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The Great James Garner; 1928 - July 19, 2014. In our fond memories of the 70's. Thank you for "The Rockford Files". R.I.P.

I am looking for hard-to-find episodes of the following:

If you have any of the above, please contact me.


The one and only James Garner Guess Who!! Click on the picture to hear the theme!



Archie And Edith Alone
Archie And The FBI
Archie Gives Blood
Archie In The Lock-Up
Archie Is Jealous
Archie Is Worried About His Job
Archie Sees A Mugging
Christmas Day At The Bunkers
Cousin Maude's Visit
Edith Gets A Mink
Edith Has Jury Duty
Edith Writes A Song
Edith, The Judge
Edith's Accident
Edith's Problem
Flashback: Mike Meets Archie
Gloria Discover's Women's Lib
Gloria Poses In The Nude
Gloria's Pregnancy
Judging Books By Covers
Lionel Moves Into The Neighborhood
Meet The Bunkers
Mik'es Hippie Friends Come To Visit
Mike's Mysterious Son
Mike's Problem
Oh, My Aching Back
Sammy's Visit
Success Story
The Blockbuster
The Election Story
The Elevator Story
The First And Last Supper
The Insurance Is Canceled
The Man In The Street
The Saga Of Cousin Oscar
Writing The President


CBS Mayberry RFD Promo. Those were the good old days!

Aunt's Bee's Medicine Man
Dogs, Dogs, Dogs
Mountain Wedding
Opie And The Spiled Kid
Rafe Hollister Sings
The Big House
The Loaded Goat
The Rivals


A Man For Elly
Back To Californy
Ell’s Animals
Elly Races Jetherine
Elly Starts School
Getting Settled
Hillbillies Of Beverly Hills
Jed Cuts The Family Tree
Jed Saves Drysdale’s Marriage
Jed’s Dilemma
Jethro Goes To School
Jethro’s First Love
Lafe Lingers On
Pygmalion And Elly
The Clampett Look
The Clampetts And The Dodgers
The Clampetts Are Overdrawn
The Clampetts Get Culture
The Garden Party
The Giant Jackrabbit
The Girl From Home
The Great Feud
The Servants
Turkey Day


All For Love
Getting The Bird
If In Doubt, Cut It Out
It's All Go
Keep It Clean
Pass Or Fail
Peace And Quiet
Rallying Round
Settling In
The Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Casino
The Students Are Revolting
War Of The Mascots
Why Do You Want To Be A Doctor?


Change Your Partners
Congratulations - It's a Toad!
Doctor Dish
Lock, Stock and Beryl
Modernising Major
No Ill Feeling!
Now Dr. Upton
Saturday Matinee
Students at Heart
Trains and Notes and Veins
Upton Sells Out?
Where There's a Will...
You Make Me Feel So Young
You've Really Landed Me in It This Time


"V" for Vitamins
A Nose By Any Other Name
Agonized Labor
Allergy Time (31 Mar 1966)
Angel on the Island
Beauty is and Beauty Does
Big Man on Little Stick
Birds Gotta Fly, Fish Gotta Talk
Castaway Pictures Presents
Diamonds are an Ape's Best Friend
Diogenes, Won't You Please Go Home?
Don't Bug the Mosquitoes
Erika Tiffany Smith to the Rescue
Feed the Kitty
Forget Me Not
Forward March
Ghost a Go-Go
Gilligan Gets Bugged
Gilligan Meets Jungle Boy
Gilligan's Living Doll
Gilligan's Mother-in-Law
Good Night, Sweet Skipper
Good-Bye Island
Good-Bye, Old Paint
Hi-Fi Gilligan
Home Sweet Hut
How to be a Hero
It's Magic
Little Island, Big Gun
Love Me, Love My Skipper
Meet the Meteor
Mine Hero
Mr. and Mrs. ???
Music Hath Charm
My Fair Gilligan
New Neighbor Sam
Not Guilty
Nyet, Nyet -- Not Yet
Operation: Steam Heat (10 Mar 1966)
Physical Fatness
Plant You Now, Dig You Later
President Gilligan
Quick Before it Sinks (28 Oct 1965)
Seer Gilligan
Ship Ahoax
Smile, You're on Mars Camera
So Sorry, My Island Now
Sound of Quacking
St. Gilligan and The Dragon
The Big Gold Strike
The Chain of Command
The Friendly Physician
The Little Dictator
The Matchmaker
The Postman Cometh
The Return of Wrongway Feldman
The Sweepstakes
They're Off and Running
Three Million Dollars More or Less (26 Dec 1964)
Three to Get Ready
Two on a Raft
Voodoo Something to Me
Waiting for Watubi
Water, Water Everywhere (02 Jan 1965)
Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up?
Wrongway Feldman
X Marks the Spot
You've Been Disconnected


A Home Isn't Built In A Day (First Aired 11/30/66)
A Kind Word For The President (First Aired 10/11/67)
A Pig In A Poke (First Aired 03/09/66)
A Square Is Not Round (First Aired 12/14/66)
A Star Named Arnold Is Born (Part One) (First Aired 04/03/68)
A Star Named Arnold Is Born (Part Two) (First Aired 04/10/68)
Alf And Ralph Break Up (First Aired 12/13/67)
An Old-Fashioned Christmas (First Aired 12/21/66)
Arnold, Boy Hero (First Aired 01/31/68)
Culture (First Aired 05/25/66)
Das Lumpen (First Aired 11/08/67)
Don't Call Us, We'll Call You (First Aired 11/17/65)
Don't Count Your Tomatoes Before They're Picked (First Aired 10/18/67)
Double Drick (First Aired 03/23/66)
Eb Discovers The Birds And The Bees (First Aired 11/09/66)
Eb Elopes (First Aired 10/25/67)
Eb Returns (First Aired 12/27/67)
Exodus To Bleedswell (First Aired 01/25/67)
Flight To Nowhere (First Aired 02/07/68)
Furniture, Furniture, Who's Got The Furniture? (First Aired 10/20/65)
Getting Even With Haney (First Aired 03/22/67)
Give Me Land, Lots Of Land (First Aired 01/05/66)
Haney's New Image (First Aired 11/29/67)
His Honor (First Aired 01/11/67)
Home Is Where You Run Away From (First Aired 01/10/68)
Horse? What Horse? (First Aired 05/11/66)
How To Enlarge A Bedroom (First Aired 12/29/65)
How To See South America By Bus (First Aired 10/05/66)
How To Succeed In Television Without Really Trying (First Aired 01/24/68)
How To Succeed In Television Without Really Trying (First Aired 01/24/68)
I Didn't Raise My Husband To Be A Fireman (First Aired 01/19/66)
I Didn't Raise My Pig To Be A Soldier (First Aired 09/28/66)
Instant Family (First Aired 03/27/68)
It's Human To Be Humane (First Aired 02/01/67)
It's So Peaceful In The Country (First Aired 01/18/67)
Jealousy, English Style (First Aired 11/22/67)
Kimball Gets Fired (First Aired 03/29/67)
Lisa Bakes A Cake (First Aired 01/26/66)
Lisa Has A Calf (First Aired 12/08/65)
Lisa The Helpmate (First Aired 11/03/65)
Lisa's First Day On The Farm (First Aired 09/22/65)
Lisa's Jam Session (First Aired 09/13/67)
Lisa's Vegetable Garden (First Aired 03/08/67)
Love Comes To Arnold Ziffel (First Aired 09/20/67)
Music To Milk By (First Aired 04/26/67)
My Husband, The Rooster Renter (First Aired 10/13/65)
My Mother, The Countess (First Aired 02/14/68)
Neighborliness (First Aired 10/27/65)
Never Look A Gift Tractor In The Mouth (First Aired 04/27/66)
Never Start Talking Unless Your Voice Comes Out (First Aired 02/22/67)
Never Take Your Wife To A Convention (First Aired 02/08/67)
Never Trust A Little Old Lady (First Aired 12/28/66)
No Trespassing (First Aired 12/20/67)
Not Guilty (First Aired 01/03/68)
Oliver Buys A Farm (First Aired 09/15/65)
Oliver Takes Over The Phone Company (First Aired 10/04/67)
Oliver VS The Phone Company (First Aired 09/27/67)
Oliver's Jaded Past (First Aired 03/06/68)
One Of Our Assemblymen Are Missing (First Aired 10/26/66)
Our Son, The Barber (First Aired 02/28/68)
Parity Begins At Home (First Aired 11/24/65)
School Days (First Aired 01/04/67)
Send A Boy To College (First Aired 05/04/66)
Sprained Ankle, Country Style (First Aired 02/02/66)
The Ballad Of Molly Turgiss (First Aired 04/06/66)
The Best Laid Plans (First Aired 10/06/65)
The Beverly Hillbillies (First Aired 03/01/67)
The Computer Age (First Aired 02/15/67)
The Day Of Decision (First Aired 02/23/66)
The Decorator (First Aired 09/29/65)
The Deputy (First Aired 03/16/66)
The Good Old Days (First Aired 11/02/66)
The Hooterville Image (First Aired 11/16/66)
The Hungarian Curse (First Aired 03/13/68)
The Man For The Job (First Aired 09/09/67)
The Price Of Apples (First Aired 02/09/66)
The Rains Came (First Aired 05/18/66)
The Rutabaga Story (First Aired 03/20/68)
The Saucer Season (First Aired 03/15/67)
The Spring Festival (First Aired 02/21/68)
The Thing (First Aired 11/01/67)
The Ugly Duckling (First Aired 10/19/66)
The Vulgar Ring Story (First Aired 04/12/67)
The Wedding Anniversary (First Aired 12/15/65)
Uncle Ollie (First Aired 06/01/66)
Water, Water Everywhere (First Aired 09/21/66)
What Happened In Scranton (First Aired 12/22/65)
What's In A Name (First Aired 02/16/66)
Who's Lisa? (First Aired 04/19/67)
Wings Over Hooterville (First Aired 09/14/66)
Won't You Come Home, Arnold Ziffel? (First Aired 11/15/67)
You Can't Plug In A 2 With A 6 (First Aired 11/10/65)
You Ought To Be In Pictures (First Aired 11/23/66)


