Music That Keeps Me Going!


Here is a list of my favorite songs, now hopelessly outdated - with another 500-600 titles waiting to be added. To bring back memories of music from any particular year, I compiled these from my entire collection on to several dozen tapes, CD's, or the MP3 player, which are categorized by a particular year, and some years have more volumes than others. So, when the mood strikes me, I put on the music, pretend I am in that particular year, stretch back, let those wonderful memories flood me, and enjoy all those classics as I heard them on radio in that year - without the commercials! Well, in retrospect, I would even love those classic commercials, if I had them! Even commercials were better in those days!

Update: Though I no longer have to rely on a rigid relative order of songs due to the limitations of tape, I do enjoy listening to these tapes as, due to play familiarity, the order of the songs brings back memories - it is a hard phenomenon to explain, unless you experience it yourself! Lately, I have been programming the digital copies to play in the song order from my cassettes or reels.

This is an actual listing of the songs I have on those compilations and are in the exact order in which they exist on them. Bear in mind, these are still only SOME of my favorite songs (and as such, are only a subset of my total collection) and I still have many more to add to these compilations from the master collection. As well, I have not even had time to input all the titles I have into my larger text-based database. It took me years to get this of these days, my work will be complete!

High Noon                          Laine, Frankie           1952    
Detour                             Eddy, Duane                  
Sh Boom                            Crewcuts                 1955 
Shifting Whisp'ring Sands          Vaughn, Billy            1955
Moments To Remember                Four Lads                1955
Earth Angel                        Penguins                 1955
Great Pretender                    Platters                 1955
Sixteen Tons                       Ford, Tennessee Ernie    1955
There's A Gold Mine In The Sky     Boone, Pat               1955
My Prayer                          Platters                 1956
Ivory Tower                        Carr, Cathy              1956
Stranded In The Jungle             Cadets                   1956
Eddie My Love                      Teen Queens              1956
You'll Never Know                  Platters                 1956
I'm Walking                        Nelson, Ricky            1957
Reet Petite                        Wilson, Jackie           1957
The Stroll                         Diamonds                 1957
Young Love                         Hunter, Tab              1957
Stood Up                           Nelson, Ricky            1957
Raunchy                            Justis, Bill             1957
School Day                         Berry, Chuck             1957
Diana                              Anka, Paul               1957
Chances Are                        Mathis, Johnny           1957
Happy, Happy Birthday Baby         Tune Weavers             1957
To The Aisle                       Five Satins              1957
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes            Platters                 1958
It's All In The Game               Edwards, Tommy           1958
Born Too Late                      Poni-Tails               1958
Short Shorts                       Royal Teens              1958
26 Miles (Santa Catalina)          Four Preps               1958
16 Candles                         Crests                   1958
Devoted To You                     Everly Bothers           1958
Mary Lou                           Hawkins, Ronnie          1958
Twilight Time                      Platters                 1958
Believe What You Say               Nelson, Ricky            1958
Who's Sorry Now?                   Francis, Connie          1958
Lonesome Town                      Nelson, Ricky            1958
Poor Little Fool                   Nelson, Ricky            1958
Rumble                             Wray, Link               1958
Oh Lonesome Me                     Gibson, Don              1958
Nothin' Shakin' But The Leaves     Fontaine, Eddie          1958
Everybody Loves A Lover            Day, Doris               1958
A Teenager In Love                 Dion & The Belmonts      1959
I Only Have Eyes For You           Flamingos                1959
Sea Of Love                        Phil Phillips & Twilights1959
Lipstick On Your Collar            Francis, Connie          1959
Waterloo                           Jackson, Stonewall       1959
Venus                              Avalon, Frankie          1959
Never Be Anyone Else But You       Nelson, Ricky            1959
Forty Miles Of Bad Road            Eddy, Duane              1959
My Heart Is An Open Book           Dobkins, Carl, Jr.       1959
Mack The Knife                     Darin, Bobby             1959
Six Nights A Week                  Crests                   1959
Sleep Walk                         Santo & Johnny           1959
Dream Lover                        Darin, Bobby             1959
That's Amore                       Martin, Dean             1959
A Lover's Question                 McPhatter, Clyde         1959
Who's That Knocking                Genies                   1959
Since I Don't Have You             Skyliners                1959
It's Late                          Nelson, Ricky            1959
Baby It's Cold Outside             Martin, Dean             1959
Primrose Lane                      Wallace, Jerry           1959
Deck Of Cards                      Ritter, Tex              1959
A Rockin' Good Way                 Benton, Brook/Dinah W.   1960
Stairway To Heaven                 Sedaka, Neil             1960
Endlessly                          Benton, Brook            1960
Fame And Fortune                   Presley, Elvis           1960
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?   Shirelles                1960
It's Just A Matter Of Time         Benton, Brook            1960
I Gotta Know                       Presley, Elvis           1960
Young Emotions                     Nelson, Ricky            1960
Baby (You've Got What It Takes)    Benton, Brook/Dinah W.   1960
Are You Lonesome Tonight           Presley, Elvis           1960
Mission Bell                       Brooks, Donnie           1960
Pretty Blue Eyes                   Lawrence, Steve          1960
Volare                             Rydell, Bobby            1960
Happy-Go-Lucky-Me                  Evans, Paul              1960
Beatnik Fly                        Johnny & The Hurricanes  1960
A Summer Place                     Faith, Percy & Orchestra 1960
A Thousand Stars                   Kathy Young & Innocents  1960
Cherry Pie                         Skip & Flip              1960
My Home Town                       Anka, Paul               1960
Apache                             Shadows                  1960
Happy Birthday Sweet 16            Sedaka, Neil             1961
Surrender                          Presley, Elvis           1961
Tossin' And Turnin'                Lewis, Bobby             1961
Walk On By                         Dyke, Leroy Van          1961
Blue Moon                          Marcels                  1961
Marie's The Name                   Presley, Elvis           1961
The Lion Sleep Tonight             Tokens                   1961
The Mountain's High                Dick & Deedee            1961
Travelin' Man                      Nelson, Ricky            1961
Take Good Care Of My Baby          Vee, Bobby               1961
Venus In Blue Jeans                Clanton, Jimmy           1961
Who Put The Bomp                   Mann, Barry              1961
A 100 Pounds Of Clay               McDaniels, Gene          1961
I've Told Every Little Star        Scott, Linda             1961
The Way You Look Tonight           Lettermen                1961
A Little Bit Of Soap               Jarmels                  1961
When We Get Married                Dreamlovers              1961
Pretty Little Angel Eyes           Lee, Curtis              1961
Trambone                           Eddy, Duane              1961
F.B.I.                             Shadows                  1961
Sea Of Heartbreak                  Gibson, Don              1961
Ya Ya                              Dorsey, Lee              1961
Kon-Tiki                           Shadows                  1961
You Always Hurt The One You Love   Henry, Clarence "Frogman"1961
Bristol Stomp                      Dovells                  1961
Anything That's Not Part Of You    Presley, Elvis           1962
Let Me In                          Sensations               1962
Duke Of Earl                       Chandler, Gene           1962
She's Not You                      Presley, Elvis           1962
Hey Baby                           Channel, Bruce           1962
I Know                             George, Barbara          1962
Lover Please                       McPhatter, Clyde         1962
Young World                        Nelson, Ricky            1962
Cry Baby Cry                       Angels                   1962
You Belong To Me                   Duprees                  1962
Having A Party                     Cooke, Sam               1962
Beechwood 4-5789                   Marvelettes              1962
Smoky Places                       Corsairs                 1962
Returned To Sender                 Presley, Elvis           1962
It's Up To You                     Nelson, Ricky            1962
Crazy Arms                         Eddy, Duane              1962
Wonderful Land                     Shadows                  1962
Lonesome Number One                Gibson, Don              1962
