                          First Class                       
Love Changes Everything            Fisher, Climie                    
Anytime                            Fisher, Eddie                     
Big Hurt                           Fisher, Toni                      
The Big Hurt                       Fisher, Toni                      
A Tisket, A Tasket                 Fitzgerald, Ella                  
Glory Of Love                      Five Keys                         
Absolutely Right                   Five Man Electrical Ban           
In The Still Of The Night          Five Satins                       
Ooh Child                          Five Stairsteps                   
Can't Wait Another Minute          Five Star                         
Don't You Know How I Love It       Five Star                         
If I Say Yes                       Five Star                         
Let Me Be The One                  Five Star                         
Are We Ourselves?                  Fixx                              
Built For The Future               Fixx                              
Camphor                            Fixx                              
Can't Finish                       Fixx                              
Chase The Fire                     Fixx                              
Deeper And Deeper                  Fixx                              
Less Cities More Moving People     Fixx                              
Less Cities, More Moving People    Fixx                              
One Look Up                        Fixx                              
One Thing Leads To Another         Fixx                              
Outside                            Fixx                              
Read Between The Lines             Fixx                              
Saved By Zero                      Fixx                              
Secret Separation                  Fixx                              
Sense The Adventure                Fixx                              
Sunshine In The Shade              Fixx                              
Treasure It                        Fixx                              
Walkabout                          Fixx                              
Woman On A Train                   Fixx                              
Where Is The Love?                 Flack, Roberta /Donny Hathaway          
Feel Like Makin' Love              Flack, Roberta                    
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face    Flack, Roberta                    
I'm The One                        Flack, Roberta                    
Killing Me Softly                  Flack, Roberta                    
Making Love                        Flack, Roberta                    
Oasis                              Flack, Roberta                    
The Closer I Get To You            Flack, Roberta                    
Tonight I Celebrate My Love        Flack, Roberta/Peabo Bryson          
I Only Have Eyes For You           Flamingos                         
Small Beginnings                   Flash                             
Hey St. Peter                      Flash And The Pan                 
Walking In The Rain                Flash And The Pan                 
Petticoat Junction                 Flatt & Scruggs                   
Chains                             Fleetwood Mac                     
Don't Stop                         Fleetwood Mac                     
Everywhere                         Fleetwood Mac                     
Family Man                         Fleetwood Mac                     
Gypsy                              Fleetwood Mac                     
Hold Me                            Fleetwood Mac                     
Little Lies                        Fleetwood Mac                     
Love In Store                      Fleetwood Mac                     
Monday Morning                     Fleetwood Mac                     
Mystified                          Fleetwood Mac                     
Over My Head                       Fleetwood Mac                     
Rhiannon                           Fleetwood Mac                     
Sara                               Fleetwood Mac                     
Say That You Love Me               Fleetwood Mac                     
Second-Hand News                   Fleetwood Mac                     
Seven Wonders                      Fleetwood Mac                     
Tusk                               Fleetwood Mac                     
World Turning                      Fleetwood Mac                     
You Make Loving Fun                Fleetwood Mac                     
I Want You Back                    Fleetwood, Mick                   
Come Softly To Me                  Fleetwoods                        
Confidential                       Fleetwoods                        
Goodnight My Love                  Fleetwoods                        
Graduation's Here                  Fleetwoods                        
He's The Great Imposter            Fleetwoods                        
Mr. Blue                           Fleetwoods                        
Outside My Window                  Fleetwoods                        
Run Around                         Fleetwoods                        
Tragedy                            Fleetwoods                        
We Belong Together                 Fleetwoods                        
Nothing But A Heartache            Flirtations                       
DNA                                Flock Of Seagulls                 
I Ran (So Far Away)                Flock Of Seagulls                 
It's Not Me Talking                Flock Of Seagulls                 
Man Made                           Flock Of Seagulls                 
Messages                           Flock Of Seagulls                 
Modern Love Is Automatic           Flock Of Seagulls                 
Remember David                     Flock Of Seagulls                 
Space Age Love Song                Flock Of Seagulls                 
Standing In The Doorway            Flock Of Seagulls                 
Story Of A Young Heart             Flock Of Seagulls                 
Telecommunication                  Flock Of Seagulls                 
The More You Live,The More You LoveFlock Of Seagulls                 
Wishing                            Flock Of Seagulls                 
You Can Run                        Flock Of Seagulls                 
Weak In The Presence Of Beauty     Floy Joy                          
Knock On Wood                      Floyd, Eddie                      
Brother And Me                     Fludd                             
What An Animal                     Fludd                             
Smile A Little Smile For Me        Flying Machine                    
Young And In Love                  Flying Pickets                    
Hocus Pocus                        Focus                             
Hard To Say                        Fogelberg, Dan                    
Heart Hotels                       Fogelberg, Dan                    
Language Of Love                   Fogelberg, Dan                    