A Fate Worse Than Death
A Hard Days Night
A Point Of Honour
After Three
All Present If Not Correct
All Through The Night
An Inspector Calls
Better To Have Loved And Lost
Brief Re-Encounter
Come Back All Is Forgiven
Don't Forget The Driver
Guilty Or Not Guilty
Hello Sailor
Hows Your Father
I Belong To Glasgow
Just The Job
Kill Or Cure
Many Happy Returns
No Flowers By Request
Queen For A Day
Repent At Leisure
Take Your Partners
The Best Things In Life
The Cheating Game
The Examination
The First Lesson
The School Fete
What A Tangled Web
Who Loves Ya Baby


Animal Jury
Ed's Juice Stand
Ed's Contact Lenses
Clint Eastwood Meets Mister Ed
Doctor Ed
Ed Sniffs Out a Cold Clue
Ed, the Artist
Ed, the Beachcomber
Ed, the Beneficiary
Ed, the Chauffeur
Ed, the Donkey
Ed, the Emancipator
Ed, the Race Horse
Ed, the Pilot
Ed, the Stowaway
Ed, the Songwriter
Ed, the Zebra
Ed's Ancestors
Ed's Bed
George Burns Meets Mister Ed
Horse Sense
Horse Wash
Mae West Meets Mister Ed
Mister Ed Writes Dear Abby
Like Father, Like Horse
Mister Ed's Blues
My Horse, the Mailman
Psychoanalyst Show
Robin Hood Ed
Spies Strike Back
The Bank Robbery
The First Meeting
The Horsetronaut
The Price of Apples
Wilbur Post, Honorary Horse
Ed Gets the Mumps
Ed Visits a Gypsy
Wilbur Sells Ed
Wilbur, the Masher
Zsa Zsa


A Night At The Hooterville Hilton
Bobbie Jo And The Beatnik
Herby Gets Drafted
Kate’s Recipe For Hot Rhubarb
Last Chance Farm
Please Buy My Violets
Spur Line To Shady Rest


A Friend in Need
A Fine Romance
Cosmic Cow vs. The Oval Office
Deadline for Henry
It Didn't Happen One Night
Mr. Big
Pilot Episode
Que Sara, Sara
Sara's Monroe Doctrine
Tenants Anyone?
The Location
The Bag Lady
The Boy in the Band
The Return of Rafkin
Up Your Easter Bonnet
What's Wrong with Mr. Right?
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolfe?



ALF Arrives At The Tanner Household...Episode 1      
ALF Decorates A Birthday Cake With Toothpaste        
ALF Guest Hosts On The Tonight Show And Shows Clips  
ALF Has A Lot Of Mail, Especially, From Record Clubs 
ALF Is Watching "Psycho";He Also Wants Pop Corn..Now!
ALF Looks For Worms In The Backyard                  
ALF Loves Gilligan's Island And Wishes He Was There  
ALF Misses Celebrating His B'day With Chums On Melmac
ALF Places An Emergency Call To Willie About The T.V.
ALF Scores A Touchdown On The Dining Room Table      
ALF Spreads Tacks On The Floor As A Burglar Alarm    
ALF Tries To Hypnotize Lucky, The Cat                
ALF Tries To Phone The President On Air Force One    
ALF Wants To Watch Jane Fonda's "Workout" Video      
It's Willie's Birthday                               
Jim Hutchinson Dines At The Tanners                  
Kate Tells ALF His Uncle's Dead The Day Before Xmas  
Kate's Sewing While ALF Complains About Stamps       
Mr. Ochmanek Gets Thrown Out By Rachel               
Some Guy Wants To Store Rock Music Gear In The Garage
The Kids Are Coached By ALF To Say Goodbye To Grandma
The Ochmoneks Are Having An Argument                 
The Tanner's Car Breaks Down And Has To Be Towed In  
The Tanners Are Having A Garage Sale                 
The Tanners Start Dinner With A Prayer               
The Tanners' T.V. Is Hooked Up For A Ratings Sweep   
Willie Feels He's Being Passed Over For A Promotion  
Willie Finds A Depressed ALF In His Bed              
Willie Has A Family Budget Meeting                   
Willie Tries To Help A Runaway Mexican Kid    


A Black Family Is Moving Into The Neighborhood! Archie Had A Bad Day At Work Archie Is Having Sinus Trouble Archie Is Worried About The Robberies Going On Around Archie's Chair; Mike Takes His Moustache Off Archie's Reading The Bible, Trying To Convince Mike Archie's Upset Over The Mexicans Fighting The Police Edith's Winning Ticket; A Heated Discussion About God Mike And Gloria Are Cuddling Up In Front Of Archie Sammy Davis Jr. Visits; Archie's Driving A Cab Someone Draws A Swastika On Archie's Door The Bunkers' Television Is On The Fritz


Deacon Frye Gets Basketball Tickets From His Client Deacon Frye's Godchild Gets Christened Deacon Tongue Lashes The Preacher About His Weight Grace Mumford Wills The Church A Restaurant Rev. Johnny, A 12-year-old "Minister" Replaces Rueben The Church Has Decided To Host The Interfaith Dinner The Deacon Tongue Lashes The Preacher About His Weigh Thelma Feels Bad As A Bridesmaid Since She's Single Thelma's Friend Discusses With Her How To Snag Rueben


