12" Singles

TITLE                              ARTIST  


Cassandra           		   ABBA                          

Day Before You Came                ABBA                          

How To Be A Millionaire            ABC                           

Look Of Love                       ABC                           

Night You Murdered Love            ABC                           

Get Up And Do Your Thing           Al Hudson & The Partners      

Knocking Down Love                 Alexander, Goldie             

Letter From My Heart               Allen, Steve                  

Rise                               Alpert, Herb                  

Feel Your Body                     Amnesia                       

Obsession                          Animotion                     

Deputy Of Love                     Armando, Don                  

Found A Cure                       Ashford & Simpson             

Take Me Over                       BPM                           

Tarzan Boy (Club Version)          Baltimora                     

Tarzan Boy (Summer Version)        Baltimora                     

Cruel Summer Dub                   Bananarama                    

Here Comes The Night               Beach                         

Beach Boys Medley                  Beach Boys                    

Fly Me On The Wings Of Love        Bee, Celi                     

Imagination                        Belouis Some                  

Dancin' In Berlin                  Berlin                        

No More Words                      Berlin                        

One More Time                      Bianca                        

Fields Of Fire                     Big Country                   

Risky Changes                      Bionic Boogie                 

Blind Vision                       Blancmange                    

Heart Of Glass                     Blondie                       

Digging Your Scene                 Blow Monkeys                  

No Other Love                      Blue Amazon                   

Don't Walk Past                    Blue Peter                    

Too Tough                          Bofill, Angela                

EveryBODY Get Dancing              Bombers                       

I Got A Woman                      Boom, Taka                    

Love Party                         Boom, Taka                    

Night Dancin'                      Boom, Taka                    

Love And Devotion                  Bow, Michael                  

Let's Dance                        Bowie, David                  

Hot For You                        Brainstorm                    

Self Control                       Branigan, Laura               

Jump Back                          Braxton, Dhar                 

Weekend Special                    Brenda And The Dudes          

I Love The Night Life              Bridges, Alicia               

Hit That Perfect Beat              Bronski Beat                  

After Dark                         Brooks, Pattie                

Stomp                              Brothers Johnson              

On And On                          Brown, Beverlei               

Dancing Under A Latin Moon         Candi                         

Breakdance                         Cara, Irene                   

Fame                               Cara, Irene                   

You Got To Party                   Cardwell, Joi                 

Crazy In The Night                 Carnes, Kim                   

Is It Necessary?                   Cerrone                       

Supernature                        Cerrone                       

The Way It Is                      Chameleon                     

Stranded                           Charles, Elaine               

Dance Little Lady Dance            Charles, Tina                 

Love Bug                           Charles, Tina                 

Good Times                         Chic                          

Street Player                      Chicago                       

I Was Made For Loving You          Chill                         

Are You Sure Joe                   Cine City                     

Pink Cadillac                      Cole, Natalie                 

Sussudio                           Collins, Phil                 

Back To You                        Crystal In The Pink           

You Look Marvelous                 Crystal, Billy                

I'll Tumble For Ya                 Culture Club                  

Say It Say It                      Daily, E.G.                   