Cha-Cha-Cha                        Rydell, Bobby            1962
James (Hold The Ladder Steady)     Thompson, Sue            1962
Johnny Loves Me                    Fabares, Shelly          1962
I Remember You                     Ifield, Frank            1962
Things                             Darin, Bobby             1962
Afrikaan Beat                      Kaempfert, Bert          1962
Aladdin                            Curtola, Bobby           1962
Cry Baby Cry                       Angels                   1962
Lovers Of The World Unite          Nina & Frederik          1963
It's All Right                     Impressions              1963
Remember Then                      Earls                    1963
Deep Purple                        Tempo, Nino/April Stevens1963
Walk Right In                      Rooftop Singers          1963
Walking The Dog                    Thomas, Rufus            1963
Foolish Little Girl                Shirelles                1963
Pride And Joy                      Gaye, Marvin             1963
A Walkin' Miracle                  Essex                    1963
Hey Paula                          Paul & Paula             1963
Candy Girl                         Four Seasons             1963
From Russia With Love              Monro, Matt              1963
Hotel Happiness                    Benton, Brook            1963
Tears Of Misery                    Hervey, Pat              1963
Denise                             Randy & The Rainbows     1963
Sally Go 'Round The Roses          Jaynetts                 1963
Devil In Disguise                  Presley, Elvis           1963
Bangalore                          Blazers                  1963
You Don't Own Me                   Gore, Lesley             1963
King Of The Surf Guitar            Dale, Dick/Darlene Love  1963
She's A Fool                       Gore, Lesley             1963
Hootenanny                         Glencoves                1963
The Next Time                      Richard, Cliff           1963
Don't Let The Rain Come Down       Serendipity Singers      1964
House Of The Rising Sun            Animals                  1964
You're My World                    Black, Cilla             1964
Southtown, U.S.A.                  Dixiebelles              1964
Love Potion 9                      Searchers                1964
Nobody I Know                      Peter & Gordon           1964
Little Honda                       Hondells                 1964
White On White                     Williams, Danny          1964
World Without Love                 Peter & Gordon           1964
Little Egypt                       Presley, Elvis           1964
I'm Crying                         Animals                  1964
Ringo                              Greene, Lorne            1964
All My Loving                      Beatles                  1964
Bad To Me                          Kramer, Billy J.         1964
G.T.O                              Ronny & The Daytonas     1964
Bachelor Boy                       Richard, Cliff           1964
Come A Little Bit Closer           Jay & The Americans      1964
All At Once                        Richard, Cliff           1964
She Loves You                      Beatles                  1964
I Love You More And More Everyday  Martino, Al              1964
California Sun                     Rivieras                 1964
My Boyfriend Has A Beatle Haircut  Lynn, Donna              1964
Thou Shalt Not Steal               Dick & Deedee            1964
The Next Time                      Richard, Cliff           1964
It Was Only A Heart                Davis, Skeeter           1964
Cotton Candy                       Hirt, Al                 1964
Till There Was You                 Beatles                  1964
You Never Can Tell                 Berry, Chuck             1964
Lightning Strikes                  Christie, Lou            1965
Night Before                       Beatles                  1965
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood      Animals                  1965
Yeh, Yeh                           Fame, Georgie            1965
You Like Me Too Much               Beatles                  1965
Ferry Across The Mersey            Gerry & The Pacemakers   1965
Do The Freddie                     Freddie & The Dreamers   1965
Yesterday                          Beatles                  1965
I Got You (I Feel Good)            Brown, James             1965
Laugh Laugh                        Beau Brummels            1965
I'm Telling You Now                Freddie & The Dreamers   1965
Help                               Beatles                  1965
Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely     Herman's Hermits         1965
Let's Hang On                      Four Seasons             1965
I Know A Place                     Clark, Petula            1965
You Didn't Have To Be So Nice      Lovin' Spoonful          1965
The "In" Crowd                     Gray, Dobie              1965
A Summer Place                     Lettermen                1965
Everyone's Gone To The Moon        King, Jonathan           1965
A World Of Our Own                 Seekers                  1965
Play With Fire                     Rolling Stones           1965
Crying In The Chapel               Presley, Elvis           1965
Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows   Gore, Lesley             1965
Heart Full Of Soul                 Yardbirds                1965
Just A Little                      Beau Brummels            1965
Ain't That Peculiar                Gaye, Marvin             1965
It's Not Unusual                   Jones, Tom               1965
Cara Mia                           Jay & The Americans      1965
Tell Her (You Love Her Every Day)  Sinatra, Frank           1965
Thunderball                        Jones, Tom               1965
Bring It On Home                   Animals                  1965
Red Roses For A Blue Lady          Martino, Al              1965
King Of The Road                   Miller, Roger            1965
What's New Pussycat?               Jones, Tom               1965
1-2-3                              Barry, Len               1965
The Wedding                        Rogers, Julie            1965
Kicks                              Paul Revere & The Raiders1966
I Fought The Law                   Bobby Fuller Four        1966
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry        Thomas, B.J.             1966
Lady Godiva                        Peter & Gordon           1966
Georgy Girl                        Seekers                  1966
It's A Man's Man's Man's World     Brown, James             1966
Walk Away Renee                    Left Banke               1966
Leaning On The Lamp Post           Herman's Hermits         1966
Sign Of The Times                  Clark, Petula            1966
Strangers In The Night             Sinatra, Frank           1966
Winchester Cathedral               New Vaudeville Band      1966
God Only Knows                     Beach Boys               1966
Flamingo                           Herb Alpert & The TJB    1966
Lovedrops                          Allen, Barry             1966
Sunny Afternoon                    Kinks                    1966
Summer In The City                 Lovin' Spoonful          1966
Engine Engine 9                    Miller, Roger            1966
Girl On A Swing                    Gerry & The Pacemakers   1966
Mame                               Herb Alpert & The TJB    1966
Eleanor Rigby                      Beatles                  1966
Impossible Dream                   Jones, Jack              1966
Rain On The Roof                   Lovin' Spoonful          1966
The Last Waltz                     Humperdinck, Engelbert   1967
Gimme Little Sign                  Wood, Brenton            1967
San Francisco                      McKenzie, Scott          1967
Society's Child                    Ian, Janis               1967
Sunday Will Never Be The Same      Spanky & Our Gang        1967
Little Bit O' Soul                 Music Explosion          1967
Expressway To Your Heart           Soul Survivors           1967
Green, Green Grass Of Home         Jones, Tom               1967
Different Drum                     Ronstadt, Linda          1967
Get On Up                          Esquires                 1967
Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings  Jones, Tom               1967
No Milk Today                      Herman's Hermits         1967
Penny Lane                         Beatles                  1967
Happy Together                     Turtles                  1967
Don't Sleep In The Subway Darling  Clark, Petula            1967
Higher And Higher                  Wilson, Jackie           1967
Release Me                         Humperdinck, Engelbert   1967
By The Time I Get To Phoenix       Campbell, Glen           1967
Carrie Anne                        Hollies                  1967
Dedicated To One I Love            Mamas & Papas            1967
She's My Girl                      Turtles                  1967
The World We Knew (Over And Over)  Sinatra, Frank           1967
You Only Live Twice                Sinatra, Nancy           1967
Could Be We're In Love             Cryan' Shames            1967
I Never Loved A Man                Franklin, Aretha         1967
Creeque Alley                      Mamas & Papas            1967
Something Stupid                   Sinatra, Frank & Nancy   1967
Mary In The Morning                Martino, Al              1967
I Say A Little Prayer              Warwick, Dionne          1967
Morningtown Ride                   Seekers                  1967
Lazy Day                           Spanky & Our Gang        1967
Daytime Girl                       Bee Gees                 1967
Ode To Billy Joe                   Gentry, Bobbie           1967
