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Mission Statement: Immortalizing my favorite musical masterpieces and keeping those fantastic memories alive

These are songs that transport me to the days when they played on the radio. I hope they do the same for you, as well.

Food For Thought: Without the effort and ingenuity of media inventors and hardware manufacturers, music distributed by record companies, far-reaching radio exposure, and last but not least, incredibly talented artists, these masterpieces would never have reached us. For that, I am eternally grateful to all of them. Please support these fabulous artists by purchasing the music, if you like these songs. As these non-CD quality recordings are meant only to whet your appetite through listening, downloading is not an option, by design.

Gordon Lightfoot, R.I.P.
Nov. 17, 1938 - May 1, 2023

funny, isn't it? "Your father's pride was his means to provide and he's servin' three years for that reason" -
lyrics to "Circle of Steel", by legendary music icon, Gordon Lightfoot, from the landmark LP, "Sundown", 1974

Also, listen to Pop songs and Country songs. If you lived in S. E. Asia during the 60's, try the VOA or the Radio Ceylon page.

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    *NEW >Spoons=Romantic Traffic
    *NEW >Teenage Head=Dont Cage Me In (1983)
    A Foot In Cold Water=(Make Me Do) Anything You Want (1972)
    Alan Schick=Lucy Lucy Lucy (1974)
    Andy Kim=Baby I Love You (1969)
    Andy Kim=Rock Me Gently (1974)
    Andy Kim=So Good Together (1969)
    Andy Kim=Tricia Tell Your Daddy (1969)
    Anne Murray=Dannys Song (1972)
    Anne Murray=I Just Fall in Love Again (1979)
    Anne Murray=Shadows in the Moonlight (1979)
    Anne Murray=You Wont See Me (1974)
    April Wine=Come Hear The Band (1975)
    April Wine=I Wouldnt Want To Lose Your Love (1974)
    April Wine=Sign Of The Gypsy Queen (1981)
    April Wine=Tonights A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love (1975)
    BLVD=Far From Over (1988)
    Bachman Turner Overdrive=You Aint Seen Nothing Yet (1974)
    Baron Longfellow=The Essence Of Joan
    Bill Amesbury=Can You Feel It (1976)
    Bill King=Blue Skies Blue Skies (1975)
    Blue Rodeo=Try (1987)
    Box=Crying Out Loud For Love (1987)
    Bruce Cockburn=Great Big Love (1991)
    Brutus=Ooh Mama Mama (1976)
    Bryan Adams=Run To You (1984)
    Bryan Adams=Summer of 69 (1985)
    Chilliwack=Arms Of Mary (1978)
    Chilliwack=Baby Blue (1978)
    Chilliwack=California Girl (1977)
    Chilliwack=Crazy Talk (1974)
    Chilliwack=Fly at Night (1977)
    Chilliwack=I Believe (1982)
    Chilliwack=Lonesome Mary (1970)
    Chilliwack=My Girl (Gone Gone Gone) (1981)
    Chilliwack=Raino (1971)
    Chilliwack=Theres Something I Like About That (1974)
    Cooper Brothers=I ll Know Her When I See Her (1979)
    Cooper Brothers=Rock and Roll Cowboys (1978)
    Crash Test Dummies=Supermans Song (1991)
    David Foster & Olivia Newton John=Best of Me (1986)
    David George=Tropical Heat (1975)
    Doucette=All I Wanna Do (1978)
    Dr Music=One More Mountain to Climb (1971)
    Eddie Schwartz=Special Girl (1984)
    Edward Bear=You Me And Mexico (1970)
    Fludd=Brother and Me (1974)
    Front=The Haunting (1983)