A City Councilman, Herb, Resigns A Farmer And His Four Kids Inherit $300 And Celebrate A Guitar Picker Entertains Everyone A Guy Wants To Buy The Local Gas Station A Holdup Gang Escape State Police Custody A Kid, Edgar Watson, Bullies Other Kids At School A Man's Lincoln Breaks Down In Mayberry A Moviemaker Wants To Film In Mayberry A Visiting Professor's Conversational Topic Is Brazil A Wacky Woman Complains About A Speeder A Well-heeled Stranger Visits Mayberry All The Townsfolks Think Andy's About To Get Married An Escaped Convict Is "Mistakenly" Arrested By Barney Andy And Barney Listen To Radio Personality Len Blush Andy And His Girfriend Dine At A Chinese Restaurant Andy And Opie Go Fishing Andy Books In Otis Campbell, An Alcoholic, Into Jail Andy Brings In Some Prisoners Andy Finds A Custody Receipt For Barney's Revolver Andy Finds An Incriminating Picture Of His Girlfriend Andy Forgot The Anniversary Of Barney Being A Deputy Andy Is Considering Sending Opie To Camp Wenochee Andy Is Invited By Roger To Join The Esquire Club Andy Is Offered A Job In Raleigh Andy Is Setting Up A Christmas Tree Andy Needs Another Player For His Bowling Team Andy Prepares To Perform A Marriage Late At Night Andy Reads A Card From Barney Vacationing In Raleigh Andy Thinks Mayberry Can Use A Chinese Restaurant Andy's Class Reunion Is Coming Up Andy's Fiancee's Book's Been Accepted For Publication Andy's Questioning Warren If He Wants To Double Date Andy's Up To His Tricks When He Sees Barney Napping Aunt Bee Applies For A Job Aunt Bee Fixes Breakfast For Opie, And Advises Him Aunt Bee Is Called For Jury Duty Aunt Bee Picks Up Her Clothes From The Dry Cleaners Aunt Bee Won A Trip To Mexico Aunt Bee's Old Friend Roger Writes Barney Cooks By Himself; A Crook's After His Landlady Barney Digs Up Some Files With Incomplete Cases Barney Draws $300 From The Bank To Buy A Car Barney Get's A Haircut With Which He's Not Happy Barney Gets Into Judo; It Seems Everyone Has A Still Barney Gets Into The Real Estate Business Barney Is Reading From A "Book Of Amazing Facts" Barney Meets A Pretty Girl, Melissa And Visits Her Barney Offers To Sing In The Choir Barney Thinks A Burglar Broke Into Walker's Drugs Barney Visits Mayberry Now That He's No Longer Deputy Barney Wants To Be "Acting Sheriff" While Andy's Away Barney's Got A Girl's Phone Number On His Ticket Book Barney's Reading The Gossip From The Town Paper Barney's Taking A Nap In The Back Room Bike Riders On The Sidewalk Knock People Down Certain Performances At The Carnival Seem Too Bold Clara And Aunt Bee Are Pickling Again Cousin Ranford Visits Mayberry Ella Is Looking For Some Social News For The Paper Emmett Visits Andy At The Station Ernest T. Bass Wants To Join The Army Floyd Gives Barney A Quick Trim On The Street Floyd, The Barber, Visits At The Jail Fred Gibson Wants To Bring A Carnival To Mayberry Gomer's Too Busy Talking To Help Customers At Wally's Howard Plays The Comedian Howard Wants To Marry Millie Howard's Mother Gets Engaged Jeff Visits Mayberry Looking For A Wife Looks Like A Lot Of Youngsters Are Leaving Mayberry Mr. Frisbee has been served notice to be evicted from his property Old Hometown Boy, Jim Is Returning To Mayberry Opie And A Friend Are Into Walkie Talkies Opie And His Friend Visit The Fair Opie Does Not Like History Or Its Teacher, Miss Crump Opie Got A "D" In Arithmetic Opie Is A "Professional Baseball Player" Opie Is Going To A Party Opie Speaks Up At A Family Friend's Wedding Opie Tries To Sell "Salve" Door-to-door For A Cause Opie Wants To Help Aunt Bee Paint A Dresser Opie Wants To Help Out The Teacher Opie Wants To Take Piano Lessons Opie's Friend Loses Their Ball In A Haunted House The Dry Cleaner Loses Barney's Favourite Suit The Gang Goes To Hollywood And Return With Stories The Gang Is Trying To Decide Where To Eat On A Monday The Governor May Be Coming To Mayberry The Greendale Mayor Tries To Hire Away Barney The Guys Are Impressed By Emmett's New Car The Guys Try To Decide What To Buy For An Anniversary The Residents Of Mayberry Want To Erect A Statue The Town Drunk,Otis Campbell Checks Himself Into Jail Three Little "Gunfighters" Are Shooting Up Everyone


Intro And Extro Of Last Show - Wed.,Dec. 12, 1990


A Buzzard Watches Granny; The Clan Buy A Castle In UK A Fake "King" Tries To Bilk The Clampetts A Rich Woman Wants To Buy The Clampetts' House Clampetts Arrive In England Clampetts Build A Cabin In Their Backyard Clampetts Explain Why They Couldn't See The President Clampetts Fight 'The War Of The Roses' Clampetts Get Involved In Pro Wrestling Clampetts Go To Hooterville;65 Bank Staff Get 1 Turke Clampetts Leave Silver $ City & May Buy Central Park? Clampetts Meet 'Grunions' From The Island Of 'Grun' Clampetts Mistakenly Board A Navy Destroyer Clampetts Move Into A Cabin Clampetts Move Into A Cabin; Shorty's Wife Goes Along Clampetts Round Up Some Gifts For Lance, The Ace Clampetts Spend Christmas At Hooterville Clampetts Spend Christmas At Hooterville Clampetts Think A Hippo Is A Big Hog Clampetts Think Grunions Are Some Kind Of Enemies Clampetts Try Computer Dating Clampetts Visit Petticoat Junction Again Clampetts Welcome Mayor Hoggs Clampetts, Jane & Drysdale Go Japanese Dash Riprock Tries To Give Jethro A Few Pointers Drysdale & Miss Hathaway Get Mugged In Central Park Drysdale Hires Three Green Men As A Publicity Stunt Drysdale Looks After The Animals While Granny Is Away Drysdale Puts Up Money For 'Howard Hughes' Airport Drysdale Tries To Get The Clampetts A Party Line Phon Drysdale's Nephew Tries To Swindle The Clampetts Ellie May Gets A Date With Mr. Universe Ellie May Has Too Many Critters Ellie May Plans To Go Scuba Diving As A Navy Frogman Ellie May Sews A Shirt For Jed;Jethro Takes Up Violin Ellie May Startles Granny In The Kitchen Ellie May's Fitted With A Wedding Dress;Jed's Fishin' Ellie May's Pets Are In The House;Or Are They Really? Ellie May's Popovers Are Living? Love Potion For Elli Granny Acts As A Scarecrow To Guard Her Corn Patch Granny Doctors In Her 'Ambulance' And Makes House Cal Granny Fixes To Serve Everyone Her Spring Tonic Granny Goes To Petticoat Jn. To Look After BJ's Kids Granny Is Expecting A Letter From Sam Drucker Granny Misses The Winter And Snow Granny Runs For Possum Queen At The Possum Festival Granny Runs For Possum Queen At The Possum Festival Granny Seems To Be After Mr. Drucker Granny Suspects She Will Be Put In An Old Folks' Home Granny Thinks A Mountain Lion Ate Jethro Granny Thinks Mrs. Drysdale Has Turned Into A Bird Granny Thinks The Filming Of A War Scene Is Real Granny Threatens To Pull Her Money Out Of The Bank Granny Tries To Set Up Her Own Medical Practice Granny's Cooking For An Honored Guest, Roy Clark Jane Drives Clampetts Home From The Airport Jane Tries To Recruit Ellie May As A Secretary Japanese Girls & A Sumo Wrestler Cook Visit Clampetts Jed A Sanitation Engineer? Clampetts Start An Airline Jethro Attends Frisbee Business School Jethro Becomes A Hip Hollywood Agent Jethro Delivers Papers; The Clan Meet Gloria Swanson Jethro Falls For A Scottish Lass Jethro Gets An Army Medical From Granny Jethro Gets Set To Blast Off With Rockets On His Back Jethro Joins The Bird-watchers Club To Meet Girls Jethro Joins The University; Granny And Elverna Feud Jethro Opens His Own Fast Food Joint Jethro Smuggles The Buzzard On The Plane To England Jethro Takes Up Bull-Fighting Jethro Tries Directing And "Star-making" Jethro Tries His Hand At Movie Directing Jethro Tries To Be A Cowboy Jethro Wants Ellie May To Get Rid Of Her Beaver Jethro Wants To Be A 007 Spy Jethro Wants To Be A 007 Spy Jethro Wants To Bring In Entertainment To His Joint Jethro's High School Sweetheart, Lou Ellen, Visits Lady Ashley, A Socialite Visits Beverly Hills Luke Short's Boy, Bo Comes Visiting Mr. Drucker Comes From Hooterville To Marry Granny? Mr. Drysdale Takes Up Jogging To Land A $30 M Account Mrs. Drysdale Runs Against Granny For Possum Queen Mrs. Drysdale Wants To Follow A Guru To India Mrs.Drysdale's Nephew,Lance,Arrives From The Military Oil Companies Are After The Clampetts...Episode 1 Prof. Biddle Recruits Miss Hathaway For Bird Watching Sam Drucker And Granny Seem To Have A Thing Going Shorty Almost Gets Married To Elverna Shorty Hides In The Bathroom; Elverna Is After Him Shorty Kellam And Granny Discuss Elly May's Marriage Shorty Kellam Arrives In Style;Deposits $ At The Bank Shorty Kellam Carries On With Girls At The Bank Silver $ City Fair Is On; Ellie May's Cake Is Judged Some Gypsies Visit The Clampetts The Clampetts Arrive In England The Gang Is Painting Their Buggy The Gang Sightsee From The Plane En Route To Washingt The Mayor Of Silver $$ Is Given The Keys To The House The New Fire Chief Is Against Granny's Lye-making The New Neighbour Wants To Use The Clampetts' Phone Theme They Try To Talk To Spirits At The Castle;Return Home Three Hippies Arrive Jive-talking Two Ex-dance Instructors Try To Bilk The Clampetts