Walkin' In The Sunshine            Miller, Roger            1967
Am I That Easy To Forget           Humperdinck, Engelbert   1968
The Worst That Could Happen        Brooklyn Bridge          1968
I'm Coming Home                    Jones, Tom               1968
Abraham, Martin And John           Dion                     1968
Summer Rain                        Rivers, Johnny           1968
Eyes Of A New York Woman           Thomas, B.J.             1968
Brooklyn Roads                     Diamond, Neil            1968
Judy In Disguise                   John Fred & Playboy Band 1968
Tighten Up                         Archie Bell & The Dells  1968
You're All I Need                  Gaye, Marvin & T. Terrell1968
Gentle On My Mind                  Campbell, Glen           1968
Hooked On A Feeling                Thomas, B.J.             1968
Jennifer Eccles                    Hollies                  1968
Les Bicyclettes De Belsize         Humperdinck, Engelbert   1968
The Straight Life                  Goldsboro, Bobby         1968
Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife   Campbell, Glen           1968
Chewy Chewy                        Ohio Express             1968
Little Arrows                      Lee, Leapy               1968
Mrs. Robinson                      Simon & Garfunkel        1968
Wichita Lineman                    Campbell, Glen           1968
Elenore                            Turtles                  1968
Dream A Little Dream               Mama Cass                1968
Time Will Tell                     Lee, Leapy               1968
Love Is Blue                       Martino, Al              1968
Yummy Yummy                        Ohio Express             1968
Grazing In The Grass               Masekela, Hugh           1968
The Horse                          Nobles, Cliff            1968
Do Something To Me                 James, Tommy & Shondells 1968
Lady Willpower                     Gary Puckett & Union Gap 1968
This Magic Moment                  Jay & The Americans      1968
After Loving You                   Temptations              1968
A Man Without Love                 Humperdinck, Engelbert   1968
Changing Changing                  Ames, Ed                 1968
Master Jack                        Four Jacks & A Jill      1968
Six Words                          Ames, Ed                 1968
My Way Of Life                     Sinatra, Frank           1968
Soul Train                         Classics IV              1968
Dizzy                              Roe, Tommy               1969
Theme from "Midnight Cowboy"       Ferrante & Teicher       1969
Day Is Done                        Peter, Paul & Mary       1969
Make Your Own Kind Of Music        Cass, Mama               1969
Holly Holy                         Diamond, Neil            1969
Simple Song Of Freedom             Hardin, Tim              1969
Something Is Happening             Herman's Hermits         1969
Baby It's You                      Smith                    1969
Ball Of Fire                       James, Tommy & Shondells 1969
Galveston                          Campbell, Glen           1969
Heather Honey                      Roe, Tommy               1969
One Tin Soldier                    Original Caste           1969
Have A Little Talk With Myself     Stevens, Ray             1969
Son Of A Traveling Man             Ames, Ed                 1969
I've Been Hurt                     Bill Deal & The Rhondels 1969
Rhythm Of The Rain                 Gary Lewis & The Playboys1969
Israelites                         Desmond Dekker & The Aces1969
No No No No                        Lost & Found             1969
Let It Be Me                       Glen Campbell & B. Gentry1969
Early In The Morning               Vanity Fare              1969
Greensleeves                       Williams, Mason          1969
Sunshine Wine                      Como, Perry              1969
Sorry Suzanne                      Hollies                  1969
I Started A Joke                   Bee Gees                 1969
Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday   Wonder, Stevie           1969
This Girl Is A Woman Now           Gary Puckett & Union Gap 1969
Which Way You Goin' Billy?         Poppy Family             1969
Jack And Jill                      Roe, Tommy               1969
A Boy Named Sue                    Cash, Johnny             1969
Bad Moon Rising                    Creedence Clearwater     1969
Don't Give In To Him               Gary Puckett & Union Gap 1969
Jam Up Jelly Tight                 Roe, Tommy               1969
Polk Salad Annie                   White, Tony Joe          1969
Rain                               Feliciano, Jose          1969
Stand By Your Man                  Wynette, Tammy           1969
My Pledge Of Love                  Joe Jeffrey Group        1969
Wedding Bell Blues                 Fifth Dimension          1969
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling    Warwick, Dionne          1969
Put A Little Love In Your Heart    DeShannon, Jackie        1969
Never Had A Dream Come True        Wonder, Stevie           1969
True Grit                          Campbell, Glen           1969
Ma Belle Amie                      Tee Set                  1969
Walk A Mile In My Shoes            South, Joe               1969
Change Of Heart                    Classics IV              1969
I Can Hear Music                   Beach Boys               1969
Yesterday When I Was Young         Clark, Roy               1969
Abergavenny                        Shannon                  1969
Get Together                       Youngbloods              1969
Let Me                             Paul Revere & The Raiders1969
When I Die                         Motherlode               1969
Zazueira                           Herb Alpert & The TJB    1969
I Still Believe In Tomorrow        Ryder, John & Anne       1969
It's Getting Better                Cass, Mama               1969
Tracy                              Cufflinks                1969
Whiskey On A Sunday                Irish Rovers             1969
Wand'ring Star                     Marvin, Lee              1969
Oh Happy Day                       Edwin Hawkins Singers    1969
Time Is Tight                      Booker T. & The MGs      1969
Take A Letter Maria                Greaves, R.B.            1969
Sugar Sugar                        Archies                  1969
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye     Steam                    1969
Little Woman                       Sherman, Bobby           1969
Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In       Fifth Dimension          1969
Angel Of The Morning               Rush, Merrilee           1969
And When I Die                     Blood, Sweat & Tears     1969
I'll Never Fall In Love Again      Jones, Tom               1969
Hurry On Down                      Longet, Claudine         1969
The Boxer                          Simon & Garfunkel        1969
Spinning Wheel                     Blood, Sweat & Tears     1969
Love Me Tonight                    Jones, Tom               1969
Get Back                           Beatles                  1969
Cherry Hill Park                   Royal, Billy Joe         1969
Soul Deep                          Box Tops                 1969
You've Made Me So Very Happy       Blood, Sweat & Tears     1969
Come Together                      Beatles                  1969
Sweet Caroline                     Diamond, Neil            1969
Midnight                           Classics IV              1969
Laughing                           Guess Who                1969
Reuben James                       Kenny Rogers/1st Edition 1969
Morning Girl                       Neon Philharmonic        1969
Jingle Jangle                      Archies                  1969
Crystal Blue Persuasion            James, Tommy & Shondells 1969
Things I'd Like To Say             New Colony Six           1969
Build Me Up, Buttercup             Foundations              1969
Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word    Baez, Joan               1969
I've Gotta Be Me                   Davis, Sammy, Jr.        1969
Son Of A Traveling Man             Ames, Ed                 1969
Early In The Morning               Vanity Fare              1969
The Way It Used To Be              Humperdinck, Engelbert   1969
Tricia, Tell Your Daddy            Kim, Andy                1969
Good Morning Starshine             Oliver                   1969
Smile A Little Smile For Me        Flying Machine           1969
Baby Take Me In Your Arms          Jefferson                1969
Along Came Jones                   Stevens, Ray             1969
Black Pearl                        Sonny Charles/Checkmates 1969
Everyday With You Girl             Classics IV              1969
Goodbye                            Hopkin, Mary             1969
Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Diamond, Neil            1969
Someday We'll Be Together          Diana Ross & The Supremes1969
Jean                               Oliver                   1969
Build Me Up, Buttercup             Foundations              1969
Cary Lynn Javes                    Zager & Evans            1969
July, You're A Woman               Boone, Pat               1969
Muddy Mississippi Line             Goldsboro, Bobby         1969
Cupid                              Nash, Johnny             1969
Baby I Love You                    Kim, Andy                1969
May I                              Bill Deal & The Rhondels 1969
Green River                        Creedence Clearwater     1969
Make Believe                       Wind                     1969
Pinball Wizard                     Who                      1969
Indian Giver                       1910 Fruitgum Company    1969
