Some Of My Favorite Albums


TITLE                   ARTIST                    
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ABBA                          ABBA
Arrival                       ABBA
Greatest Hits                 ABBA                    
Supertrouper                  ABBA                    
The Album                     ABBA
Waterloo                      ABBA
Jukebox Of Paris              Abramson, Ronney             
Cuts Like A Knife             Adams, Bryan  
Into The Fire                 Adams, Bryan               
Reckless                      Adams, Bryan                 
Greatest Hits                 Air Supply    
Rise                          Alpert, Herb       
Beat Of The Brass             Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass
Casino Royale                 Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass         
Going Places                  Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass
Greatest Hits Vol. 1          Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass   
Greatest Hits Vol. 2          Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass
Going Places                  Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass
Herb Alpert’s Ninth           Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass
Lonely Bull                   Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass
South Of The Border           Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass
SRO 1966                      Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass  
The Brass Are Coming          Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass
What Now My Love              Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass 
Whipped Cream & Other DelightsAlpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass  
Zorba The Greek               Alpert, Herb & The Tijuana Brass 
Greatest Hits                 America                      
Best Of                       Ames, Ed   
Walk Into Light               Anderson, Ian                  
Abbey Road                    Beatles 
Let It Be                     Beatles                    
Magical Mystery Tour          Beatles
Revolver                      Beatles                      
Rubber Soul                   Beatles                      
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts   Beatles 
White Album                   Beatles
With The Beatles              Beatles                     
Best Of                       Bee Gees                     
Living Eyes                   Bee Gees                     
Main Course                   Bee Gees
One                           Bee Gees                     
Calypso                       BelaFONTe, Harry             
Best Of                       Blondie                      
20 Greatest Hits              Boone, Pat                   
Let's Dance                   Bowie, David                 
Greatest Hits                 Buffet, Jimmy                
Freeborn Man                  Cameron, John Allan          
Minstrel  Of Cranberry Lane   Cameron, John Allan          
Weddings, Wakes & Other ThingsCameron, John Allan          
All I Have To Do Is Dream     Campbell Glen/Bo Gentry      
Best Of                       Campbell, Glen          
Greatest Hits                 Captain & Tennille
Everlasting Love              Carlton, Carl                
Singles                       Carpenters      
The Cars                      Cars             
Wanna Be A Star               Chilliwack              
Best Of                       Clapton, Eric  
461 Ocean Boulevard           Clapton, Eric              
Face Value                    Collins, Phil  
Greatest Hits                 Cooper, Alice              
The Best That I Could Do      Cougar, John    
Chronicle                     Creedence Clearwater                      
Cosmos Factory                Creedence Clearwater 
Green River                   Creedence Clearwater 
Willy & The Poor Boys         Creedence Clearwater               
Greatest Hits                 Croce, Jim                   
Life And Times                Croce, Jim                   
Christopher Cross             Cross, Christopher           
Crowded House                 Crowded House                
Kissing To Be Clever          Culture Club                 
Best Of                       Cummings, Burton            
Burton Cummings               Cummings, Burton             
Best Of                       Dan,England/John F. Coley   
Cool Night                    Davis, Paul  
Machine Head                  Deep Purple                
High 'N' Dry                  Def  Leppard                 
Greatest Hits                 Denver, John                 
Oh No! It's Devo              Devo                    
His Very Best                 Diamond, Neil           
Touching You, Touching Me     Diamond, Neil             
Brothers In Arms              Dire Straits                 
Greatest Hits                 Doctor Hook                  
Captain And Me                Doobie Brothers              
Arena                         Duran Duran                  
