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Some Of My Favourite Sri Lankan Baila Songs
Music is the soundtrack of our lives

There MUST be someone out there who might have heard the 12 numbered songs. I hope someone will come forward and identify the artist(s)/LP/CD. Thanks in advance.

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1 nona ge amma mage nendamma (Unknown)
2 ratta geya etto (Unknown)
3 may love eka hinda loke (Unknown)
4 biwwa neda wada kaha sudiya (Unknown)
5 aadhare rehenbiri aagiye O ben nidhi (Unknown)
6 oyaage muhune lessinay lessinay (Unknown)
7 mangala sihinu handhai (Unknown)
8 vikrama mama very boname (Unknown)
9 hai hooi babi aachchi (Unknown)
9 hurry up darling open the door (Unknown)
9 thatha mage dhukhe sihinaya ahanne (Unknown)
baby play the rumba (Baila Session)
chooda maanike (Baila Session)
dunhinda manamaali (The Moonstones)
galkisse (Baila Session)
goul hadawatha (Baila Hits)
kanda surinduni (Super Golden Chimes)
kolambata (Baila Hits)
male thana (Anura Jayasingha & The Balladeers)
mangalika (Baila Session)
obe ruwa (Baila Hits)
paaruwe paawena (Anura Jayasingha & The Balladeers)
panas thunai wayasa (Baila Hits)
pun sanda paaya (Baila Session)
roshi (Winslow Six)
sakala bujang (Shiromie Fernando)
thanakola pettho (Baila Session)
wadha baila (Baila Session)
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