Listen to Voice of America and Radio Ceylon 60's Pop Favorites

Long live vinyl!Voice of America and Radio Ceylon 60's Pop SongsLong live vinyl!
(India Edition)
Music is the soundtrack of our lives

These are songs that transport me to the days when they played on the radio. I hope they do the same for you, as well.

Mission Statement: Immortalizing my favorite musical masterpieces and keeping those fantastic memories alive

Dedicated to the VOA personalities, Pat Gates, Phil Irwin, and Al Johnson and numerous Radio Ceylon announcers
Some of the Radio Ceylon songs may be unfamiliar to many American listeners, and vice versa, but nevertheless, they were very popular on Asian short wave stations

Please support these fabulous artists by purchasing the music, if you like these songs. As these non-CD quality recordings are meant only to whet your appetite through listening, downloading is not an option, by design. I have tried to give exposure to many songs you don't hear on the radio anymore. These songs should never be forgotten.

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