Commotion                          Creedence Clearwater     1969
Sweet Cherry Wine                  James, Tommy & Shondells 1969
Going Up The Country               Canned Heat              1969
Everybody's Talkin'                Nilsson                  1969
Fortunate Son                      Creedence Clearwater     1969
Something In The Air               Thunderclap Newman       1969
Jingle Jangle                      Archies                  1969
Mr. Turnkey                        Zager & Evans            1969
Down On The Corner                 Creedence Clearwater     1969
In The Ghetto                      Presley, Elvis           1969
Someday Soon                       Collins, Judy            1969
The Way It Used To Be              Humperdinck, Engelbert   1969
Clean Up Your Own Backyard         Presley, Elvis           1969
Both Sides Now                     Collins, Judy            1969
Suspicious Minds                   Presley, Elvis           1969
If I Can Dream                     Presley, Elvis           1969
On The Road Again                  Canned Heat              1969
In The Year 2525                   Zager & Evans            1969
Jam Up Jelly Tight                 Roe, Tommy               1969
I'm A Drifter                      Goldsboro, Bobby         1969
Crimson And Clover                 James, Tommy & Shondells 1969
Atlantis                           Donovan                  1969
Don't It Make You Wanna Go Home    South, Joe               1969
It's Your Thing                    Isley Brothers           1969
Love Can Make You Happy            Mercy                    1969
Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'            Crazy Elephant           1969
Dizzy                              Roe, Tommy               1969
Galveston                          Campbell, Glen           1969
I Guess The Lord Must Be In N.Y.C. Nilsson                  1969
Try A Little Kindness              Campbell, Glen           1969
Forever                            Mercy                    1969
Don't Cry Daddy                    Presley, Elvis           1969
Easy To Be Hard                    Three Dog Night          1969
Hushabye                           Jay & The Americans      1969
I'm Coming Home                    James, Tommy & Shondells 1969
Where's The Playground Susie       Campbell, Glen           1969
Seattle                            Como, Perry              1969
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town Kenny Rogers/1st Edition 1969
Feelin'                            Maye, Marilyn            1969
Sunday Morning                     Oliver                   1969
Sausalito                          Martino, Al              1969
Happy Heart                        Williams, Andy           1969
Baby Take Me In Your Arms          Jefferson                1969
Days Of Sand And Shovels           Vinton, Bobby            1969
Soulful Strut                      Young Holt Unlimited     1969
A Gift Of Song                     Williams, Mason          1969
Honky Tonk Women                   Rolling Stones           1969
Love's Been Good To Me             Sinatra, Frank           1969
Cara Lynn Javes                    Zager & Evans            1969
July, You're A Woman               Boone, Pat               1969
Rhythm Of The Rain                 Gary Lewis & The Playboys1969
Muddy Mississippi Line             Goldsboro, Bobby         1969
Listen To The People               Zager & Evans            1969
Everyday With You Girl             Classics IV              1969
Jennifer Tompkins 	           Street People            1969
The Wonder Of You                  Presley, Elvis           1970
Walking In The Rain                Jay & The Americans      1970
Groovy Grubworm                    Wilcox, Harlow           1970
Close To You                       Carpenters               1970
Up Around The Bend                 Creedence Clearwater     1970
Make Me Smile                      Chicago                  1970
Candida                            Orlando, Tony & Dawn     1970
My Elusive Dreams                  Vinton, Bobby            1970
Reflections Of My Life             Marmalade                1970
Hitchin' A Ride                    Vanity Fare              1970
Without Love                       Jones, Tom               1970
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother    Hollies                  1970
Amazing Grace                      Collins, Judy            1970
Spirit In The Sky                  Greenbaum, Norman        1970
Turn Back The Hands Of Time        Davis, Tyrone            1970
Woodstock                          Crosby, Stills & Nash    1970
I'll Never Fall In Love Again      Warwick, Dionne          1970
Are You Ready?                     Pacific Gas & Electric   1970
My Sentimental Friend              Herman's Hermits         1970
Let's Work Together                Canned Heat              1970
Lay Down (Candles In The Rain)     Melanie                  1970
Evil Woman Don't Play Your Games   Crow                     1970
Ride Captain Ride                  Blues Image              1970
Joanne                             Nesmith, Michael         1970
Arizona                            Lindsay, Mark            1970
For The Good Times                 Price, Ray               1970
Kentucky Rain                      Presley, Elvis           1970
Hi De Ho                           Blood, Sweat & Tears     1970
My Baby Loves Lovin'               White Plains             1970
The Rapper                         Jaggerz                  1970
Easy Come Easy Go                  Sherman, Bobby           1970
Rainy Night In Georgia             Benton, Brook            1970
Out In The Country                 Three Dog Night          1970
Always Something There To Remind MeGreaves, R.B.            1970
Hey There Lonely Girl              Holman, Eddie            1970
Hats Off To The Stranger           Lighthouse               1970
Wonderful World, Beautiful People  Cliff, Jimmy             1970
Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes  Edison Lighthouse        1970
Who's Your Baby?                   Archies                  1970
Watching Scotty Grow               Goldsboro, Bobby         1970
For The Love Of Him                Martin, Bobbi            1970
Tighter And Tighter                Alive & Kicking          1970
Gypsy Woman                        Hyland, Brian            1970
Sunshine                           Archies                  1970
Julie, Do Ya Love Me               Sherman, Bobby           1970
Neanderthal Man                    Hotlegs                  1970
Go Back                            Appleton, Crabby         1970
I Think I Love You                 Partridge Family         1970
Vehicle                            Ides Of March            1970
Make It With You                   Bread                    1970
Mississippi                        Phillips, John           1970
You, Me And Mexico                 Edward Bear              1970
As The Years Go By                 Mashmakhan               1970
Come Saturday Morning              Sandpipers               1970
Silver Bird                        Lindsay, Mark            1970
Can You Feel It?                   Goldsboro, Bobby         1970
Sixty Years On                     John, Elton              1970
Ooh Child                          Five Stairsteps          1970
Band Of Gold                       Payne, Freda             1970
Until It's Time For You To Go      Diamond, Neil            1970
Get Happy                          Partridge Family         1970
The Next Step Is Love              Presley, Elvis           1970
It's Only Make Believe             Campbell, Glen           1970
Shilo                              Diamond, Neil            1970
Circle Game                        Mitchell, Joni           1970
Humphrey The Camel                 Blanchard, Jack/M. Morgan1970
Daughter Of Darkness               Jones, Tom               1970
Stand By Your Man                  Staton, Candi            1970
Tennessee Birdwalk                 Blanchard, Jack/M. Morgan1970
Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head  Thomas, B.J.             1970
I Would Be In Love Anyway          Sinatra, Frank           1970
Coal Miner's Daughter              Lynn, Loretta            1970
Rockin' Robin                      Jackson Five             1971
Stagger Lee                        Roe, Tommy               1971
Witch Queen Of New Orleans         Redbone                  1971
Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling  Fortunes                 1971
Amos Moses                         Reed, Jerry              1971
Funky Nassau (Part 1)              Beginning Of The End     1971
Take Me Home, Country Roads        Denver, John             1971
Rainy Days And Mondays             Carpenters               1971
Up The Ladder To The Roof          Supremes                 1971
It Don't Matter To Me              Bread                    1971
Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey        McCartney, Paul          1971
Beginnings                         Chicago                  1971
You've Got A Friend                Taylor, James            1971
Indian Reservation                 Paul Revere & The Raiders1971
Another Day                        McCartney, Paul          1971
I'm Eighteen                       Cooper, Alice            1971
Fly Little White Dove              Bells                    1971
Mercy Mercy Me                     Gaye, Marvin             1971
I Hear You Knocking                Edmunds, Dave            1971
Games                              Redeye                   1971
Charity Ball                       Fanny                    1971
Oye Como Va                        Santana                  1971
Amazing Grace                      Collins, Judy            1971
