Award for Tull documentary


Quality: I finally got around to brushing off the dust from the open reel, digitally encoding, remastering, and posting the documentary. Considering it was 1980, there are some audio imperfections having used analog tape and the chopping block. Listening to it now, I can pick out a lot of things I could have done differently in terms of content and audio mixing, but I could do nothing differently about the quality of the audio at that time. Splicing and mixing down from multiple analog sources have resulted in blemishes, including pops, clicks, and tape hiss. Last but not least, after so many years, some of my reels have started shedding oxide and becoming brittle - no print-through, yet, thankfully! If I had to do it over, with a longer deadline, I could do it infinitely better, but this is history, the way it was, artifacts, flaws, and all!

Content: Unfortunately, the brilliant albums, Benefit, Passion Play, Songs From The Wood, and my all-time favorite, Minstrel In The Gallery, did not figure in the mix due to time constraints. Conveying the story of Tull in no more than the prescribed 15 minutes meant I had to pick and choose. from Tull's vast musical output will need an hour, or two, to be given justice. As well, I realize the narrative vocals should have come in earlier over the music beds, in some spots.