Slow Train Coming             Dylan, Bob                   
Greatest Hits (1971-1975)     Eagles                  
You Could Have Been With Me   Easton, Sheena               
Light Years                   Electric Light Orchestra     
Time                          Electric Light Orchestra   
Best Of                       Emerson, Lake & Palmer  
New Romance                   Etkind, Annabel          
This Island                   Eurogliders                  
This Island                   Eurogliders             
Be Yourself Tonight           Eurythmics                   
Wrap Your Arms Around Me      Faltskog, Agnetha            
Best Of                       Ferrante & Teicher
Rumors                        Fleetwood Mac       
Centerfield                   Fogerty, John                
Eye Of The Zombie             Fogerty, John                
Allnighter                    Frey, Glenn                  
So                            Gabriel, Peter               
Angel Clare                   Garfunkel, Art               
Invisible Touch               Genesis                      
Greatest Hits                 Gibb, Andy                   
Shadow Dancing                Gibb, Andy                   
Now Voyager                   Gibb, Barry       
Thin Red Line                 Glass Tiger                  
Collection                    Grant, Amy                   
Their 16 Greatest Hits        Grassroots                   
Greatest Hits                 Green, Al                    
Best Of                       Guess Who               
Best Of Vol II                Guess Who                    
Canned Wheat                  Guess Who                    
Flavours                      Guess Who                    
Rockin'                       Guess Who 
So Long, Bannatyne            Guess Who                   
Wheatfield Soul               Guess Who                    
H2O                           Hall & Oates                 
Rock 'N Soul Part 1           Hall & Oates                 
Xatic                         Hall & Oates                 
All Things Must Pass          Harrison, George
Cloud Nine                    Harrison, George        
Living In The Material World  Harrison, George
Boy In The Box                Hart, Corey                  
Looking For Jack              Hay, Colin                   
Heart                         Heart        
Very Best Of                  Herman's Hermits                
The Way It Is                 Hornsby, Bruce               
Dare                          Human League                 
Greatest Hits                 Humperdinck, Engelbert  
20 Greatest Hits              Iglesias, Julio              
Greatest Hits                 Irish Rovers                 
Ironhorse                     Ironhorse                    
World Of                      Jacks, Susan                 
14 Of Their Greatest Hits     Jackson Five    
Off The Wall                  Jackson, Michael 
Thriller                      Jackson, Michael            
This Magic Moment             Jay & The Americans     
Colour Of My Love             Jefferson                    
Aqualung                      Jethro Tull                  
Benefit                       Jethro Tull
Broadsword And The Beast      Jethro Tull             
Heavy Horses                  Jethro Tull                  
Living In The Past            Jethro Tull                  
Minstrel In The Gallery       Jethro Tull 
Nightcap                      Jethro Tull                 
Passion Play                  Jethro Tull 
Roots To Branches             Jethro Tull                
Songs From The Wood           Jethro Tull                  
Stand Up                      Jethro Tull                  
Thick As A Brick              Jethro Tull                  
This Was                      Jethro Tull
Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll      Jethro Tull                   
War Child                     Jethro Tull                  
Innocent Man                  Joel, Billy 
Nylon Curtain                 Joel, Billy            
Greatest Hits Vol II          John, Elton                  
Greatest Hits                 Jones, Tom                   
Greatest Hits                 Journey                      
Best Of                       KC & The Sunshine Band       
People Talk                   Kean, Sherry                 
Kilowatt                      Kilowatt                     
Greatest Hits                 Kim, Andy    
Tapestry                      King, Carole
In The Court Of The Crimson.. King Crimson   
Essential Collection          Knight, Gladys & The Pips             
She's So Unusual              Lauper, Cyndi 
Houses Of The Holy            Led Zeppelin               
Gary Lewis And The Playboys   Lewis, Gary/The Playboys 
Small World & Big Hits        Lewis, Huey & The News     
Gord's Gold                   Lightfoot, Gordon            
Sundown                       Lightfoot, Gordon            
Greatest Hits                 Little River Band            
Greatest Hits                 Lopez, Trini                 
20 Golden Hits                Mamas & The Papas            