Spanish Harlem                     Franklin, Aretha         1971
Blue Money                         Morrison, Van            1971
Rock Steady                        Franklin, Aretha         1971
Wild Night                         Morrison, Van            1971
For All We Know                    Carpenters               1971
All Day Music                      War                      1971
Stones                             Diamond, Neil            1971
Mighty Clouds Of Joy               Thomas, B.J.             1971
Little Kind Words                  Lighthouse               1971
What's Going On                    Gaye, Marvin             1971
Stoned Love                        Supremes                 1971
Moonshadow                         Stevens, Cat             1971
Turned 21                          Fludd                    1971
If                                 Bread                    1971
Sweet City Woman                   Stampeders               1971
Love Her Madly                     Doors                    1971
Get Happy                          Partridge Family         1971
Thin Line Between Love And Hate    Persuaders               1971
Nathan Jones                       Supremes                 1971
Let Your Love Go                   Bread                    1971
Sailing Ship                       Koloc, Bonnie            1971
Carey                              Mitchell, Joni           1971
Tarkio Road                        Brewer & Shipley         1971
1900 Yesterday                     Liz Damon/Orient Express 1971
Smiling Faces Sometimes            Undisputed Truth         1971
Sweet Mary                         Wadsworth Mansion        1971
Me and You And A Dog Named Boo     Lobo                     1971
When You're, Hot You're Hot        Reed, Jerry              1971
Don't Pull Your Love               Hamilton/Joe Frank/Reynol1971
Burning Bridges                    Mike Curb Congregation   1971
Doesn't Somebody Want To Be Wanted Partridge Family         1971
Mandolin Wind                      Stewart, Rod             1971
Only Believe                       Presley, Elvis           1971
I Woke Up In Love This Morning     Partridge Family         1971
Liar                               Three Dog Night          1971
Clean Up Woman                     Wright, Betty            1971
Reason To Believe                  Stewart, Rod             1971
Hallelujah                         Sweathog                 1971
Home                               Gary Puckett & Union Gap 1971
Sour Suite                         Guess Who                1971
Dream Baby                         Campbell, Glen           1971
Carry Me                           Stampeders               1971
Just My Imagination                Temptations              1971
Summer Side Of Life                Lightfoot, Gordon        1971
Power To The People                Lennon, John             1971
Old Fashioned Love Song            Three Dog Night          1971
I'll Meet You Halfway              Partridge Family         1971
Then Came The White Man            Stampeders               1971
That's The Way I've Always Heard ItSimon, Carly             1971
Done Too Soon                      Diamond, Neil            1971
It's Too Late                      King, Carole             1971
So Far Away                        King, Carole             1971
The Drum                           Sherman, Bobby           1971
Don't Wanna Live Inside Myself     Bee Gees                 1971
Stick Up                           Honey Cone               1971
School's Out                       Cooper, Alice            1972
Don't Mess Around With Jim         Croce, Jim               1972
Goodbye To Love                    Carpenters               1972
Danny's Song                       Murray, Anne             1972
And You And I                      Yes                      1972
Top Of The World                   Carpenters               1972
Diary                              Bread                    1972
Hummingbird                        Seals & Crofts           1972
Mary Had A Little Lamb             McCartney, Paul          1972
Motorcycle Mama                    Sailcat                  1972
Hi Hi Hi                           McCartney, Paul          1972
Summer Breeze                      Seals & Crofts           1972
Family Of Man                      Three Dog Night          1972
Walk On Water                      Diamond, Neil            1972
Your Mama Don't Dance              Loggins & Messina        1972
Brandy                             Looking Glass            1972
Photographs And Memories           Croce, Jim               1972
Play Me                            Diamond, Neil            1972
Alone Again Naturally              O'Sullivan, Gilbert      1972
Saturday In The Park               Chicago                  1972
Something's Wrong With Me          Roberts, Austin          1972
It Never Rains In S. California    Hammond, Albert          1972
Speak To The Sky                   Springfield, Rick        1972
Take It Easy                       Eagles                   1972
Witchy Woman                       Eagles                   1972
Taos, New Mexico                   Taylor, R. Dean          1972
You Girl                           Lighthouse               1972
Backstabbers                       O'Jays                   1972
Sitting                            Stevens, Cat             1972
I'm Still In Love With You         Green, Al                1972
Anything You Want                  Foot In Cold Water       1972
Sun Goes By                        Dr. Music                1972
Don Quixote                        Lightfoot, Gordon        1972
Down On My Knees                   Bread                    1972
Clair                              O'Sullivan, Gilbert      1972
We Are Ships                       Koloc, Bonnie            1972
Rocky Mountain High                Denver, John             1972
Guitar Man                         Bread                    1972
One More Mountain                  Dr. Music                1972
We've Got To Get It On             Addrisi Brothers         1972
How Do You Do?                     Mouth & McNeal           1972
Run Run Run                        Jo Jo Gunne              1972
Sweet Surrender                    Bread                    1972
Operator                           Croce, Jim               1972
Where Is The Love?                 Flack, Roberta & Donnie H1972
You Wear It Well                   Stewart, Rod             1972
Beautiful Sunday                   Boone, Daniel            1972
I'd Love You To Want Me            Lobo                     1972
Witch Queen Of New Orleans         Redbone                  1972
Don't Say You Don't Remember       Bremers, Beverly         1972
Too Late To Turn Back Now          Cornelius Bros/Sister Ros1972
Softly Whispering I Love You       English Congregation     1972
Runnin' Back To Saskatoon          Guess Who                1972
I Didn't Know I Loved You          Glitter, Gary            1972
Burning Love                       Presley, Elvis           1972
Long Distance Runaround            Yes                      1972
Papa Was A Rolling Stone           Temptations              1972
Beautiful                          Lightfoot, Gordon        1972
Easy Livin'                        Uriah Heep               1972
Taxi                               Chapin, Harry            1972
Baby Let Me Take You               Detroit Emeralds         1972
Show And Tell                      Wilson, Al               1973
Back When My Hair Was Short        Gunhill Road             1973
Summer The First Time              Goldsboro, Bobby         1973
Drift Away                         Gray, Dobie              1973
Neither One Of Us                  Knight, Gladys & The Pips1973
Aubrey                             Bread                    1973
Night The Lights Went Down in GA.  Lawrence, Vicki          1973
Stuck In The Middle                Stealer's Wheel          1973
Wildflower                         Skylark                  1973
Desperado                          Eagles                   1973
Heartbeat - It's A Lovebeat        DeFranco Family          1973
Masterpiece                        Temptations              1973
Dream Lady                         Bread                    1973
Don't Let Me Wait Too Long         Harrison, George         1973
Ramblin' Man                       Allman Brothers          1973
Control Of Me                      Emmerson, Les            1973
Alabama Rain                       Croce, Jim               1973
I Shall Sing                       Garfunkel, Art           1973
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life    Wonder, Stevie           1973
I Got A Name                       Croce, Jim               1973
Playground In My Mind              Holmes, Clint            1973
Morning After                      McGovern, Maureen        1973
Also Sprach Zarathustra            Deodato                  1973
Big City Miss Ruth Ann             Gallery                  1973
Get Down                           O'Sullivan, Gilbert      1973
Uneasy Rider                       Daniels, Charlie         1973
My Maria                           Stevenson, B.W.          1973
Mighty Love                        Spinners                 1973
American Tune                      Simon, Paul              1973
Oh My Lady                         Stampeders               1973
Danny's Song                       Murray, Anne             1973
Raised On Robbbery                 Mitchell, Joni           1973
Shambala                           Three Dog Night          1973
Killing Me Softly                  Flack, Roberta           1973
Mind Games                         Lennon, John             1973