Leader Of The Band                 Fogelberg, Dan                    
Longer                             Fogelberg, Dan                    
Make Love Stay                     Fogelberg, Dan                    
Big Train (From Memphis)           Fogerty, John                     
Centerfield                        Fogerty, John                     
Change In The Weather              Fogerty, John                     
Eye Of The Zombie                  Fogerty, John                     
Goin' Back Home                    Fogerty, John                     
Headlines                          Fogerty, John                     
I Can't Help Myself                Fogerty, John                     
I Saw It On T.V.                   Fogerty, John                     
Knockin' On Your Door              Fogerty, John                     
Mr. Greed                          Fogerty, John                     
Old Man Down The Road              Fogerty, John                     
Rock And Roll Girls                Fogerty, John                     
Sail Away                          Fogerty, John                     
Searchlight                        Fogerty, John                     
Soda Pop                           Fogerty, John                     
The Old Man Down The Road          Fogerty, John                     
Violence Is Golden                 Fogerty, John                     
Wasn't That A Woman                Fogerty, John                     
Zanz Kant Danz                     Fogerty, John                     
I Just Wanna Make Love To You      Foghat                            
Roxanne                            Foldy, Peter                      
Night Line                         Foley, Ellen                      
Nothin' Shakin' (But The Leaves On)Fontaine, Eddie                   
Game Of Love                       Fontana, Wayne & The Mindbenders           
It's Getting Harder All The Time   Fontana, Wayne & The Mindbenders          
Off And Running                    Fontana, Wayne & The Mindbenders          
Anything You Want                  Foot In Cold Water                
It's Only Love                     Foot In Cold Water                
Romeo's Tune                       Forbert, Steve                    
Song For Catrina                   Forbert, Steve                    
Sea Cruise                         Ford, Frankie                     
Kiss Me Deadly                     Ford, Lita                        
Sixteen Tons                       Ford, Tennessee Ernie             
Happy Ever After                   Fordham, Julia                    
A Love In Vain                     Foreigner                         
Down On Love                       Foreigner                         
Growing Up The Hard Way            Foreigner                         
Head Games                         Foreigner                         
I Don't Want To Live Without You   Foreigner                         
I Want To Know What Love Is        Foreigner                         
I've Waited Oh So Long             Foreigner                         
Jukebox Hero                       Foreigner                         
Reaction To Action                 Foreigner                         
She's Too Tough                    Foreigner                         
stranger In My Own House           Foreigner                         
That Was Yesterday                 Foreigner                         
Tooth And Nail                     Foreigner                         
Two Different Worlds               Foreigner                         
Urgent                             Foreigner                         
I Fell In Love Again Last Night    Forester Sisters                  
Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling  Fortunes                          
You've Got Your Troubles           Fortunes                          
Mira                               Foster & Allen                    
Wild Side Of Life                  Foster & Allen                    
Best Of Me                         Foster, David & Olivia Newton-John            
X-Ray Eyes                         Foster, Jim                       
Baby, Now That I Have Found You    Foundations                       
Build Me Up, Buttercup             Foundations                       
Feel It Now                        Fountainhead                      
Sometimes                          Fountainhead                      
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing    Four Aces                         
Master Jack                        Four Jacks & A Jill               
I Almost Lost My Mind              Four Lads                         
Moments To Remember                Four Lads                         
Standing On The Corner             Four Lads                         
26 Miles (Santa Catalina)          Four Preps                        
Big Girls Don't Cry                Four Seasons                      
Candy Girl                         Four Seasons                      
December 1963                      Four Seasons                      
Five O'clock World                 Four Seasons                      
Harmony                            Four Seasons                      
I've Got You Under My Skin         Four Seasons                      
Let's Hang On                      Four Seasons                      
Rag Doll                           Four Seasons                      
Sherry                             Four Seasons                      
Silver Star                        Four Seasons                      
Storybook Lovers                   Four Seasons                      
Walk Like A Man                    Four Seasons                      
Who Loves You                      Four Seasons                      
You're Ready Now                   Four Seasons                      
Ain't No Woman Like The One I Got  Four Tops                         
Are You Man Enough?                Four Tops                         
Change Of Heart                    Four Tops                         
I Can't Help Myself                Four Tops                         
If Ever A Love There Was           Four Tops                         
Reach Out (I'll Be There)          Four Tops                         
Standing In The Shadows Of Love    Four Tops                         
When She Was My Girl               Four Tops                         
I Surrender                        Fox, Samantha                     
I Wanna Have Some Fun              Fox, Samantha                     
Touch Me                           Fox, Samantha                     
Endlessly                          Foxx, John                        
Party Boy                          Foxy                              
Baby, I Love Your Way              Frampton, Peter                   
Do You Feel Like We Do             Frampton, Peter                   
Among My Souvenirs                 Francis, Connie                   
Anniversary Waltz                  Francis, Connie                   
Don't Break The Heart              Francis, Connie                   