Merv Griffin, Liberace, etc. Mr. Gandhi's Neighborhood Rocky's Kitchen


A Security System Is Being Installed In The Store Al Had A Rough Time The Night Before Christian Gets A BMW; Parking's At A Premium Cobb's Is Running A Promotional Swiss Week Cobbs Is Expecting It's Millionth Customer Fiker Thinks He's From Royalty The Guys Are Holding A Bingo


Alaska Airlines Beef Franks Bell Telephone Bloopers Dr. Scholls Eat More Ernest P. Varney Does A Ford Commercial Ernest P. Varney In A Gainers Commercial Foreign Commercials Funny Commercials Funny Ones From The World Over Javelin (American Motors - 1973) Merritt Brothers Molsons RC Cola's "Russian" Ad Seagrams Cooler Various Wendy's


Richard, C./Shadows Summer Holiday (Movie) Richard, C./Shadows Take Me High (Movie) Richard, C./Shadows The Young Ones (Movie)


A Pregnant Mother Demands Cliff Deliver The Baby Now Alvin Is Making A Cake Claire's Taking The Kids Out For New Shoes Cliff And Claire Go Out For The Night Cliff Comes Home Tired After Being On Call All Night Cliff Complains About The Loose Bannister To Theo Cliff Cooks Up A Storm Cliff Feels Like Dancing With Claire Cliff Is Coming Down With The Flu Cliff Is Having Breakfast In Bed Cliff Kicks The Kids Out Of His Bed Cliff Shows Off His Creation - A Halloween Pumpkin Cliff Speaks At Gathering Honoring Him As MD Of Year Cliff Stays Up Half The Night Due To Delivery Cases Cliff Tries To Get Some Sleep; Rudy's Goldfish Dies Cliff Will Stay In His Night Gown; Denise Needs Help Denise Buys A Used Trunk Rudy's All Excited About The First Day Of School Rudy's Trying To Get Cliff To Read A Bed-Time Story Sondra Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend, Alvin The Boys Are Gonna Listen To "Macbeth", Not Read It Theo Helps His Mother Do The Dishes Theo Is Sneaking In From Cockroach's House Theo's Going Out To Play Football Dressed Too Lightly Theo's Looking For Food In The Fridge Theo's Searching In The Fridge For Something To Eat Vanessa Brushes Up For The Spelling Test Vanessa Goes Ice-skating Vanessa Practises The Clarinet



Hear the theme

A Matter Of Honor - Gary falls in love with his friend's girlfriend. A Question Of Vanity - A formal dance tries Aunt Agnes' patience. Andrew In Love - Gary interferes with Andrew's attempts to know Samantha better. Battle Zone - Agnes and Gary are at odds when they back opposing candidates in a local election. Bazaar Situation - Alex hides her employment from Aunt Agnes. Be Real - The children's wayward father says he is coming to visit. Best Of Friends - Martha's behavior puts a strain on her and Alex's friendship. Body Beautiful - Aunt Agnes receives a beauty salon trip as a birthday present. Burnout - Alex and Andrew's mother comes home for a visit. Christmas at Loon Lake - The family celebrates an old-fashioned Christmas in Muskoka. Cover Up - Andrew gets into trouble at school and Alex covers it up. Crossed Signals (Episode 1) - Alex and Andrew are resentful when their great-aunt arrives to look after them. Doing Good - Alex becomes a candy striper for a school project. Educating Agnes Fair Play - Agnes must face a defiant Alex, Gary's attempt at cheating and a burglar. Fallen Idol - Andrew accepts money for doing his friend's homework Future Plans - Alex, Andrew and Aunt Agnes plan to go separate ways. Gary's Driving School - Gary gives Alex driving lessons. Getting Even - A bigger boy challenges Andrew to a fight. Home Sweet Homeless - Schultz runs away from home and his father's problem. In A Fog (End Cut Off) - Alex and Andrew spend a scary night alone. Job Hunting - Gary can't find degree-related work and it affects Alex's outlook on school. Money Matters - Alex and Gary's financial habits cause trouble; Andrew believes Agnes is broke Moon Motel - Chagrined Andrew pairs with a boy from special-education class for a science project. New Neighbour - Andrew uses detective powers to solve the stolen bike mysteries. Nobody's Fault - Andrew has a serious accident while camping
Opportunity Knocks - Alex and Gary have job interviews. Popularity Game - Everyone responds to peer pressure in different ways.
Sisters In Spirit - After colliding with a young girl on the street, Alex finds her wallet is gone. Standing On Ceremonies - Alex and Andrew's father is married; Gary graduates. The Crush - Alex believes her director shares feelings with her. The Date - Alex's first date causes a household uproar. The Visit - Alex and Andrew are dismayed to learn their father may remarry. Theme Trouble With Travino - The issue of fair and unfair. Wrong Route - Andrew gets help to complete his paper route.


