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There MUST be someone out there who might have heard these 12 songs. I hope someone will come forward and identify the artist(s)/LP/CD
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What's better? No guessing, because you can hear them on my Baila Page!

The following 12 songs are by an unknown artist (with a few duets thrown in), possibly off one complete LP because the singing voice(s) have continuity. I copied these off someone's multi-generation tape recording (no identification there, either). If the song titles collectively ring a bell as to the artist(s), please let me know the name and any other pertinent details since I am EXTREMELY eager to get the CD, and if it is not available, at least a better copy, for which I can trade anything in my collection. The songs are in the exact order in which they appear on the original medium. Thanks.

I am told these are these are by Nimmal Jayamanna(???) If so, are these from one CD/LP? If so, do you know the name of it? Thanks in advance!

  1. nona ge amma mage nendamma
  2. ratta geya etto**
  3. may LOVE eka hinda loke**
  4. biwwa neda wada kaha sudiya**
  5. aadhare rehenbiri aagiye O ben nidhi**
  6. oyaage muhune lessinay lessinay
  7. mangala sihinu handhai
  8. vikrama mama very boname
  9. hai! hooi! babi aachchi
  10. Hurry Up Darling, Open The Door**
  11. thatha mage dhukhe sihinaya ahanne
  12. athe ratage umba amma

    Now, for the rest of my rather small collection...

American  - Unknown
atha rathaka  - Unknown
avurudu 53 - Walter Fernando
bolanda katha - Los Flamincos
boruwata anda anda - Shiromi Fernando **
dilhaaniduwari  - Unknown
dunhinda manamaali - Moonstones **
durakathanaya - H.R. Jothipala
egoda gode - Paul Fernando **
golu hadawatha - Paul Fernando
irudase  - Unknown
irudina - Original Golden Chimes
kanda surinduni - Super Golden Chimes
kandukaraye seethale  - Unknown
kitti akka  - Unknown
lessini lessini  - Unknown
mala - Paul Fernando
mama bohoma bayauna - Maxwell Mendes
mudhulith ma  - Unknown
muhudurella - Original Golden Chimes
muruga - A.E. Manoharan
niginethi re awe  - Unknown
nindadhu  - Unknown
pem gi naadaya  - Unknown
pitisara sita - Mariazelle Gunathilake
rose mal - Mariazelle Gunathilake
roshi - Winslow Six **
saripodiththak  - Unknown
sakala bujang - Shiromi Fernando **
sakura mal pipila  - Unknown
sath hanli  - Unknown
taxikaraya - Am.As. Fernando

The following are by Anura Jayasingha & The Balladeers:

himidiri pinipoda
hiru besa yana kala
kaju gas sewane
kawdei kawdei
maha rala meda
mal ethana **
mudali thuma
nidi nethi re yame
paruwe pawena **
satahan lessin daiwaye
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**: My MOST favorites of these favorites!