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You've arrived at a site that showcases the awesome scenery of Kerala and promotes the joy of music


This site started off as a tribute to one of my most favorite spots on the planet, the gorgeous, tiny State of Kerala, also known as "God's Own Land" (10o off the Equator), but has expanded to include streaming music of many types, encompassing my two main pastimes - appreciating and enjoying the natural beauty of Kerala and being a consummate music fan! For starters, check out the beauty of Kerala through more than 500 of my pictures by clicking on the Pictures link to the left

Then, enjoy just some of my (and, hopefully, yours) favorite Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Sri Lankan Baila, Sanskrit, Scottish and Irish songs, and mostly rare (Billboard-charted and many uncharted) Rock and Pop songs from the 50's to the 80's. These are songs that you might have loved listening to on the radio in their heyday, but sadly, don't hear that often anymore. You will also find my music lists and a plethora of other resources.

Comments, critiques, and suggestions are always welcome. And, if you feel like signing my guest book here, go ahead; make my day!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope your stay is enjoyable.

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