A Picnic Is Being Planned By The One-To-One Club Coach German Wants To Be Teacher Of The Year Joanne Feels Bad, Really Bad John Alienates Ralph By Asking About His Job Search John Has A Dog On His Hands John Is Vaccuming; His Ex-wife's Boyfriend Visits John Looks For A 50th Anniversary Gift For Ex In-laws John Recreates A 60's Night John's Aunt Emma Turns John's Gang Upside Down John's First Day At The One-To-One Club (Episode 1) John's Polishing Up His Shoes For An Exciting Evening Kate Wants John To Escort Her Friend's Sister Kirk Pays Back A Debt To John Non-monetarily! Kirk Tries To Hit Up On A Girl;Sells A Watch To Ralph Kirk's Friend Is Laid Off And Kirk Wants His Porsche Ralph Complains That He's Too Boring Ralph Has A Video Presentation For His Colleagues Ralph Tries To Make An Announcement, But Who Listens? The Gang Puts On A Surprise Birthday Party For Kirk The Guy Who Stole John's Wife Shows Up The Guys Are Playing Darts At A Bar The Women Hate New York's Snowy Winters Theme Two Thugs Sing Christmas Carols At John's Door For Money


Collier "Borrowed" Waring's Car and gets into trouble Professor Loftus To Be Knighted By The Queen? Check out Philip Hill's index for this fantastic show and the episode list


1920's - With Dick Cavett 1930's - With Dick Cavett 1940's - With Dick Cavett 1964 (The Fabulous Sixties) 1968 (The Fabulous Sixties) 1945-1985: 40 Years In Retrospect 1984 In Retrospect 1985 In Retrospect 1986 In Retrospect 1938 (Our World) 1939 (Our World) 1943 (Our World) 1946 (Our World) 1948 (Our World) 1949 (Our World) 1952 (Our World) 1954 (Our World) 1956 (Our World) 1957 (Our World) 1962 (Our World) 1966 (Our World) 1968 (Our World) 1969 (Our World) 1970 (Our World) 1972 (Our World) 1973 (Our World) 1975 (Our World) 1965 (Decades) 1974 (Decades) 1977 (Decades) 1978 (Decades) 80's - Peter Ustinov's Voyage Across The 80's 80's - The Decade In Retrospect Image Of The 80's - 1980-1989


Ed Sullivan Show Elvis Sings "Peace In The Valley", "Too Much", etc. from 1956(?)


The Kids Decide To Put All Their Trophies In A Case The Kids Find Betty's Diary And Read It


"Do They Know It's Christmas" Video & Northern Lights 20 Shows That Changed TV, Including "I Love Lucy" A Chat With Jackie Gleason A Talk With Alan Young And A Look At Mr. Ed Aftermath Of Indira Gandhi's Death Akio Morita, Chairman And Founder Of Sony Automania Barry Manilow Guests On Tonight Show Barry Manilow T.V. Special Beatlemania Best Of Chuck Barris Best Of Ted Koppel's Nightline 1960-1985 (25 years of television) Clint Eastwood As Carmel Mayor Clint Eastwood Interview Danny Devito Interview Design For Dreaming - Automobile Design Ed Sullivan Elvis Presley Fifty Years Of Television Glen Campbell On Guitar Henry Ford And John D. Rockefeller Biographies Henry Ford II - A Tribute Herb Alpert Highlights Of TV Situation Comedies And Others Feature Hollywood Squares - Paul Lynde & Others I Love Lucy - The Lost Episode Impressions Of Reagan, Bush, And Dukakis India - End Of The Empire India's Movie-making Business India: Birth Of A Nation (Prior To 1947) India: The Imperial Years Before Independence Paul McCartney - 2 Episodes Memories Now & Then Bobby Sherman Memories Now & Then Christmas Memories Memories Now & Then Mr. Ed Cast - Alan Young And Connie Hines Nature Of Things: The Automobile Spitting Images T. Boone Pickens Interview Television - Edwin Newman Looks At The Advent Of T.V. The 1983 American Music Awards The Automobile The Evolution Of Music And Comedy On T.V. Tribute To Andy Gibb Tribute To Bjorn Borg Tribute To Clint Eastwood - 2 Episodes Tribute To Desi Arnaz Tribute To Elvis On American Music Awards Tribute To Indira Gandhi Tribute To Jackie Gleason Tribute To Jim Baccus Tribute To Jim Henson (1990) Tribute To Lorne Greene Tribute To Mohammad Ali Tribute To Ricky Nelson Who Died New Year's Eve 1986 Tribute To Sammy Davis Jr. (1990) Tribute To The Great Red Skelton By Lucille Ball Tribute To Ted Knight


Smart Follows The Delivery Man From Bowers Dept.Store


A Couple Of Cons Pick The Island For A Hideaway A Mysterious Prowler Is Loose On The Island A New Space Ship Could Be Passing Over The Island A Parachutist Arrives On On The Island Are There Gangsters On The Island? Are There Headhunters On The Island? Gilligan Comes To The Conclusion They Are Lost Gilligan Finds A Box Of Explosives Gilligan Finds A Girl Almost Drowning In The Lagoon Gilligan Finds A Painting On The Island Gilligan Gets Up Early And Catches A Lobster Gilligan Is Messing Around In A Cave Gilligan Mistakes Plans For A Skit As The Real Thing Gilligan Spots A Plane Gilligan Wrongly Thinks They Have Been Rescued Gilligan's Lugging Coconuts For The Skipper Gilligan's Out Catching Butterflies Gilligan's Pedalling Runs The Washing Machine Mr. Howell Is Getting Gilligan To Round Up Feathers Mr. Howell Is Really Sick Mr. Howell Plays Golf Mrs. Howell Has Been Kidnapped For A Ransom Skipper And Gilligan Are Collecting Coconuts Skipper Wants All To Move In Together; Storm's Coming Skipper Wants To Know What Gilligan's Hiding From Him The Crew Celebrate Christmas On The Island The Crew Finds A Quartz Stone While Digging A Trap The Crew Tries To Fix The Hole In The Minnow The Gang Finds A Cat's Eye The Gang Is Racing Turtles Now The Guys Are Staging A Turtle Race The Rock Group, Mosquitoes, Give A Concert The Skipper Is Sleepwalking There Is A Painter On The Island


J.J. Says Thelma Got Called In By The Principal J.J. is Painting In The Bathroom Marcie Jones Is Crazy About J.J? The Kids Are Planning On Buying An Anniversary Gift The Women Are Fixing Up The Sofa In The Living Room Thelma Is Listening To Swan Lake Theme