Something So Right                 Simon, Paul              1973
Living For The City                Wonder, Stevie           1973
Kodachrome                         Simon, Paul              1973
All I Know                         Garfunkel, Art           1973
Free Ride                          Edgar Winter Group       1973
Learn How To Fall                  Simon, Paul              1973
D'yer Maker                        Led Zeppelin             1973
We're An American Band             Grand Funk Railroad      1973
Midnight Rider                     Allman, Greg             1973
Time In A Bottle                   Croce, Jim               1973
Over The Hills And Far Away        Led Zeppelin             1973
Rockin' Roll Baby                  Stylistics               1973
Desperado                          Eagles                   1973
Angie                              Rolling Stones           1973
Walk Like A Man                    Grand Funk Railroad      1973
Ramblin' Man                       Allman Brothers          1973
Tequila Sunrise                    Eagles                   1973
Midnight Train To Georgia          Knight, Gladys & The Pips1973
Bad Bad Leroy Brown                Croce, Jim               1973
Yesterday Once More                Carpenters               1973
We May Never Pass This Way Again   Seals & Crofts           1973
I've Got To Use My Imagination     Knight, Gladys & The Pips1973
Shambala                           Three Dog Night          1973
Delta Dawn                         Reddy, Helen             1973
Sing                               Carpenters               1973
Love's Theme                       Love Unlimited Orchestra 1973
You Turn Me On (I'm A Radio)       Mitchell, Joni           1973
Pretty Lady                        Lighthouse               1973
Money                              Pink Floyd               1973
Stranger In A Strange Land         Russell, Leon            1973
Knockin' On Heaven's Door          Dylan, Bob               1973
Are You Man Enough                 Four Tops                1973
Superfly                           Mayfield, Curtis         1973
Little Willy                       Sweet                    1973
You Can't Always Get What You Want Rolling Stones           1973
Locomotion                         Grand Funk Railroad      1974
There's Something I Like About ThatChilliwack               1974
When Will I See You Again          Three Degrees            1974
Billy, Don't Be A Hero             Donaldson, Bo & Heywoods 1974
Rock The Boat                      Hues Corporation         1974
The Air That I Breathe             Hollies                  1974
Kung Fu Fighting                   Douglas, Carl            1974
Star Baby                          Guess Who                1974
The Night Chicago Died             Paper Lace               1974
Band On The Run                    McCartney, Paul          1974
I Can Help                         Swan, Billy              1974
My Melody Of Love                  Vinton, Bobby            1974
Only You                           Starr, Ringo             1974
Clap For The Wolfman               Guess Who                1974
Junior's Farm                      McCartney, Paul          1974
Annie's Song                       Denver, John             1974
Lover Come Quickly                 Tobias, Ken              1974
It Might As Well Rain Until SeptembGary & Dave              1974
Waterloo                           ABBA                     1974
Dancin' Fool                       Guess Who                1974
Lucy Lucy Lucy                     Schick, Alan             1974
If You Go Away                     Jacks, Terry             1974
Come And Get Your Love             Redbone                  1974
Honey Honey                        ABBA                     1974
Already Gone                       Eagles                   1974
Pick Up The Pieces                 Average White Band       1974
W.O.L.D.                           Chapin, Harry            1974
Have You Never Been Mellow?        Newton-John, Olivia      1974
Rock Me Gently                     Kim, Andy                1974
Free Man In Paris                  Mitchell, Joni           1974
Having My Baby                     Anka, Paul               1974
Oh Very Young                      Stevens, Cat             1974
I'm Leaving It All Up To You       Donnie & Marie           1974
Blue Sky Blue Sky                  King, Bill               1974
The Sting                          Hamlisch, Marvin         1974
Black Water                        Doobie Brothers          1974
Sunshine On My Shoulder            Denver, John             1974
Cousin Mary                        Fludd                    1974
Mandy                              Manilow, Barry           1974
Carefree Highway                   Lightfoot, Gordon        1974
9 Dream                            Lennon, John             1974
Sundown                            Lightfoot, Gordon        1974
Mockingbird                        Simon, Carly/James Taylor1974
Whatever Gets You Thru The Night   Lennon, John             1974
Play Something Sweet               Three Dog Night          1974
Spiders And Snakes                 Stafford, Jim            1974
Rock On                            Essex, David             1974
Star                               Stealer's Wheel          1974
Hooked On A Feeling                Blue Swede               1974
Eres Tu (Touch The Wind)           Mocedades                1974
The Lord's Prayer                  Sister Janet Mead        1974
The Streak                         Stevens, Ray             1974
Rock The Boat                      Hues Corporation         1974
So You Are A Star                  Hudson Brothers          1974
Boogie On Reggae Woman             Wonder, Stevie           1974
I'll Have To Say I Love You        Croce, Jim               1974
My Girl Bill                       Stafford, Jim            1974
Please Come To Boston              Loggins, Dave            1974
Beach Baby                         First Class              1974
Life Is A Rock (But The Radio)     Reunion                  1974
If You Love Me (Let Me Know)       Newton-John, Olivia      1974
Seven Island Suite                 Lightfoot, Gordon        1974
Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Milsap, Ronnie           1974
One Man Woman/One Woman Man        Anka, Paul               1974
Let Me Be There                    Newton-John, Olivia      1974
Feel Like Makin' Love              Flack, Roberta           1974
You Won't See Me                   Murray, Anne             1974
Laughter In The Rain               Sedaka, Neil             1974
Rub It In                          Craddock, Billy "Crash"  1974
Help Me Make It To My Rockin' ChairThomas, B.J.             1975
Chevy Van                          Johns, Sammy             1975
Forever And Ever                   Hampshire, Keith         1975
Wildfire                           Murphey, Michael         1975
He Don't Love You (Like I Love You)Orlando, Tony & Dawn     1975
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover        Simon, Paul              1975
My Little Town                     Simon & Garfunkel        1975
Black-Eyed Boys                    Paper Lace               1975
Lovin' You                         Riperton, Minnie         1975
Build A Tower                      Jacks, Susan             1975
Love Will Keep Us Together         Captain & Tennille       1975
Wasted Days And Wasted Nights      Fender, Freddy           1975
You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet         Bachman Turner Overdrive 1975
TSOP                               MFSB                     1975
I Only Have Eyes For You           Garfunkel, Art           1975
Old Days                           Chicago                  1975
Gone At Last                       Simon, Paul & Phoebe Snow1975
Fire, Baby I'm On Fire             Kim, Andy                1975
Feelings                           Albert, Morris           1975
Skyhigh                            Jigsaw                   1975
Rockin' Chair                      McCrae, Gwen             1975
The Hustle                         McCoy, Van               1975
Carolina In The Pines              Murphey, Michael         1975
Anna Marie                         Jacks, Susan             1975
I Write The Songs                  Manilow, Barry           1975
Do You Know Where You're Going To  Ross, Diana              1975
Play Something Sweet               Three Dog Night          1975
Dancin' On A Saturday Night        Bond                     1975
Calypso                            Denver, John             1975
Rainbows,Pots Of Gold And MoonbeamsStudebaker Hawk          1975
At Seventeen                       Ian, Janis               1975
Daisy Jane                         America                  1975
Black Superman - "Muhammad Ali"    Wakelin, Johnny          1975
Have You Never Been Mellow?        Newton-John, Olivia      1975
Lyin' Eyes                         Eagles                   1975
Dance With Me                      Orleans                  1975
Bertha Butt Boogie (Part I)        Jimmy Castor Bunch       1975
Shame Shame Shame                  Shirley & Company        1975
Autobahn                           Kraftwerk                1975
Please Mr Please                   Newton-John, Olivia      1975
You're All I Need To Get By        Orlando, Tony & Dawn     1975
One Of These Nights                Eagles                   1975
Shaving Cream                      Hustlers                 1975
Bad Time                           Grand Funk Railroad      1975
Only Yesterday                     Carpenters               1975
Rainy Day People                   Lightfoot, Gordon        1975
Yesterday's Music                  Blood, Sweat & Tears     1975