Don't Say A Word                   Francis, Connie                   
Everybody's Somebody's Fool        Francis, Connie                   
Fascination                        Francis, Connie                   
I Can't Stop Loving You            Francis, Connie                   
I Want To Be With You              Francis, Connie                   
I'm Sorry I Made You Cry           Francis, Connie                   
Kiss Me Goodbye                    Francis, Connie                   
Lipstick On Your Collar            Francis, Connie                   
Melody Of Love                     Francis, Connie                   
My Happiness                       Francis, Connie                   
My Heart Cries For You             Francis, Connie                   
My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own     Francis, Connie                   
Return To Me                       Francis, Connie                   
Somebody Else Is Taking My Place   Francis, Connie                   
Somewhere My Love                  Francis, Connie                   
Tennessee Waltz                    Francis, Connie                   
The Last Waltz                     Francis, Connie                   
Three O' Clock In The Morning      Francis, Connie                   
Till We Meet Again                 Francis, Connie                   
True Love                          Francis, Connie                   
Wedding Cake                       Francis, Connie                   
Where The Boys Are                 Francis, Connie                   
Who's Sorry Now                    Francis, Connie                   
Without You                        Franke & The Knockouts            
Ain't Nobody Ever Loved You        Franklin, Aretha                  
Another Night                      Franklin, Aretha                  
Freeway Of Love                    Franklin, Aretha                  
Get It Right                       Franklin, Aretha                  
I Never Loved A Man                Franklin, Aretha                  
Integrity                          Franklin, Aretha                  
It's Your Thing                    Franklin, Aretha                  
Jimmy Lee                          Franklin, Aretha                  
Jump To It                         Franklin, Aretha                  
Just My Daydream                   Franklin, Aretha                  
Love Me Right                      Franklin, Aretha                  
Push                               Franklin, Aretha                  
Respect                            Franklin, Aretha                  
Rock Steady                        Franklin, Aretha                  
Save Me                            Franklin, Aretha                  
Sisters Are Doin' It For ThemselvesFranklin, Aretha                  
Spanish Harlem                     Franklin, Aretha                  
Sweet Bitter Love                  Franklin, Aretha                  
Until You Come Back To Me          Franklin, Aretha                  
Until You Say You Love Me          Franklin, Aretha                  
Who's Zoomin' Who                  Franklin, Aretha                  
I Knew You Were Waiting For Me     Franklin, Aretha/GeorgeM          
Fine Fine Line                     Fraser, Andy                      
Heartbreak Hotel                   Freberg, Stan                     
Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)    Fred, John & The Playbo           
Do The Freddie                     Freddie & The Dreamers            
I'm Telling You Now                Freddie & The Dreamers            
Hunter                             Fredrix, Randy                    
All Right Now                      Free                              
I've Found Someone Of My Own       Free Movement                     
I.O.U.                             Freez                             
Love's Gonna Get You               Freez                             
Doot Doot                          Freur                             
All Those Lies                     Frey, Glenn                       
All Nighter                        Frey, Glenn                       
Better In The U.S.A.               Frey, Glenn                       
Can't Put Out This Fire            Frey, Glenn                       
Heat Is On                         Frey, Glenn                       
I Did It For Your Love             Frey, Glenn                       
I Found Somebody                   Frey, Glenn                       
I Got Love                         Frey, Glenn                       
It's Your Life                     Frey, Glenn                       
Let's Go Home                      Frey, Glenn                       
Let's Pretend We're Still In Love  Frey, Glenn                       
Livin' Right                       Frey, Glenn                       
Living In Darkness                 Frey, Glenn                       
Lover's Moon                       Frey, Glenn                       
New Love                           Frey, Glenn                       
One You Love                       Frey, Glenn                       
Sexy Girl                          Frey, Glenn                       
Smuggler's Blues                   Frey, Glenn                       
Some Kind Of Blue                  Frey, Glenn                       
Somebody Else                      Frey, Glenn                       
Soul Searchin'                     Frey, Glenn                         
True Love                          Frey, Glenn                       
Two Hearts                         Frey, Glenn                       
Working Man                        Frey, Glenn                       
You Belong To The City             Frey, Glenn                       
Always Have Always Will            Fricke, Janie                          
First Word In Memory Is Me         Fricke, Janie                     
I Got My Mojo Working              Fricke, Janie                     
It Ain't Easy Bein' Easy           Fricke, Janie                     
Tell Me A Lie                      Fricke, Janie                     
I Know There's Something Going On  Frida                             
Shine                              Frida                             
Way You Do                         Frida                             
Reach Out In The Darkness          Friend & Lover                    
Grazing In The Grass               Friends Of Distinction            
Love Or Let Me Be Lonely           Friends Of Distinction            
House Of The Rising Sun            Frijid Pink                       
Under Heavy Manners                Fripp, Robert                     
Pleasure Island                    Frizzell & West                   
Million Light Beers Ago            Frizzell, David                   
The Haunting                       Front                             
Jack Fresh                         Full Force                        
It's Over                          Funk Masters                      

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