A Smart-alec Runaway Drops In An Airline Clerk Tries To Sell The Douglas's Tickets An Old Friend From Hungary Drops By To Visit Lisa Arnold, The Pig Is Enjoying T.V. Being Hungarian Royalty,lisa Will Not Change Bulbs Eb Applies For Credit To Buy An Engagement Ring Eb Is A Father! His Chickens Have Hatched Eb Is Trying To Pick Apples; i.e. Trying To Eb Plans To Go To Hawaii After He Wins The Contest Eb Reads In The Paper Arnold May Inherit Millions Eb Serves Breakfast To Eleanor, The Cow Eb Tries To Get Oliver Unstuck From A Closet Eb Volunteers To Help In The Garden - For $20 Eb Wants A Radio For His Birthday Eb Wants Oliver To Buy Him A Car Eb Wants To Attend University Eb Wants To Borrow Oliver's Car,But It Has Flat Tires Eb's Forgets To Bring Sardines From The Market Eb's Selling Shares In Hooterville Electronics Everyone Wants Oliver To Pick Up Things From Druckers Hooterville Chamber Of Commerce Inducts Oliver Kimbel Has Trouble Reading A Dismissal Letter Kimbel Hits Oliver As He Nails A Poster To His Door Lisa And Oliver Try To Figure Out Their Problems Lisa Entertains Some Deer Lisa Is Looking For Her After Bath Cream Lisa Is Making Very Thick Coffee Lisa Sees "Names" In The Dark - The Credits! Lisa Serves "Square" Eggs Lisa Throws Out Dirty Dishes If They Don't Come Clean Lisa Tries To Learn Typing Lisa Wakes Up Dreaming About An Imaginary Guy, Harvey Lisa Wants Oliver To Fix The T.V. Set Lisa Wants To Accompany Oliver To A Farmers' Symposiu Lisa Wants To Re-marry Oliver Lisa Wants To Watch A Cowboy Movie In Bed Lisa Washes Oliver's Expensive Sweater In The Washer Lisa Won't Go Out On Tuesday, The 12th - Unlucky Day Lisa's Having Trouble With Translation Sub-titles Mr. Ziffel Tries To Catch The Name On The Credits! Mr.Drucker Is Typesetting To Print Tickets For A Play Mrs. Mullen Is Shopping At Sam's Store New Lawyer Brian Williamson Visits Oliver Is Upset About Lisa's Mother Overstaying Oliver Oversleeps And Wakes Up At 8:50 Instead Of 6 Oliver Scours The Fridge For Something To Go With Egg Oliver's Mother Complains He Doesn't Call Frequently One Miss Collins Wants Oliver To Incorporate Her Farm Ralph's Snoring Is Keeping Oliver Up The Douglas's Are Returning Home From Chicago The Douglas's Arrive In The Lincoln To Pick The Mail The Douglas's Try To Get Mail From Mr. Drucker The Gang Decides To Visit Paris The Principal Of Hooterville High Pays A Visit The Tractor Wheels Are All Falling Off The Window Is Stuck;Oliver Promises To Fix It Tomorro Two Robbers Rob The Berkman Jewelry Store Uncle Jo Visits Sam's Store And Freeloads On Apples While Traveling With Eb,Mr.Kimbell Gets A Wakeup Call Green Acres (Movie) Return To Green Acres, A 1990


All Phones Ring When The Secretary Is Away From Desk Bronski's Eating His Lunch On The Secretary's Desk Secretary's Watering The Flowers; Polls Don't Look OK The Mayor Is At An All-Time Low In The Polls The Mayor Wonders If He Really Needs A Chauffeur The Mayor's Father Is Not Interested In That New Job Two Senior Citizens Drop In With Complaints


Arvid And Dennis Mix Up Their Science Projects Arvid Finds Something Funny While Moore Talks Of Taft Arvid Tries To Meet Girls Through A Newspaper Column Dennis Wants To Work With Arvid On A Science Project Mr. Hocksteader Gets Attacked By A Gorilla Mr. Moore Has To Fill In For Wiggin's Chemistry Class Poltergeists? Sarah And Kimberley Decide To Buy A Car Together The Vietnam War Is Discussed


Dave Uses His Brothers In Sleep-Deprivation Experimen David Hopes To Hit It Big As An Actor David Is Watching Tina Turner On T.V. David's Afraid Of Catching The Flu From Sandy Is Sandy Begging For A Date To A Wedding? Mark And Willie Didn't Get Rolling Stones Tickets Mark Gets A Part In The School Play Mark Gets Bullied Around; Dave Steps In And Saves Him Mark Is Talked Into Entering A Gifted Student Program Mark Tries To Impress A Girl; Dave Is Sick Michael And Dave Are Going To Wax The Floor Michael Goes Camping; Uncle Skip Visits Michael Is Cooking; Mrs.poole Brings A Cake Michael Re-takes His Drivers License Mike And Sandy Try To Talk Aunt Mildred Into Moving Mike Worries About David Who Has Been Out All Night Mrs. Poole Brings In A Child For Sandy To Babysit Mrs. Poole Get's The Hogans' Mail By Mistake Mrs. Poole Goes On Vacation; Dave Does An Oil Change Mrs. Poole Is Painting The Pantry Mrs. Poole Offers To Be A Secretary At Sandy's Office Mrs.Poole Moves In Temporarily Due To No Heat At Home Mrs.Poole's Fixing Up Her Drapes And Wants The Sander Sandy And Mrs. Poole Are Going Out To See "Hamlet" Sandy Gets An Electronic Organ Sandy Is Worried About Aunt Mildred Sandy Plans A Surprise 40th Birthday Party For Mike Sandy's Ex Wants Sandy To Take In His Dog Temporarily Willie Uses Mark's Computer Keyboard To Crack Nuts


A B'day Party In The Sewer!; The Boys Enter A Contest A Prowler's Loose In The Building A Retrospect With Jackie Gleason Himself Alice Adopted A Puppy Alice And Trixie Play Gin And Rummy Alice Cleans Out The Bedroom Closet Alice Has A Job And She Doesn't Want To Tell Ralph Alice Has To Take Her Mother's Dog To The Vet Alice Is Catching Up On The Stitching Alice Is Letting Out Ralph's Pants Alice Plans To Hold A Surprise B'day Party For Ralph Alice Tries Unsuccessfully To Hide Ralph's Xmas Gift Alice Unclogs The Drain; Nortons Are Getting A New TV Alice's Aunt, Ethel, Visits Alice's Mother Visits Ed And Alice Evaluate Things Of Value At The Kramdens Ed And Trixie Buy A Dining Room Set For The Kramdens? Ed And Trixie Have A Fight Ed Comes In Late From Bowling & Has A Fight With Trix Ed Comes Out Of The Sewer In A Mask And Scares Ralph Ed Gets Hypnotized At The Lodge Ed Is Throwing A Party For The Newly Appointed Boss Ed Is Walking In His Sleep Ed Nabs A Killer And Becomes A Hero; Runs For Office Ed Starts Bird Watching Ed Tries To Decide What To Buy A Retiring Co-worker Forgot To Register Frank, Alices Brother Comes To Dine;What A Character! Guest Speaker Hot Tip Is Ralph The New Assistant Traffic Manager? Jackie Gleason Presents The Honeymooners Special Jellybeans Judy Is In Love - Again Kramdens Hire A Maid Letter To The Boss No Water Due To Leak In The Pipe;That's Ok With Ralph Norton And Trixie Are At Each Other's Throats Norton Moves In Pt.2 Of The Above;Everyone Wants To Enter The Contest Ralph And Ed Play Cards Ralph And Ed Play Ping Pong Ralph And The Gang Go Fishing, Ending Up A Disaster Ralph Appears On The "99,000 Question" Ralph Becomes The Janitor For The Complex Ralph Breaks Into A Lunch Bucket To Find It's Not His Ralph Buys Alice A Piano Which She Doesn't Want Ralph Causes Some Antiques At The Pool Hall Ralph Gets Disciplined Due To Customers' Complaints Ralph Gets Involved With Counterfeiting Crooks Ralph Gets To Sleep On The Living Room Floor Ralph Goes Crazy Over A Cake Sitting On The Table Ralph Goes Into Boxing Promoting Ralph Goes Into Boxing Promoting Ralph Has The "Worst Day At Work In 15 Years" Ralph Is Going On T.V. To Do A Commercial Ralph Is Going To Be On "It's Your Life" Ralph Is So Mad At Alice He Cooks His Own Breakfast Ralph Is Working Nights And He Can't Sleep In The Day Ralph Meets An Old Schoolmate In A Bar Ralph Saves A Little Guy From Being Beaten Up Ralph Thinks He's Going To Be Raccoon Of The Year Ralph Told Everyone He Knows Jackie Gleason Ralph Wants To Buy A Summer Cottage (Part 1) Ralph Wants To Start A Hot Dog Stand Ralph Wins $1000, Or Does He? Ralph Wins Safe Bus Driver Award And Is Interviewed Ralph's Diet Ralph's Playing Pool Ralph's So Mad At Alice He Wants To Make His Breakfas Ralph's Suggestion Is Picked And Recognized At Work Reunion Stand-In For Murder Suspense The Boys Are Playing Cards The Boys Go Drinking The Boys Go To A Boxing Match; Bill Davis Visits The Boys Try To Sneak In Late But Get Caught The Girls Want A Surprize B'day Party For Ralph The Guy At Krause's Market Gets Fresh With Trixie The Guys Are Interviewed On Who's The Boss At Home The Guys Are Playing Cards The Guys Want To Run A Fundraiser Show The Kramdens Appear On "Beat The Clock" The Kramdens Are Moving To Another Place In The Bronx The Kramdens Are Packing To Move The Kramdens Buy A Cottage For $989 (Part 2) The Kramdens Go Out For Ed's Birthday The Kramdens Prepare To Adopt A Child The Kramdens Win A Cruise The Lodge Has A Guest Hypnotist The Lodge Is Giving A Farewell Party For Bro. Saxon Trixie Borrows Some Thread From Alice Trixie Finds A Letter Ed Wrote Before Their Marriage Trixie Uses Ed As A Model For Hemming Her Dress