Philadelphia Freedom               John, Elton              1975
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain       Nelson, Willie           1975
Sister Golden Hair                 America                  1975
Everlasting Love                   Carlton, Carl            1975
Rhinestone Cowboy                  Campbell, Glen           1975
Hey Won't You Play Another SomebodyThomas, B.J.             1975
Get Down Tonight                   K.C. & The Sunshine Band 1975
One Man Woman/One Woman Man        Anka, Paul               1975
The Last Farewell                  Whittaker, Roger         1975
Swearin' To God                    Valli, Frankie           1975
You Make Me Wanna Be               Hill, Dan                1975
That's The Way I Like It           K.C. & The Sunshine Band 1975
I Don't Like To Sleep Alone        Anka, Paul               1975
After The Goldrush                 Prelude                  1975
Jive Talkin'                       Bee Gees                 1975
It's A Miracle                     Manilow, Barry           1975
TSOP                               MFSB                     1975
Watching The World Go By           Emmerson, Les            1975
Tropical Heat                      George, David            1975
There'll Come A Time There'll Come Basic Black & Pearl      1975
What A Difference A Day Makes      Phillips, Esther         1975
Nothing From Nothing               Preston, Billy           1975
Could It Be Magic?                 Manilow, Barry           1975
Lovin' You                         Riperton, Minnie         1975
S.O.S.                             ABBA                     1975
Magic                              Pilot                    1975
Wildfire                           Murphey, Michael         1975
Paloma Blanca                      George Baker Selection   1975
Don't Call Us, We'll Call You      Sugarloaf                1975
Up In A Puff Of Smoke              Brown, Polly             1975
Jackie Blue                        Ozark Mountain Daredevils1975
How Long                           Ace                      1975
I'm Not In Love                    Ten C.C.                 1975
Have You Never Been Mellow?        Newton-John, Olivia      1975
The Hustle                         McCoy, Van               1975
Tonight's A Wonderful Time         April Wine               1975
Walking In Rhythm                  Blackbyrds               1975
Miracles                           Jefferson Starship       1975
Third Rate Romance                 Amazing Rhythm Aces      1975
Fly Robin Fly                      Silver Convention        1975
I Wouldn't Want To Lose Your Love  April Wine               1975
You Are So Beautiful               Cocker, Joe              1975
Brazil                             Ritchie Family           1975
We Never Really Say Goodbye        Captain & Tennille       1975
Misty                              Stevens, Ray             1975
Help Me Make It To My Rockin' ChairThomas, B.J.             1975
Shop Around                        Captain & Tennille       1976
Let Your Love Flow                 Bellamy Brothers         1976
I'd Really Love To See You Tonight England Dan/John F. Coley1976
Rubberband Man                     Spinners                 1976
Stand Tall                         Cummings, Burton         1976
Keep Our Love Alive                Dahlquist, Patricia      1976
Theme From "S.W.A.T."              Rhythm Heritage          1976
Disco Lady                         Taylor, Johnnie          1976
Venus (Disco)                      Avalon, Frankie          1976
Woman Tonight                      America                  1976
I Write The Songs                  Manilow, Barry           1976
Do You Know Where You're Going To  Ross, Diana              1976
Crazy On You                       Heart                    1976
She's Gone                         Hall & Oates             1976
Moonlight Feels Right              Starbuck                 1976
From New York To L.A.              Gallant, Patsy           1976
Shannon                            Gross, Henry             1976
The End Is Not In Sight            Amazing Rhythm Aces      1976
Flying                             Hometown Band            1976
Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel    Tavares                  1976
Magic Man                          Heart                    1976
Beth                               Kiss                     1976
New Kid In Town                    Eagles                   1976
Summer                             War                      1976
Welcome Back                       Sebastian, John          1976
Still Crazy After All These Years  Simon, Paul              1976
Love Is Alive                      Wright, Gary             1976
The Homecoming                     Hardy, Hagood            1976
Car Wash                           Rose Royce               1976
I'm Easy                           Nigrini, Ron             1976
Shake Your Booty                   K.C. & The Sunshine Band 1976
Yes I Can                          Valdy                    1976
Dreamboat Annie                    Heart                    1976
Happy Days                         Pratt & McClain          1976
Misty Blue                         Moore, Dorothy           1976
Play That Funky Music              Wild Cherry              1976
You Should Be Dancing              Bee Gees                 1976
Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald     Lightfoot, Gordon        1976
Nights Are Forever Without You     England Dan/John F. Coley1976
Saturday Night                     Bay City Rollers         1976
You Sexy Thing                     Hot Chocolate            1976
You'll Never Find Another Love LikeRawls, Lou               1976
Mamma Mia                          ABBA                     1976
Hit The Road Jack                  Stampeders               1976
Don't Go Breaking My Heart         John, Elton & Kicki Dee  1976
More More More                     Andrea True Connection   1976
Turn The Beat Around               Robinson, Vickie Sue     1976
Boogie Fever                       Sylvers                  1976
I'm Running After You              Major Hoople's Boarding..1976
Chanson D'Amour                    Manhattan Transfer       1976
This Is It                         Moore, Melba             1976
Wham Bam Shang-A-Lang              Silver                   1976
Circles                            Captain & Tennille       1976
El Paso City                       Robbins, Marty           1976
Mull Of Kintyre                    McCartney, Paul          1977
Two Doors Down                     Parton, Dolly            1977
Margaritaville                     Buffett, Jimmy           1977
Heard It In A Love Song            Marshall Tucker Band     1977
Blue Bayou                         Ronstadt, Linda          1977
Southern Nights                    Campbell, Glen           1977
One Life To Live                   Rawls, Lou               1977
Jeans On                           Dundas, David            1977
Telephone Line                     Electric Light Orchestra 1977
Baby, What A Big Surprise          Chicago                  1977
I Like Dreamin'                    Nolan, Kenny             1977
Never Seem To Get Along Without YouAbramson, Ronnie         1977
Here I Go Again                    Evoy, Larry              1977
Year Of The Cat                    Stewart, Al              1977
Slow Dancin' Don't Turn Me On      Addrisi Brothers         1977
Heaven On The Seventh Floor        Nicholas, Paul           1977
Hotel California                   Eagles                   1977
Evergreen (Theme from "Evergeen")  Streisand, Barbra        1977
Torn Between Two Lovers            MacGregor, Mary          1977
I'm Your Boogie Man                K.C. & The Sunshine Band 1977
Gonna Fly Now ("Rocky" Theme)      Conti, Bill              1977
Sugar Daddy                        Gallant, Patsy           1977
Stayin' Alive                      Bee Gees                 1977
Couldn't Get It Right              Climax Blues Band        1977
It's Sad To Belong                 England Dan/John F. Coley1977
Way I Feel Tonight                 Bay City Rollers         1977
Daybreak                           Manilow, Barry           1977
Right Time Of The Night            Warnes, Jennifer         1977
How Deep Is Your Love              Bee Gees                 1977
Disco Inferno                      Trammps                  1977
Dancing Queen                      ABBA                     1977
Gone Too Far                       England Dan/John F. Coley1977
Looks Like We Made It              Manilow, Barry           1977
Handy Man                          Taylor, James            1977
Sir Duke                           Wonder, Stevie           1977
Soldier In The Rain                England Dan/John F. Coley1977
Knowing Me Knowing You             ABBA                     1977
Don't Give Up On Us                Soul, David              1977
Things We Do For Love              Ten C.C.                 1977
Falling Stars                      England Dan/John F. Coley1977
Brick House                        Commodores               1977
That's Rock 'N' Roll               Cassidy, Shaun           1977
Marina Del Ray                     Jordan, Marc             1978
Boogie Shoes                       K.C. & The Sunshine Band 1978
Night Fever                        Bee Gees                 1978
Rock And Roll Cowboys              Cooper Brothers          1978
We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye    England Dan/John F. Coley1978
Running On Empty                   Browne, Jackson          1978
Werewolves Of London               Zevon, Warren            1978
Even Now                           Manilow, Barry           1978
Summer Nights                      Newton-John, Olivia/JohnT1978