Greatest Hits                 Mancini, Henry               
Greatest Hits                 Manilow, Barry          
Manilow                       Manilow, Barry               
Tryin' To Get The Feeling     Manilow, Barry    
Babylon By Bus                Marley, Bob & The Wailers               
Catch A Fire                  Marley, Bob & The Wailers    
Exodus                        Marley, Bob & The Wailers    
Greatest Hits                 Martin, Dean 
Greatest Hits Vol. 2          Martin, Dean                 
Back To The Egg               McCartney, Paul              
Band On The Run               McCartney, Paul              
London Town                   McCartney, Paul  
Mccartney                     McCartney, Paul         
Mccartney II                  McCartney, Paul         
Ram                           McCartney, Paul  
Red Rose Speedway             McCartney, Paul            
Tug Of War                    McCartney, Paul 
Venus And Mars                McCartney, Paul
Wild Life                     McCartney, Paul
Wings At The Speed Of Sound   McCartney, Paul 
Wings Over America            McCartney, Paul
Business As Usual             Men At Work                
Cargo                         Men At Work                  
Two Hearts                    Men At Work                  
Pop Goes The World            Men Without Hats             
Diesel And Dust               Midnight Oil                 
Sings The Songs Of Ned Miller Miller, Ned                  
Greatest Hits                 Miller, Steve                
Greatest Hits                 Milsap, Ronnie               
Very Best Of                  Monro, Matt             
Best Of                       Monroe, Bill             
A Question Of Balance         Moody Blues                  
Caught Live + Five            Moody Blues                  
Days Of Future Passed         Moody Blues                  
Every Good Boy Deserves Favor Moody Blues                  
In Search Of The Lost Chord   Moody Blues                  
Keys Of The Kingdom           Moody Blues                  
Long Distance Voyager         Moody Blues                  
Octave                        Moody Blues                  
On The Threshold Of A Dream   Moody Blues  
Strange Times                 Moody Blues                
To Our Childrens Childrens Ch Moody Blues                  
Blue Sky - Night Thunder      Murphey, Michael        
Greatest Hits                 Murray, Anne                 
Island In The Sea             Nelson, Willie               
Very Best Of                  Nelson, Willie               
Best Of                       Newton-John, Olivia  
Nilsson Schmilsson            Nilsson, Harry        
Himself                       O'Sullivan, Gilbert          
Off Centre                    O'Sullivan, Gilbert          
Best Of                       Ozark Mountain Daredevils    
Ozark Mountain Daredevils     Ozark Mountain Daredevils    
Definitive Collection         Parsons, Alan                
Disco (12" Mixes)             Pet Shop Boys                
Introspective                 Pet Shop Boys                
Best Of                       Peter, Paul And Mary         
Dark Side Of The Moon         Pink Floyd    
The Wall                      Pink Floyd               
Wish You Were Here            Pink Floyd              
Ghost In The Machine          Police                       
Synchronicity                 Police          
Good Thing Lost 1968-73       Poppy Family       
Clambake                      Presley, Elvis            
Flaming Star                  Presley, Elvis            
Fun In Acapulco               Presley, Elvis            
G.I. Blues                    Presley, Elvis            
Girl Happy                    Presley, Elvis            
Girls, Girls, Girls           Presley, Elvis            
Harem Holiday                 Presley, Elvis            
It Happened At The World's    Presley, Elvis            
King Creole                   Presley, Elvis            
Kissin' Cousins               Presley, Elvis            
Pot Luck                      Presley, Elvis               
Roustabout                    Presley, Elvis            
Sign `O' The Times            Prince                       
Greatest Hits                 Puckett, Gary & Union Gap    
Greatest Hits                 Rabbitt, Eddie   
City To City                  Rafferty, Gerry         
Night Owl                     Rafferty, Gerry  
Right Down The Line           Rafferty, Gerry         
Sleepwalking                  Rafferty, Gerry              
Superstar Series              Rare Earth              
Sit Down And Talk To Me       Rawls, Lou                   
Victory Day                   Red Rider               
Best Of                       Reeves, Jim                  
Best Of Vol III               Reeves, Jim                  
Gentleman Jim                 Reeves, Jim                  
Hits Of                       Reeves, Jim                  
Jim Reeves Medley             Reeves, Jim                  
Just For You                  Reeves, Jim                  
Mellow Magic Of               Reeves, Jim                  
Melodies Of Love              Reeves, Jim             