The Gang Visits A Palace In Hawaii


Lucy's Gonna Have A Baby


Eileen Gets A Call From Her Ex-boyfriend, Mort Julie Finds Preparing For Cheerleading Upsetting Julie Goes To A Dance With Eli Matt & His Friends Plan A Baby Shower For The Teacher Matt Is Going To Sell English Test Papers Norman And Matthew Have Love Letter Problems Norman Gets A Back Rub From Eileen (Part 1) Norman Gets A Back Rub From Eileen (Part 2) Norman Is Matt's New English Teacher Norman Stages A Strange Concert By A Strange Group Norman, Matthew, etc. Celebrate A Van Nuys Christmas The Building Caretaker Scrubs Graffiti Off The Wall


James Gets Nominated As Chairman Of The Dance Society James Gets Sick And Goes Off To See The Nurse James Is Assigned To Interview Christina Kolberg James Tries To Interview Two Old Man Playing Chess Jeff Runs For Student Council President The School Football Team Struggles During Pre-season


George's Mother Visits On Their Anniversary Uninvited


22nd Anniversary Special Carnack - 3 Episodes Carnack, The Office Worker, etc. Jacques Cousteau Skit, etc. Monologue - 7 Episodes The Final Show


A Dog Food Salesman Does His Thing A Government Biologist Tries To Catch A Fawn To Tag Lassie And Timmy Visit An Elephant Lassie Has Discovered Some Beavers Building A Dam Mr. Culley Is "Cold-proofing" His Dog Mr. Culley Takes Timmy To The Capital City Dog Show The Class Is Shown A Police Dog Training Film The Gang Has A Flat Tire On Their Truck The Volunteer Fireman Are Off To A Fire Timmy And Lassie Take A Ride On A Railway Trolley Timmy Goes Fishing Unsuccessfully Timmy Packs Up A Whole Lot Of Food To Eat On His Hike Timmy Sets Out On A Nature Study Assignment Two Guys Try To Break A Horse Unsuccessfully


Forgotten Babies The Four Nightingales


Bowie, David - "Rebel Rebel" C,S,N,& Y - "Daylight Again" C,S,N,& Y - "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" Collins, Phil - "Against All Odds" Duran Duran - "A View To A Kill" Duran Duran - "Union Of The Snake" Dylan, Bob - "Blowing In The Wind" EveryBODY - "Do They Know It's Christmas?" Intro By Dick Clark. July 13,1985 Jagger, Mick - "Lonely At The Top/Just Another Night" Jagger, Mick - "Miss You" Jagger, Mick/David Bowie - "Dancing In The Streets" Jagger,Mick/Tina Turner-"State Of Shock/It's Only Rock 'n'Roll" John, Elton - "Bennie And The Jets" Madonna - "Holiday" McCartney, Paul - "Let It Be" Pendergrass, Ashford, & Simpson -"Reach Out And Touch" Prince - "Tears In Your Eyes" Richie, Lionel & The Gang - "We Are The World" Ruffin, Kendricks, Hall,& Oates -"Out Of Touch/My Girl" Who - "Won't Get Fooled Again"


Theme: Intro & Extro; Excerpts From The Last Episode


Mama Learns How To Drive During A Bus Drivers Strike The Mayor Is Coming!


Excerpts from Mel Brooks' Classic, "Blazing Saddles" Gandhi Munsters, Go Home Excerpts of Peter Lawford in "Murder By Death"


Mr. Ed Goes To College


Mrs. Swinford Drops By Mrs. Winford's Niece Is Getting Married Paul Was Chosen To Be Teacher Of The Year The Professor Is Excercising Away On His Bike


Eddie's Playing With A Huge Ball Grandpa Is Tuning The Organ Herman Gets Hit On The Head And Gets Amnesia Herman Sneaks Into The House Late And Gets Caught Herman Twists Knots Into A Steel Bar For Eddie Opening Theme; Herman Wins A $5000 prize on TV The Munsters Are Named "The Average American Family" {6 more hours of episodes not catalogued yet!}


ABC - "The Night You Murdered Love" Air Supply - "Just As I Am" BLVD.- "Far From Over" Basil, Toni - "Street Life" (Smothers Brothers) Bee Gees - "ESP" Bee Gees - "One" Bee Gees - "You Win Again" Blue Rodeo - "Try" Box - "Crying Out Loud For Love" Chilliwack - "Baby Blue" (Live) Chilliwack - "Fly By Night" (Live) Chilliwack - "Gone Gone Gone" (Live) Chilliwack - "I Believe" (Live) Chilliwack - "Rain O" (Live) Collins, Phil- "In The Air Tonight" (R & R) Crowded House - "World Where You Live" Cummings, Burton - "I'm Scared" (All Cummings material from a TV special) Cummings, Burton - "My Own Way To Rock" Cummings, Burton - "Stand Tall" Cummings, Burton - "Undun" Cummings, Burton - "Your Backyard" Cummings, Burton With Bachman - "Come On By" DJ Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince - "Parents Just Don't..." Doobie Brothers In Concert - "Black Water" Doobie Brothers In Concert - "China Grove" Doobie Brothers In Concert - "Listen To The Music" Doobie Brothers In Concert - "Take Me In Your Arms" Duran Duran - "Hungry Like The Wolf" Duran Duran - "Save A Prayer" Eurythmics - "I Love To Listen To Beethoven" Eurythmics - "There Must Be An Angel" Eurythmics - "Would I Lie To You?" Fogelberg, Dan - "Language Of Love" Frankie Goes To Hollywood - "Two Tribes" Gibb, Barry - "Shine Shine" Gibson, Debbie - "Only In My Dreams" Harrison, George - "Got My Mind Set On You" Harrison, George - "When We Was Fab" Hart, Corey - "Dancing With My Mirror" Hart, Corey - "Too Good 2 Be Enough" Hartman, Dan - "I Can Dream About You" Hay, Colin - "Hold Me" Heart - "These Dreams" Hornsby, Bruce & The Range - "Valley Road" Idol, Billy - "Hot In The City" Idol, Billy - "To Be A Lover" Jackson, Michael - "Bad" Jackson, Michael - "Thriller" Jethro Tull - "Aqualung" Jethro Tull - "Jump Start" Jethro Tull - "Lap Of Luxury" Jethro Tull - "Steel Monkey" Joel, Billy - "A Matter Of Trust" Joel, Billy - "Longest Time" Joel, Billy - "Pressure" Joel, Billy - "Tell Her About It" Jones, Howard - "No One Is To Blame" Manhattan Transfer - "Chanson D'Amour" (Burton Cummings show) Manhattan Transfer - "Operator" (Burton Cummings show) McCartney, Paul & Michael Jackson - "Say Say Say" McCartney, Paul - "Get Back" McCartney, Paul - "I Saw Her Standing There" McCartney, Paul - "Long Tall Sally" McCartney, Paul - "So Bad" Men Without Hats - "Moonbeam" Men Without Hats - "Pop Goes The World" Midnight Oil - "Dead Heart" Money, Eddie - "I Wanna Go Back" Nena - "99 Luftballons" Old Videos Of The Guess Who Playing Around (Burton Cummings special) Pet Shop Boys - "It's A Sin" Pet Shop Boys - "Suburbia" Prince - "Controversy" Prince - "Forever And Ever" Psychedelic Furs - "Heartbreak Beat" Richard, Cliff - In Concert Ross, Diana - "Eaten Alive" Simon, Paul & Art Garfunkel - In Concert Simon, Paul - "Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes" Simon, Paul - In Concert Spoons - "Old Emotions" Stewart, Rod - "Forever Young" Sting - "Still My Beating Heart" Tears For Fears - "Head Over Heels" (Solid Gold) U2 - "Bad" U2 - "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" U2 - "New Years Day" U2 - "Pride In The Name Of Love" U2 - "Where The Streets Have No Name" Young, Paul - "Every Time You Go Away" Young, Paul - "I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down" Young, Paul - "Some People" Young, Paul / Alison Moyet - "That's The Way Love Is"


