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Bob Graham's "Scotland the Brave" Album

Bob Graham

Thanks for the fabulous music, Bob. R.I.P.

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    Gordon Highlanders=Battle On The Tyne
    Gordon Highlanders=Miss Kirkwood
    Gordon Highlanders=My Home In The Hills
    Gordon Highlanders=Pipe Set 1
    Gordon Highlanders=Reveille
    Gordon Highlanders=Scotland The Brave
    Gordon Highlanders=Skye Boat Song
    Gordon Highlanders=When The Battle Is Over
    John Allan Cameron=Mist Covered Mountains
    John Allan Cameron=Streets of London
    John Allan Cameron=The Parlour Session
    Margaret Barry & Michael Gorman=Her Mantle So Green
    Pipes & Drums Of Scotland=Dark Island
    Pipes & Drums Of Scotland=Flower Of Scotland
    Pipes & Drums Of Scotland=Green Hills Of Tyrol
    Pipes & Drums Of Scotland=Helen Black Of Inveran
    Pipes & Drums Of Scotland=Highland Laddie
    Pipes & Drums Of Scotland=In Memory Of The Youngest Shipley
    Pipes & Drums Of Scotland=Mist Covered Mountains
    Pipes & Drums Of Scotland=Rabs Wedding
    Pipes & Drums Of Scotland=The Old Rustic Bridge
    Royal Scots Dragoon Guards=Abide With Me
    Royal Scots Dragoon Guards=Amazing Grace
    Royal Scots Dragoon Guards=Come Ower the Hills Tae Peebles Medley
    Royal Scots Dragoon Guards=Cornet Carillon
    Royal Scots Dragoon Guards=Far Oer The Sea medley
    Royal Scots Dragoon Guards=Going Home & My Home Medley
    Royal Scots Dragoon Guards=Highland Cathedral
    Royal Scots Dragoon Guards=MacKenzie Highlanders Medley
    Royal Scots Dragoon Guards=Medley Going Home & My Home
    Royal Scots Dragoon Guards=Scotland the Brave
    Royal Scots Dragoon Guards=Slow Air & Jigs Medley
    Royal Scots Dragoon Guards=Slow Air Going Home
    Royal Scots Dragoon Guards=Theme in Glory
    Scottish Pipes & Drums=Battle Of Waterloo & Scotland The Brave & Rowan Tree
    Scottish Pipes & Drums=Loch Lomond & Stop Your Tickling Jock & Bonnie Lass oFyvie & Roses oPrince Charlie
    Scottish Pipes & Drums=No Awa Tae Bide awa & Mud Idenn & Black Bear
    The Irish Rovers=Bonnie Lassie O
    The Irish Rovers=Farewell to Nova Scotia
    The Irish Rovers=Liverpool Lou
    The Irish Rovers=Rolling Home to Ireland
    The Irish Rovers=The Braes O Killicrankie
    Tom Anderson=Da Slockitt Light
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