16 Great Top Ten Hits         Richard, Cliff          
Green Light                   Richard, Cliff               
I'm Nearly Famous Now         Richard, Cliff               
I'm No Hero                   Richard, Cliff               
Rock 'n' Roll Juvenile        Richard, Cliff               
Small Corners                 Richard, Cliff  
Wired For Sound               Richard, Cliff              
Can't Slow Down               Richie, Lionel               
Dancing On The Ceiling        Richie, Lionel               
Sings Ballads At Carnegie HallRobeson, Paul                
20 Greatest Hits              Rogers, Kenny              
Eyes That See In The Dark     Rogers, Kenny                
Greatest Hits                 Rogers, Kenny                
Island In The Sea             Rogers, Kenny           
Love Will Turn You Around     Rogers, Kenny
Share Your Love               Rogers, Kenny
Greatest Hits                 Rogers,Kenny/1st Edition  
Exile On Main Street          Rolling Stones
Hot Rocks                     Rolling Stones   
Greatest Hits                 Ronstadt, Linda              
All The Great Hits            Ross, Diana                  
Greatest Hits                 Ross, Diana             
Look Sharp                    Roxette                      
Signals                       Rush                         
Best Of                       Russell, Leon                
Promise                       Sade                    
Endless Flight                Sayer, Leo                   
Best Of                       Seekers                      
Nine Tonight                  Seger, Bob                   
Rock On With                  Shadows                  
Greatest Hits Live            Simon, Carly                 
Graceland                     Simon, Paul                  
Greatest Hits                 Simon, Paul             
Paul Simon                    Simon, Paul  
Still Crazy After All These...Simon, Paul   
There Goes Rhymin' Simon      Simon, Paul   
Bookends                      Simon & Garfunkel             
Bridge Over Troubled Water    Simon & Garfunkel
Parsley,Sage,Rosemary & Thyme Simon & Garfunkel
Sounds Of Silence             Simon & Garfunkel
"The Graduate" Sound Track    Simon & Garfunkel
Wednesday Morning 3 A.M.      Simon & Garfunkel
Greatest Hits                 Sinatra, Frank             
South Of The Border           Sons Of The Pioneers     
Working Class Dog             Springfield, Rick            
Born In The U.S.A             Springsteen, Bruce 
Beaucoups Of Blues            Starr, Ringo           
Blast From The Past           Starr, Ringo
Ringo                         Starr, Ringo 
Sentimental Journey           Starr, Ringo
Can't Buy A Thrill            Steely Dan 
Pretzel Logic                 Steely Dan               
Best Of                       Stevens, Ray                 
Year Of The Cat               Stewart, Al                  
Dream Of The Blue Turtles     Sting                        
Nothing Like The Sun          Sting                        
Built For Speed               Stray Cats                   
Greatest Hits Vol. 1 & 2      Summer, Donna   
Even In The Quietest Moments  Supertramp             
Let's Face The Music          Taco                         
Songs From The Big Chair      Tears For Fears              
Tour De Force                 Thirty Eight Special         
Golden Bisquits               Three Dog Night              
Greatest Hits                 Toronto                      
IV                            Toto                    
Who Came First                Townshend, Pete   
Low Spark Of The High-Heeled  Traffic        
Volume 1                      Travelling Wilburys          
Storms Of Life                Travis, Randy                
Hot Shots                     Trooper                      
Midnight Blue                 Tucker, Louise               
Joshua Tree                   U2                           
20 Greatest Hits              Vaughn, Billy                
Greatest Hits                 Whittaker, Roger  
Who Are You                   Who 
Who's Next                    Who      
Fur                           Wiedlin, Jane                
I Don't Speak The Language    Wilder, Matthew    
Arc Of A Diver                Winwood, Steve
Greatest Hits                 Wonder, Stevie               
Greatest Hits Vol.2           Wonder, Stevie               
Innervisions                  Wonder, Stevie               
Music Of My Mind              Wonder, Stevie               
Songs In The Key Of Life      Wonder, Stevie         
Talking Book                  Wonder, Stevie 
Fragile                       Yes                
Secret Of Association         Young, Paul                  
2525                          Zager & Evans                

Movie Sound Tracks

Saturday Night Fever
Beverly Hills Cop
Electric Dreams
Friends                       John, Elton         
Mary Poppins 
My Fair Lady
Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
His Land                      Richard, Cliff
Summer Holiday                Richard, Cliff  
Two A Penny                   Richard, Cliff               
Sound Of Music