    Gainsborough Gallery=Life Is A Song (1969)
    Gary & Dave=It Might as Well Rain Until September (1974)
    Gino Vannelli=Just a Motion Away (1985)
    Glass Tiger=1986 radio ad
    Glass Tiger=Diamond Sun (1987)
    Glass Tiger=Thin Red Line (1986)
    Gordon Lightfoot=Daylight Katy (1978)
    Gordon Lightfoot=Rainy Day People (1975)
    Gordon Lightfoot=Seven Island Suite (1974)
    Gordon Lightfoot=Summer Side Of Life (1971)
    Gordon Lightfoot=The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald (1976)
    Guess Who=Clap for the Wolfman (1974)
    Guess Who=Dancin Fool (1975)
    Guess Who=Loves Me Like a Brother (1975)
    Guess Who=Musicione (1973)
    Guess Who=No Time (1969)
    Guess Who=So Long Bannatyne (1971)
    Guess Who=Star Baby (1974)
    Headpins=Dont It Make You Feel (1982)
    Ian Thomas=Right Before Your Eyes (1977)
    Irish Rovers=Lily The Pink (1969)
    Ironhorse=Whats Your Hurry Darling (1980)
    Jensen Interceptor=Tiny Thing (1980)
    Joni Mitchell=Free Man In Paris (1972)
    Joni Mitchell=Raised On Robbery (1973)
    Joni Mitchell=You Turn Me On I Am A Radio (1972)
    Justin Tyme=Miss Felicity Grey (1969)
    K D Lang=Diet of Strange Places (1987)
    Keith Hampshire=Forever and Ever (1974)
    Ken Tobias=Lover Come Quickly (1974)
    Kim Mitchell=All We Are (1984)
    Larry Evoy=Here I Go Again (1978)
    Les Emmerson=Control of Me (1973)
    Les Emmerson=Watching The World Go By (1975)
    Luba=1986 radio ad
    Luba=Storm Before The Calm (1985)
    Marc Jordan=Marina del Rey (1978)
    Max Webster=Let Go The Line (1979)
    Michael Bouyea=The Fury (1979)
    Mitsou=La Corrida (1988)
    Motherlode=When I Die (1969)
    Murray McLauchlan=Down by the Henry Moore (1975)
    Myles & Lenny=Can You Give It All To Me (1975)
    Neil Young=Long May You Run (1993)
    One To One=Angel In My Pocket (1986)
    One To One=Memory Lane (1992)
    One To One=There Was A Time (1986)
    Original Caste=One Tin Soldier (1969)
    Painter aka Hammersmith=Funky As She Goes (1975)
    Patricia Dahlquist=Keep Our Love Alive (1975)
    Patsy Gallant=From New York To LA (1976)
    Poppy Family=Beyond the Clouds (1969)
    Rik Emmett=Saved By Love (1991)
    Ronney Abramson=Llight Up Your Love (1977)
    Ronney Abramson=Never Seem To Get Along Without You (1977)
    Ronney Abramson=Your Love Gets Me Around (1976)
    Rush=New World Man (1982)
    Sass Jordan=Tell Somebody (1988)
    Sattalites=Too Late to Turn Back Now (2003)
    Skylark=Wildflower (1973)
    Spoons=Nova Heart (1982)
    Spoons=Old Emotions (1983)
    Stampeders=Playing In The Band (1976)
    Stampeders & Wolfman Jack=Hit The Road Jack (1976)
    Straight Lines=Letting Go (1982)
    Studebaker Hawk=Rainbows Pots of Gold and Moonbeams (1975)
    Sugar & Spice=Cruel War (1969)
    Susan Jacks=Anna Marie (1975)
    Susan Jacks=Build A Tower (1974)
    Teenage Head=Something On My Mind (1980)
    Terry Jacks=Christina (1975)
    Terry Jacks=Holly (1975)
    Tim Ryan=Two Days And Three Nights (1984)
    Tom Cochrane=Calling America (1989)
    Tom Cochrane & Red Rider=1986 radio ad
    Toronto=Ready To Make Up (1979)
    Troiano=We All Need Love (1979)
    Trooper=Round Round We Go (1978)
    Valdy=Yes I Can (1979)
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