Sinner Man                         Dash, Sarah                   

You Spin Me Round                  Dead Or Alive                 

Doctor Detroit Theme               Devo                          

Peek-A-Boo                         Devo                          

This Side Of Midnight              Diamond, Gregg                

She Blinded Me With Science        Dolby, Thomas                 

We All Need Love  		   Double You                    

If You Love SomeBODY               Doust, Barbara                

Save A Prayer / Hold Back          Duran Duran                   

Strut                              Easton, Sheena                

Sugar Walls                        Easton, Sheena                

I Can't Stand The Rain             Eruption                      

I Need A Man                       Eurythmics                    

You Have Placed A Chill In My      Eurythmics                    

Savin' Myself (Blaster Mix)        Fachin, Eria                  

The Heat Is On                     Faltskog, Agnetha             

Johnny Come Home / Blue / Wade In  Fine Young Cannibals          

Suspicious Minds                   Fine Young Cannibals          

Hold Your Horses                   First Choice                  

Uh-Uh Ooh-Ooh Look Out             Flack, Roberta                

Telephone / Oriental Boy           Flirts                        

Nightline                          Foley, Ellen                  

Dance Fantasy                      Free Life                     

Tumbleheat                         Freeman, Michelle             

I Dub U                            Freez                         

Sledgehammer                       Gabriel, Peter                

Keep On Dancin'                    Gary's Gang                   

Let Me Know                        Gaynor, Gloria                

Invisible Touch                    Genesis                       

Fine Line                          Gibb, Barry                   

Boys Do Fall In Love               Gibb, Robin                   

I Lift My Cup  (Spirit Divine Mix) Gloworm                       

We Close Our Eyes                  Go West                       

You're A Strange Animal            Gowan                         

Between Love And A Hard Place      Grady, Jim                    

I Got What I Came For              Grady, Jim                    

Electric Avenue                    Grant, Eddy                   

Time Warp                          Grant, Eddy                   

Walking On Sunshine                Grant, Eddy                   

One On One                         Hall & Oates                  

Say It Isn't So / Kiss On My List  Hall & Oates                  

Miami Vice Theme                   Hammer, Jan                   

Mega Mix                           Hancock, Herbie               

Winner                             Harris, Huey                  

Instant Replay                     Hartman, Dan                  

Re-Light My Fire                   Hartman, Dan                  

Second Nature                      Hartman, Dan                  

Vertigo / Relight My Fire          Hartman, Dan & Loleatta Holloway          

Shiny Shiny                        Haysi Fantaysee               

Born To Be Alive                   Hernandez, Patrick            

You Turn Me On                     Hernandez, Patrick            

Warning Sign                       Heyward, Nick                 

Human                              Human League                  

Flesh For Fantasy                  Idol, Billy                   

To Be A Lover                      Idol, Billy                   

White Wedding (Parts 1 & 2)        Idol, Billy                   

Ya Mo B There                      Ingram, James & Michael McDonald          

What You Need                      Inxs                          

There's Nothing I Won't Do         JX                            

Nasty                              Jackson, Janet                

What Have You Done For Me Lately?  Jackson, Janet                

When The Rain Begins To Fall       Jackson, Jermaine             

Don't Stop Till You Get Enough     Jackson, Michael              

Thriller                           Jackson, Michael              

Wanna Be Starting Something        Jackson, Michael              

Shake Your Body                    Jacksons                      

High On Your Love                  Jacobs, Debbie                

Winning Ugly (London Mix)          Jagger, Mick                  

Winning Ugly (N.Y. Mix)            Jagger, Mick                  

EveryBODY Get Up & Boogie          James, Freddie                

Sidewalk Talk                      Jellybean                     

Come To Me                         Joli, France                  

Bring All The Love                 Jones, Gloria                 

Cry Now Laugh Later                Jones, Grace                  

Just My Imagination                Jones, Kim                    

Can't Live Without Your Love       Jones, Tamiko                 

SomeBODY                           Junior                        

Yes...If You Want Me               Junior                        

Turn Your Back On Me               Kaja                          

Too Shy                            Kajagoogoo                    

My Male Curiosity                  Kid Creole & The Coconuts     

Working For The KGB                King, Martin                  

Klubbhopping                       KlubbHEADs                    

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun          Lauper, Cyndi                 

She Bop                            Lauper, Cyndi                 

Tonight Is The Night               Le Click                      

Kimana Tana                        Life Force                    

Never Ending Story                 Limahl                        

Keep It Up                         Lois & Lane                   

Turn On The Night                  Lois & Lane                   

Here Comes That Sound Again        Love Deluxe                   

Working Girl                       Luvsin, Johnny                

Got To Be Real                     Lynn, Cheryl                  

Pop Music                          M                             

Pump Up The Volume                 M.A.R.R.S.                    

Pump Up The Volume (U.S. Version)  M.A.R.R.S.                    

You Need More Calypso              MacDonald, Ralph              

Dress You Up                       Madonna                       

Material Girl                      Madonna                       

Mathematics                        Manchester, Melissa           

Boogie To The Top                  Mantou                        

Fantastic Life                     Martinique                    

Yeh Yeh                            Matt Bianco                   

Say Say Say                        McCartney, Paul               

Ain't No Stopping Us Now           McFadden & WhiteHEAD          

EveryBODY Get Loose                McGilpin, Bob                 

It's A Mistake / Who Can It Be Now Men At Work                   

Bring Me Love                      Mendez, Andrea                

Beds Are Burning                   Midnight Oil                  

Dead Heart                         Midnight Oil                  

Show Your Feeling Inside           Mila                          

Pull Yourself Together             Miles, Buddy                  

Put Your Body In It                Mills, Stephanie              

Burn It                            Modern Romance                

Ever So Lonely                     Monsoon                       

This Time Baby                     Moore, Jackie                 

Pick Me Up, I'll Dance             Moore, Melba                  

You Stepped Into My Life           Moore, Melba                  

Baby Blue                          Moroder, Giorgio              

Invisible                          Moyet, Alison                 

Party Lights                       Munich Machine                

Heartbreaker                       Musical Youth                 

Pass The Dutchie                   Musical Youth                 

You Got Me Forever                 Myles, Maydie                 

My Heart's On Fire                 Myles, Patrick L.             

Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye     Nash, Nancy                   

Universal Love                     Natural Born Grooves          

Blue Monday                        New Order                     

Treasure                           New Regime                    

Deeper                             Newton-Davis, Billy           

Right Beside You                   Newton-Davis, Billy           

If You Leave                       OMD                           

Good-Bye Bad Times                 Oakey, Phil & Giorgio Moroder 

Breakin'...There's No Stopping Us  Ollie & Jerry                 

Live Is Life                       Opus                          

I Didn't Mean To Turn You On       Palmer, Robert                

Baby, I'm Burning                  Parton, Dolly                 

Get Up, Get Down, Get Funky Loose  Pendergrass, Teddy            

I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind   Pet Shop Boys                 

In The Night                       Pet Shop Boys                 

Love Comes Quickly                 Pet Shop Boys                 

Opportunities                      Pet Shop Boys                 

Paninaro                           Pet Shop Boys                 

Suburbia                           Pet Shop Boys                 

Suburbia (Sampler Mix)             Pet Shop Boys                 

West End Girls                     Pet Shop Boys                 

Yesterday When I Was Mad           Pet Shop Boys                 

Trippin' On Sunshine               Pizzaman                      

Baby Come And Get It               Pointer Sisters               

Dare Me                            Pointer Sisters               

Freedom                            Pointer Sisters               

Cry For Love                       Pop, Iggy                     

We Got The Love                    Pope, Sabrina                 

Radio Ga Ga                        Queen                         

Cum On Feel The Noize              Quiet Riot                    

Meet Me On Level 2                 R.F. Jam                      

Oh Sheila                          Ready For The World           

Music Man                          Revanche                      

Changin'                           Ridley, Sharon                

Willie And The Handjive            Rilder & Lewis                

Savage Lover                       Ring                          

Put Your Feet To The Beat          Ritchie Family                

Turn The Beat Around (Extended Mix)Robinson, Vickie Sue          

You Used To Hold Me                Rosario, Ralphi               

Have A Cigar                       Rosebud                       

Feel Like Lovin' Again             Ross, Diana                   

No One Gets The Prize / The Boss   Ross, Diana                   

Swept Away                         Ross, Diana                   

The Boss                           Ross, Diana                   

Weapons / If You Want / Deca Dance Rough Trade                   

Make The World Go Round            Sandy B.                      

Another Cha-Cha                    Santa Esmeralda               

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood      Santa Esmeralda               

Be As The One                      Sasha & Maria                 

Maniac                             Sembello, Michael             

Right In The Socket                Shalamar                      

Love Dancing                       Shaw, Marlena                 

Touch Me In The Morning            Shaw, Marlena                 

Fake                               Silver, Karen                 

Hold On I'm Coming                 Silver, Karen                 

So Wrong 	                   Simmons, Patrick              

Dance To Dance                     Soccio, Gino                  

What You Need                      Soft House Company            

Lifeline                           Spandau Ballet                

Dancing In The Dark                Springsteen, Bruce            

Far From Over                      Stallone, Frank               

Contact                            Starr, Edwin                  

When You Wake Up Tomorrow          Staton, Candi                 

Knock On Wood                      Stewart, Amii                 

Light My Fire                      Stewart, Amii                 

If You Love SomeBODY               Sting                         

Love Games                         Strange Advance               

Skin Deep                          Stranglers                    

Hot Stuff                          Summer, Donna                 

Macarthur Park Suite/ Heaven Knows Summer, Donna                 

Hands Up                           Sway                          

Dance (Disco Heat)                 Sylvester                     

You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)     Sylvester                     

Saturday Night                     T-Connection                  

Time                               T-Move Experience             

Putting On The Ritz / Livin' in    Taco                          

It's My Life                       Talk Talk                     

EveryBODY Wants To Rule The World  Tears For Fears               

Pale Shelter                       Tears For Fears               

Shout                              Tears For Fears               

Shout (U.S. Remix)                 Tears For Fears               

Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over) Technotronic                  

Rock Around The Clock              Telex                         

You Gave Me Love                   Thomas Crown Affair           

Shoot Me (With Your Love)          Thomas, Tasha                 

Doctor Doctor                      Thompson Twins                

Hold Me Now                        Thompson Twins                

You Take Me Up                     Thompson Twins                

Do You Love Me?                    Tight                         

Talk To Me                         Tina K.                       

I Eat Cannibals                    Total Coelo                   

Takes A Little Time                Total Contrast                

Take A Look, But Don't Touch       Touche                        

That's Where The Happy People Go   Trammps                       

We All Need Love                   Troiano                       

Are You Gonna Be There             U.Y. Ronson                   

Set Me Free                        Vanelle                       

Persona Non Grata                  Vannelli, Gino                

Y.M.C.A. / Macho Man               Village People                

Dance Hall Days                    Wang Chung                    

Ring My Bell                       Ward, Anita                   

Heaven                             Washington, Sarah             

War Of The Worlds                  Wayne, Jeff                   

Young Guns (Go For It)             Wham                          

Cool Places                        Wiedlin, Jane & Sparks        

Break My Stride                    Wilder, Matthew               

I've Got The Next Dance            Williams, Deniece             

Let's Hear It For The Boy          Williams, Deniece             

Move On                            Willow                        

There Was A Time                   Wish                          

Get It On                          Witch Queen                   

Love Light In Flight               Wonder, Stevie                

Call It Love                       Yello                         

Come Back And Stay                 Young, Paul                   

Love Of The Common / Come Back     Young, Paul                   

Some People                        Young, Paul