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George John's Zambia blog
Svengoolie! - The genius of WFLD-TV, Chicago's Jerry G. Bishop(Scroll all the way down and listen to my audio file contributions, "Screaming Yellow Theater audio part 1" and "...part 2", recorded at Chicago in 1972)
Novak Djokovic
Gerry Troyna
of Great Railway Journeys of the World fame
Lou Del Bianco
- the versatile children's music performer

(Find Lou's albums here and there)
The Hunger Site
(Click your way to helping the less fortunate)
Ron Dante, lead singer of The Archies and Producer of Barry Manilow, Pat Benatar, and Cher (Read more about this legend in Wikipedia)
Roger Federer
Rick's Sugar Creek Gang site
Clint Eastwood - One of the greatest actors of this century!
Focus on the Family

Radio Bible Class

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