London Town                        McCartney, Paul          1978
Last Dance                         Summer, Donna            1978
After Dark                         Brooks, Pattie           1978
Count On Me                        Jefferson Starship       1978
I Love The Nightlife               Bridges, Alicia          1978
Hot Shot                           Young, Karen             1978
Can't Smile Without You            Manilow, Barry           1978
Le Freak                           Chic                     1978
Dance (Disco Heat)                 Sylvester                1978
Circle Is Small                    Lightfoot, Gordon        1978
Closer I Get To You                Flack, Roberta           1978
Once In A Long Time                Ward, Christopher        1978
Maybe Your Heart                   Ward, Christopher        1978
Shake It                           Matthews, Ian            1978
Love Is Like Oxygen                Sweet                    1978
Falling                            LeBlanc & Carr           1978
Do It Or Die                       Atlanta Rhythm Section   1979
White Rhythm And Blues             Souther, J.D.            1979
You Take My Breath Away            Smith, Rex               1979
Blow Away                          Harrison, George         1979
Lotta Love                         Larson, Nicolette        1979
If You Remember Me                 Thompson, Chris          1979
Night Dancin'                      Taka Boom                1979
I Will Love You Tomorrow           K.C. & The Sunshine Band 1979
People Of The Southwind            Kansas                   1979
Heart Of The Night                 Poco                     1979
Love Is The Answer                 England Dan/John F. Coley1979
The River Must Flow                Vannelli, Gino           1979
If You Want It                     Niteflyte                1979
You Make Feel                      Sylvester                1979
Gold                               Stewart, John            1979
Heart Of Glass                     Blondie                  1979
Shadows In The Moonlight           Murray, Anne             1979
We All Need Love                   (Domenic) Troiano        1979
Hot Summer Night                   Night                    1979
Lead Me On                         Nightingale, Maxine      1979
Driver's Seat                      Sniff 'N' The Tears      1979
When You're In Love With A BeautifuDoctor Hook              1979
Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now           McFadden & Whitehead     1979
Sweet Summer Lovin'                Parton, Dolly            1979
I'll Know Her When I See Her       Cooper Brothers          1979
What Can I Do With This Broken     England Dan/John F. Coley1979
Heart Hotels                       Fogelberg, Dan           1979
Music Box Dancer                   Mills, Frank             1979
Last Train To London               Electric Light Orchestra 1979
Get It Right Next Time             Rafferty, Gerry          1979
I Know A Heartache When I See One  Warnes, Jennifer         1979
Video Killed The Radio Star        Buggles                  1979
Born To Be Alive                   Hernandez, Patrick       1979
Ring My Bell                       Ward, Anita              1979
This Is It                         Loggins, Kenny           1979
Deeper Than The Night              Newton-John, Olivia      1979
Mama Can't Buy You Love            John, Elton              1979
Lost In Music                      Sister Sledge            1979
Still Makin' It                    Naughton, David          1979
Boogie Woogie Dancin' Shoes        Barry, Claudja           1979
Main Event/The Fight               Streisand, Barbra        1979
Playin' In The Band                Stampeders               1979
Sara                               Fleetwood Mac            1979
Dancin' Shoes                      Olsson, Nigel            1979
Stumblin' In                       Quatro, Suzie/C. Norman  1979
Sad Eyes                           John, Robert             1979
Hold On                            Gomm, Ian                1979
I Just Fall In Love Again          Murray, Anne             1979
Rock With You                      Jackson, Michael         1979
Get Used To It                     Voudouris, Roger         1979
Ride Like The Wind                 Cross, Christopher       1979
In It For Love                     England Dan/John F. Coley1980
Keep The Fire                      Loggins, Kenny           1980
Lucky Me                           Murray, Anne             1980
I Can't Let Go                     Ronstadt, Linda          1980
Just Like Starting Over            Lennon, John             1980
Beautiful Boy                      Lennon, John             1980
Give Me The Word                   Anka, Paul/Karla Devito  1981
Sausalito Summer Nights            Diesel                   1981
I Believe In You                   Gary 'O                  1981
Let Me Love You Once               Lake, Greg               1981
Alien                              Atlanta Rhythm Section   1981
Rock 'N' Roll Dreams Come Through  Steinman, Jim            1981
Heavy Metal (Takin' A Ride)        Felder, Don              1981
Workin' In The Coal Mine           Devo                     1981
When She Was My Girl               Four Tops                1981
Key Largo                          Higgins, Bertie          1981
Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can) Cross, Christopher       1981
Let's Groove                       Earth, Wind & Fire       1981
WKRP In Cincinnati                 Carlisle, Steve          1981
Young Turks                        Stewart, Rod             1981
Hill Street Blues Theme            Post, Mike               1981
Take My Heart                      Kool & The Gang          1981
Slow Hand                          Pointer Sisters          1981
Kiss On My List                    Hall & Oates             1981
Hard To Say                        Fogelberg, Dan           1981
Step By Step                       Rabbitt, Eddie           1981
Every Little Thing She Does        Police                   1981
Meanwhile                          Moody Blues              1981
Modern Girl                        Easton, Sheena           1981
What Kind Of Fool                  Streisand, Barbra/B. Gibb1981
You Could Take My Heart Away       Silver Condor            1981
Breaking Away                      Balance                  1981
You Could Have Been With Me        Easton, Sheena           1981
Jones vs. Jones                    Kool & The Gang          1981
Just Once                          Ingram, James/Quincy J.  1981
One Hundred Ways                   Ingram, James/Quincy J.  1981
Watching The Wheels                Lennon, John             1981
Fire And Ice                       Benatar, Pat             1981
Caught Up In You                   38 Special               1982
Making Love                        Flack, Roberta           1982
Never Been In Love                 Meisner, Randy           1982
We Got The Beat                    Go Gos                   1982
This Man Is Mine                   Heart                    1982
I've Never Been To Me              Charlene                 1982
It Ain't Easy Coming Down          Charlene                 1982
Just Another Day In Paradise       Higgins, Bertie          1982
Personally                         Bonoff, Karla            1982
Please Be The One                  Bonoff, Karla            1982
Heart Of The Night                 Newton, Juice            1982
Tonight I'm Yours                  Stewart, Rod             1982
American Music                     Pointer Sisters          1982
Who Can It Be Now                  Men At Work              1982
Make Love Stay                     Fogelberg, Dan           1982
Pressure                           Joel, Billy              1982
Down Under                         Men At Work              1982
Six Months In A Leaky Boat         Split Enz                1982
Under Pressure                     Queen & David Bowie      1982
Invisible Sun                      Police                   1982
Gloria                             Branigan, Laura          1982
Machinery                          Easton, Sheena           1982
Island Of Lost Souls               Blondie                  1982
Take It Away                       McCartney, Paul          1982
Running                            Terry Crawford           1982
I Ran (So Far Away)                Flock Of Seagulls        1982
My Summer Love                     Mendes, Sergio           1983
All The Right Moves                Warnes, Jennifer/Chris T.1983
It Might Be You                    Bishop, Stephen          1983
Allentown                          Joel, Billy              1983
Dr.Hekyll & Mr. Jive               Men At Work              1983
Love Is A Stranger                 Eurythmics               1983
I Guess That's Why They Call It    John, Elton              1983
Message To My Girl                 Split Enz                1983
Synchronicity II		   Police	            1983
Human Nature                       Jackson, Michael         1983
Overkill                           Men At Work              1983
The Haunting                       Front                    1983
Desert Moon                        DeYoung, Dennis          1984
Sad Songs                          John, Elton              1984
Glory Days                         Springsteen, Bruce       1984
Thriller                           Jackson, Michael         1984
Rock 'N' Roll Me Again             System                   1984
Do You Really Want Me              Junior                   1984
Two Days, Three Nights             Ryan, Tim                1984 
Nobody Loves Me Like You Do        Murray, Anne             1984