Chip Fancies A Girl Called Gail Dad Is Going To A "Bachelor" Party Robbie's Group Is Playing At A Night Club


Manilow, Barry - "It's Just Another New Year's Eve" Tears For Fears - " Head Over Heels" Tears For Fears - "Shout"


A New Judge Fills In While Harry Is Away On Vacation Bull Offers Takers A Squid Salad Sandwich Bull Writes A Children's Book Christine's Father Comes By Christine's Fiance Drops In Christine's Nervous On Her First Day On The Bench-pt1 Dan Flies For The Air Force, Crashes And Almost Dies Dan Gets A Root Canal Done At The Dentist Dan Has A Back Problem That Can't Be Straightened Out Dan Has To Face Competition From Harry For A Girl Dan Impersonates Harry - Pt. 2 Dan Runs For Office Harry Arrives! Harry Entertains Three Stewardesses Harry Gets A Blind, Obnoxious, Sarcastic Secretary Harry Is Challenged To Do 200 Cases Per Day Harry Loses His Job Harry Plays Golf In His Office Harry Presides Over A Citizenship Session Harry's Nightmare - Christine Jumping Out The Window Japanese Sumo Wrestlers Visit; Earthquakes Hit Court Mac Has A Speech Problem! Mel Torme Visits The Court Room New Year 1987 Shenanigans Happen In Court The "Devil" Wants To Buy Dan's Soul The Court Has Gone To The Dogs! The Gang Is Discussing Dan Fielding's Morality The Governor Dies In Harry's Office The Staff Gets Ready For Halloween


More Crazy Antiques From The Nuts The Immigration Service Is Looking For Illegal Aliens


Christmas Skit With Vincent Price


Theme: Intro And Extro


Grady Brings In A Package From The Mailman Lamont Is Too Tired To Cook; Julio Visits Sanford And Lamans Visit NBC Studios Sanford Is Part Owner Of A Boxer Called Junior Sanford Looks Through The Mail, Getting Rid Of Bills Sanford Wants To Know If Lamans Is Serious With Janet


Best Of - Hosted By Danny Devito Louie Gets Change To Play Favourite Song, "Feelings" Louie Is Trying To Put The Make On Zeena Louie Spots A Cockroach In His Office Louie's Mother Wants To Marry A Japanese Guy Theme Theme: Intro & Extro


Henry Does Some Investigative Journalism Henry Sends His Editorial To The Printers With Monroe Henry Thinks Unleashed Dogs Are Causing A Problem Henry Tries To Read The Paper While Muriel Vaccums Herb Kennedy Visits The Rushes Lisa Got Her License; Now She Wants To Buy A Car Lisa Wants To Change The Sheets; Henry's Staying Put Monroe As Entertainment Critic Causes Raised Eyebrows Monroe Helps Henry Haul In Some New Carpet Monroe Wants To Be A Comedian At The Copmedy Shack Monroe Wants To Nail Down His Job Description Mrs. Stinson Has Her Eyes Checked Out Mrs.Stimson Wants To Use Henry's Table To Do Her Work Muriel's Mother Is Visiting The Gang Goes Out For Vietnamese Food The New Maid, Lisa, Starts Working For The Rushes The Paper Gets Printed On Time; Complete With Typos


A Girl Jack Met On A Cruise Ship Visits


Henry Cleans Out The Closets Henry Falls Off The Roof And Breaks His Arm Henry Is Coming Down With The Flu Henry Is Cooking Pizza On The Iron Henry Misses Picking Up Ernie At The Airport Henry's Comic Strip Is Going To Be A T.V. Series Jackie Gets A Job Working For An Italian Designer Mike Lassiter, A Baseball Player, Wants To Date Sara Monroe Didn't Show Up At Work,And His Bed Wasn't Made Monroe Looks For A Job Monroe Looks For A Job, But In Vain Monroe Reads Dickens To The Kid Monroe Sends A Card While Visiting His Ailing Father Munro Is Singing & Whistling On The Job Muriel Wants A Face Lift Muriel's Having A Talk With Her Mom Muriel's Mother And The Girls Return From Hawaii Muriels's Mother Visits Outtakes Sarah And Muriel Get Ineterested In Politics Sarah Gets Her First Credit Card The Furnace Has Broken Down And Henry Is Freezing The Girls Fight Over Bill St. George The Girls Want To Go Skiing The Kid Goes Downstairs To Sleep Over At Sara's The Kid Is Shaping Up To Be A Great Artist The Kid's Teddy Bear Is Mistaken For A Turkey! The Rushes Take In An Abused Kid


Athens, Greece Australia Barbados British Virgin Islands Can Cun, Mexico Ceylon (4 Episodes) Chicago Edinburgh, Scotland England's Lake Districts Florence, Italy Galloway, S.W. Scotland Grand Canyon, Arizona Great Railway Journeys: Zambia To South Africa Greece Hawaii Hollywood & Los Angeles India (2 Episodes) India - Hosted By Peter Lawford India - Punjab India Speaks (12 hour documentary) India's Temples India: A Personal Encounter By Sir Edmund Hilary India: Great Railway Journeys; Hosted by Brian I.W. Thompson (BBC) India: Jodhpur To Jaipur By Rail India: Romance Of The Indian Railways India: Temples Of Ellora Ireland Jamaica Kerala (3 Episodes) Kerala - Kathakali, Trichur Pooram Mexico Miami, Florida Nashville, Tennessee Philippines Republic Of The MalDIVes Off The Indian Coast Seychelles Archipelago South Florida: The Keys South Seas Spain Switzerland Thailand The Caribbean The U.S. Turkey U.S. Virgin Islands Vancouver


Andy's Sister Drops By For A Visit Les's Mother Is Visiting The Station Venus Is Trying To Bring The Union In


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A Courier Arrives At The Prince's Court According To A Little-known Legend (Part 1) According To A Little-known Legend (Part 2) Bertram Wants The Peasants Out Of Sherwood Meadows Marianne Gives Robin An Ultimatum To Marry Her Narration:"In The Year 1197..";Table Set Up In Castle Nottingham Bell's Almost Sold To An Ethiopian Prince People Lay Taxes On The Table Watched By Bertrand Prof. Autobahn, Noted Weapon Inventor Arrives Surprise Party For Rinaldo; Picnic Bench Being Set Up The Sheriff Rants And Raves At Robin Hood